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 Chapter 435: The Sword Refers to Yuanying?

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"It's really like a lifetime ago."

After leaving the group of immortal tombs, Wang Lu uttered a heartfelt sigh. Just as his voice fell, his expression suddenly turned cold and stiff. He then continued to say, "From this heartfelt sentence of yours, I feel like there are many layers of feeling in it. Do you want to emphasize the turning back time phenomenon in the group of immortal tombs?"

Then Wang Lu shook his head. "I just want to say, my Jindan Stage is gone... Previously, I can violently push Qiong Hua, a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, to the ground, but the next moment, I'm back to my old self again, reduced to a waste Xudan. It seriously feels like it was a lifetime ago."

"If you really want Jindan, I can help you. As long as you are willing to believe in the holy light, let alone a mere Jindan, even Yuanying is just around the corner."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was immediately curious. "You're a devil of Western Continent, but you're actually proficient with our Nine Regions' immortal cultivation up to this point, and even have the method to achieve Yuanying in a short time?"

Faceless One explained, "The laws of Eastern and Western Continent are different, but there are also a lot of similarities. The so-called Yuanying is nothing more than dying and being reborn, transforming the-lack-of-spiritual-nature Golden Core into there-exist-spiritual-nature Nascent Soul. We, Holy Light Religion, are quite skilled in this kind of skill. The church's first Holy Woman was favored by the Sea of Holy Light, who then condensed a holy fetus in her abdomen, which purified the body and then led her to give birth to a Holy Son. And it's not difficult for me, as the church's quasi-Holy One, to help you to do the same."

Although Wang Lu had a spirit of perseverance, upon listening to Faceless One's words, he got bored that he didn't speak for a full quarter an hour.

"Just drop it." Finally, Wang Lu unceremoniously made his decision. "Not to mention that it's highly likely your achievement in Holy Fetus is poles apart from the Yuanying of Nine Regions... If I really take you up on it, it would be tantamount to give a certain idiot woman the opportunity to make fun of me every day by saying I was impregnated by someone."

"That's ridiculous, your Nine Regions people have always advocated that everything should be sacrificed in order to achieve success on the immortal path, yet you shy away from a shortcut just because of 'face' problem? The difference between you and your Master is too great."

Thinking otherwise, Wang Lu sneered, the large difference was as it should be. The Nine Regions was vast, but who dared to compete with Wang Wu in terms of low limit of moral integrity?

"If you have the ability, then make her pregnant. She has been cultivating for more than a hundred years, and has been able to grind out two golden cores. Yet, she fails to achieve Yuanying Stage. It's better if you can find a way to get her pregnant with twins. If you can make her settle for several years to wait for the childbirths, you would bring enormous virtue for the whole Nine Regions."

As he trod the main avenue of Plentiful City, Wang Lu continued to discuss the problem of Yuanying with Faceless One. His direction was toward the transmission array setup within Plentiful City to return to Spirit Sword Mountain.

This time, the harvest that he got was even more than what he initially expected. Helping his sect complete the entire thirty-six rings... In this last ring, the five blood spirit crown and its secret was really an important harvest. In contrast, surviving the three days of slaughter by the Kill Immortal sword while at the same time increasing his cultivation base was really not that worth mentioning.

When he arrived at the Four Directions Peak at Spirit Sword Mountain, he saw that several Elders were already waiting there.

After he got out of the transmission array, he knew from them that the matter of five spirit power struggle for the five blood spirit crown was already widely spread in the Nine Regions. The main reason was that, three days ago, the lead disciple of Kunlun Sect Zhou Mumu paid a visit to Ten Thousand Arts Sect. She wanted to have a duel against the just returned Zhan Ziye.

The battle between the lead disciples of the Five Uniques was extremely important, especially a one on one fight, which by no means an individual level matter. Zhou Mumu rashly came to the sect to challenge the lead disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect. In this, a little bit of incautiousness would lead to the dispute between the two sects.

However, Zhan Ziye, as if he deeply understood her, actually accepted the challenge. Moreover, he even went all out to placate the people from his own sect and then received Zhou Mumu in the practice square of Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

The result of the duel was a draw, but the process surprised all of the observers.

As what was known to everyone, the lead disciple of Kunlun, Zhou Mumu, was not good at fighting, and in regards to her current immortal cultivation stage, her one on one fighting ability was likely at the last place among the other lead disciples of the Five Uniques. Although Zhan Ziye was also similarly not good at fighting, he was still one head above Zhou Mumu.

However, in this fight, Zhou Mumu's first move was an eye-opener. She abandoned the usual Primal Chaos Diamond Ring and just reached out for a blood-red spear that had enormous power and boundless momentum.

Although Zhou Mumu had just reached low-level Jindan, meaning that her cultivation base had not yet stabilized, but using this blood-colored spear, some Peak Jindan Stage elite disciples of Ten Thousand Arts Sect discovered that, after careful observation, calculation, and comparison with their own skill, they might not be able to withstand her spear strike! This level of strength was even better than Zhan Ziye prior to entering the group of immortal tombs!

However, Zhan Ziye was without haste. He reached out for the sky to summon the lightning, which stimulated his thunder body. Then, all kinds of ingenious methods that came out at heart's will fell like rain. Even more wonderful was that, his spellcasting was sleek, smooth, wonderful, and unique, far beyond the previous Zhan Ziye. The thunder body was a hard and firm method, however, under Zhan Ziye's control, the thunder body actually faintly showed several points of softness.

