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 Chapter 460: In the End, Still Have to Run Away

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Within the black tide of the western mountain in the savage land was Wang Lu's important place of cultivation.

Within the black tide, Wang Lu learned to use Non-Phase Sword Qi outside his body and became familiar with the method of burning innate vitality. It was also in the black tide that he met with the stupid dog. Later, the dog returned to Spirit Sword Mountain with him and was identified as the Fenrir of the Western Continent...

His cultivation time in the black tide was not long, but the things that he experienced were many, and there were even more mysteries left behind.

Wang Lu had never seen something similar with his experience in the black tide outside of Spirit Sword Mountain, as if it was just a special product of Spirit Sword Mountain. Many strange sights within the black tide were also contrary to common sense, which was quite baffling.

Moreover, after his cultivation in the black tide, there seemed to be some kind of opposition from the Heavenly Sword Hall so that Wang Lu was never allowed to enter the Western Mountain again. Later on, even his Senior Sister Zhu Shiyao, who had always been accustomed to cultivate in the black tide, was also barred from entering the Western Mountain.

This development confused Wang Lu, but the Elders insisted on keeping quiet. Thus, Wang Lu realized that the Elders had no intention of letting them know. That being the case... Wang Lu respected their wish. In any case, Wang Lu had always been busy with things, so there was no need for him to deliberately open this case.

And now, when Wang Lu once again saw the black tide, and the mystery in his mind became even more mysterious.

The black tide in the demon world was far more terrible than what he saw at the foot of the Western Mountain. The thick darkness brought a tremendous sense of oppression. In the past, he was still in Qi Cultivating Stage, yet he was able to survive the black tide of Western Mountain. However, right now, he had already reached Jindan Stage, and his strength was one hundred times more than that in the past, nevertheless, the oppression that he felt now made him difficult to move.

In the past, if he didn't just stay in the Western Mountain, but ventured deep into the savage land, he would've probably encountered a black tide with such an intensity. However... why?

Why did the black tide in the savage land appear in the demon world? It would be too much to say it was just a coincidence, but to say that there was a link between the two... How could Spirit Sword Sect have a link with the demon world?

Unfortunately, there was no time for Wang Lu to think about it because the black tide had begun to descend upon them.

Faced with this sudden change, Qiong Hua and the others were a bit dazed. Although each of them had their own survival card, no one could guarantee that they could survive under the black tide. Because such a catastrophe was simply unheard of!

"Dig the ground!"

In his critical moment, Wang Lu acted as the leader. While issuing his order, he took the lead by beginning to dig a deep hole in the ground using his Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi.

"Get inside!"

After the five of them went inside that hole, Wang Lu immediately launched an earth element spell to seal the entrance of the hole. He then took several pieces of jade from his mustard seed bag and lit them.

Luckily, as a professional adventurer, he was a natural hoarder-things that could be saved would not be thrown away by him... He still had the things that he found in Western Mountain!

The bright jade was really miraculous. After several of them were simultaneously ignited, the hole became a big bright place. The dark fog that penetrated through the cracks in the soil were slammed back.

Wang Lu finally sighed in relief. The bright jade that he used to expel the black tide when he was still in Qi Cultivating Stage was actually still useful against this black tide that had more than ten thousand times of intensity.

"What are these?" Zhou Mumu curiously tried to touch them with her hand.

Wang Lu unceremoniously swatted away her hand. "Why are you trying to touch things? Aren't you afraid that they might be excrement?"

"Humph." Zhou Mumu withdrew her hand in disdain.

However, the eyes of the nearby Zhan Ziye suddenly lit up. "Hey, these... these are the seeds of Eternal Tree!"

"Huh?" Wang Lu was taken aback. "The seed of the Eternal Tree?"

Zhan Ziye repeatedly nodded, then he took out a set of equipment and instruments from his mustard seed bag. He then unceremoniously picked up a piece of a mostly still complete bright jade from the pile that had already been ignited, extinguished its flame, and put it into a jade bottle.

The base of the jade bottle had many thin threads that were attached to a complete set of measuring instruments. A moment later, the water screen of the instruments projected many complex numbers and marks.

While watching it, Zhan Ziye nodded his head in confirmation. "There's no mistake, this is the seed of Eternal Tree. If you don't believe, take a look at it yourself!"

With that, he once again summoned the Eternal Tree from his Jade Mansion. However, this time, there was only one branch, and at the end of the branch, there was a clear and shiny crystal, which seemed to be eighty to ninety percent similar to that of the bright jade!

Wang Lu immediately became confused. How could the seeds of the Eternal Tree appear in the savage land of Nine Regions? Was there any logic in this?

At this time, one of the demon race girls who was brought by Qiong Hua and was still bound once again suddenly jumped and then asked in a stern voice, "Where did you get this?"

Wang Lu kicked her back to the ground. "Pay attention to your identity, miss meat toilet, it's not your place to yell here."

"Where did you get the Eternal Tree seeds?"

"Still want to interrupt? Didn't you guys already consider yourselves as dead? As dead people, you should stay on the ground and not move."

After a moment of silence, the arrogance of the two demon girls was suddenly extinguished, and their attitude became extremely soft. "Please, please tell us where you guys found the seeds of Eternal Tree?"

