Chapter 425: I Have the Winning Ticket

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An hour later, outside the Eternal Tree, Wang Lu and Lan took off on the flying sword, flying toward Flaming Valley.

"Are we just going to go like this?"

When they left the Eternal Tree, Lan was very confused.

Wang Lu funnily asked, "What else can we do if we don't leave? Do I have to leave you behind to give him a baby?"

This was just a playful statement, but Lan actually seriously thought about it. After a long time, she asked back, "Why should I give him a baby?"

Wang Lu continued to tease with her, "In order for your Grey Mountain to keep on going. Since you can't win the five blood spirit crown, you have to leave an heir for the Grey Mountain."

Lan asked, "Why him?"

"Because Zhan Ziye's breed is excellent, his crucial point is complementary to you. His only specialty is his high IQ, and your biggest flaw is the low IQ."

"... It turns out to be so." Lan accepted Wang Lu's statement with some difficulty. "So, do you want me to turn back?"

"... Forget it."

Wang Lu loudly sighed. He felt that teasing another talented person was interesting, but there was really no pleasure in teasing Lan, this handicapped person. So he better just shut his mouth.

Leaving the Eternal Tree has its own truth. Zhan Ziye and his Eternal Tree strategy were indeed necessary. However, was it easy to persuade him to carry out the specific execution? Shaman's deathbed request was almost an impossible line for Zhan Ziye to cross.

Because for the nerds of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, it was difficult for them to surpass the emotional barrier. They were not emotional in the beginning, but once they were in heat, they often became unmanageable. In the past, there was once a senior of Ten Thousand Arts Sect who was taken by a single smile of a beauty. He brought her to the Endless Sea to watch a strange animal called "Golden Phoenix Trout", only to be attacked by that animal and as a result died together... The disciples of Ten Thousand Arts Sect was always indifferent to worldly things and in their interaction with people outside the sect. However, when they bumped into an emotional obstacle, their IQ would rapidly degenerate to the point where they became inferior to that of Royal Soldier Sect.

And right now, Zhan Ziye was likely already in heat without knowing it. Shaman came from the wood fairy demons in Eternal Tree, with beautiful look and natural charm, which was certainly absolutely attractive to the opposite sex. Moreover, she was also talented and intelligent. Thus, after being in close quarters with her for quite some time, Zhan Ziye's heart would inevitably be moved. Of course, with his self-control as a lead disciple, it was not enough for him to go down on the path of a villain that would destroy other people's marriage. Previously when he was in an ambiguous position with Shaman, it was just an unwitting act. If he perceived the change in his own mind, naturally he would know to restrain it, but unfortunately...

Unfortunately, Shaman was dead and perhaps it was impossible for Zhan Ziye to realize that he had unknowingly fallen for someone. However, the impact of that feeling still remained. Perhaps Zhan Ziye would treat the lives of the two children to be as important as his own. Want to convince him to blood sacrifice the two? It would be easier said than done. In their confrontation in the Eternal Tree, Wang Lu managed to render Zhan Ziye speechless. However, Wang Lu was very clear that the other party inwardly refused to accept his words. Thus, Wang Lu added a bit more weight, by letting the two children hear the dialogue and let them choose their future.

However, he could only do so much. The last step was to take the risk. Inciting the kids to be soldiers after all was not a good way of doing things. In particular, it would certainly anger Zhan Ziye. If Wang Lu continued to stay there, let alone an alliance with Zhan Ziye, it was quite possible that he had to face the all-out attack from the opposite party.

But now, Wang Lu had chosen to retreat in order to advance. By letting Zhan Ziye alone with the two kids with violently surging fighting intent, with the former's ability, it would not be easy for him to coax them... However, it was still difficult for Wang Lu to assert how much this would play a role.

Whether the Eternal Tree could stand up from the ground in time to block Qiong Hua, it was still very much unknown.

"The Eternal Tree is our only last choice in a helpless situation. Before that, it will have to depend on Senior Brother Xiang Liang and I... Yeah, it's indeed a bit difficult."


In less than half a day, Wang Lu and Lan, master and follower, finally entered the territory of Flaming Valley. The volcano at the center of Flaming Valley was roaring fiercely. The lava was surging angrily, flowing downward as it washed the valley. And the lava was dark red, just like a blood-soaked warrior.

The Flaming Valley has fallen into an extremely disadvantageous position.

Not long ago, the king of Harmony River launched a long-range raid into the capital of Golden City. Although no doubt it managed to disgrace the king of Golden City and the twelve Pure Gold Guards suffered a huge blow, but this legendary person also released a terrifying opponent: Qiong Hua.

After coming out of her captivity, Qiong Hua only did two things. One was to suppress the whole Golden City. Using her new city master status, she controlled all of the leaders of the sub-cities, thus indirectly controlling the entire country. It was even more overbearing than the previous.

The second thing was that, she personally led the main army of Golden City to fight a head-on battle against the main army of Flaming Valley. Within half a day, the invading barbarians were soundly defeated, and the foreign enemies were wiped out. The Flaming Valley army even suffered heavy casualties. In particular, Qiong Hua's devastating power on the battlefield directly knocked down the morale of the prideful barbarian warriors. So much that these warriors who viewed death as glory actually didn't dare to confront the enemy. The front line had receded directly back to the territory of Flaming Valley.

Fortunately, after these two things were done, Qiong Hua temporarily stopped her footsteps.

Because Xiang Liang had come back in time.

