Chapter 431: After Makeup Removal

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Upon seeing Wang Lu, Qiong Hua was very surprised.

It was not surprising that he was able to survive under the Kill Immortal sword. Wang Lu's ability to survive was already well beyond any cultivator of his peers. However, even in accordance with the most optimistic expectation, this world destroying blow by the Kill Immortal sword should at least seriously injure Wang Lu. However, at present, not only he was without any harm, he had even advanced to Jindan Stage, standing on the same stage as her!

Was this breakthrough possible?

Theoretically, it was impossible. Since the Foundation Establishment Stage, each breakthrough meant great changes to the physical body and primordial spirit, but it would take quite some time to adapt to this change, especially when it came to Jindan Stage. The adaptation process might take up to one month, and even the shortest time was about four or five days. During this period, there must not be any external interference. Otherwise, it would fall short. Even her, who was already a Jindan, when she entered this immortal dream land, her cultivation base must be suppressed using a secret method into Xudan Stage, but when she wanted to return to Jindan Stage again, it was an extremely difficult matter. Otherwise, she would not have been the only Jindan in this world.

In theory, it was impossible for Wang Lu to reach Jindan Stage from Xudan Stage in such a short period of time. However, theory was just that, theory. Everything that Wang Lu did never complied with common sense. Before entering this ring, Qiong Hua had already expected that she could encounter such a scenario. Therefore, she was prepared for this.

Facing Wang Lu with his newly reached Jindan Stage and ocean-like abundant magical power, Qiong Hua decisively made her decision.

"I give up."

Wang Lu was slightly stunned. His smile never diminished, but he could not suppress his confusion. "Senior Sister Qiong Hua, are you flirting with me?"

Qiong Hua frankly said, "You and I are already in Low Level Jindan Stage. Moreover, our qualifications are similar, and our cultivation methods also can't be divided into good and bad. Thus, our strength should be about the same. Relatively speaking, my magical treasure is stronger, but now I already can't use it. After the ritual to launch the Kill Immortal sword, my golden core is damaged, and my magical power is hard to recover. In short, I only have half of my peak strength. Whether in terms of a lasting fight or instant outbreak, I am already not as good as you. So if we fight, I'd lose without a doubt. Therefore, I give up."


Qiong Hua also said, "This world has already been washed clean by the Kill Immortal sword, but I feel that the five blood spirit crown still exists, and the temple of blood spirit has not disappeared. So, after I left, you can still be the winner and obtain the five blood spirit crown. Thus, everyone is happy. You and I do not have to waste our time in an unnecessary fight. Even if your fighting intent is surging because you have just entered Jindan Stage so that you want to prove that you are above me, winning against me while I'm not in my peak state is meaningless for you. So it's better to just wait for a later time. We still have many opportunities to meet in the future, and I am also very much looking forward to our next meeting."

With that, Qiong Hua solemnly asked, "Junior Brother Wang Lu, what do you think?"

Wang Lu sighed. "Senior Sister Qiong Hua, I have always respected you as the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect. Among the lead disciples of the Five Uniques, I always thought that only you could be my equal in the truest sense, and for a long time in the future, you would be my important opponent."

Listening to Wang Lu saying those words, Qiong Hua was somewhat surprised. However, Wang Lu's follow up words completely turned everything around.

"However, respect is mutual. Since you insist on treating me like a fool, then I can only treat you the same way."

With that, Wang Lu's expression suddenly changed. Now, he looked sharp and assertive. "Be a good girl, break your arm, kneel down and apologize for your mistake, then I'll f*cking let you go."

Upon hearing this, Qiong Hua gawked. "What..."

Wang Lu frowned. "You don't understand? This is the language specifically used for idiots who don't like to use their brain. You should be very familiar with it like it's your mother tongue."

The words were dripping with undisguised ridicule, and at the same time, a sharp-like-sword murderous intent surged out.

Sensing the murderous intent, Qiong Hua's jade mansion and golden core suddenly trembled. Furrowing her brows, she finally confirmed, "Junior Brother Wang Lu, do you really want to do this senseless battle?"

"Senseless battle? Hah! It's not like that when you wiped out hundreds of millions of lives!"

Qiong Hua finally understood a bit. "So it's that thing that you are attached to... Junior Brother, you have to know, this world is not as simple as what you imagined it. It..."

"Useless words!"

Wang Lu roared, subsequently, the area within three hundred meters in radius around him trembled. Qiong Hua's complexion changed because she discovered that the space around her had been sealed. Like a stagnant water, it could not move even the slightest.

"Non-Phase Sword Defense?"

Wang Lu's three feet sword defense was already world renowned and could be called an invincible barrier for the same stage. Even powerful people with higher cultivation base than him weren't necessarily able to easily break his sword defense. And after Wang Lu reached Jindan Stage, his Non-Phase Sword Defense impressively advanced a step further, reaching a better condition.

If this was any other time, Qiong Hua might have the interest in carefully exploring this mystery. But at this time, her heart actually sank. Because within the space that was suppressed by the Non-Phase Sword Defense, her prop that could be used to get her out of this world was rendered ineffective, which made her basically trapped here. And to go out, she had to fight Wang Lu first.

