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 Chapter 480: Happy to Be the Immortal Second Generation

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The sudden encounter was very much a surprise for Wang Lu. A moment before, the other person was still five kilometers away, the next moment, he was already very close to him. Moreover, Wang Lu did not realize it. The other person's means was really formidable.

Although, to be fair, Wang Lu had never been known for having keen perception, he had just been sent back through time, thus his consciousness was still somewhat fuzzy. However, as the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, even for his least adept skill, it was still above the average. Nevertheless, the other person was actually able to completely bypass his perception and stealthily approached him, the power of the Big Brother of the golden generation made Wang Lu secretly surprised.

From the point of view of the faint magical power fluctuation of the other side, this Big Brother's cultivation had the same cultivation base as his, both were low level Jindan. The other side's magical power was also superb, ten times better than ordinary Jindan, similar to himself. And although Wang Lu could not see the skill that he had cultivated for the moment, it was highly unlikely that it would be ordinary.

At the same time, his manners were as sharp as a sword, yet he did not appear to be aggressive. This showed that his attainment in the sword path had reached the level of 'as the heart's desire', he was able to freely dispatch and retrieve the razor sharpness of the sword intent in the sword path. And this was the realm that many sword cultivators of Yuanying Stage had yet to master.

Sure enough, he indeed deserved to be the Big Brother of the golden generation of Spirit Sword Sect. At the very least, he was not below Qiong Hua of Shengjing Sect.

When Wang Lu carefully looked at him, the other person was also observing him. His eyes were filled with astonishment.

"May I ask who exactly the sire is? This dress looks very similar to that of my Spirit Sword Sect. Although your cultivation method is peculiar, it has the characteristics of my Spirit Sword Sect, so you should be a disciple of Spirit Sword Sect. But in dozens of years, I have never seen you training in the mountain!"

After listening to those questions, Wang Lu was also surprised. The similarity of their clothing style was fine-Spirit Sword Sect didn't put too much effort in the design of the sect's uniform in over one hundred years, the disciple's uniform's basic design had not changed. The difference in the uniform between his and the person in front of him was only a few subtleties-The key thing here was, how did he see that his cultivation method originated in Spirit Sword Sect?

Although he had indeed been cultivating for decades in Spirit Sword Mountain, and most of what he learned was taught by the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect, his cultivation method was composed of two great method. One was Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi, which he inherited from the ancient sword demon, which had no connection at all with Spirit Sword Sect. The second one was Non-Phase Method, which although an authentic method of Spirit Sword Sect, was an original creation of his Master Wang Wu, unrelated from the other inheritance of Spirit Sword Sect. As for the other miscellaneous studies, such as array or talisman, he merely skimmed them through, so they did not affect his main cultivation.

From the point of magical power fluctuation alone, Wang Lu had almost no connection with Spirit Sword Sect, but how... could he determine that Wang Lu was a disciple of Spirit Sword Sect?

Just as Wang Lu was surprised, the Big Brother continued to make his own extrapolation, "In theory, you are a Spirit Sword Sect's disciple, but your cultivation method is not of Spirit Sword Sect. You should be younger than me by several years, but your magical power level is not below me. This kind of talent should not be unknown, and such qualifications should've learned the Stellar Sword Method as the supreme method of the sect. But now it seems like... I think, could you be... the illegitimate child of the Sect Leader?"


This Big Brother continued to look suspiciously at Wang Lu. After a long while, he suddenly patted his head. "I'm sorry, I'm getting carried away, please don't mind old habit. I forgot to introduce myself, I'm the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, Ouyang Shang, may I know your name?"

"Surname Wang, given name Lu, I'm..."

When it came to his origin, Wang Lu suddenly felt that it would be too awkward to explain.

But before Wang Lu could continue, Ouyang Shang laughed and patted him on the shoulder. "It's okay, it's okay. Your identity is particularly sensitive, so it's inconvenient for you to say it. We'll just have a tacit understanding about this. Hahaha, I never expect Sect Leader, that usually serious old guy, actually knows how to live his life."

"..." Wang Lu thought for a moment and felt that, judging by the current situation, being mistakenly thought as the illegitimate child of the sect leader seemed like a good idea.

Although there were certainly many things that didn't add up in this explanation, it could not withstand scrutiny at all, but with the character of this Big Brother, the following development would definitely be quite like this:

"Hahaha, let me introduce you guys. This is Junior Brother Wang Lu, the illegitimate child of the Sect Leader. He will join our team in this Management Trainee Program. His identity is especially sensitive, so I hope everyone can look after him, no need to ask things that shouldn't be asked! Everyone is a member of Spirit Sword Sect, so we should live in harmony and make great contribution in this Savage Land!"

The others then could only suppress their curiosity and try to live in harmony with him and also work together.

In this way, although there would be a lot of awkwardness, it would reduce a lot of trouble.

For example, why was there suddenly one more person in the Management Trainee Program of Spirit Sword Sect? Why was there a stranger Daoist Master of Jindan Stage in Savage Land, which was the backyard of Spirit Sword Sect? All of these questions could be explained by making him the illegitimate child of the Sect Leader.

Although he didn't know whether this Big Brother Ouyang Shang was intentional or not in coming up with this explanation, but since it worked, he just went for it.

After a few moments, the other seven people came with their flying swords.

