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 Chapter 452: I and Ten Thousand Arts Sect Are Very Much Brought Together by Fate

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"What a genius invention."

In the valley of Ten Thousand Arts, Wang Lu was still enthralled by the scene that he had just seen.

In his opinion, those props used by the cultivators of Ten Thousand Arts Sect to settle their dispute was simply a genius idea.

"Hey, is your genius this worthless? Those are just a second-rate puppet technique, coupled with an indecent aesthetic, yet you, as the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, is actually fascinated by it? Sure enough, people of Spirit Sword Sect are perverts."

Wang Lu's enthusiasm was, of course, completely incomprehensible to Zhou Mumu.

Wang Lu had also expected this from the start. Although his relationship with Zhou Mumu was quite good, it could not change the fact that she was a vulgar person.

Thus, Wang Lu just smiled and then asked, "Then, according to your opinion, what is the invention of the genius?"

"Those amazing spells? Or method where the cultivation speed is particularly fast? But what used are those besides creating a few talented cultivators? For example, my own sect's Stellar Sword. Although it is known as an immortal world inheritance, but beside the Sect Leader and Zhu Shiyao, who could truly display this swordplay to its full potential? How important is such a method towards the entire Nine Regions?"

Zhou Mumu frowned and wanted to refute, but she didn't know where to start.

Striking while the iron is still hot, Wang Lu continued, "The so-called genius invention does not depend on how much the technical content and advance ideas that it contains, but also the impact that this invention might have. But those little girl puppets used by several disciples of Ten Thousand Arts Sect a moment ago almost made me able to see the arrival of the new era!"

Zhou Mumu said, "Although I don't want to ask this, but... what kind of new era are you talking about?"

"One where there is no longer a bloody strife, and there's no longer a brutal internal pressure in the sect. Everyone's contradiction views would be pinned on those little girls. Under the shining healing of the little girls, everyone's goodness would come out in the new era!"

"..." Zhou Mumu was silent for a long time. "Seriously, I advise you to go find yourself a girlfriend. Although the lead disciple of the Five Uniques must generally give priority to cultivation, which leads to most of them being single for a long time, but if you continue to stay single in this state, sooner or later you would completely become abnormal."


After Wang Lu reluctantly left the battlefield of the puppet girls, the four of them continued to follow the direction of the arrow. Before long, there came a loud noise from ahead of them.

They saw on one side of the road there was a low-level Foundation Establishment cultivator of Ten Thousand Arts Sect who wore a pair of grotesque looking and bulky war boots on top of a golden element tower. Its body was plastered with all kinds of unknown types of talisman.

Under the tower, a large group of Ten Thousand Arts Sect cultivators was gathered around a five element spirit platform. Some of them were infusing magical power towards the platform, which catalyzed the entire golden tower to bloom. Some were calculating complex numbers and constantly reporting the results out loud. Others used the jade video recording plate to faithfully record everything without giving off any sound.

On the sky over the five element spirit platform, there was a Jindan Stage cultivator who controlled the entire operation. This time, he looked at the low-level Foundation Establishment cultivator who wore the war boots. That cultivator nodded and raised his thumb.

The Jindan Stage cultivator then replied, "The 172nd trial of the cloud dragon boot commences. Ready, set, begin!"

The people who infused the magical power around the spirit platform suddenly increased their magical power output, which caused the golden tower to instantly burst out an astonishing amount of energy. Through the connection between the golden tower and the war boots, two beams of light came out from under the boot like a jet, and the low-level Foundation Establishment cultivator who wore the warboots, borrowing the recoil force, soared to the sky, and then pierced straight through the clouds!

The cultivators under the tower nervously watched. When that cultivator broke through the clouds, the crowd hugged each other and cheered, "Hahaha! It worked! Cloud Dragon Boots is a success!"

Before their cheering voice ended, there was a muffled explosion in the sky, and a shockwave swept through the clouds. Then, a dazzling meteor-like glow came crashing down... That was that low-level Foundation Establishment cultivator! At this time, one of his boots was already missing, and the other one continued to spray colorful light, seemingly very unstable. The flight trajectory of that cultivator also seemed chaotic. Before long, he directly rushed to the ground not far away from Wang Lu and the other three!

With the ability of a Foundation Establishment cultivator, such high-speed collision meant a certain death. However, his other colleagues of the same sect remained indifferent, and some even revealed an excitement in their eyes as they watched him fell to the ground.

"Ten Thousand Arts Sect people are really a bunch of animals!"

Zhou Mumu could not stand it. She spat out and then stomped the ground. A clear spring broke through the ground, which then formed a soft bed for the rocket man to fall.

Wrapped in the bed of water, that cultivator was stunned, similar to the dazed people when they survived a disaster.

Zhou Mumu waved his hand. "Humph, you're welcome."

However, as Zhou Mumu turned around to leave, she heard a roar from behind her, "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

It was the Daoist Master of Jindan Stage who controlled the whole operation. He seemed to be in between youth and middle-aged. His appearance and behavior, as well as cultivation base, showed that his status in Ten Thousand Arts Sect was not necessarily low. And now, he was glaring at Zhou Mumu.