Currently, this lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect was the only one who had the capital to go against Qiong Hua. Previously, Wang Lu did not hesitate to fight for Xiang Liang's friendship, because he was an irreplaceable powerful force. And Xiang Liang did not disappoint. When he returned to Flaming Valley, he directly looked for the king of Flaming Valley and forcefully seized the authority of the commander of Flaming Valley Guard. Then he ran to the battlefield and fought against Qiong Hua's main army. After a whole day of fighting, he finally succeeded in blocking Qiong Hua after paying heavy casualties.

The only pity was that, the casualties were indeed too heavy.


"Senior Brother Xiang Liang, seriously, after not seeing you for three days, I really have a whole new respect for you."

In the frontline camps of Flaming Valley, Wang Lu could not bear to look straight at the wounded person on the sickbed that was wrapped like a bundle.

"Unexpectedly, in the past three days, in just one wave of attack from Qiong Hua... the price was so heavy."

"Uhm..." The dumpling on the sickbed wobbled a bit and issued a hoarse grunt, which was filled with pain. Obviously, the severity of the injury was already difficult to suppress.

Seeing this, Wang Lu was surprised. He was very clear of Xiang Liang's ability. In the valley ambush, around ten Shengjing Sect people sieged him using all they got. However, they were soundly wiped out by Xiang Liang's "one hundred decapitations" style, which clearly showed Xiang Liang's dominance. However, unexpectedly, under Qiong Hua's hand, he ended into such a fate. At this time, he was reduced to almost nothing on the sickbed, only half a step away from the death, without the slightest bit of the power and prestige of the lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect... Qiong Hua, oh Qiong Hua, are you this old hand Jindan going to make a special trip to slaughter the young?

Looking at the Xiang Liang in the sickbed, Wang Lu sighed. "Don't mind it, Senior Brother Xiang Liang, it's already quite good for you to achieve this point because you're fighting a Jindan with your Xudan power. Leave the rest to me. After all, I'm the initiator of the alliance, so I can't just rely on my mouth forever, right? Otherwise, I probably could only take a little loli as a wife, which is really not my style."

After sighing with emotion, Wang Lu turned around and was prepared to leave the ward. However, suddenly, a slightly weak voice came from behind him.

"What is a little loli?"

Turning his head, he found out that Xiang Liang's pale face was already near him.

After not seeing each other for three days, Xiang Liang still had his old-fashioned look, and still had the sword-like sharp countenance of the lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect. The only difference was that his breathing was a lot weaker. However, looking at Xiang Liang's upright posture and his sharp gaze that hadn't been reduced in the slightest, anyone would know that it would be foolish to look down on him.

Even in his weak state, the lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect still had a powerful explosive force. At that time Qiong Hua was repulsed, the reason was probably because of this...

However, at this time, Wang Lu was more concerned with...

"Em, I heard that people say this is your tent, but that person on the bed is...?"

Xiang Liang looked at the dumpling on the bed, and then said in a sinking voice, "The brave warrior who established the greatest merit in that great battle. The medical conditions in Flaming Valley are limited and my medicine has been used up in the battle. The only thing I can do is to provide him with the best possible environment, but it seems like he would not last long."

"Turns out to be so. It seems like watching the melodramatic romance that played recently does affect the IQ."

However, Xiang Liang was still obsessed with the original question, "What is a little Loli?"

"... It's nothing, it's not a problem that needs to be addressed now. Senior Brother Xiang Liang, how do you feel about your fight with Senior Sister Qiong Hua?"

Xiang Liang earnestly said, "She is invincible in this world. I relied on the army integration method of Royal Soldier Sect to concentrate the power of a thousand Flaming Valley guardians, just to be able to barely confront her. But after that battle, the Flaming Valley guardians have fallen more than half. I was also seriously injured, so for a short time, it is difficult for me to have the strength to fight again."

"Is Qiong Hua injured?"

"Minor only. Although the loss of power is great, she's a Jindan Stage, so in just one or two days, she would be sufficiently recovered."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu inwardly could not help but exclaim 'damn.' The plan that originally had been brewing in his mind had to be thrown aside, and a new plan to counter it began to emerge.

Amidst the silent, Xiang Liang suddenly asked, "So, how are you going to deal with Qiong Hua?"

"... This question is a bit too sharp, let me think about it again."

Wang Lu said while thinking... however, if he had to be honest, he really didn't have any good way. In his original plan, Xiang Liang would at least hold Qiong Hua off several times longer, then he would take over him in dealing with Qiong Hua, until Zhan Ziye was finally able to break through his emotional barrier and launch the Eternal Tree.

However, right now, Xiang Liang no longer had the strength to fight, so the entire plan was completely interrupted. To continue the plan was easier said than done...

While he was pondering, suddenly, the ground under them trembled. Xiang Liang's countenance changed. He leaned down and put his ear on the ground. A moment later, he softly said.

"Qiong Hua is coming."

Wang Lu could only smile wryly. Senior Sister Qiong Hua was indeed terrifying. Apart from her tyrannical power that dominated everyone, her ability to layout the plan was also top notch. She calculated that this was his side's most vulnerable period, so she launched the attack exactly at this most inappropriate time.

"Mm..." Xiang Liang stood up, looked at Wang Lu, and then nodded. "This time, we'll have to depend on you, Junior Brother Wang Lu."

At this time, Wang Lu finally had an idea. A smile rose up on his face as he stepped out of Xiang Liang's tent.

"Rest assured, it's just a mere Qiong Hua, I have a way to deal with her."

With that, he clenched his mustard seed bag.