Chapter 418: Alliance

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"Wang Lu!"

When the brown sword lit up, Jianglu's heart was like a stormy sea, his immortal heart trembled, and his Power King True Body almost collapsed on the spot.

With Jianglu's bravery, even faced with a Yuanying Stage expert, he would not be panic-stricken like this. However, Wang Lu had left too much psychological shadow in him that he simply couldn't control himself.

The power of the Power King True Body was infinite and could be freely retracted. However, in the face of the lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect, how could he dare to reserve some strength? This fist contained the all out power of his Power King True Body, without leaving any leeway. Even the lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect would suffer irreparable damage from this-of course, based on the relationship between Shengjing Sect and Royal Soldier Sect, this damage would only make Shengjing Sect people happy.

However, this all out punch, in the face of Wang Lu's Non-Phase Sword, suddenly became the shortcut to suicide. Jianglu didn't dare to expect his attack could exceed the rebound limit of Wang Lu. However, he was certain that once his striking power was rebounded, it would definitely exceed his own limit.

It was simply a dead end to continue, but he didn't withdraw his fist. Seeing Wang Lu's Sword of Mount Kung before him, Jianglu decisively made his decision.

He launched the last resort left by his Sect Elders for Shengjing Sect team. When he saw that his life was not guaranteed, he sent himself out of the immortal dream land.


The scene instantly changed, but Jianglu's fist momentum didn't stop as he appeared outside the group of immortal tombs. After escaping from death, people should feel fortunate, but it was difficult for Jianglu to even feel half happy.

The script of his Senior Sister Qiong Hua might be called perfect. Every step was interlocked, with ample room in each of them, and it only had one last step left. Moreover, along the way, the plan had always been carried out in a calm manner, which ushered in the fruit of victory with ease.

Unfortunately, just when he was about to reach out for the fruit of victory, something unexpected happened. Jianglu's most dreaded opponent chose this most unexpected time to appear. The brown sword light crushed his overall plan, so much that he didn't even have the time to adapt.

At the crucial moment, Jianglu had no choice but to launch his lifesaving method and promptly withdraw. He even had no time to inform his Senior Sister Qiong Hua that the plan had changed.

His plan to intercept Xiang Liang in the valley was only known to him alone. When he previously contacted the Wangyue siblings, he had just arranged the ambush site and battle plan for them, and also the news that the King of Harmony River would make his move. There was absolutely no mention that he himself would be the last insurance. In other people's view, the current Jianglu was playing a role as a defector in Flaming Valley. And after Xiang Liang's defeat, he would take his place and seize a bigger benefit for Shengjing Sect team.

Actually, Jianglu was not that greedy. Wanting to defeat the lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect was easier said than done. Even if he played all the cards in his hand, it would not necessarily be enough.

It was his prudence that gave him a good chance of victory. The lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect was indeed formidable that he could even calmly escape from the surprise attack of the king of Harmony River. Nevertheless, Xiang Liang was not omnipotent. Finally, he exposed his weakness in front of him. But...

But how did Wang Lu appear here? This plan was so secretive that even his Senior Sister Qiong Hua didn't understand the overall details, so how could Wang Lu know all of this?

With this strong doubts, the unwillingness in Jianglu's heart overflowed.

In anger, he subconsciously punched the ground. This punch that could crack the mountain stones was wrapped by a ripple right before it could touch the ground, and the force was dispersed. At the same time, a harsh alarm sound buzzed around him, and he was suddenly pressured by a force similar to the weight of ten mountains, which forced him to kneel.

"Warning, your attempt to damage the ground violates the chapter five of article five of Plentiful City Public Affair Management Act. Now, according to the regulation, we need to carry out the necessary restriction on you. Please actively cooperate with our action. You have the right to remain silent, but everything that you say could be..."

This rigid, indifferent voice generated by the spell almost caused Jianglu's immortal heart to collapse.

"You mother-"


At the same time, inside the immortal dream land, after getting rid of Jianglu without even breaking a sweat, Wang Lu chuckled and withdrew his Sword of Mount Kun. Then he sized up this always-been-low-key lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect.

Xiang Liang still maintained a high level of vigilance. His pair of sharp eyes carefully watched Wang Lu, observing his every subtle movement, nor relaxing in the slightest.

Before leaving his sect, his Master had earnestly exhorted him that none of the lead disciples of the Five Uniques were simple. Qiong Hua was the strongest in terms of strength, the first among her peers. However, he might not necessarily win against Zhan Ziye or Zhou Mumu. And among them, Wang Lu had the best records. Rumor has it that even the Holy Ones of Western Continent fell under his hand, which was a miracle that was impossible to occur.

And in the Immortal Dream Land, due to the level restriction limitation, the gap in strength was clearly reflected. Zhan Ziye and Zhou Mumu were the most restrained among them, thus they were not a cause of concern for him. Qiong Hua had the secret method of Shengjing Sect, thus she might have the greatest advantage. The most alarming one, however, was still Wang Lu.

For this young cultivator who had gained fame in the two continents, the Royal Soldier Sect had conducted a detailed investigation. In terms of strength, Wang Lu with his Non-Phase Method deserved to be the lead disciple of one of the Five Uniques, but it was also definitely not particularly outstanding-his Void Spirit Root was too much a pain in the ass. Wang Lu's real strength lied in his ability to take advantage of the situation, which was almost unparalleled in the world.

If it was an ideal life and death battle, Wang Lu must respectfully take the last place among the Five Unique's lead disciples. However, his legendary records in Western Continent had occasionally spread in small circles of people, that Wang Lu could borrow the hand of a demigod to get rid of Deity Stage opponents that were so much more powerful than him. And this five spirits power struggle in the immortal dream land was certainly not an ideal battle. In this environment, Wang Lu was like a fish in the water.

