Chapter 407: I Am Not Hungry Anymore

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Blood Mark Divine Spear was A Ye's strongest killer move. Its might was unmatched, and in a single strike, it could defeat a regiment of gold clad celestial army of Golden City.

Of course, its price was also expensive. Each use consumed one blood mark, and the value of blood mark needed not be said anymore. By using this Blood Mark Divine Spear, it meant that the situation in A Ye's residence had been very unfavorable.

The outside of this residence was covered a with magic spell that isolated the residence from its surrounding. Thus for a long time, the whole city had no reaction at all to this. When Wang Lu landed in the courtyard, he found out that the situation was worse than expected.

A Ye's exquisite small residence was covered with broken tiles and cracked walls. Traces of spells wreaking havoc the place were scattered all over the house. Ten Shengjing Sect cultivators were unconscious in the courtyard. There were less than ten people spread out, struggling to keep on standing, but they were basically spent force. Only a handful of people could really maintain their combat power. The entire team was basically almost paralyzed.

However, the situation of Shengjing Sect's opponent was way worse. Zhou Mumu's face was pale, half kneeling on the ground. Her Diamond Ring was mottled with bloodstain. Although she had no life-threatening injury, she no longer had the strength to fight. Zhan Ziye still had his thunder body, but the flickering rays of light were already dimmed, clearly he could only use it once or twice. Only A Ye who stood at the center still maintained his peak condition. Murderous aura covered his entire body as he held his Blood Mark Divine Spear. No one dared to go close within the radius of three feet from him. However, looking at his terrible wounds, his state would not last long, and it could be said that the Blood Mark Divine Spear was only a deterrent.

In fact, A Ye simply did not have the strength to fully release the power of Blood Mark Divine Spear. At this time, this Blood Mark Divine Spear was indeed only used by him as a deterrent.

And then, there were two whose condition was the worst.

Holy Leaf Shaman was down in a pool of blood, an astonishing wound nearly severed her waist. Luckily, Zhan Ziye was by her side, doing his utmost to squeeze out the little bit magical power left in him to stabilize her injury. However, the situation was still far from optimistic.

The master of Grey Mountain had fallen into a desperate situation. The young woman was in one of the courtyard corners, behind a pile of building debris. In front of her was the heavy shield. Grasping the shield, the young woman's look was serious and focused. However, this stance was completely helpless to improve her situation-around her were five Shengjing Sect people, although three of which were injured, but anyone of them could perhaps deal with her. Not to mention among them there was one with huge stature and extraordinary clothing, which quite likely was the leader of this group.

When Wang Lu arrived, this scene that greeted him seemed like an aftermath.

And before he could think of anything, one person in the courtyard sneered, which was the person with a huge stature as big as an ox.

"Wang Lu, you finally came?"

"Oh, Jianglu?" Upon hearing his voice, Wang Lu immediately recognized his identity. When they clashed in the Ancient Sword Tomb, Power King Jianglu had left a deep impression on Wang Lu. As the inner court disciple of Shengjing Sect, he led the team to suppress everyone, even the lead disciple of Kunlun Sect Zhou Mumu. Although the fact that Zhou Mumu was not good at fighting was one of the contributing factors to this, Jianglu's powerful strength was also evident.

After being separated for a long time, considering their unfinished clash in the Ancient Sword Tomb, right now Jianglu should be very eager to pick a fight against Wang Lu. However, at this time, Jianglu apparently didn't intend to clash head on with Wang Lu. When Wang Lu appeared, he talked to Wang Lu while secretly making a gesture to his companion.

Kill the woman Lan, at all cost.

And Wang Lu also noticed his intention while Jianglu issued his instruction.

Although Wang Lu didn't know why Jianglu was bent on taking care of the master who had already lost her Grey Mountain, since that was the intention of the enemy, Wang Lu naturally must oppose it. Thus, he immediately flew with his flying sword, trying to bypass Shengjing Sect people to arrive at Lan's side. However, how could Jianglu let him have his wish? That huge stature was like a firm barrier, blocking Wang Lu's path one step ahead.

Wang Lu's Non-Phase Sword was good at defense, but not at breaking through. Thus, Wang Lu slightly changed his flight path. But Wang Lu found out that Jianglu intercepted him, thus he was unable to bypass him. Immediately, Wang Lu launched his Non-Phase Sword, trying to use Nameless Sword's rebound shock to rid of Jianglu. However, when the Sword of Mount Kun touched Jianglu's body, that spot seemed to turn into an absolutely empty space, which made him extremely uncomfortable.

When he wanted to go forward, he found out that there was a stretchy and viscous network, but when he wanted to use the rebound shock, he found out that the resistance vanished without a trace.

After not seeing each other for a long time, it appeared that not only Wang Lu had made a progression. Previously, Jianglu relied on brute force to win, but now his mastery of power was already nuance. And when they crossed sword this time, relying on this power mastery, he did not fall into a disadvantaged position!

However, this only happened in a split second. Upon seeing that the pure impact was invalid, Wang Lu immediately changed his sword momentum. The fierce Non-Phase Sword became soft and ethereal, and the sword momentum was also uncertain. And facing such an impact, it would be a fantasy for Jianglu to counter it.

