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 Chapter 476: From Now on, Wet Dream Is Forbidden

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In the face of the empty coffin, Wang Lu was silent for a long time before he sighed helplessly.

"Sure enough, it was really a lie."

Before entering the mountain of corpses, Wang Lu had already begun doubting the identity of the demon king in that era, which could be considered as the last demon king.

No matter how amazing the exploits it had made during its reign, there were two problems that could not be denied. First, the Eternal Tree of the demon world collapsed in its term. Secondly, faced with a desperate situation, it had led hundreds of millions of demons to make a choice that was against the common sense of demon race.

For such a leader to have many praising epitaphs, was worth questioning... After all, this kind of thing was not uncommon for Wang Lu.

In Wang Lu's experience, he had seen too many similar situations. While scamming the people to dedicate for the great goal, they quietly readied the backdoor for their escape. Such leaders were dime a dozen. Demon world was a very vast land, so for it to produce such a leader occasionally was not unusual. A pity, based on its portrait, this leader was very attractive even by the standard of human.

As to why it so happened that the last demon king was this kind of trash? The answer was very simple, because once such a trash appeared on the throne of the demon world, it was basically destined to be the last demon king.

However, looking at the empty coffin, Wang Lu still felt unease in his heart.

What exactly happened two thousand years ago? Were things really that simple? Because the demon king ruled poorly, the Eternal Tree was destroyed and the demons were led astray into the dreamworld? Was that the case here?

Unfortunately, although there were more questions now, there was no way to verify. The coffin was empty and did not leave any valuable clues. The epitaph on the surrounding walls that heaped praises basically had no reading value. A leader that could lead the most courageous warrior race into the dreamland naturally would not leave any black spots in its reign into the history book. Fond of leaving their name in history was the common failing of this kind of people.

"So should I wake them all now?"

Since the mystery he most wanted to solve could not be solved, Wang Lu could only do the next best thing; awaken the demons from their two thousand years of dream and solve the threat of black tide.

Wang Lu had actually begun to prepare this matter since the opening ceremony of the new demon world's lightning ball league. Now the matter was almost imperative.

However, Wang Lu couldn't immediately resolve it.

His time in the new demon world was unforgettable. The dream built by the demons for two thousand years was simply a miracle. That magnificent and splendid civilization, if so destroyed, would make Wang Lu feel really sad.

He actually very much liked watching the lightning ball.

Moreover, although the essence of the new demon world was only a dream, no one could deny that this dream contained a powerful force. For Wang Lu and the other lead disciples, it was nearly indistinguishable to the real world! The rich taste of good food there was real. Wang Lu's mustard seed bag was still filled with a few snacks unique to new demon world; they were already materialized!

Similarly, those millions of powerful demons in the new demon world were not just illusions. Looking at their overall power, they were just as strong as those in the Nine Regions. It would be a pity if all of them would be gone once they woke from their dream...

If he did this, in just one act, the new demon world would cease to exist, the two demon kings there would die, including a certain amount of supreme demons, and countless demon generals. Wang Lu really didn't think that this was something worth boasting of.

Let alone the tool that he needed to use to wake them up from the dream was the essence of the demon jade-the five blood spirits crown, given to him by the purple-black fog demon in the group of immortal tombs as a gift. Was the reason he gave him the demon jade hope? Hope that he would crush the new demon world? To completely destroy the last remaining demon civilization?

There must be a more appropriate solution.

However, if because of momentary kindness he let go of this new demon world, when the expansion of black tide was finally unstoppable, the new demon world would also be destroyed, and even the Nine Regions would suffer. At that time, his kindness would turn into a lifetime of shame.

"What do you think, the last demon king. If you were me, what would be your decision?"

In the tomb of the demon king, Wang Lu softly asked that question while his eyes remained lock on the mural on the wall.

"If you were me, you would certainly not hesitate to activate the demon jade, because it is reasonable and safe enough. And although this choice is cruel, there's no other alternative..."

While saying that, Wang Lu's voice became softer and his eyes shone brighter.

"If you were me, you would've certainly said so. In any case, you could always say that 'no other alternative' excuse. And I believe, many demons and humans would agree with you. Even Qiong Hua is not an exception."

"Unfortunately, the person who came here is me. And how could I let myself be associated with someone like you? When there's a dilemma, I'll find a new way, like now for example..."

While saying that, Wang Lu walked to the wall and pressed his palm on a pair of words. He was amazed by the fact that those in the past had actually left something useful.

"Now, I can choose to wish them a good dream."


After walking out from the mountain of corpses, welcoming the blood-colored clouds of the demon world, Wang Lu took a long breath.

The choice that he made in the tomb was not easy.