For the several elders who were familiar with him, this was even more inconceivable. Because this meant that Zhan Ziye's Ten Thousand Motionless Immortal Heart had finally reached perfection, without any flaw. And to achieve this point, it meant that he had already overcome the emotional obstacle.

For cultivators of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, overcoming the emotional obstacle was even more difficult than being blessed with heavenly spirit root. When Zhan Ziye went inside the group of immortal tombs for experiential learning, people wanted him to obtain a great harvest. However, no one thought that Zhan Ziye was actually able to overcome the most difficult obstacle... As far as strength advancement was concerned, he achieved even more than that of the blood-colored spear of Zhou Mumu.

However, the two fighters apparently had a tacit understanding. Although the battle was fierce, they were not fighting out of anger. After measuring each other's skills, the two invariably ceased to fight. Zhou Mumu turned around to leave and Zhan Ziye, using his lead disciple identity, gave an order to the other sect members to send her away as an honored guest

This fight could be described as inexplicable. The reason for the fight, the process, and the result were all so unreasonable that it was highly likely that only the concerned parties knew the truth-this was to verify the harvest from the five spirit power struggle. Second, it was to settle the load in one's mind. The relationship between Zhou Mumu and Zhan Ziye and the husband and wife in the immortal dream land had become a thing of the past after this fight.

However, in the eyes of others, regardless of that, the advancement in the cultivation base of the two was real, and it was all for everyone to see! Even though the lead disciples of the Five Unique all have amazing qualifications, but to progress by leaps and bounds in that immortal dream land... people invariably wondered what kind of experience they had in the immortal dream land?

Unfortunately, all of them were silent. Only the elders of their respective sects knew what their lead disciples have experienced.

Therefore, since Wang Lu was the last to leave the group of immortal tombs, his sect's Sect Leader and elders became the only one who knew nothing about the content of the immortal dream land. Considering that this ring was likely to hide a great secret, the elders could not help but feel anxious.

For his experience in the group of immortal tombs, Wang Lu also had nothing to hide, especially in front of the several elders. This time, even Faceless One had spoken out.

"Oh, this is the faithful dog that my Master has collected. And these are some of my Senior Uncles and Junior Uncles, why don't you introduce yourself."

After Wang Lu finished speaking, his face suddenly became stiff. Faceless One had taken over to introduce himself.

"Hello everyone, I am Faceless One, the propagator of Holy Light, the guide to the path of truth. Follow me and believe the Holy Light!"

Before he could continue, Wang Lu had forcibly interrupted. "What disgusting ads."

Faceless One's voice immediately turned cold. "Oh, are you guys those losers of the same sect that always hold Wang Wu back? Previously, I heard about you guys from her, and now that I have seen you guys, your reputation is indeed justified. I advise you guys to relinquish the position of Sect Leader, otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite..."

Before he could finish came a flustered woman voice from Non-Phase Peak, "You f*cking dare to slander me!"

... After that small disturbance caused by the honesty of Faceless One was over, Wang Wu, whose one year of stipend had been deducted, took Faceless away, leaving behind Wang Lu who finished his narration to the end.

Wang Lu didn't hide anything, including the collaboration between demon race and the ancient earth immortals, his doubt about the turning back time, and his conjecture about the unknown enemy.

In this regard, the several elders apparently knew more about the inside story. After listening to Wang Lu's narration, they looked into each other's eyes. Without the need for primordial spirit communication, they had already exchanged a lot of information.

Unfortunately, Wang Lu did not establish such a deep understanding with the several elders. He just observed without knowing its content as the several elders communicated with each other through their eyes. When he wanted to further inquire, he saw the Sect Leader Feng Yin wave his hand to dismiss him.

"You don't have to ask more about this matter, and you also don't have to worry about it. That demon race is right, currently, you have yet to qualify to accept the inheritance of the earth immortals. And for the moment, you don't have to participate in the exploration of the group of immortal tombs. Us, old guys, are going to take over. During this time, you just need to recuperate your injury and break through Jindan."

Sect Leader was indeed Sect Leader. In a single glance, he immediately saw the key point. What Wang Lu most needed now was not exploring the group of immortal tombs, but to qualify to a full fledge Jindan.

If someone stopped advancing on the road of immortal cultivation, that someone would inevitably lag behind, thus the situation forced the cultivator to move forward. For example, although Wang Lu's demon heart had been taken away by that purple-black flame demon, the root hadn't been removed at all, because the origin of the demon heart was within Wang Lu himself.

Although currently the demon heart had already been cut off, over time, the demon heart would regenerate like dandruff. The demon heart that restrained him from harming others was irrelevant. He had already adapted to it after cultivating for many years. However, the one that allowed him to form the pseudo golden core was particularly dangerous. If he wanted to eradicate it, there was only one way...

Truly reaching Jindan Stage, using the true golden core to cover the pseudo golden core so that the demon heart could not do anything. Therefore, the achievement of Jindan was a natural and necessary requirement for Wang Lu.

However, how could it be easy to achieve Jindan? Especially when the threat of demon heart hung overhead... not to mention that Wang Lu's golden core contained the robust rare life experience of Wang Lu, to such extent that even with his Void Spirit Root, he still had to face a bottleneck problem... If he wanted to achieve Jindan Stage in a short period of time, he had to rely on opportunity.

Thinking to this, Wang Lu couldn't help but think of Faceless One.

... Perhaps he should not hesitate-he should use his power.