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 Chapter 496: I Suspect They Have Become the Meat Slave of Demons

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It took the three of them two days of journey from the great magnificent mountain where the Blessed Fountain was located, all the way to the desert area where Feng Yin and the others were trapped.

This was the result of all the efforts made by Ouyang Shang and Wang Lu.

After all, savage Land was savage land. It was not the back garden even for the two top-level Daoist Masters of Jindan Stage... In order to avoid risks, they actually went around a large circle, choosing the path with sparsely distributed monsters and less powerful ones, traveling day and night.

As for Wang Wu, they took turns to carry her. At this time, she was still far from her beautiful future self-she was still a lean, as light as feather girl. So it was not too hard to carry her, and it would not affect the journey.

When the three arrived at the edge of the desert, they only saw the fluctuating sand dune after sand dune that extended continuously, the splendid sun shone above at the sky where there was no cloud. The clear sky seemed to be making a silent invitation, inviting them to go deep into the desert to go to the mysterious oasis.

When stopping at the edge of the desert, Wang Lu suddenly felt that heart seemed to rise a little bit of warning sign, so he frowned slightly. "I always feel that ahead of us is a road of no return..."

Ouyang Shang laughed. "Then do you think it would be better to turn back?"

Of course not.

"So, do you really want to bring her with you? I still think she's unreliable, really weak." Wang Lu raised his hand and pointed at Wang Wu who was sitting cross-legged.

Initially, it was just a casual complaint from him, but instead, Ouyang Shang actually turned serious. "She's very important to you, in your time line."

Well... Wang Lu really couldn't argue with that.

"To be able to survive the great cataclysm and become an extremely important figure to you as the future lead disciple, she should be something special.

Haha, if you can see her one hundred years later, you would know that she is more than just "something special".

"On the contrary, Junior Brother Yang Fei and the others should not have survived, right? Based on your reaction to them, they seemed to be strangers to you."

Wang Lu suddenly remembered someone who was in the team but was neglected by him. Uncle Lu Li, I'm sorry.

"Similarly, it seems that you are more familiar with Feng Yin, so he should also be one of the survivors. Therefore, isn't this a very simple logic? Wouldn't it be safer for her to stay with the survivor than those who would end up dead?"

This logic did have a little bit of truth, so, Big Brother, I'll take sister Wang Wu with me while you go into the desert to look for Feng Yin.

"Hey, do you really have the heart to see me die alone?"

Wang Lu very much wanted to say I don't have the heart so I don't want to see it... but considering that the moral integrity of this Big Brother of Spirit Sword Sect was not much better than his own, if he were to kneel down and hold his leg, it would be an unsightly scene. Not to mention that there was still his Master who remained silent behind him... If he made her helplessly see him not try to save her Big Brother from death, later on, she would surely turn hostile and feel hatred toward him.

Thinking of this, Wang Lu had to suppress the uneasiness in his heart. "Very well, let's live and die together."


The journey in the desert was much simpler than expected, and the sandstorm that had been mentioned several times never appeared. Journeying on the endless yellow sand, there was no other obstacle apart from the melting heat.

Moreover, perhaps it was because of the sandstorm that had just ended, the number of monsters in the desert was very low. They were unimpeded all the way.

Ouyang Shang was indeed worthy to have a physique that had a natural affinity with the earth element. After entering the desert, under the burning sun, it was easy for him to find the traces left by Feng Yin and the others a month ago and continue the trail.

After a day and night in the desert, the three of them finally approached the target position. After crossing a sand dune, there was a refreshing wetness that seemed incredible in the desert, which was the oasis in the distant.

At that oasis was a city, and Wang Lu's long awaited sand people... It was the city of demon race in a panoramic view.

This desert oasis was very different from the grand and magnificent cities of the new demon world, and it was even far from the demon race cities in the five blood spirit power struggle. These desert demons merely built tents, mud pits, and so on with their limited resources around the oasis. If Wang Lu had not identified their identity earlier, it would have been unthinkable that this was actually a city built by the royal family of the demon race.

Similarly, the demons who walked in the city were also very different from those with the imposing bearing of the royal family. In addition to the royal family characteristics of red skin and fangs, there were not many royal family characteristics on them. Even the iconic heavy armor had been degraded.

After surveying the scene from top of the sand dune for a while, Ouyang Shang furrowed his brows. The difference between the present situation and the expectation was too much that they simply could not continue with their next plan.

"Is... Is this really the demon race city? It has no garrison at all, and I can't feel the least bit of hostility. And we're close to the edge of the city!"

According to their earlier speculation, if in the city the demons had already forced themselves upon Feng Yin and the others, then that meant they had abandoned all pretenses. The rescue operation then would be a fierce battle as both sides no longer had any room for mediation. However, looking at the present situation...

While in doubt, suddenly from the oasis city flew a sword light and at the same time a pleasant surprise voice came with it, "Big Brother, you're here!"

