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 Chapter 444: The Passionate Hospitality and Great Kindness of Kunlun Sect Are Difficult to Decline

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Wang Lu did not forget his purpose of coming to the library of Kunlun Sect.

They were looking for clues on how to enter the demon world, not searching for ancient scandals of humankind... For today's people of Nine Regions, that legendary great war of immortals and demons that happened thousands of years ago has faded with the passage of time. However, its impact was actually deeply rooted. The Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was first established because of the resistance against the demon race. The demon race, by nature, was brutal, and the separation of the immortal and demon must not be questioned. These concepts had yet to waver.

Since the establishment of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals until today, the thought and the expression of opinion have long been liberalized. At the regular meeting of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, even people who shouted "He Tu idiot" loudly at the meeting from outside the conference hall would not be taken seriously. However, the distinction between immortal and demon was the bottom line that could not be touched. One could express any opinion in public, but could never support the demon race.

But now, it seemed like this deeply ingrained belief had now been overturned. In the great war of immortals and demons, human race didn't seem to be so innocent... Of course, things have also not been decided so quickly. Whether it was Zhong Zheng's Diary or Desheng's Inheritance, both were just minor details. And the words from the mouth of that demon race in the book page were just one demon's opinion, so it could not be completely believed. However, the development of the whole thing had begun to exceed Wang Lu's control.

No matter how brilliant the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect was, in the face of the great war of immortals and demons, his opinion couldn't really carry any weight. Moreover, Wang Lu also didn't want to wade in this pool of muddy water. He himself belonged to human race, so why would he bother to talk with the demon race?

While he was thinking, he heard the incessant talk of that demon race once again, "Master, I have fallen asleep while waiting for you all these years, but now that I woke up, I feel really hungry. Can you give me two pieces of human flesh? Otherwise, your faithful servant would die of starvation!"

Wang Lu glanced at that mouth-turned-specimen and couldn't help but laugh. In this case, even if he really brought it human flesh, what would it use to digest it? Hmm, what exactly is this thing? How could it somehow recognize me as its master?

When he thought of this, Wang Lu reached out and touched his red jade pendant. Did this red jade pendant have the effect of camouflaging himself as a demon race? That should be it. The suddenly learned language of demon race might also be credited to the pendant. If so... it seemed that he needed to go to the demon world whether he liked it or not.

By leaving this pendant, wasn't it precisely so that human could enter the demon world without attracting any attention?

However, the method to enter the demon world remained an unanswered issue. After thinking about it, Wang Lu decided to try to get some clues from the mouth.

"Next, I'm going to launch the most brutal revenge against humanity."

"Hahaha, I have been waiting for this sentence for years! Master, how are you going to retaliate against humanity?"

Wang Lu pondered it over, and then earnestly said, "The first step is to kill and start mass killing at the fastest speed. Kill the human cultivators in Nine Regions and all the creatures that are in the same camp as them to near extinction."

"Yes, kill them! Let there be no human breath in every corner of this vast world!"

That made-of-skin page was excited, constantly shouting and flipping itself that even the thick black book continued to vibrate.

Wang Lu continued, "However, that is not enough because the revenge on humankind is based on two levels. One is to fight the human beings, the other is to delight ourselves. Simply killing them is not enough to vent our people's accumulated anger over thousands of years. Therefore, when we slaughter the human until they come near extinction, we must promptly withdraw our hands, because the good show is about to start next."

"Oh, it sounds like master has an amazing plan!"

"It's not that amazing, because what I want to do is very simple. I am going to treat the remnant of the human race as livestock, where they can be arbitrarily slaughtered, devoured, or cruelly tortured. We will treat them just like how they treat pigs and chickens, but because human is more intelligent than pigs and chickens, being reduced as a livestock, the pain that they would suffer is hundreds of times more. But, only stopping at this is not enough, because too much and too long oppression would completely domesticate human beings, which would cause us to lose a lot of pleasure. So we must leave behind the seed of hope for mankind."

"At first, humans must not be willing to be oppressed by our race, so forces of rebellion would continue to brew. We must pretend to be ignorant, tolerate their development and growth, and we even could take the initiative to cultivate them ourselves. When they think that they have hope, we would uproot all of their rebellion, so that they would feel the real desperation. Our pleasure would be endless, and the revenge for human beings will remain eternal."

"Oh my god, you are truly a supremely admirable master. I have been satisfied by just listening to your plan, and my hunger has evaporated! When do we start?"

Wang Lu said, "Of course, the sooner the better. But currently, my strength is insufficient and the human race of Nine Regions are in their heyday, so it's a bit difficult to match them. I want to draw more manpower from the demon world, but damn it, the channel between the two worlds has been cut off by humans..."

Before he could continue, he heard that demon race shout, "So what, just look for the flash tribe, they are extremely good at opening channels. As long as they can lock the position of Nine Regions world, they can open up the channel between the two worlds in at most ten years. I vaguely remembered that two millennia ago, the flash race had opened up a path. At that time, when I sensed the breath of demon world, I was awakened for a moment. But unfortunately, it was soon suppressed, and I failed to respond in time, what a pity!"