Choosing to destroy everything was the simplest, but also the most abhorrent to Wang Lu. Therefore, he chose a more difficult road. Wang Lu could not allow the expansion of black tide in the new demon world, because it would eventually become a natural disaster that threatened the Nine Regions. Thus, his job was to find ways to eliminate the black tide.

Was it easier said than done?

The new demon world was filled with geniuses, yet for two thousand years, no one could eliminate the black tide. And because of the expansion of the new demon world, the power of the black tide was also growing. In the face of the momentum and power of an entire world, as a mere mortal, Wang Lu was not worth mentioning.

Even if there was the demon jade to help him, Wang Lu could not contend the black tide directly-even if the Eternal Tree was still there thus the demon jade still had the magical effect of controlling every demon in the demon world, it was impossible to eliminate the evil thoughts from the billions of creatures of demon world with just a piece of demon jade. If the demon jade was that useful, the demon race would've long exterminated the human race in the first great war of immortals and demons.

However, this was not a problem that had no solution. When Wang Lu slowly walked out from that tomb and mountain of corpses, he had basically built up a framework of plan. In his view, things were still promising.

The cause of the black tide was the collection of negative emotions that unconsciously accumulated in the new demon world after the demons there were being forcibly harmonious. For two thousand years, the inhabitants of the new demon world never found out that many of their natures and instincts had been castrated. Without realizing this, naturally there was no way for them to solve the problem of black tide.

This was exactly 'those involved in the matter are easily blinded by the truth.'

Otherwise, with the current civilization development of the new demon world, with powerful individuals were as many as clouds, could they really not solve the problem of black tide? Their biggest problem was that they did not even realize that this problem existed!

According to this line of reasoning, it seemed that it would be easy for Wang Lu to solve the problem. As long as the inhabitants of the new demon world were aware of this problem, it would likely be solved. But after thinking a little bit about it, he knew that it was a dead end.

If the demons of the new demon world were to suddenly learn that they lived in a world where their instincts were being constrained, they could easily deduce that the world they lived in might be a dream, and thus they would suddenly be awakened, breaking the dreamland.

Since Wang Lu did not want to wake them up, he could not implement this straightforward approach.

Therefore, he intended to do something delicate, to transform the setting of the new demon world from outside point of view. From another angle, the appearance of black tide could also be understood as the problem of permanent death of a country without any foreign aggression. The demon race was a group of masochists, without being burnt by the flames of war and thus covered with cuts and bruises, they would never understand it. The environment of the new demon world was too peaceful that they were simply unfit for the survival. That being the case, he could cause a bit of turbulence in the new demon world so that they could learn how to survive.

Of course, with Wang Lu's current cultivation base, if he wanted to directly interfere with the dreamland, particularly one that was very similar to the real world, it would've been very hard.

But he had the demon jade.

After thinking about it, Wang Lu felt that the demon jade in his hand unleashed an unprecedented amount of heat, as if the mysterious and inexorable responded to him, indicating that this path was the correct one.

"All right, let's be a saviour together."

Then, holding the demon jade in his left hand, he opened a scroll with his right hand, which was personally handcrafted by the Sixth Elder of Heavenly Sword Hall, Lu Li. It could, in an instant, copy most of talismans, rare books, and pictures with seventy to eighty percent similarity to the original. Wang Lu had used this scroll to copy the pictures and characters on the wall of the tomb of the demon king, thus now they appeared again before his eyes.

Those pictures and characters were the legendary technique used by the demon king two thousand years ago to build the dreamland.

Due to limited time, Wang Lu could not possibly master this secret technique inherited only by the royal family of the demon race in a short time. However, he did not need to master it. As long as he knew how to influence the demons in the new demon world in a systematic manner, that would be enough.

Fortunately, the murals on the wall had a very detailed record about this part of the content.

Two thousand years ago, the demon race had a very high trust in their demon king. The new demon world was built to be able to run autonomously, and not affected by external force. Their demon king was treated very special as they gave him the highest authority to manage it. As long as Wang Lu operated according to the description on the mural, he would be able to directly influence the fundamental laws of the new demon world.

In simple terms, with a simple thought, the demon king could double the gravity of the new demon world and also deplete the surrounding spiritual energy of the new demon world... And this drastic change actually didn't need any strength from the hundreds of millions of sleeping demons. The demon king alone could do it without any effort.

Wang Lu was not the demon king two thousand years ago, but he could make a temporary 'guest appearance' using his demon jade.

He wanted to release a spell to the entire new demon world. A spell that made the mind unable to fall into slumber and escape reality. And the timing of when he should cast the spell was exactly when the wind of destruction arrived.

He wanted to let the demons of the new demon world to face the dark tide!