However, this delay was enough for Jianglu.

"Goodbye, Spirit Sword's lead disciple."

With a faint smile, Jianglu greeted Wang Lu's sword with open palm.

Wang Lu was inwardly surprised- is this guy looking for death? It was true that Jianglu's strength was almost unmatched among his peers, but he had no chance to win a direct clash with the Non-Phase Sword.

Or, does he have the confidence to deal with me before the collision?

With a hint of doubt, Wang Lu increased his momentum. The Sword of Mount Kun directly stabbed Jianglu's palm. The two strong forces violently colliding.

Then, it was hard for Wang Lu to understand what happened in front of him. When Jianglu's hand collided with the Sword of Mount Kun, his sturdy arm, which had been repeatedly tempered under absolute strength, seemed to have a bit of distortion, then it broke and fell apart. Blood, flesh, bone... were crushed into powder, and then they were crushed even further until they could not be observed by naked eyes.

And Jianglu's expression also changed. From leisurely to extremely pained, then to shocked and confused, as if he could not accept what just happened.

However... relying on his strength, to contend head-on against Non-Phase Sword, shouldn't this be the inevitable result? Why would he seem unable to accept this result?

"What are you guys doing?"

After this brief clash, Jianglu roared in pain and staggered back. His entire right arm had disappeared without a trace, and the muscles on his right chest were also torn. His injury was extremely heavy. However, what he cared more was the situation behind him.

Behind him, each Shengjing Sect cultivator dished out their primary magical treasure, infused it with the strongest magical power, and went all out to suppress the woman with the shield.

With their combined strength, the woman should have died on the spot without the slightest resistance. However, at this time, she kept on holding her heavy shield while standing firm like a pine tree, her breathing rhythm not even changing. On the other hand, the four Shengjing Sect cultivators' face was flushed, and their breath turned heavy that they couldn't even respond to Jianglu's question.

Regarding the scene before him, Wang Lu was filled with curiosity. "What are you guys doing?"

"Isn't it obvious?" From the other side of the courtyard, Zhou Mumu struggled to even her breathing and said with a hoarse voice, "As long as Lan is killed, you would be immediately expelled from the show."

Wang Lu asked in surprise, "What kind of logic is this? What does it matter to me if she dies?"

As soon as he said this, everyone suddenly turned their gaze on him. Apparently, they all thought that Wang Lu had just asked an incomparably stupid question.

After realizing this, Wang Lu furrowed his brows. "Don't tell me that as she is my summoner, her death will implicate me? But my master-follower relationship with her had already been lifted... tsk, or is there a deeper level of connection to this master-follower relationship?"

Zhou Mumu wryly smiled. "Junior Brother Wang Lu, this five spirits power struggle is really too disadvantageous for you. It completely didn't give you any time to collect information that you didn't even know this most basic rule. The master-follower relationship between us and our summoners is determined by this world's heaven and earth law, and not just by a few blood marks. Once the summoner is killed, the follower will immediately be expelled from this world, and the strength of the blood spirit will also fall in other people's hand."

"It turns out to be so." After listening to this, Wang Lu nodded, and then said, "In that case, Shengjing Sect people's actions are easy to understand. They don't have the confidence to win against me, so they pick Lan as the target. But no one expects that Lan, who should've been an easy picking for them, to suddenly become strong, thus it falls short..."

While speaking, he had already arrived by Lan's side and propped up his Non-Phase Sword Defense. The four Shengjing Sect cultivators cried out in unison as their magical treasure attacks were respectively bounced back at them. Eventually, they all fell down with unwilling eyes.

Just like what Wang Lu said, Shengjing Sect's action had almost succeeded, but just fell short.

They launched their surprise attack at the optimum time. They first took Sacred Leaf Shaman out of the picture and used it as an opportunity to drain Zhan Ziye of his magical power. Zhou Mumu was an unexpected factor. She shouldn't have come back so quickly. However, Jianglu's ability to adapt to changes was extraordinary-he promptly used the tactic of besieging Wei to rescue Zhao 1 by taking A Ye by storm.

Sure enough, because Shaman was injured, A Ye lost his reason, so he launched a perish together attack. After paying a certain price, Shengjing Sect cultivators, relying on their strong explosive power, nearly killed A Ye. And Zhou Mumu, in order to save A Ye, had no choice but to join the fray, and thus, consequently got injured.

As a result, only Lan, who had no influence at all, was left unharmed. Because she was known as the weakest, they initially ignored her so as to play safe. When they finally decided to kill her, Wang Lu came ahead of time. However, he was immediately stopped by Jianglu for a moment. During this time, as long as they managed to kill Lan, their whole operation would have been perfect.

But it was in this last moment that Shengjing Sect lost everything.

Who would've expected that the young woman with the weakest power could actually contend the full power attack of four Shengjing Sect elites! If she had such a power early on, who would dare to underestimate her?

"You... this waste, how did you become so strong?"

The one person who was the most surprised at this development was A Ye, who had always despised the young woman. He struggled to ask that question while supporting himself using his spear.

And the young woman very wisely said, "Because I'm full already."