Actually, in regard to Xiang Liang, it didn't matter how miraculous Wang Lu's records were-he simply didn't understand the analysis of Wang Lu by his Master. For him, complex matter was inferior to simple treatment. Thus, it was enough for him to remember just one thing: in the immortal dream land, do not provoke Wang Lu.

Unfortunately, this time, it was Wang Lu who came knocking at his door. Xiang Liang lacked the ability to deal with complex situations. Thus, in the face of Wang Lu's uninvited appearance, Xiang Liang could only stay motionless and wait for the opponent's next move.

Seeing this filled-with-vigilance Xiang Liang, Wang Lu could not help but laugh, and then he stretched his hand towards Xiang Liang. "Do you know me? I am Wang Lu."

Xiang Liang responded very seriously, "I know you, you are the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, the earth element blood spirit, and you come here to... what are you doing here?"

His voice was slightly jerky, showing that he wasn't accustomed to these verbal courtesy, which was mostly the training result from his Master.

Wang Lu didn't care for Xiang Liang's coldness and just maintained his hand in mid-air. "Of course to look for you to form an alliance and jointly resist the great demon king of Shengjing, Qiong Hua."

"An alliance against Shengjing?" Xiang Liang somewhat strangely furrowed his brows. "Why? In the environment of Immortal Dream Land, you should make use of your ability in taking advantage of the situation. According to your past records, you definitely could prevail over the other four blood spirits, so why would you bother to form an alliance with others to contend with Qiong Hua?"

"... Where are all these superstitious stories come from?" Wang Lu simply stared at him dumbfoundedly. There were many rumors about him that spread in Nine Regions, and if other people believed them, then so be it. However, before him was the lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect, an influential figure. How could he possibly believe those rumors to the letter?

"Superstitious tales?" Upon hearing Wang Lu's answer, Xiang Liang could not help but frown. "... Indeed, judging from the existing theoretical and practical situation, no matter how the strength of a Xudan Stage cultivator and a Deity Stage one is classified, it is not reasonable to put their strength and threat on the same level. Well, it seems like there's a major mistake in the intelligence analyst's work. When I return to the sect, I must report this to my Master, so that this will be investigated earnestly."

While speaking, Xiang Liang gradually started to smile again, and his sharp eyes were also somewhat friendly.

"That being the case, I can understand your purpose." Xiang Liang shook Wang Lu's hand. "Thank you for your support a moment ago, I am willing to accept your alliance."

Wang Lu smiled back. Although Xiang Liang's character was indeed a bit quirky, he never rejected quirky people. At the same time, he was always fond of straightforward people.


The alliance ceremony between Royal Soldier Sect and Spirit Sword Sect was rather hasty. By shaking hands and exchanging smile, Xiang Liang's and Wang Lu's alliance had basically been reached.

After forming the alliance, Wang Lu unceremoniously grabbed the dominant position within the alliance.

"Senior Brother Xiang Liang, please bear a bit. For a moment, don't rush back to Flaming Valley but accompany me in Golden City a while longer."

Xiang Liang didn't mind Wang Lu's rather forceful proposal. He merely didn't understand something. "This proposal is very unreasonable. Currently, my troops have been seriously damaged and supplies depleted, so the actual combat capability has been greatly reduced. If we continue to stay in the enemy territory, the situation would be very unfavorable."

After that decisive battle in the valley, Xiang Liang barely summoned around one hundred of his men, which was the troops that survived the ambush from Shengjing Sect team. However, their actual combat capability was close to zero, and he himself, in the process of summoning that one hundred survivors, had spent many precious props, thus he urgently needed to resupply.

"But if you go back now, not to mention resupply, I'm afraid you'd be stabbed by people in the back." Wang Lu sneered. "Senior Brother, don't you want to know how Shengjing Sect people laid this perfect ambush?"

A glimmer of wonder appeared out of Xiang Liang's slightly rigid face. "Indeed, my march routes were very secretly arranged and there was no oversight in carrying them out, but Shengjing Sect people have been prepared in advance. It is clear that their military understanding is far above me. The number one in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals is indeed a well-deserved reputation."

"Senior Brother Xiang Liang, your uprightness simply makes people ashamed..." Wang Lu covered his face with his palm. "There is actually a simpler explanation to this."

Xiang Liang looked at him in earnest and focused eyes.

"You've been sold." Wang Lu coldly told him the truth, "Although your march routes are secret, they are not secret to the higher ups of Flaming Valley. At the very least, the king of Flaming Valley absolutely knew your overall plan."

Xiang Liang nodded. "This is reasonable. As my superior in this place, he has the authority to know my action plan."

"... But the king of Flaming Valley is a man who can't keep his mouth shut. When he gets drunk, he would speak irresponsibly about things that should not be said, and thus, he would be heard by the wrong people. Then the Shengjing Sect's informer that is placed in Flaming Valley told all of these to his people. Thus, it is logical that they could lay a perfect ambush for you."

Xiang Liang found this somewhat hard to believe. "It's that simple?"

Wang Lu said, "It's easier than you think. Otherwise, how do you think I can come to support you in time? Shengjing Sect at least have some of their people in the higher ups of Flaming Valley. As for me, I just bribed the senior servant in Flaming Valley with two bottles of wine to know everything."


Wang Lu paused and then laughed. "So, Shengjing Sect people are a bit stupid."

Although Xiang Liang was somewhat dull, upon hearing this statement, he couldn't help but feel... uncomfortable.

"In short, it's not good for you to return to Flaming Valley. On the contrary, if we continue to stay, we would have a great opportunity that we could take advantage of."