Chapter 474: Return Home

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"Where is Wang Lu?"

The moment she noticed that Wang Lu was missing, Qiong Hua immediately felt her heart tightened and quickly asked the rest, especially Zhou Mumu.

"He..." Zhou Mumu who had the best friendship relation with Wang Lu opened her mouth, but she looked a bit confused and filled with hesitation. "He, disappeared in the blink of an eye."


"He was the first to enter the void, and I was behind him. But before I stepped into the void, I only saw half of his body. The other half was hidden in the void, and it looked as if he had been divided into two pieces. And then he said to me..."

When she spoke to this, Zhou Mumu's throat subconsciously made a swallowing movement before she continued, "He said, he forgot something and wanted to go back to take it."


The four people on the scene could not say any word. There was something that he forgot so he wanted to go back to take it... did he forget his head?

Did he not know the price that Qiong Hua had to pay to find a gap in the new demon world that was known to be unbreakable? In order to find this path, Qiong Hua herself had taken the risk of backfire from the Kill Immortal Sword, and then the rest would have been exposed to the pressure from the black tide.

After this life-risking move, they finally caught the opportunity to break through and finally managed to escape the cage of the new demon world, yet he went back again?

After a long while, Qiong Hua said, "In doing things, Wang Lu is habitually unexpected, but each time, he has his own consideration... He would not just walk blindly in an alley. I think this time he wants to do something that he does not want us to know."

Zhou Mumu asked, "With how thick his skin is, even if he goes naked in front of us, I'm afraid he wouldn't even break a sweat. Why does he want to hide the truth from us?"

Qiong Hua didn't answer but merely said indifferently, "There's a lot of turbulence in this void, so we shouldn't be staying here for long. Moreover, I can't keep my guiding clue for too long. Thus, we should go back to Nine Regions now. We can discuss the other matter later."

"Hey, are you going to leave Wang Lu behind just like that?"

Qiong Hua asked, "Are you willing to stay here with him?"

"He..." Zhou Mumu was somewhat tongue-tied. The friendship between her and Wang Lu was pretty good, but it was still far from 'sharing life and death together' level. Not to mention that as the lead disciple of Kunlun Sect, she could not be that impulsive.

"But at least he's our teammate, so let's wait for him for a little while..."

Qiong Hua added, "Do you think the matter that he wants to do could be solved in a short time? If not, what's the point of waiting here for a moment?"

"..." Zhou Mumu finally had nothing to say.

The only objection voice disappeared, so the four people's journey was finally settled. With Qiong Hua and her Kill Immortal Sword leading the way, they returned to Nine Regions from the void turbulence.

Along the way, none of them said any word.

A cultivator with cultivation base of Jindan Stage was still far from being able to travel freely through worlds. Qiong Hua was also relying on several of her sect's treasures to firmly grasp the Kill Immortal Sword. Similarly, the other three who followed behind her did not have the time to attend other things.

No one mentioned about Wang Lu's matter anymore.

While leading at the front, Qiong Hua inwardly sighed.

Unlike the other people, she... had mostly guessed correctly the intention of Wang Lu.

It would have been an unusually difficult choice for him, but she believed that Wang Lu would be able to do a good job.

Although the relationship between the two was not good, Qiong Hua never underestimated Wang Lu. He was... someone who never disappointed his teammate.


On the other side, after leaving his team, Wang Lu indeed had a task that he must complete on his own.

"Heh, it's a familiar land and familiar air."

After setting his foot on the blood-red plain, Wang Lu could not help but express his emotion.

Just half a month ago, he broke through the void and came here from the Nine Region... Initially, he thought that he would see a world with a very different civilization yet as strong as Nine Regions. However, he didn't expect it to be a complete wasteland.

This was the demon world. Wang Lu had actually returned to the demon world.

Qiong Hua's Kill Immortal Sword cut through the space and pierced a road that led the Nine Regions, however, Wang Lu did not quickly return to Nine Regions, but rather returned to the demon world from the void-of course, when he entered the demon world, he was once again bound by the fetters of the special structure of the new demon world.

At this time, he was breathing the familiar air, standing on the familiar land. Wang Lu could clearly feel that his connection with the Nine Regions was once again isolated, including the Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman and all other props.

Regardless, it was of no matter to him, because this time's visit the demon world, he was ready.

The blood-red clouds in the sky were still rolling. Arguably, when he followed Qiong Hua, it was the time when the black tide arrived. However, the black tide was only everywhere in the new demon world, it could not completely cover the whole demon world. At least in certain places, the black tide would never get close to the forbidden area.

Wang Lu took a total of two steps from the new demon world to the void and from the void to the demon world, but these two steps consolidated the essence of his cultivation base of Daoist Master of Jindan Stage. Each of these two steps contained an infinite number of calculations and used quite a lot of magical treasures.

Because if not so, how could he come out of the void to arrive here?

Wang Lu looked up and saw before him a mountain.

A mountain formed by the corpses of hundreds of millions of creatures.

Which was also the main body of the new demon world.

"Well then..." Wang Lu whispered to himself and stepped forward. At the same time, his right hand clenched the already hot demon jade.

It was time to make a decision... He took great pains and huge risk to come here, for exactly this thing-the awakening of the demons who had been dreaming for two thousand years.

