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 Chapter 485: Let That Evil Creature Experience the Unyielding Character of Spirit Sword Sect's People!

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Perhaps because Wang Lu was too close and thus had interfered with the energy circulation, Wang Wu opened her eyes and looked at Wang Lu, somewhat at a loss.

Wang Lu asked her again, "Wanna hook up?"

Wang Wu slightly raised her eyebrows, seemingly having no idea what he was talking about.

Wang Lu inwardly sneered: Acting, keep acting! Then he briefly explained, "Do you want to hook up for a one night stand?"

"Hook... up? One night stand?"

The girl raised her head, looking very dazed.

A moment later, a blush gradually floated on her cheek, and her head that had just been lifted hung down immediately.

Wang Lu was nearly going to applaud for her exquisite performance. F*cking hell, unexpectedly, when you're young, your acting has already been this good! Not only can you act like a pure and innocent maiden, you can even add the blushing function! Tsk, hearing the words hook up and one night stand and you immediately blushed, is this something that you can do? The real Wang Wu is a sex maniac who can even drag her disciple to the bed to have sex with her in order to share the property!

However, before Wang Lu could open his mouth to say any response, suddenly someone slapped him on the shoulder.

Ouyang Shang was standing behind Wang Lu, smiling widely. "Sorry for interrupting, but there's an important matter being discussed over there and you need to participate in providing input."

Wang Lu looked sideways at Wang Wu while inwardly saying, In any case, there's still a lot of time later. Our ill-fated relationship isn't even clear in the one hundred and fifty years interval, so there's no need to haggle over this little time. My debt in the past twenty years in Non-Phase Peak to you for looking after me... I'll make sure to repay it one hundredfold!

But since Ouyang Shang said there's an important matter to discuss, it was better to deal with it first.


The so-called important matter was still that flood dragon of Blessed Fountain.

After the four teams got together, Ouyang Shang finally began to combine everyone to formulate the next battle plan. The core of the plan was undoubtedly the thousand-year-old flood dragon with Yuanying Stage level strength.

The plan initially proposed by Ouyang Shang could be described as unconventional. When Wang Lu joined the discussion, he was slightly taken aback.

According to the general strategy, for a group of teams to come together to fight a very powerful instance boss, it was best for the team members to be divided into several groups, and each be assigned with their own duty. For example, those who were good at attack but not good at restrain and those with thick and threatening sword momentum could form the attacker team. Those with good shield and defense fight could form the defender team. Then, there was also the support team, healing team, and so on. During the battle, the defender team was at the front while the attacker team at the back. In general, that was the plan. Even if a few tactical plans were meticulous, they were mostly just about formulating some moves and using space more flexibly and effectively.

This way of doing according to eachdutys has repeatedly proved its value in history. Some people described it as streamlining the fight of cultivators.

However, Ouyang Shang, completely broke this practice. He boldly adopted the highly independent individual strategy. Instead of grouping the four teams into formations with different function, he completely disorganized the four teams and set up a separate battle mission for everyone.

The cultivation base among theses four teams of cultivators were basically between peak Foundation Establishment and low level Jindan. If they were to contend directly with the thousand-year-old flood dragon, they wouldn't stand a chance. But Ouyang Shang didn't need them to face a complete flood dragon, he broke down the thousand years old flood dragon from several angles, such as the physical body, incorporeal body and other angles. After breaking it down into hundreds of angles, he arranged a corresponding task to each individual, tightly watching a few of the angles, ten, or several tens of angles.

This division method was also quite new to the later generation like Wang Lu. Ouyang Shang's intention was easy to understand-to fully train his Junior Brothers and Sisters, so that each of them assumed sole responsibility for an important task, instead of becoming a component of a large team.

The purpose of the management trainee program was to train a hundred elites to assume sole responsibility for an important task, rather than pieces that could not survive outside the team.

However, when Wang Lu considered the detailed plans of Ouyang Shang, he found out that there were some difficulties. There were reasons why streamlining type of fight was popular. Ouyang Shang's division method was whimsical and the problems that it needed to face were quite a lot.

For example, the simplest question: If the flood dragon wanted to focus on a narrow point to breakthrough, how do they best handle it?

"That's why when I divide the flood dragon into many angles, I'll take that into consideration. You see, if the flood dragon launches a physical attack, then these points are bound to move in advance."

With that, Ouyang Shang gestured his fingertip in the air, leaving behind a thin light mark. It was an outline of the fierce face of the flood dragon, and it pointed out several joints of its body.

Wang Lu gave it a glance and said, "Mm, you have repeatedly assigned these points. According to your plan, if the flood dragon make its move, there will be seven to eight people who will obstruct it first, making it difficult to exert its strength."

"At the same time, if it launches a spell attack, then I can also change accordingly."

Ouyang Shang then pointed out more than ten points, but they were all in its incorporeal body, which was not the physical body of the flood dragon but rather the transformation node of the surrounding spiritual energy and magical power.

Wang Lu nodded his head. "As long as we can grasp those positions and target them with spells, we can also restrict it."

Ouyang Shang said, "As for the rest of the circumstances, including if the flood dragon summons its underlings to support it, I already have plans to deal with them. I will not list them one by one, but..."

Wang Lu said, "But the whole plan is just on paper only. We would yet need to personally have an encounter with the flood dragon. The last time is just an appetizer, we didn't push the opponent to reveal its cards. Even the appearance of the flood dragon is just based on its encounter with the sect's elder thirty years ago. As for the speculation of the attack pattern of the flood dragon, it's more like a baseless imagination. Even if it's just based on imagination, there are many contradictions with your tactic response."

