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 Chapter 440: A Ye Left a Seed in Her Body

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"Well, let's analyze the situation. Assuming that the true intention of this letter is that Zhou Mumu's love for me is too strong and difficult to contain, that she used this meeting of the lead disciples of the Five Uniques to lure me to come to her sect, where I would be drugged, tempted, bewitched, and experience all kinds of methods so that I would engage in improper sexual relation between man and woman, thus forcing me to maintain a close relationship with her for a long time, how should I response then?"

In the Misty Peak cafeteria, several disciples of Spirit Sword Sect gathered together under the call of one person to discuss a major event.

"Senior Brother Wang Lu, we know that, as the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, your every move is a matter of great importance. Therefore, even if our strength is limited, we will do our best to give advice to you. But, do you really think Senior Sister Zhou would send you that letter on that basis?"

At the dinner table, Wen Bao looked helpless. By his side, a curious Liu Li was looking around with excitement, which was palpable through her eyes.

Seeing her cheerful spirit, Wen Bao asked, "Elder Sister Liu Li, what do you think?"

Liu Li said, "Where is the supposed Sister Aya's new dish?"


"I heard from Wang Lu that Sister Aya had invented a new dish with a shocking taste. I came here specifically to taste it."

Wen Bao said, "How could you take this reason seriously? There's only one good reason why the new dish in Misty Peak is so amazing."

"Really? I'm curious, can you tell me what is the reason?"

A clear voice came from behind Wen Bao, which caused his hair to stand on end. The next moment, a petite but powerful figure appeared at the dinner table. Aya, with a heavy disc, firmly put on the table a soft yellow cake with burning a sword-shaped candle on top. Although the flame was burning, it didn't damage the candle.

"First of all, I wish you a happy birthday." Aya smiled gently. "In accordance with the custom of Nine Regions people, Jindan is like a new life, so today should be the one year anniversary of your Jindan. This "Sword in the Stone" is my gift for you."

"Next, in my opinion, the intent written in this letter should be the real intention of Zhou Mumu. The fierce and thick true yuan that permeates the letter is unlikely to be a deliberate fake. Although I'm only good at identifying swordsmen, Zhou Mumu's personality is straight as a sword, so it should not be false."

At the other end of the table, Wang Lu said with a sneer, "It may also be that the other party intentionally used this to confuse me."

Aya helplessly shrugged and turned away. "I'm going to prepare you the refreshments."

"Senior Brother Wang Lu, in my opinion, perhaps Senior Sister Zhou just wants to compare notes and skills with you."

The young man sitting next to Wen Bao was dressed in a black and white robe. His age was a bit older than Wang Lu. The Xudan aura that emanated from his body was awe-inspiring, which although he had not by no means achieved success, showed his deep foundation. He was the inner court disciple who led Wang Lu in his experiential learning in Small Clear Sky Peak, Yue Yun.

"As far as I know, the remaining lead disciples have often compared notes and skills over the past year to verify their cultivation base. Under the condition that Senior Sister Qiong Hua didn't use the Kill Immortal sword, all the four of them have victory and defeat over each other, but if they really want to confirm who is the best among them, they still need your participation."

Wang Lu snorted. "Believe me, after experiencing the showdown for the five blood spirit crown, they would not be interested in dealing with me. In a sense, they are, after all, people with self-respect."

"Then perhaps it's the other people who asked Senior Sister Zhou to contact you? After all, you had previously rejected everyone's letter. Perhaps some people think that it is because their relationship with you is not that good, and Senior Sister Zhou has the best relationship with you, thus she is the most likely to contact you?"

Yue Xinyao tried to guess.

Wang Lu continued to deny, "The problem is that Zhou Mumu and the others do not have good relationships. If they want to ask for help, they would anyone else except Zhou Mumu."

Wen Bao finally could not help but lament, "Senior Brother, this is wrong, that is also wrong, we really can't keep up with you. Why exactly did you ask us to come then?"

Wang Lu lightly said, "I am certainly aware of the difference in IQ between us, so I call you guys here to eliminate the wrong answers."

"What the..." Wen Bao suffered a major blow. Down-hearted, he sliced the cake, picked it up, and put it in his mouth. The next moment..."

"Damn it!"

Were it not the maker of the cake was the Knight King whose power was comparable to a Supreme, Wen Bao would spit it out on the spot.

However, Wang Lu casually ate the cake while immersing himself in the letter.

Zhou Mumu's letter was urgent, but Wang Lu thought that he should not be anxious about it because it was too strange.

At the level of the lead disciples of the Five Uniques, almost everything mattered. The five of them could independently decide on small matters, however, the meeting of the five lead disciples must be through their respective sect's channel. In other words, this letter should not be sent directly by Zhou Mumu to him, but by Kunlun Sect towards Spirit Sword Sect. Because it didn't come through the proper channel, Wang Lu had to doubt the true intention of this letter.

Zhou Mumu was hiding the truth from her own sect. Not just Zhou Mumu, the several other lead disciples had also taken the same action as if by prior agreement. And there was always a plausible reason.

"So, back to the original question, do you guys think that Zhou Mumu is in love with me?"