But at present, she really did not want to fight Wang Lu with his threatening imposing manner.

However, for a mere newly reached Jindan to be able to suppress the space using sword qi... it was probably because the space had been annihilated after the slaughter of Kill Immortal sword. This was the consequence of her own action.

However, since things have come to this, more words were useless. Wang Lu had already 'unsheathed' his sword, intent on deciding this in a fight. Thus, Qiong Hua had no other choice.

Two green colored swords jumped out from the sword platform and their forms projected in the young woman's palms. Their sword qi s were thick. These were a pair of rare swords.

Since she came from Shengjing Sect, Qiong Hua's magical treasures were more than enough to be overwhelming. Apart from the most important Kill Immortal sword, she still had many spare swords, and each one of them was not low rank. Moreover, each one of them also had their own magical ability. If one really thought Qiong Hua's strength would be greatly reduced once she lost her main weapon, then they would certainly be wrong.

Holding the pair of green colored swords across her chest, Qiong Hua carefully observed Wang Lu. For any cultivator, reaching Jindan brought tremendous change. At this time, however, she could not sense how much powerful Wang Lu was. However, Non-Phase Method was already well known for its excellent defense but poor offense, thus, she did not have to rush...

Just as she thought of this, a sword light suddenly flashed in front of her. Wang Lu had actually thrust his sword straight forward with an unprecedented sword momentum!

Sensing this sharp offense, Qiong Hua was surprised. Has Wang Lu's Big Heart Demon Oath been lifted when he reached Jindan Stage? Thereupon, she slightly held out her swords, ready to block the attack.

The next moment, three swords collided. Qiong Hua felt that a wave of incredibly giant force came through her hands. Her two green colored swords shook and then slipped from her hands. Even her own jade mansion and golden core violently trembled...

"Nameless sword?"

Qiong Hua muttered, and then looked at the Sword of Mount Kun that hung in front of her.

The young woman smiled. "Congratulations, you win."

In just one exchange, the victory and defeat between the fight of the two lead disciples were decided. Qiong Hua in her poor state almost had no resistance under Wang Lu's sword.

"Are you satisfied now?" Qiong Hua lightly said, "The lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect defeats the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect. After this ring ends, you can step on me and let your fame go further. Isn't this what you want?"

Wang Lu loudly sneered.

Qiong Hua also said, "In short, can I go now?"

After a while, seeing that Wang Lu completely had no intention to remove his Sword of Mount Kun, and the space around her was still firmly locked, Qiong Hua asked, "Or do you want to kill me here?"

Wang Lu once again sneered. "Killing the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect? Which then causes a stir, and henceforth there would be no peace in Nine Regions?"

With that, Wang Lu withdrew his sword.

Qiong Hua nodded. "Yes, that's why I said that this fight is meaningless. I have already given up."

After that, Qiong Hua was ready to leave. However, she discovered that the space blockaded had not been lifted.

"Is there anything else?"

"Of course there is." Wang Lu sneered. "Initially I thought that I would explain things to you carefully, but given your intelligence level, I better do it in a more direct way..."

His voice has just fallen when a powerful punch firmly smashed Qiong Hua in the face.

This punch came too fast that it seemed even faster than a sword light. Qiong Hua was caught off guard. The punch flung her upside down far away. Only after she hit two mountain peaks in a row did she finally stop. However, before she could stand up, Wang Lu was already standing in front of her once again.


The second punch drilled her deep into the ground until she reached tens of meters deep. Qiong Hua felt warm on her face. Unexpectedly, blood had already flowed on her face.

However, the flesh pain was not worth mentioning. What really angered her was the humiliation.

"Wang Lu, you..."

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not interested in humiliation training." Deep in the pit, Wang Lu stepped on both of Qiong Hua's legs, making her unable to get up. He then lightly said, "Hitting you is so that I can pull you back. This is for the sake of my former respect for you. You're a little bit out of your mind right now, so I have to keep you sane."

Qiong Hua sneered. "Out of my mind? You still can't let go of my Kill Immortal sword? I did not know that the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect has such a merciful heart! This is just a mere immortal dream land, moreover, do you know what the background of this ring is?"

Wang Lu said, "At the beginning no, but now, with this appearance, even if I'm as dull as Senior Brother Xiang Liang, I'm afraid I could still see it."

With that, Wang Lu looked up. Outside the pit, the scarlet sky vaguely hung as if it could collapse at any time. From the hole, it looked like an abyss.

After the slaughter from the world-destroying strike of Kill Immortal sword, hundreds of millions of souls died, leaving very few survivors. Some were sheltered by Wang Lu's Non-Phase Sword Defense during the great destruction, but some were also slipped through. However, no matter which creatures they were, all have similar distinct characteristics.

They were the characteristics that any Nine Regions cultivators would never forget once they experienced them. And these features have previously never been revealed.

The great destruction of Kill Immortal sword not only destroyed their vitality, it also destroyed the huge illusion spell in this world. Thus, many things showed their original appearances.

While thinking, Wang Lu sighed, and then revealed the answer, "This is the demon world, right?"