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 Chapter 446: Not in a Good Mood Thus Look for Disaster

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Not in a Good Mood Thus Look for Disaster 1

"You gals..."

In the white jade building, Wang Lu retrieved his Sword of Mount Kun and restrained all the murderous intent that his body sent off.

Because all of the enemies have laid down on the floor.

The instance his Non-Phase Sword Defense broke, he fully launched his Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi. Tens of thousands of sword qi poured out like torrential rain, which caught Yue Ziqing and the others off guard. Even though they all had magical treasures for body protection, they were still beaten into an extremely difficult situation. Their magical power collapsed, and their mouth spewed out blood. Among which, Yue Ziqing, who was the nearest, received three bloody holes in her body and was seriously injured.

And as the winner, Wang Lu didn't put on an arrogant posture, but instead, he sighed with regret 2 .

"I feel... like your Kunlun Sect people still need to cultivate more. You gals are very familiar with this set of swordsmanship, but you guys are too green, do you gals understand what I mean? Let me tell you, I had fought many battles and seen a lot of things! Which of the lead disciples of the Five Uniques have I not fought against? You must know about the Western Continent Knight King, which I don't know how much wide the gap if compared to you, but the fact is, I talk cheerfully and wittily with her! A cultivator has to increase their own combat level, do you understand this?"

"Alas, I am really worried about you. You gals have it good, Kunlun Sect is an ancient sect, and when they train their disciples, they spare no effort, and their cultivation speed is even faster than that of Shengjing Sect! But, on the actual combat, you gals are too simple, sometimes naive! Do you understand? I am really sorry that today, as one of the lead disciple of the Five Uniques, I have to tell you this, not as an ordinary sword cultivator, but simply because I had seen too much, and I have to tell you about your immortal cultivation experience."

This kind of heartfelt words caused the nearby Zhou Mumu to reveal a foolish expression. For whatever reason, she felt that those words were really powerful as if those were the words said by those who were ready to die.

However, in the ears of Yue Ziqing and the others, these seemingly heartfelt words were particularly offensive.

"Crooked cultivator, don't think that this is over! This is Kunlun Sect! The origin of the immortal path of the Nine Regions, not the place where you can run rampant and collude with the demon race!"

Wang Lu laughed. "Oh, you gals should stop exaggerating things. Saying that I colluded with the demon race just because I criticized you a bit is just too childish!"

However, before his voice fell, another voice sounded in this white jade building. This time, however, the voice was thundering like the powerful heavenly tribulation lightning, which caused the immortal heart to shake and jade mansion to shock.

"Who dares collude with demon race in my Kunlun Sect?"

While speaking, a middle-aged cultivator whose feet stood on flame and lightning abruptly appeared.

As soon as this ring of fire appeared, the temperature in the whole white jade building instantly rose by a few degrees. And the spell that for thousands of years never failed to protect the bookshelves collection slightly trembled, which showed the astonishing power of this man.

The person that appeared was an Elder of Kunlun Sect, a peak Deity Stage cultivator. And seeing this blazing fire ring that contained the supreme main path, Wang Lu didn't move, but just slightly shrugged, offering even no token of resistance.

Jindan Stage fighting Deity Stage, this kind of thing could only be done by his Master-Wang Lu was very self-aware of this.

Beside, why should he?


Seeing that even the Elder has personally come, how could Zhou Mumu remain still? She took a step forward and let her primal chaos diamond ring block that deity level circle of fire in mid-air above Wang Lu's head and then retrieved it back.

"Zhou Mumu, what are you doing?"

That Kunlun Sect Elder furiously bellowed.

Neither arrogant nor servile, Zhou Mumu said, "Report, Uncle, this person is a guest personally invited by me, not someone who colluded with demon race. Uncle, please reconsider."

"He spewed out demon race language, I heard it myself. Do you want to shield him?"

"What's so strange about demon race language? During the great war of immortal and demon, most of the cultivators knew one or two demon race languages. Great Ancestor Desheng himself is an expert on demon race language, did he also collude with demon race?"

"This is twisting words and forcing logic! Not respecting Elders! Even if you are the lead disciple, I can't let you be so presumptuous. I'm going to ask you this one time, are you going to move away or not?" With that, the raging flame was once again ignited in the middle of the palm of that Kunlun Sect Elder. Evidently, he didn't put their lead disciple Zhou Mumu in his eyes.

Zhou Mumu took a breath. "Uncle He, have you ever seen someone from Kunlun Sect who is afraid to die? Even if you kill me today, I will not let you hurt my friend."

"Stubborn fool!"

Then, the raging fire in Elder He's hand really came down, which caused Wang Lu to be stupefied!

What the hell is happening here! Is there a bit of unity in this sect? It was fine if it was just that Yue Ziqing and her two friends, but the guy in front of him now was a Sect Elder! How could he just make his move against his sect's lead disciple like that? Was Zhou Mumu the sect lead disciple or the public enemy of the sect?

