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 Chapter 423: Receiving the Plate of the Chivalrous Hero

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"Say... Mumu, I suddenly remembered something that Wang Lu once said to me."

"What is it?"

"Man without shame is invincible."

"... How could you suddenly think of this?"

"Because I find that such a peerless handsome man like me is actually being defeated by the hands of a shameless scoundrel. Isn't this confirming Wang Lu's words? Hehe, it seems like the supreme in this world, the king of Golden City, is nothing more than a lowly villain who relies on many to score a victory."

The decisive battle under the stone steps of the Misty City has lasted for a full half day. The fierceness of this moth-to-the-flame like battle has actually far exceeded the imagination of the people native to Golden City. The Golden City's twelve Pure Gold Guards have come out, and under the supreme throne. No matter how anyone looked at it, the master and the follower of Harmony River did not have even the slightest chance. However, after half a day of battle, the lumps of cloud over the Misty City seemed like fiercely burning, and nearly all of the twelve Pure Gold Guards were injured, the white stone steps broke in the middle, and the battlefield was extremely fierce. However, the two people were still standing.

Although his force had been spent, A Ye's vigorous fighting spirit did not extinguish. The spear in his hand had been badly battered, but it was still straightly aimed at the enemy.

"Although it is regrettable that I couldn't personally defeat the master of Golden City, from another point of view, I feel that this and other cowardly fights are beneath me! Not to mention that in this battle, the Golden City is directly pushed by the two of us into a defensive position and killed their soldiers under the throne, so its invincible prestige has already been lost. For me to be able to peel his face off, even if I die, it's worth it."

Zhou Mumu said, "In the past, everyone was afraid of this monster, but the truth has finally been revealed to the outside world. I wonder what would be the reaction of the other three forces?"

After the half a day of fierce battle, the two of them already had no more strength to continue. However, so far, even after all of that, they couldn't even see the face of the city master, so they were really unwilling. Thus, they put forward their final effort to taunt the enemy.

However, even after being insulted like that, the master of Golden City was still indifferent, still sitting above the clouds. Only the twelve Pure Gold Guards who regained their spirit surrounded the two once again.

And for these twelve opponents that he had been fighting against for a full half a day, A Ye had long felt annoyed. In particular, he thought that it was likely that he was going to die at the hands of these minions. Therefore, a wave of hostility uncontrollably arose in his heart.

Fine, I will use the killer move that I plan to use on Golden City master on you! He thought.

Thereupon, another blood mist bloomed. However, compared to the beginning, the power of the blood mark had become negligible. A Ye let out a sigh, and squeezed out the second blood mark, which barely managed to adjust his power to normal.

Although A Ye wasn't clear from where these overdrafted blood marks came from, he knew that this overdraft behavior had already come to an end. This miraculous raid had finally come to an end.

At the same time, aware of the crisis that was about to come, the Pure Gold Guards began to yell loudly and surround them. However, Zhou Mumu pushed out her palm and the primal chaos Diamond Ring flipped upside down. At the same time, the space within the area of five hundred meters in radius from it was abruptly cut off, and the outsiders could no longer close in.

But after completing this action, Zhou Mumu fell down silently. Her magical power was completely exhausted, and her primordial spirit was overdrawn. The secret medicine from Kunlun Mountain was already consumed in that half a day of fierce battle. Right now, even to maintain her existence was too difficult for her. Thereupon, she launched her life saving magical treasure, which would send her out of this world.

Before leaving, she cast A Ye one last glance. In her eyes, there was only endless encouragement.

"A Ye, don't let me down."

Although A Ye didn't look back, he sensed the woman's gaze.

"Hah, what a joke, how can a handsome man like me disappoint a woman?... But, is it an illusion? Why do I seem to see Shaman? Sure enough... there's still something that I worry about?"

After wiping away the slightest sourness in the corner of his eyes, A Ye held the spear with both of his hands, roared, and then charged forward.


At the same time, in the Eternal Tree, Zhan Ziye finally solved the difficult problem that had plagued him for a long time.

"Mm, as long as the sequence of the five elements is changed, the entire array will be completely flawless... Hey, after half a day of deducing this 360-round chart, I successfully broke my own record. It seems like my primordial spirit has also become more concise, sure enough, heaven rewards the diligent..."

After gently wiping away the sweat from his forehead, Zhan Ziye finally had the time to raise his head, only to see the completely-drained-of-blood face of Shaman. Somehow, the woman had leaned against the wall and slept.

"..." No matter how slow he was, Zhan Ziye could also see the current weak state of Shaman. Alarmed, he quickly stepped forward and reached for the woman's forehead. He launched the internal view method and saw the once lush green jade mansion had turned haggard!

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Zhan Ziye was both angry and anxious at the same time. Hastily, he fished out his sect's secret medicine from his mustard seed bag and promptly put around five or six of them into Shaman's mouth. This secret medicine was the gift he got from his sect when he obtained his lead disciple status. It was priceless, and even exceeded the expected benefit from this immortal dream land.

However, at this time, Zhan Ziye refused to care too much about it. He simply couldn't helplessly watch Shaman die-he could not let his long-awaited plan fall apart!

After taking the elixir, Shaman finally woke up. Her face showed a hint of red, but the color was extremely unnatural. Zhan Ziye bitterly looked at it. It was clear that Shaman's injury was something fundamental that could not easily be recovered by ordinary panacea.

"Shaman... Although I don't know if you're poisoned, injured, or excessive training, but you should know what your physical condition means! You're not rude and impetuous like A Ye. You have always been sensible in doing things, so how could you make such a mistake?"

In this regard, Shaman just smiled softly. "I am sorry."