"... Senior Brother, I strongly doubt whether Senior Sister Zhou does have enough reasons to fall in love with you, but this possibility is too small." Wen Bao gave his opinion.

Wang Lu inwardly sneered.

That's right. Although his relationship with Zhou Mumu was really good, even Wen Bao knew that it was almost impossible for Zhou Mumu to fall in love with him. And since it was not love, then the intention of the letter was to... he could only consider the situation B.

If this letter was sent because of some not so good reason, then...

"Since you're curious, why don't you just go and check it out."

Aya's voice softly came from the kitchen. Then, the woman, dressed in a clean apron, walked out of the kitchen with a cup of clear liquid. While walking, she removed her apron, leaving behind her normal outfit.

"If you worry that you would stray into harm's way, I'll go with you. As it happens, I've been idling on the mountain for too long, so I want to go down the mountain for sightseeing. And legend has it that Kunlun Sect is the oldest sect, which I am very interested to see."

With a swordsman the level of Supreme as a traveling companion, there was no place that was too big to visit in the Nine Regions. Wang Lu thought for a moment and then said, "Since you are bent on going, there's no reason not to take you with me."


Three days later, Wang Lu and Aya appeared at the foot of the mountain.

In the legends, Kunlun Mountain was the origin of the immortal path in Nine Regions. It was also the oldest sect in Nine Regions. Even at the foot of the mountain, one could feel that the air was filled with a profound atmosphere that surged throughout the past and the present.

At the foot of the mountain, Zhou Mumu had been waiting for a long time. Through the fast frequency of her steps, the girl's impatience could be seen in a glance.

"Oh, my lord lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, don't you know that it's really late!"

After saying the obviously ironic words, Zhou Mumu caught the sight of the petite woman next to Wang Lu. Suddenly, she was surprised and asked, "Hey, why did you bring people here? Although it wasn't clearly written in the letter, this kind of appointment implies that it should be attended alone, right?"

As soon as her voice fell, Zhou Mumu exclaimed, "Oh my god, a Supreme level expert!"

Even as the lead disciple of one of the Five Uniques, seeing a Supreme level expert up close, Zhou Mumu would still involuntarily feel fear. This was a cultivator's involuntary reaction due to the difference in the Stages.

"But you've changed, now you actually began to bring a bodyguard with you. Are you afraid that I might harm you?"

Wang Lu let out a laugh. "Senior Sister Zhou, you misunderstood. Aya is not my bodyguard." With that, he reached out and embraced Aya's shoulder and held her in his arms. "She is my girlfriend."


"We have known each other for many years and have long since fallen for each other. It is only due to differences in age, race, and stage that we have no clear relationship. Recently, after I reached Jindan Stage, I got a new understanding of reality and realized that I must treat my own feelings honestly. Thus, I started to socialize with her. And don't look at her amazing power, in fact, she is a very clingy person. When she heard that I was going to go to Kunlun Mountain, she kept bugging me to bring her with me. I couldn't beat her so I had to agree with her demand."

Wang Lu then smiled at Zhou Mumu. "Senior Sister, you are also a person who is experienced in the emotional aspect, so you should be able to understand my difficulties."

You're the one who is experienced here!

Zhou Mumu was silent for a long time, speechless with a distorted expression.

Wang Lu thoughtfully said, "If you feel a bit too at a loss, you can try to smile."

"Very well, since you insist on bringing in an outsider, then so be it. In any case, she's a Western Continent person so it shouldn't matter." Zhou Mumu shook her head and stretched out her right hand, and a red-colored spear appeared in her hand.

"Do you remember this?"

Wang Lu, of course, remembered it. Seeing the blood mark divine spear of A Ye really awakened many memories

"Is this the inheritance for you as the mistress?"

"You're the f*cking mistress!"

Showing no quarter, the red-colored divine spear went out. However, Wang Lu successfully parried the attack using his Sword of Mount Kun. However, after that attack, Wang Lu's countenance slightly changed. "Why do I feel like this spear is a bit familiar!"

"Yes, you're a bit familiar with it, right?"

Zhou Mumu looked solemn as she retracted the blood mark divine spear.

"Because this is not over yet, the battle from the immortal dream land continues. When I first saw this red-colored spear, I thought that this was my reward. But soon I discovered that this was only a key, to guide me to an even deeper place. Perhaps it is because you have been in seclusion for so long that the signs have not yet appeared, but I believe it will only be a matter of time. At least, the other few people already have..."

"We have all encountered the same situation. The story of the demon world has not yet ended."

Before she could finish it, Qiong Hua lightly interrupted. Her gaze skipped over Wang Lu and Aya as she looked at the two persons behind them.

Zhan Ziye and Xiang Liang had also arrived, each came with their respective inheritance from the immortal dream land. Both of them had a somewhat weary look. With regard to the background story of the five blood spirit crown, they all had their own respective fortuitous encounter experience at the end, thus they also knew it. Regarding the immortals and demons, they must be cautious, but various accidents in the past one year had forced them to take some actions.

After the ensuing silence that lasted for a long time, Zhou Mumu finally opened her mouth first, "I think, we might have to go to the demon world."