As long as the demons remained dreaming, the black tide in the dreamland would continue to brew and expand. Eventually, it would become big enough to cause a crisis in the Nine Regions. But if the dream stopped and the dreamers awakened, it meant that the new demon world was shattered... Although it was only a dream, it was the most magnificent dream that Wang Lu had ever seen.

To really destroy it single-handedly, Wang Lu... somewhat could not bear it.

Because it was not a simple dream. The two thousand years of development had made the new demon world an independent existence. Every one of them was peace-loving, flesh and blood, hardworking and intelligent, living creatures. In the new demon world, even Qiong Hua who had an extreme view towards demon race could not help but lay down her killing intent, completely unable to make a move against its inhabitants... It was indeed an intoxicating place.

But now, should he awaken them from their dream, the hundreds of millions of creatures would die without a burial ground when their world collapse.

This kind of sin, Wang Lu did not want to carry it on his body. But now, it seemed like he had no choice. Even if he did not make his move now, in a few years or decades later, the new demon world would still collapse on its own.

When he understood this point, Wang Lu immediately suppressed the little bit of uneasiness in his heart and continued to move forward.

The way to wake the demons from their dream was very simple-he just needed to fully use the domination effect of the demon jade. Although after the destruction of the Eternal Tree, the demon jade had lost its effect of the ruler of the world, Wang Lu believed that, in regard to the mountain of corpses in front of him, the demon jade still had a bit of imperial order effect.

What he had to do was simply to command these creatures to wake up.

Wang Lu didn't know whether the purple-black fog demon in the group of immortal tombs gave him the demon jade for this reason or not, but now it seemed like he would be able to make great use of it!

However, when Wang Lu was ready to use the power of the demon jade, an unusually loud voice suddenly sounded.

"I seem to smell a familiar smell!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu immediately looked at his feet, because that was where the voice came from!

"... Enasi, you're awake?"

This howling race found by Wang Lu in Kunlun Sect library was actually Wang Lu's card prepared by him so that he could return to Nine Regions from the demon world. However, the situation changed too quickly. The situation in the demon world exceeded his expectation, such that when he entered the demon world, Wang Lu found out that this howling demon actually fell asleep, as if Enasi was playing dead, completely unable to function.

When he thought about it right now, it was actually completely normal. Enasi was a remnant demon who lived thousands of years ago. At present, the laws of the demon world had already collapsed and the atmosphere was in disorder. Thus, it was no longer suitable to survive. Especially the air here which seemed to be highly toxic for demon race. And a demon whose only remain was the skin of the mouth alone naturally could not stand it.

Initially, he thought that this mouth would continue to sleep all the way to Nine Regions. He did not think that it would really wake up at this time.

However, even if it woke up, it could not do anything.

Wang Lu was about to ignore Enasi when he heard another exclamation from it, "That's right, I smell the smell of my race! Master, are we back to the demon world? Yes, this is the smell of the demon world... Although there has been a great change, I would never mistake the smell of home!"

Feeling the surging from his foot, Wang Lu lifted it up. Suddenly, like a withered leaf dancing in the breeze, Enasi cheered.

"Hahaha, I'm home! I'm finally home!"

Wang Lu inwardly sighed: This is indeed your home, but after going through the vicissitudes of life, your home has been reduced to ruins.

Sure enough, in just a few moments, Enasi's cheer quieted down, replaced by deep doubt.

"Master, why do I feel that my home seems to have changed a lot? Moreover, it seems... lifeless?"

Enasi who had lost almost all its body and organs naturally could not see the earth-shaking change of the demon world, but after its feeling of euphoria of finally being home receded, ultimately, it could sense the anomaly through its sole sense.

Wang Lu went straight to the point. "Demon world is finished."

"Finished?" Enasi froze. And after a long time, asked, "Master, what do you mean by... finished?"

Wang Lu lightly said, "The Eternal Tree has been destroyed. The laws of the demon world thus collapsed. And everyone died."

"This is impossible!" Enasi screamed, "I just smelled the smell of my kin!"

"Smell again. Did you smell the putrid stench of corpse?"

"I..." Enasi's voice was once again muffled.

How could the putrid stench of mountain of corpses not have such a strong smell? It was just that, previously, Enasi did not want to think about this possibility at all, but only focused on the remnant smell of living cells in those corpses.

When Wang Lu thought that Enasi had accepted this reality, this howling race once again roared, "This is impossible! I absolutely do not believe that demon race would be completely extinct! Flash demon, come out! I order you guys to appear immediately in front of me, at once!"

Thousands of years ago, among the demon race, flash demon was considered as a subgroup of the howling demon, so there was nothing wrong for Enasi in ordering them. But at this time, how could there be a flash demon to respond to that call?

"Flash demon! Are you guys going to rebel? I'm back! It's me!" Enasi furiously roared. Before long, its mouth began to bleed, but it still refused to stop. "Then... Misty demon, where are they? Misty demon, come out! You guys can't possibly be extinct. I know you guys are alive, so come out!"


Enasi's roar pierced through the sky and the blood red clouds were unexpectedly scattered! Howling demon... indeed deserved their reputation.

However, no matter how big the roar was, could it bring the dead back to life?

When Wang Lu shook his head, he suddenly saw a jerking movement in a spot at the mountain of corpses.

A body that had been dreaming for two thousand years unexpectedly suddenly stood up!