Among them was the younger Lu Li, which was clearly different from the graying Sixth Elder. This time, Lu Li appeared extremely inexperienced, his miscellaneous studies had yet to reach a thorough understanding, which could be seen from his clothes-on his black and white robes hung all kinds of ornaments. In addition to three mustard seed bags, there was also a dirty looking abacus, two dried oranges, and a small totem consisting of feathers and animal bones. Obviously this young Lu Li was learning too many miscellaneous things, which made people smile.

The team was led by a young girl dressed in red and white gown, with a beautiful look and elegant manner. When they were still in midair, she frowned and loudly complained, "Big Brother, can you stop disappearing unpredictably like that? Uncle Sect Leader didn't teach you the Earth Shrink Technique to scare people... Huh, who is this? Why does he appear to look like you?"

Each of the several people behind her also revealed a puzzled expression.

The Big Brother Ouyang Shang burst out laughing. "Haha, I will introduce him to you. He is Junior Brother Wang Lu, the illegitimate son of the Sect Leader of Spirit Sword Sect. This time he came here to join our team in this Management Trainee Program. His identity is particularly sensitive, so I hope everyone can take care of him, don't ask things that shouldn't be asked! Everyone is a member of Spirit Sword Sect, so we must live in harmony and together make contributions in this Savage Land!"

The several Junior Brothers and Sisters all showed twisted expression as if they were experiencing constipation all at once.

That gorgeous girl couldn't hold back, she took half a step forward and asked, "Big Brother, this person is clearly..."

Before she could continue, a hand had already reached her head and rubbed her slightly fluffy curls.

With a gentle look, Ouyang Shang softly said, "Good Cai Xia, don't make things difficult for others, okay?"

The cheeks of the girl named Cai Xia immediately turned red, becoming somewhat shy. At the same time, she was also a bit upset. Being touched on the head by the Big Brother Ouyang Shang, she felt that she had no way to vent her anger. In the end, she could only stamp her feet angrily and then turned around.

However, Ouyang Shang's smile had become slightly twisted-just now when Cai Xia stamped her feet, she actually stomped on his foot. This Junior Sister who cultivated Fiery Sword had always been straightforward and hot tempered. Moreover, her attack power was really amazing that it was likely that his foot needed to be nursed back to health...

"In short, we now have a strong support. Although Junior Brother Wang Lu is still young, his strength is superb, he has already reached Jindan! With this strong help, I believe that our Savage Land's land clearing operation will become a lot smoother. So, I decided to make a minor change in our plan. We are not going to set up encampment in Jade Forest of Western Mountain, instead, we're going to go to Blessed Fountain!"

The Junior Brothers and Sisters thus had no time to be curious for this Jindan Stage young man named Wang Lu, because they were all shocked by Ouyang Shang's decision.

A tall and robust looking male cultivator asked with widened eyes, "Wait, we're not going to Jade Forest, but Blessed Fountain? Big Brother, can't you be reasonable a bit? It's already very risky to go to Jade Forest, but to go to Blessed Fountain is a death wish! It is said that the place is the gathering place of the thousand-year-old dragon!"

Ouyang Shang said with a smile, "It's just the thousand-year-old water dragon, what's the big deal?"

"What the... if you think it's not a big deal then go there on your own so that we can look at you going one on one with it! Now that you've just reached Jindan Stage, you already think too highly of yourself like this, when you reach Yuanying, you definitely want to go straight and provoke the divine tribulation!" The girl named Cai Xia was pissed.

"Junior Sister Cai Xia, don't be so grumpy. I know that the thousand-year-old flood dragon has the power comparable to that of Yuanying Stage expert, and we would struggle to resist based on our team alone. And considering that it still has its subordinates, we are doomed to fail without a doubt. However, that is only if we consider our team as eight people team. Now that we also have Junior Brother Wang Lu, our odds of winning increased to more than seventy percent... Considering that we are all the elite disciples of our sect, it means that some of us would likely have a breakthrough in the battle. If we also count on this point, our odds would be over ninety percent! If even with ninety percent success chance we don't dare to do it, then there's no need for us to come to this Savage Land, we might as well stay in the sect forever without ever going out."

"Hey, what's with that wishful thinking? Just adding one person and you think our chance of success is suddenly over ninety percent? Do you think Junior Brother Wang Lu is Spirit Sword Sect's Elder?"

"Junior Sister Cai Xia, you have to believe in the academic power, my conclusion is the result of rigorous and accurate calculations. If you think that I'm wrong, then you're welcome to check it!"

With that, Ouyang Shang fished out more than one hundred computing talismans and handed them over toward Cai Xia.

Just by casting a glance at those talismans, the girl immediately felt dizzy, so she hurriedly waved her hand. "Forget it, you're the Big Brother, we'll do whatever you say, okay?"

While Ouyang Shang and Cai Xia were quarreling, Wang Lu was lost in thought.

In this travel through time, there were too many mysteries. For example, right now Wang Lu was very curious about one thing...

If before meeting him, Ouyang Shang and his team were planning to go to a place called Jade Forest, then with his appearance, they seemed likely to go to Blessed Fountain.

Then that meant, the history was likely to have changed.

If the history could be changed, then... could the tragedy of the golden generation of Spirit Sword Sect be averted?

If it could really happen, then...

Then, would he, as the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, still exist?