"I don't need your sorry!" It was difficult for Zhan Ziye to maintain his calm. "If sorry can solve the problem, then what's the point of our previous effort? Actually, in this five spirits power struggle, the weakest one is the Eternal Tree. Let alone compared to Golden City or Flaming Valley, we are actually even worse than Grey Mountain. Grey Mountain at least has Wang Lu! And that Lan has an uncanny feat. But what about us? We have nothing! In order to make up for our lack of strength, I've been devising the plan all night. You've also paid a lot of painstaking effort. Now the distance to success is only a few steps away! Please don't drop the ball at this time okay!"

"... I am sorry."

In front of Shaman's apologetic expression, Zhan Ziye could not vent his anger. Several times he wanted to scold her, but he couldn't bring himself to say it.

"We have a chance of winning."

After being silent for a long time, Zhan Ziye barely managed to suppress the agitation in his heart and murmured.

"I have already said this to you more than once before. Although it seems that our strength is the weakest, in fact, we have the greatest potential... I know that your heart may think otherwise, moreover, I also don't know what is the significance of your individual training at this time. You, as the Sacred Leaf of Eternal Tree, inherit the power of pure wood, which makes you good at nourishing and growing, but you are not good at killing and fighting. In any case, even after I help you to wash your bone and cleanse your marrow, these deeply rooted characteristics are difficult to change. Let alone me, even if my sect elders come here, it's still difficult to tune you into a qualified warrior in just a few days."

Then, somewhat bitterly laughed, Zhan Ziye said, "But when did I ever lie to you? When I said that there's a chance of winning, that's definitely not a lie."

Somewhat tilting her head, Shaman cautiously asked, "Oh?"

Zhan Ziye said, "Shaman, in your opinion, who is the most powerful creature in this world?"

Shaman responded with a weak voice, "The master of Golden City is the supreme in this world, and his power is beyond of others. Women and children know this..."

"Wrong. You're all wrong." Feeling funny, Zhan Ziye shook his head. "Women and children know... How could women and children be taken seriously? The master of Golden City may indeed have more power than others, but to say that he is the strongest in this world... Shaman, you should've been aware of this. Unfortunately, you can't see the forest from the tree and don't realize that the real treasure is buried by your side."

Shaman looked doubtful. Although she was recovering under the effect of the elixir, she was still weak, and her mind was dull.

Fortunately, Zhan Ziye didn't really expect her to give the answer. He answered his own question, "The most powerful creature in this world, is none other than Eternal Tree... This amazing tree has been living for an unknown amount of years. It is able to support both heaven and earth. It supports the prosperity and decline of this world. One of its big branches can hold up a city, and in its tree trunk, hundreds of millions of creatures multiply. Who in this world can match this existence? No matter how powerful the master of Golden City is, how could he be stronger than the Eternal Tree?"

Zhan Ziye said, "Unfortunately, the Eternal Tree is aloof and do not possess independent intelligence. Its strength is strong, but not for anyone to use. You are the Sacred Leaf, so you can call the wind and summon the rain under its shade, but you can't borrow more power... Humph, what a huge waste. Your Eternal Tree dwellers regard this amazing tree as a divine thing, thus for many generations, you worship it, not daring to blaspheme it. But can't I see the value that it contains? You are the Sacred Leaf, the ruler recognized by the Eternal Tree. As long as you improve your method, with some ambition and courage, you can personally control this amazing tree!"

"Control... the Eternal Tree?"

Even though Shaman was extremely weak at this time, she was still stunned and widened her eyes by Zhan Ziye's bold speculation.

"Can the power of mere mortal able to control this... Eternal Tree? The branches and leaves of this divine tree are lush and flourishing, and they blot out the sky and cover the earth, with millions upon millions of creatures living in it. Even as the Sacred Leaf, if I submerge my primordial spirit into its core, I would still be shocked by how enormous it is. It is simply a creature that is impossible to control!"

Zhan Ziye sighed. "You alone, of course, can't, but there's still me. What I am good at is calculation and power control. As long as you and I cooperate with each other, the initial control of the Eternal Tree is not difficult. I have deduced this matter dozens of times and will never be wrong. As long as you persist in cultivating the method that I taught you, in the future, you will have a better fit with the Eternal Tree. I am confident that, by that time, the Eternal Tree could be raised straight from the ground and become a weapon of war that no one can match. Not to mention Golden City, even Junior Brother Wang Lu must candidly admit defeat... So, Shaman, please treasure this short but valuable peace time. While the other go all out to beat each other up, just focus on cultivating my method until you succeed, then you can get the five blood spirit crown and become the supreme of this world... then you can do anything you want."

After earnestly listening to it, it was long before Shaman uttered a sigh.

"Ziye, you never told me about this."

Zhan Ziye proudly said, "If you trust me, why should I say more? I you don't trust me, why should I also say more?"

Having said that, in Zhan Ziye's heart, he actually just wanted to be able to give Shaman a pleasant surprise one day.

He very much wanted to see the surprise and admiring gaze of Shaman when the Eternal Tree stood from the ground.

Unfortunately, contrary to expectation, Shaman gently shook her head. "Unfortunately, I have no way to see that miracle."

With that, the woman's figure suddenly became somewhat transparent.

"My time is running out, so there is something that I must say." Shaman stood up and gently placed her hands on Zhan Ziye's cheeks. "Thank you for taking care of me during this time."

"If it weren't for me and A Ye knowing each other first, perhaps I would really fall in love with you, unfortunately..."

In Zhan Ziye's consternation, the woman lightly printed a kiss on his cheek

"Please do something for me... help me take care of the two children, okay?"

Zhan Ziye was filled with astonishment. He was speechless until Shaman's figure disappeared without a trace.

As if she had never existed...