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 Chapter 489: Unable To Endure The Unendurable

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

In a distant, the dark tide of beast drew everyone's attention. Whether they were the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect who had just escaped from death, or the fiercely ferocious second level flood dragon, they all focused their attention on the distance and turned a blind eye to the enemy nearby.

The monsters that made up the tide of beast, most of them were not very strong individually, but the dark tide of beast swept over everything from the distant horizon. Their monster energy soared to the sky such that they even dispersed the rolling clouds that were gathered by the flood dragon. After that, there was still no sunlight, because the blue sky was now turned into a dark bloody color by the tens of millions of monster energy, which caused people to shudder.

With how fierce this power was, in theory, no one could directly face this dark tide. However, just in front of those beasts, Wang Lu, with his feet standing on his Sword of Mount Kun, laughed aloud with ease. Just behind him, seven or eight big scary beasts constantly tried to bite, claw, spew fire or acid mist... but they couldn't hurt Wang Lu.

Seeing this scene, Ouyang Shang stared with eyes opened wide, his always witty and ever flexible mind actually slightly stagnated...

How the hell did this guy do it? And doesn't he want his life anymore?

After getting along for a few days, Ouyang Shang knew that although Wang Lu excelled in attack and defense, and his speed was actually just not that good. In theory, he could not do this kind of provoking monsters thing because the monsters had a much faster speed than him... But now, it seemed that he had previously hidden a considerable power. Because at this time, his flying sword speed actually made Ouyang Shang, who was very proud of his speed, felt ashamed of his inferiority!

With such fierce attack, defense, and speed, Wang Lu was simply inhuman!

However, the next moment, Ouyang Shang's eyes stared even wider as he exclaimed out loud, "What the hell, so that's it?"

His meticulous vision allowed him to see through the truth of Wang Lu's astonishing speed. It turned out that whenever the monsters behind Wang Lu unleashed their attack, Wang Lu pointed his finger at just the right spot and used his Non-Phase Sword Qi to counter the attack and then borrowed the reverse shock strength to dash forward. Behind him were countless monsters, so at all times he bore the brunt and could face the violent attack, but every time, he would be firmly supported by his Non-Phase Sword Defense. Not only did it allow him to defend himself, but also to remain ahead of the tide by borrowing the impact force, as if he was pulling an army of monsters behind him.

However... playing this trick in front of the tide of beasts was simply dancing on the steel wire. A slight mistake and his sword defense would be breached, and Wang Lu would die without burial ground! Yet he really dared to play it and it succeeded!

But, he didn't have much time to think about it, because Wang Lu had led the beast tide to come over to them. Ouyang Shang immediately led his Junior Brothers and Sisters to the side to avoid being implicated. And even if the flood dragon had the intention to block them, at this time, he didn't dare to divert his attention to break the tortoiseshell array. Under the threat of this tide of beast, the only thing that he could do was to preserve his own nest.

The next moment, the flood dragon looked up to the sky and howled. Then the lake under him sprang up to the sky, like an upside down waterfall. The water curtain blocked out the sky.

However, the water of Blessed Fountain became exhausted. Under the manipulation of the flood dragon's magical power, it continuously expanded. After a moment, the lake water had become as thin as fog, and the valley where the Blessed Fountain was became dense with water mist.

Then, the instant the beast tide rushed in, the mist dispersed, and the air within the valley restored to its original clarity. At the same time... the flood dragon had also disappeared without a trace along with his nest, the Blessed Fountain!

Wang Lu who pulled the cart at the front was taken aback. However, he did not dare to slow down. He continued to prop up his Non-Phase Sword Defense, leading the beast tide to pass through the original position of Blessed Fountain and flew away to the distance.

But he knew in his heart that this destroying the sky extinguishing the ground strike did not have the desired result.

"It's a mirage, what a great illusion!"

In the distance, Ouyang Shang quietly praised the opponent.

He had a good view of the spell launched by the flood dragon at the last minute, and thus quickly deciphered the mystery. Speaking of which, it was really simple. It was nothing more than using the water level of Blessed Fountain plus the spiritual force of the Feng Shui line at the place that he had occupied for many years. Using the two, he launched a water element illusion spell of astonishing scale, which concealed his own nest and misled the beast tide that was charging into the area.... In the eyes of human cultivators, this illusion spell could be rated as exquisite. This was most likely the unique life-saving skill that had been arranged for many years at this place by the cunning and cautious flood dragon. Once cast, those monsters that didn't have enough rationality immediately fell into the trap.

If these countless beasts were deliberately targetting the flood dragon, perhaps they might still be unmoved. But their target was Wang Lu...

Seeing that his Leeroy Jenkins tactic did not work, after slowing down the rhythm, Wang Lu fished out a heavenly talisman from his mustard seed bag. After he shook it and lit it up, the next moment, he disappeared without a trace-before he lit it up, he had changed the target coordinate to another safe place.

Thus, the beast tide suddenly lost its target. The Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman was far more powerful than these monsters, so they simply could not track him. And after losing their target, these beasts without any rationality began to kill each other... After leaving a good mess in the sky, it gradually dispersed.


When the beasts within the beast tide were fighting each other, Wang Lu had already joined Ouyang Shang at the rendezvous place.

"Hahaha, exhilarating isn't it?"

Listening to Wang Lu's laughter, Ouyang Shang returned it with a smile. "You have my heartfelt admiration."

Originally, he intended to ask him if he was hurt or something like that, but looking at him like this... Even if he was injured, he would not let anyone else know. Thus, Ouyang Shang simply held his concern back and just expressed his admiration.

Whether it was the Non-Phase Sword Defense that he used to lead the beast tide, or the courage and imagination to execute this bold and imaginative operation... Wang Lu had demonstrated his extraordinary and outstanding point.