A moment later, a young cultivator dressed in sandy-colored blouse flew down from the sky with a flying sword, his face was full of joy. While he was still in mid-air, his eyes were already firmly locked on Ouyang Shang, eager to immediately hug him.

However, before he landed, a brown colored circular sword light lit up. Wang Lu had erected an indestructible Non-Phase Sword Defense, which the young man who flew down from the sky immediately bump into, causing him to feel dizzy and his nose to bleed.

Ouyang Shang gently sighed, feeling happy and also finding it funny at the same time, yet it was inconvenient for him to say it out loud. As for the party who was knocked out of the air, naturally, there was a lot of anger in that person.

"Who are you? How dare you fiercely show off in front of Big Brother?"

Wang Lu also sighed, not knowing how to introduce himself... Before this, although letters had been exchanged several times between the two sides, but in fact, Feng Yin had yet to know the existence of Wang Lu.

Should he say to Feng Yin that he was the lead disciple of the sect that Feng Yin accepted into the sect one hundred years later? With the old man's intelligence, it must be hard to understand.

When that young man drove the flying sword toward them, Wang Lu at once recognized him as the younger version of Feng Yin. At this time, although he had not yet practiced the Stellar Sword, Wang Lu was already able to vaguely see the shadow of the future peak Deity Stage... And the reason why Wang Lu used his Non-Phase Sword Defense despite fully aware of this was very simple, because he did not believe the present Feng Yin.

Three days ago, Feng Yin had sent a letter to them asking for help, as if they would be swallowed whole by the female demons. Yet, at this time, he rushed out to meet them as if nothing happened, so who could trust him? Who knew if within this past three days, he was unable to resist the temptation and thus offered his virginity and defected to the enemy?

Fortunately, Feng Yin's reaction was quick. After asking a question, he immediately realized that his action just now was too reckless. Therefore, he quickly explained, "Big Brother, I have been trying to send you a letter for the past two days, but I simply can't contact you... Things have changed again, previously I misunderstood them."

"Misunderstanding?" Ouyang Shang didn't immediately believe him. "Why don't you tell me what happened?"

Feng Yin nodded. "It's like this, two days ago, the two Junior Brothers that were taken away had been released."

Wang Lu snickered. "What kind of reason is this? Since they have released the people that they previously caught, so they are not responsible anymore? According to this logic, as long as one pulls out after one inserted, it would not be considered as rape?"

"This actually involves some secrets, it's hard to explain it in a few words."

"Then say it slowly," Wang Lu said while still keeping the Sword of Mount Kun in his hand, clearly showing that he had yet to put down his vigilance.

Feng Yin somewhat hesitatingly cast his glance at Wang Lu, and then inquired Ouyang Shang using his eyes.

"Say it slowly."

"Yes." Seeing that he was not trusted, Feng Yin could not help but become depressed. "In fact, previously, I also misunderstood them... Senior Brother, you guessed it right, they are indeed descendants of demon race. But, they had nothing to do with the demon race in the time of great war of immortal and demon. They do not want to cause dispute, merely want to live in peace."

Wang Lu sneered. "If one day, your Big Brother tell you that he wants to cultivate speech refrain meditation, would you believe him?"

"Hahaha, how could that be? You might as well kill him!"

"Cough!" Ouyang Shang coughed loudly.

Wang Lu said, "Since that's the case, how can you believe that the demon race would turn back on their nature? As a matter of fact, your reaction is even more suspicious."

"I know." Feng Yin nodded. "Therefore, if you don't believe me, then please bestow me the sword of truth, I would like to prove my innocence!"

"The sword of truth?" Wang Lu humphed. "That sword is not one hundred percent reliable, there are too many ways to cheat it. If you are sincere enough to prove your innocence, then speak with rigorous logic and unquestionable evidence."

How could Feng Yin find that unquestionable evidence? After pacing back and forth several times, he became more irritated. And just at this time, a faint old voice was heard.

"Please don't embarrass him anymore. Things are caused by my race, so let me explain it personally on behalf of my race."

In front of Wang Lu, a handful of yellow sand suddenly fluttered, danced to the air, and then gradually condensed into a stooped demon race old man. The old man had red skin and fangs, dressed in a thick linen shirt. He had a protective mirror on his chest, his hands were wrapped in heavy gloves, and he wore metal-like war boots. On the outside, the old man still retained some characteristics of the royal family, but had completely lost the unbreakable exuberant fighting intent of the original royal family of the demon world.

"I am the Elder of this tribe, Chi." The old demon said, "As you can see, we are the remnant of the demon race in the Nine Regions. After that war two thousand years ago, we have not been able to return home, and by chance coincidence, we are left here. So far, we have survived for two thousand years by reproduction."

"This two thousand years of reproduction have made tremendous changes in our tribe... We no longer want to fight against human and kill each other. We only hope to live peacefully at this oasis. And as you can see, we are powerless even if we have the heart to do it."

With that, the old demon untied his slightly heavy gloves, revealing a pair of extremely thin wrists.

"We have lost the ability to fight."