Ouyang Shang said with a smile. "My ability is limited. There are more than thirty people here, and each one has to tackle more than tens of angles. Under this arrangement, the amount of calculation is simply horrifying. Even if I have a certain degree of academic achievement, I could not cope with it."

"It's your algorithm that is wrong. Royal Soldier Sect has designed many kinds of optimized algorithms for this kind of situation. Ten Thousand Arts Sect has also explored this algorithm problem and has the more optimized solution."

With that, Wang Lu listed out all the relevant algorithms. While doing that, he saw that Ouyang Shang seemed to be enraptured by them.

Actually, when it came to the talent in Mathematics, Wang Lu was not really keen on it; He certainly wasn't as good as Ouyang Shang. However, the difference between the environment and vision of the two allowed Wang Lu to to surprise the Big Brother of Spirit Sword Sect of one hundred and fifty years ago.

After all, although Ouyang Shang was powerful, under the 'conceal one's strength and bide one's time' policy directive of Spirit Sword Sect, he didn't have many contacts with the disciples of other sects. Therefore, it was even more unlikely for him to obtain the most advanced algorithm from other sects' lead disciples.

"With these algorithms provided by Junior Brother Wang Lu, my plan truly becomes feasible." Ouyang Shang nodded in satisfaction. "Whether in the actual situation with the flood dragon, or there is expected error, or any other conditions, the solutions would be found at the earliest time with these algorithms. If we then add several practical exercises... I believe at most in six months time, we would be able to execute the flood dragon of Blessed Fountain."

Wang Lu looked up and commented, "Half a year, that should be enough... As long as golden generation really lives up to its reputation."


The first real battle started half a day later.

The crisis awareness of this generation of Spirit Sword Sect's disciples was very strong, regardless of what they did, they seem to be racing against time. Although it was not as exaggerated as fellow student Wang Wu, their diligent awareness was much stronger than the later generations of disciples of Spirit Sword Sect.

After the day's rally, they had a short rest for the night. The next morning, the battle officially started.

Both Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang were still leading the team, followed closely by the rest. These more than thirty people did not have any fixed formation during along the way, everything was done according to the circumstances, but they all looked calm and confident.

The battle plan was jointly designed by Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang and distributed to everyone at the first night. Thus, in fact, most of them did not sleep that night, but rather went all out to familiarize themselves with that thick stack of plans. After reading the plan, most of them were confident on their first day' of battle.

The actual situation turned out as what they expected.

The thousand-year-old flood dragon didn't personally come out to meet them. In the face of more than thirty cultivators that gathered at Blessed Fountain, it carefully chose to send its cannon fodder to fight and gauge its opponents.

Thereupon, from the depths of Blessed Fountain, hundreds of flying fishes with their expanded wings sprang out, barring their sharp blade-like teeth. There were two curved bones on its wings. The bones were extended outside the flesh and the edges were such that they were even sharper than its teeth, making them look like two sickles.

The flying fish was very fast. From the depths of the water to silently breakthrough the surface and fly toward the crowd, baring their sharp teeth and sickle-like wing bones, the speed by which they did all of these was really unexpected.

If they were just common cultivators, perhaps they would be knocked out by this shell-like charge. However, for the golden generation, this was not even sufficient enough to be considered as appetizer.

The battle plan did not mention the existence of the flying fish-the focus of the plan centered solely on the flood dragon-but there was no need for it at all. Each of the thirty seven cultivators in mid air immediately took their own position to deal with the crisis.

Several of them who were at Peak Foundation Establishment, the lowest cultivation base among them, had some difficulties in hastily dealing with the situation. However, their Senior Brothers and Sisters who were at Peak Xudan Stage appeared beside them, without exception, helping them out.

All of these happened without any plan nor training, but purely based on the tacit understanding among the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of flying fishes were shredded by all kinds of magical abilities into a rain of flesh and blood. The rain fell into the fountain, turning it into dark red as if it had been desecrated, which quickly angered the dweller of the Blessed Fountain.

The clear sky began to get cloudy. In just several breaths, it was covered by the dark clouds. And the rumble of the rolling thunder shocked the people's heart.

Dragon, the legendary ancient immortal beast, by nature could move clouds and call out rain (control the weather). The so-called thousand-year-old flood dragon, was actually the intermediate form of the legendary Flood Dragon. To put it in big words, it could also be described as half a step away from a True Dragon.

Of course, during the thousands of years that has passed, there were quite a few half-true Dragons, but the True Dragon was only a handful. However, even if it was half a step short of a True Dragon, the pressure that it currently demonstrated shook the heart and soul of people.

According to legend, the pressure of a True Dragon could instantly kill anyone below Jindan Stage. This flood dragon was far inferior than the True Dragon, but the pressure from the gathering storm that came from its anger was still suffocating.

"Everyone get ready."

With Ouyang Shang's cold voice, thirty seven cultivators brandished out their flying swords, the area was immediately covered with dense sword lights.

The next moment, feeling the imposing killing intent of the disciples of Spirit Sword Sect, the flood dragon became angrier. A thunderbolt brew in the sky and came crashing down. At the same time, from within the Blessed Fountain where the water level had already risen and turned into a lake, rose up a pitch-black shadow which became as thick as ink.

The flood dragon was about to make its move.

Then, Ouyang Shang issued his second command, "Now!"

Thirty seven cultivators, with uniform stance and lightning speed, turned around and fled, scattered like birds and beasts!