Although both of them were Jindan, and although Zhou Mumu was only a low-level one at that, but except for the several lead disciples of the Five Uniques, she didn't fear anyone, let alone a cultivator of Ten Thousand Arts Sect that she found unpleasant to her eyes?

"What do you care!"

That Daoist Master of Jindan Stage angrily said, "You interfered with our important experiment, yet you dare to ask me what do I care? The one 172nd test of Cloud Dragon Boots was completely scrapped because of your misconduct!"

"What? Is it my responsibility that your broken gadget design is sh*t?" Zhou Mumu's anger was immediately triggered and she replied him tit for tat.

That Jindan Stage cultivator showed an impatient face as he said, "Academic research never fears any failure. If afraid, we'll never learn from failure. If you let him fall just now, we could get important data on the ground, which would then be used to adjust the boots and be implemented in the next test. After failures, there would always be a successful day. But because of your meddling, all of our effort in this trial have to be completely scrapped!"

Zhou Mumu incomprehensibly pointed at the Foundation Establishment cultivator on the waterbed. "If I didn't interfere, your apprentice of the same sect would've turned into a meat pie!"

"You're the meat pie, your whole family is a meat pie!"

While speaking, that Foundation Establishment cultivator who has just been saved by Zhou Mumu stood up and blamed Zhou Mumu. "The importance of this trial is huge! The Cloud Dragon Boots is a landmark invention. My trivial life is not worth mentioning. Let alone I'm covered with protective talismans, even if all of the talismans are ineffective, the success of the test is enough!"

Being pointed at the nose and scolded like that, Zhou Mumu was unable to speak for a long time.

Because she really has nothing to say. The girl just thought to herself that if one day she were to become the boss of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the first thing that she would do was to ban the Ten Thousand Arts Sect...

Because of this pressure, Zhou Mumu blurted out towards Wang Lu, "Ten Thousand Arts Sect people are really a bunch of psychos, don't you think?"

Who knew Wang Lu actually shook his head. "I think it was indeed your mistake, Senior Sister Zhou. When you enter a village, follow the local customs, we must learn to respect the values of Ten Thousand Arts Sect people."

Zhou Mumu looked at Wang Lu in disbelief, and then her eyes gradually became suspicious.

"I heard that... You have a good same-sex relationship with someone in Ten Thousand Arts Sect, could it be..."


In any case, that Jindan Stage cultivator of Ten Thousand Arts Sect didn't continue to press on.

Because the preparation for the 173rd trial would soon commence. Instead of wasting time with a brutal barbarian of Kunlun, it was better to devote his precious time and energy to more valuable things. When the Cloud Dragon Boots became all the rage in Nine Regions, the first thing to do would be to put Zhou Mumu's face under the sole of the boots!

However, after experiencing these two events, their view of the scene in Ten Thousand Arts Sect was unobstructed. But after seeing that Foundation Establishment cultivator didn't even want his life just for the sake of trial data, the several lead disciples of the Five Uniques vaguely seemed to have guessed the truth about Zhan Ziye.

Sure enough, as they walked in the direction of the arrow towards the dwelling of Zhan Ziye, the four of them heard the voice of Zhan Ziye coming from inside, "What are you guys doing here?"

The tone of voice was filled with impatience, which immediately infuriated Zhou Mumu.

The girl unceremoniously kicked open the entrance of Zhan Ziye's abode and was about to ask how dare he left them waiting for a whole day and night without giving them an excuse. However, as soon as she saw the scene inside the room, she was startled and blurted out loud.

"You pervert!"

While shouting, Zhou Mumu went out of the room, fished out her diamond ring as well as the blood mark divine spear, and assumed a fighting stance.

In the room, Zhan Ziye was sitting cross-legged in the center of the room, completely naked. And his vital part was naturally out in the open for Zhou Mumu to see.

Although the girl's temperament was bold and straightforward, it didn't mean that she was also well-informed in this regard. Taking into account her anger when she broke open the door, the huge emotional twist of her could be imagined. Her not blasting apart Zhan Ziye with her blood mark divine spear on the spot was actually the result of the self-restraint that grew when she reached Jindan Stage.

Towards this, Zhan Ziye actually remained calm and even shouted back at her, "What are you yelling about? Don't you understand etiquette and sense of decency?"

Zhou Mumu scolded, "Do you think an exhibitionist like you has the qualification to talk about decency?"

"This is my own house, what matter is it to you that I am exposing myself?" Zhan Ziye unceremoniously said, "Moreover, you're disturbing me in the critical time of my test, don't you feel bad about it?"

"F-Feel bad? You have the nerve to ask this? You're late for the meeting for a whole day and night!"

Zhan Ziye said with confidence, "I'm doing an experiment."

"What is the relationship in you being late and your experiment!"

"This is a very important experiment." Zhan Ziye tried to explain patiently, "In order to finish this experiment, I think it is completely understandable to be late for a few days-as long as you have a normal person's logical thinking ability, you would understand this logical relationship."

Zhou Mumu naturally could not understand this, so she pushed Wang Lu, who stood next to her, forward.

"Talk some sense to him."

Wang Lu was blunt as he said with a faint smile, "Senior Brother Ziye, has your Eternal Tree seed sprouted?"