It turned out that the demon world had the flash tribe that could connect the two worlds! In the past, Great Ancestor Desheng angrily cut off the passageway of the two worlds, heroically turning it into running water... But it seemed like, the flash tribe must be able to lock the Nine Regions world position from the demon world. However, this was not necessarily easy. Otherwise, after the first great war of immortals and demons, the Nine Regions experienced their weakest time in the Age of Chaos, but demon race actually didn't come into Nine Regions, meaning that mostly they could not lock the position of Nine Regions.

"But you and I are in Nine Regions world, how could we contact the flash tribe in demon world to provide them with the location information?"

That mouth laughed aloud. "Master, how could you forget about me? The sound of howling demon can pass through three worlds. As long as I drink enough and eat enough, contact with the demon world is just a matter of minutes!"

No wonder you're stuck in a book as a page ... but it seems like there is indeed a way to the demon world.

Although there were still many things that needed to be discussed first, the way was there.

The next question was how to put it into practice.

While he was thinking, Wang Lu suddenly felt a slight coldness behind his hair, as if he was being sharply glanced. Now that his primordial spirit was full, his senses were exceptionally sharp. Immediately, he stowed the book and turned around.

Before him, three white figures from a higher floor gently landed down. These three people were dressed in light white muslin, looking ethereal and free from the dust of the world. They were like legendary fairies that descended from above.

However, Wang Lu was pretty sure that in all those legends about fairies, none was this vicious!

"Who are you? How dare you break into the forbidden ground of Kunlun Sect!"

The lead woman was a beautiful woman with curly brunette hair. Her two slender eyes were sharp, and there was a somewhat beautiful birthmark next to her lips. However, it was not in the least bit charming because it was like the flicker of light on the sharp sword.

Wang Lu looked at her and then slightly smiled. "Are you the elder sister in Kunlun Sect? I am the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect..."

When encountering strangers in other people's turf, introducing oneself was the basic etiquette. Wang Lu now had too much to think about and didn't want to complicate things. However, when Wang Lu introduced himself as the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, the woman's willowy eyebrows abruptly rose. She was actually angry. "I don't care whose sect you're the lead disciple of, trespassing the forbidden ground of Kunlun Sect is an unforgivable crime! I will take you to stand trial before the Elders!"

While speaking, a blue colored flying sword appeared in the palm of her hand. The sword qi was imposing and the murderous intent filled the air.

Wang Lu really couldn't understand this, but before he could speak, he heard Zhou Mumu rushing from the first floor.

"Don't do it! This is a misunderstanding!"

Zhou Mumu came really fast. Before her voice fell, she has already flashed towards the few people. The girl's face was anxious as she said to the three women in white, "Elder Sister Yue, you gals misunderstand. This is the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect Wang Lu, a guest that I invited here, no a suspicious person."

"A joke!"

That woman with beautiful birthmark didn't buy her explanation at all. She looked at Zhou Mumu with a cold look and let out a mocking smile. "So what if you invited him? Who the hell are you? Do you think you're the Sect Leader of Kunlun? A mere low-level Jindan lead disciple, who knows if you suddenly die young. So I advise you to be obedient."

Upon hearing this, Zhou Mumu's face immediately turned cold as her vision turned imposing. She was never a compromising person. Previously, she had treated her several Elder Sisters with courtesy, but since the other side didn't give her face...

"You don't need to care about my future. Even if one day I experience a bitter misfortune, before that, I'm the rightful lead disciple of Kunlun, and thus, I enjoy the privileges that come along with it! And Yue Ziqing, if you are not satisfied with this or if you envy me, you can try to take away my position as the lead disciple. As long as you can do it, I absolutely have no comment!"

"You!" The lead disciple position was obviously important to the woman with beautiful birthmark named Yue Ziqing. Upon listening to Zhou Mumu, she immediately became greatly annoyed.

"So what if you have the lead disciple privileges? The three of us are your Elder Sisters, and according to the rules, we have the right to monitor your every move! We suspect that you colluded with an evildoer and betrayed the sect's interests! Humph, don't think that you can deny it. Just now, we clearly heard he was speaking in demon race language!"

While speaking, Elder Sister Yue Ziqing made her move. The flying sword bypassed Zhou Mumu and went straight towards Wang Lu, intending to act first and report later.

Zhou Mumu was inwardly anxious. Regardless of how bad Yue Ziqing's personality was, her cultivation base was Peak Jindan Stage, making her strength higher than her! Moreover, those three always made their move together!

Sure enough, besides Yue Ziqing, both Elder Sisters Yao Nie and Ning Mou fished out their respective magical treasure. One of them entangled Zhou Mumu and the other one helped Yue Ziqing suppress Wang Lu. The cultivation time of the three of them was far longer than that of the younger generation lead disciples of the Five Uniques, and their stage was also much higher. If the two of them joined hands, their victory was assured.


The next moment, Wang Lu let out a sneer as a brown-colored sword light appeared, forming a sphere around him. Yue Ziqing squinted her eyes and directed her flying sword to knock against that sword light, but the flying sword actually bounced back!

Inside the sword light, Wang Lu continued to sneer. "Senior Sister Zhou, you're too kind. You should just leave these three women who specifically came to become meat toilets for me! I know you are a straightforward person, so to refuse this would be too impolite!"