However, seeing that the true fire of a Deity Stage Elder was coming down to her yet Zhou Mumu was still unperturbed, Wang Lu couldn't help but once again become stupefied. Zhou Mumu was no doubt a straightforward person, but she was by no means a fool. Thus, for her to be fearless, then...


Just as the true fire landed on her, a hoary sigh stirred up the building. And along with that sigh, the fire in midair was extinguished.

"Who?" Seeing that his fire was extinguished, and he also suffered a feedback force, the figure in mid-air swayed and then fiercely shouted.


This time, the face of that Kunlun Sect Elder turned pale, and his trembling became more visible. "Is-is it you, Grand Elder? Y-You actually woke up?"

"Ai, I am the one who invited that young kid of Spirit Sword Sect and the other kids. Don't make things difficult for them."

"What?" Elder He was surprised and angry at the same time. "But demon race..."

"Who said speaking demon language is automatically in collusion with the demon race? I also know demon language. In the great war of immortal and demon, I was an interpreter."

"How can this evildoer be compared with Grand Elder?" Elder He was still unwilling to forgive. "I saw it myself, he spoke with the remnant of howling race that was sealed here, and his expression is very relaxed!"

"I was the one who told him to find that howling race."

"What?" Elder He was finally shocked speechless. "G-Grand Elder, you..."

"Leave this place along with your three disciples. This is a pure place, so you should not fight here in the future."

With that, a ring of light suddenly appeared and tied that Elder He, then he instantly vanished, forcefully expelled from the building with a space lock. Of course, Yue Ziqing and the others were also expelled out.

The whole process just took around two or three sentences. A Peak Deity Stage Elder of Kunlun Sect was actually effortlessly kicked out!

Since he could be forcefully expelled with just a space lock, naturally he could be forcefully strangled to death... People often said that South Pole Immortal Weng had four thousand years of lifespan but no cultivation base, but now, it seemed that the rumor was groundless.

While he was just thinking about that, that hoary voice suddenly rang in Wang Lu's mind.

"Alas, I'm so old that I'm often confused in doing things. Actually, there were already people in the building before you guys came in. For no reason, this disturbance thus appeared."

Wang Lu merely smiled without commenting anything. Previously when he fought with Yue Ziqing and the other two, South Pole Immortal Weng didn't say anything, but when a Peak Deity Stage Elder appeared, he immediately woke up, thus to say that South Pole Immortal Weng was confused would be too far-fetched.

"But, I was not mistaken in reading people." South Pole Immortal Weng said, "If it's you, perhaps you might be able to solve this mystery."

Wang Lu wrinkled his brows. "What mystery?"

"After reading those ancient books, you ought to have calculated some things."

"Hehe, I indeed have. But this kind of earth-shaking secret is not something that a mere Jindan Stage like me care to have. Senior Immortal Weng, if you are curious, why don't you investigate it yourself?"

"I am already old and immobile." South Pole Immortal Weng lightly said, "Moreover, I have been guarding this library for thousands of years, yet even after exhausting all kinds of methods, I am still unable to wake that remnant of howling race. Only you... your body must be hiding some kind of important clue. Of course, this is also the case with the other lead disciples. At this time, they are experiencing their own 'chance'."

Wang Lu thought about it. "Their chances, were also guided by you, right?"

South Pole Immortal Weng said, "This library has been handed down from thousands of years ago, and the mystery that needs to be explored by people with 'chance', is not just one or two."

Comprehending this, Wang Lu nodded and then asked, "Um, with all due respect, if you, the senior, have found these secrets a long time ago, why have you never taken any action?"

"Alas, I have been a spectator for my entire life, so I don't have the strength to meddle in these affairs anymore."

South Pole Immortal Weng didn't say too much, and his tone of voice seemed utterly subdued. However, Wang Lu understood that South Pole Immortal Weng was unlikely to arbitrarily shift responsibility to others without a strong reason. Behind that far-exceeding-the-ordinary long life, there were untold suffering and tragic price.

"But, although I can't do it in person, I can actually help you guys a bit more. In my jade mansion, the death air is more than the vitality, which makes me unable to pass on my method to you. And since living in seclusion here, I have totally given up my magical treasures and spirit stones to be all alone in the world..."

While speaking, Wang Lu saw a person staggeringly climb the staircase. That South Pole Immortal Weng who originally sat motionless like a rock at the entrance limply stepped on the stair.

From a closer look, it was a rock completely overgrown with mosses and mushrooms, without any shred of vitality. It was truly hard to imagine that this three thousand and six hundred years old man had actually evolved into such a situation...

"Here, this is my gift to you."

South Pole Immortal Weng said and then shook his rock-like body. A mushroom that grew from the crack in the rock subsequently fell off.

Wang Lu curiously asked, "This mushroom is..."

"It's called A Da." South Pole Immortal Weng was filled with emotion as he said, "It has been accompanying me for more than three hundred years. I still remember when it was born. It was a wet rainy day..."

"Wait a minute, no need to tell me that. Just tell me what is the use of this mushroom."

South Pole Immortal Weng said, "Eat it, and you can become bigger."

"... Which part of me can be bigger?"