"It truly is 'the rear waves of the river push on those before'." Ouyang Shang was deeply moved and could not help but sigh with emotion. As the Big Brother of the golden generation, the quality of his talent had been regarded as the best among his peers in Nine Regions, but Wang Lu seemed to be even a bit better than him... The future of Spirit Sword Sect was indeed promising!

Upon listening to Ouyang Shang's praise, Wang Lu laughed and waved his hand. "Rest assured, I have no interest in pushing down 1 a man-if Brother Ouyang is willing to change your sex, then I can consider it."

"..." Ouyang Shang was silent for a moment before changing the topic, "How did you manage to provoke those monsters? Can you do it again?"

According to Ouyang Shang's understanding of the Savage Land, there were many monsters that wandered here, but it was very rare for a monster to have such a wisdom like the second level flood dragon. Although most of them had tyrannical strength, they actually only acted on instinct, not much different than ordinary animals. Therefore for thousands of years, no civilization ever developed in Savage Land, and from the beginning, it remained a savage land.

Incidentally, this was in sharp contrast with Eastern Border Region and Southern Sky Region. Within these two big regions, there were many countries established by monsters. After thousands of years of development, they were at peace with humankind.

Of course this was so, otherwise, Spirit Sword Sect wouldn't have sent more than a hundred disciples to cultivate in the Savage Land-entering a mature civilization to slaughter was a big taboo within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. The characteristics of Savage Land also made it possible for the golden generation to speak with their 'fists' heartily. And if they were capable to directly eradicate the Savage Land from Nine Regions by means of annihilation, that was rightfully theirs, because it was their skill that did it.

According to the usual practice, the Savage Land was under the jurisdiction of Spirit Sword Sect, so everything they did within the Savage Land was considered as internal affairs. However, in reverse, it also made every step that they took in cultivating in Savage Land filled with danger. Any passing monster might attack them, so they must remain vigilant. Previously, their gathering place where they temporarily gathered on top of a hill was actually a very rare safe zone.

At the same time, most of the monsters in the Savage Land were territorial. They clung tenaciously to their territory, not allowing any outsider to invade and not invading other territories. Thus, when the flood dragon was first provoked, he did not want to pursue. Once Ouyang Shang and the others fled from the territorial scope of Blessed Fountain, the flood dragon promptly stopped.

Therefore, Ouyang Shang found it very strange. How could Wang Lu manage to gather so many monsters, pulling them out of their nest.

"Hahaha , drawing hatred is my specialty, so it's too easy to stir up a group of mindless monsters!"

Ouyang Shang asked with interest, "How did you do it?"

"Em, the specific method may cause you hearing discomfort, so I suggest it's better for Senior Brother to not hear it." Wang Lu grinned, but his two rows of white teeth actually appeared slightly sinister.

Upon hearing this, Ouyang Shang was slightly shocked, but a hint of inspiration suddenly appeared in his mind.

What would he do if he were in Wang Lu's position? To provoke the monsters to go beyond their territorial instinct to chase him... It was mostly due to hate of having their family killed, right? Moreover, most of the monsters that chased after him seemed to have cubs... Forget it, just like what Wang Lu said, it was better to not think about it.

"In short, thanks to your effort, we weren't wiped out. But since you have scared him with that beast tide, I'm afraid regardless of how we provoke him, the flood dragon would not easily step out of Blessed Fountain anymore."

Wang Lu laughed again. "I have considered this problem before, and it's not difficult to solve it. You see, the water in Blessed Fountain is not still, it always comes from somewhere. So we just need to poison its upstream and it would be easy for us to force him out."

Ouyang Shang touched his chin. "But common poison basically wouldn't work on the dark flood dragon who is famous for being highly poisonous, right? Let alone Blessed Fountain is his base so the water purification capacity is always there."

"Therefore, we should not be too strict with the poison that we use, as long as it can enrage the opposite party that would be enough."

Ouyang Shang furrowed his brows upon hearing it. "Well, if you are not putting poison into the water, are you really thinking about throwing..."

Wang Lu let out a laugh. "You are indeed Senior Brother Ouyang Shang, we really do have a tacit understanding. Yes, that's what I think-throwing feces into Blessed Fountain!"


"You see, we have at least eight months to clean up Blessed Fountain. During this period, apart from practicing, Junior Brothers and Sisters would also have to eat and drink, right? It's not that everyone has succeeded in training a fasting method... I think in order to ensure everyone's diet, it's better to build a farm near here. Not only would it provide sufficient fresh meat, it would also provide fecal matter, killing two birds with one stone."

"Junior Brother, seeing how low the moral integrity that you show out, I suddenly feel a bit worried for the future of Spirit Sword Sect."


Three days later at Blessed Fountain's dragon palace.

After experiencing the frightening beast tide, the owner of this place was recuperating. While closing his eyes and thinking about something, a slender black young dragon came in from outside the dragon palace.

"Report, father, something bad happened!"

The flood dragon opened his golden eyes and said in a deep voice, "Those human cultivators come again to provoke? Humph, let them go."

"But, but..."

"No buts, no matter how provocative they are, just put up with it! Human cultivators are always cunning and despicable. There's no need to trap them. As long as we guard our home, they won't have time to waste here!"

As a rare intelligent monster in Savage Land, the flood dragon had seen through the most crucial problem for the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect-time was precious!

Unfortunately, he ultimately underestimated his opponent's tactic.

"But, but father, those humans actually poured a large amount of fecal sewage along the source of spring water that lines up here!"

"W-What did you say?"

"They throw excrement in the water!"

"... Damn it, I'll kill them all today! All armies, commence the attack! Now!"