Wang Lu reached out his finger and pointed at Zhan Ziye. "From his stomach."


"What? You don't believe me? Do you think it's impossible to have a tree seed inside a person's stomach? Humph, have you guys ever eaten fish eggs?"

As soon as his voice fell, while Zhan Ziye gave no reaction, Zhou Mumu firmly moved a step back, away from the several burning bright jades. Clearly, the fish eggs said by Wang Lu produced a disgust reaction in her.

After another moment of silence, the taller demon race girl let out an 'mm' sound. Then her nose wrinkled, and she turned her head around toward Zhan Ziye.

"I seem to smell... the smell of tree."

While talking, the taller girl couldn't help but wriggle toward Zhan Ziye, and then her head started to lean forward. Although hidden under layers of clothing, Wang Lu could still feel the girl's burning gaze.

Then he sighed. "Hey, if you continue to lean forward, you would reach the 'tree' between Zhan Ziye's leg... But, your reaction makes me curious about one thing. What happens to the Eternal Tree in this demon world of yours?"

Zhan Ziye said, "I also want to ask that. Since entering the demon world, I can't feel the call from the Eternal Tree... but I can still see the shadow of Eternal Tree in the Nine Regions."

Suddenly, everyone seemed to have their own issue, but every issue didn't seem to have any answer.

During the ensuing silence, Qiong Hua suddenly said, "The seed of the Eternal Tree can resist the strange black mist, so there is likely to be a connection between the two. And the Eternal Tree that should have existed has disappeared. I think..."

Wang Lu interrupted, "You want to say that the black tide is the Eternal Tree? It is indeed a way of connecting them. The Eternal Tree of the demon world encountered an unexpected event and is transformed into the black tide of extinction. And the demon world, therefore, lost their ability to make a counterattack against Nine Regions... These several clues can be connected together like that."

While saying that, Wang Lu nodded and secretly sighed. Senior Sister Qiong Hua was indeed Senior Sister Qiong Hua, her IQ level was several notches higher than that of the several other lead disciples. Unfortunately... she took the wrong route, the more knowledgeable, the more reactionary 1 . Qiong Hua's ingenuity would only lead her further and further on the wrong path.

The current Qiong Hua was still the same Qiong Hua who sacrificed the lives of hundreds of millions of creatures; the same Qiong Hua who regarded the difference between immortals and demons the same as life and death, and the same Qiong Hua who was deeply convinced that she would be the future leader of the Nine Regions, and therefore must bear the burden that ordinary people could not bear.

Wang Lu's repeated provocations towards her during the whole journey were treated indifferently by her-this was precisely because she had this leadership mind.

If she could become a teammate that truly opened her heart, it would be really a great blessing. Unfortunately, that route was not possible at all...

Wang Lu once again inwardly sighed, and then pondered a bit on how to clearly indicate his own standpoint.

"There is indeed a connection between this dark mist and the Eternal Tree."

Zhan Ziye suddenly made a definite judgment.

He stretched his finger and pointed at his complex equipment. "There is a huge correlation between the two."

And then he went silent.

Zhou Mumu curiously asked, "You mean this? How about the process? How come there is a correlation?"

Zhan Ziye sneered and said, "Based on your academic level, do you think you can understand it even if I explain it to you? It's enough for you to just know about the result, you should have at least the memory to remember it, right?"

Zhou Mumu's willowy eyebrows rose in anger. She really wanted to settle their differences right then and there to the bitter end.

Fortunately, Qiong Hua spoke again.

"Previously, these two demon girls said that there's nothing here, were they referring to Eternal Tree?"

Wang Lu thought for a moment. "The possibility is not small. This place was probably the site of the Eternal Tree... Hmm, I'm afraid it's more than that. There are other things besides the Eternal Tree here."

With that, Wang Lu reached out to squeeze the already hot red jade.

This red jade was undoubtedly a very important clue. However, Wang Lu didn't want to reveal it so quickly. Right now, the matter of the Eternal Tree had yet to be completely cleared, so there was no need to raise another complex issue. Moreover... the primary issue right now was the black tide.

The bright jade was able to withstand the black tide, but Wang Lu also discovered that, because the intensity of the black tide here was far stronger than the black tide in the Western Mountain, the burning speed of the bright jade was very fast, and they obviously would not last long. Yet, how long this black tide would last was also unknown.

However, there was no need to worry about this because Wang Lu had already thought of a solution.

At least, two people here knew how to survive in the black tide. Burning the bright jade was by no means the only way to resist the black tide. The two couldn't have possibly used the bright jade like it was some kind of firewood to burn every day, right?

Of course, nobody expected they would readily cooperate and spill the beans. But, right now, everyone could take what they need.

"Let's make a deal, we tell you everything that we know about Eternal Tree, and you tell us how to survive in the black tide."

"Ptooey!" The demon girl spat on the ground

Wang Lu was not surprised by the stubbornness of the demon girl. Since using persuasion to make a deal would not work, the next step would be...

"If you don't want to talk, then that's fine." Wang Lu said and then pointed at Zhan Ziye. "He has a new Eternal Tree in him. If you are willing to watch him die along with the Eternal Tree, then so be it."

In just a few words, the defense of the two demon race girls was immediately pierced.

"Let us go, and we will take you to a safe place."