Chapter 392: Didn't Expect It, Right?

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Being a savior was not good at all.

No matter how many good elixirs there were, one day, it would be depleted. Using elixirs to hang on to life was basically an impossible method. However, Wang Lu's gesture at this time was eerily moving.

Regardless of the cost, even if the flood overflowed the sky, there was no hesitation to bring the enemy down together!

"In the end, you could not hold on." Yunkongjun said in a sinking voice, "Contained within the poison that entered her body is a trace of my original refinement, and now it has already gone deep into her soul and penetrated her bone marrow. Unless I die, otherwise, no one can completely remove the poison."

Wang Lu sneered. "Let's just wait and see. I would like to see how much long can an old demon that should've been dead a long time ago live!"

Yunkongjun immediately couldn't maintain his calm. "You're courting death! She has already been poisoned by my strange poison, so it's impossible for her to continue the royal bloodline. When she dies, this stele will immediately collapse, then I will regain freedom! By then, I will make you unable to die a natural death!"

Wang Lu, however, simply no longer cared for him. In Wang Lu's view, talking to a person who was certain to die would only waste his breath. After a period of time, when the suppression force of the stele became even more stable, Yunkongjun would not even able to speak, so why should he care about a dog barking?

To make his stance even more clear, Wang Lu directly controlled his flying sword to fly towards the bottom of the bed and about to lead Princess Yunyue-now Queen Yunyue back. After bringing Yunyue back to Yunyang City, he had to let her rule her kingdom, which might take a long time, far exceeding what he originally anticipated. However, since it has come to this, Wang Lu no longer cared about that. He would not do things halfway. Since he had started this story, he must play it to the end and win.

"Very good."

When Wang Lu turned around, he heard a faint, vague voice of Yunkongjun.

"Work hard on her, try to use your elixir to continue her life. If you really can keep her alive until the day I die, then you win. However, if you can't, when I get out of this, I swear I will crush everything in Cloud Country. I will spread the most vicious and terrifying poison in the mountains and rivers, so that this land will not give birth to any grass for thousands of years. I will completely cut off the foundation of Cloud Country so that everyone in this land will feel pain and despair in their eventual demise. And while I am still in dormant state under the stele, I will also constantly curse this country and curse this land. And I will use my strength to infiltrate outside to corrode the Cloud Country little by little. You will see droughts, floods, locusts, plagues... constantly erupt in the country. When you use elixirs to keep her alive, I will, little by little, push everything that you cherish into the abyss."

Wang Lu let out a sneer, not paying any attention to him at all. However, at this time, Princess Yunyue, on the soft bed, slowly propped herself up, and with a weak, yet firm voice said, "Yunkongjun, do you really want to put such a vicious curse to the country that you single-handedly created? Why?"

Yunkongjun laughed. "They are all my things, so I can do whatever I want with them. I single-handedly founded the Cloud Country, so naturally I can single-handedly destroy it!"

"No, you never have such authority!"

In Wang Lu's surprised eyes, Princess Yunyue stood up, and, though slightly trembling, still stayed erect. Moreover, her beautiful face was now as cold as ice.

"In a thousand years, through the effort of dozens of generations, this country no longer belong to you as a private property. You have no right to tell us what to do, you are not qualified to be in charge of our life and death!"

Yunkongjun coldly said, "Qualification has never been the reason for this. I am bent on cursing this piece of land, what can you, a virtuous and holy sovereign kin, do about it?"

Wang Lu shrugged his shoulders. "Why would you want to waste your breath on this brutish waste? Let's go back and we'll think of the countermeasure. If there's a way for you to give birth to a child, we will crush him with the infinite children and grandchildren method."

Princess Yunyue smiled but shook her head, then she slowly but firmly took a few steps forward, coming down from the soft bed. Only when she stepped her foot on the ground did Wang Lu finally realized that something was not right. Surprised, he reached out to stop her. "Don't do something stupid!"

However, it was too late. Princess Yunyue has already made her choice, no longer he was able to change it. When Wang Lu grasped Yunyue's hand, he only touched a puff of mist.


Yunyue turned her head and gently smiled. Her body seemed as light as the wind as her graceful footsteps left the floor, like a fluttering evil spirit.

"Immortal, just now you said that I possess the heavenly spirit root, but now I feel like I have truly become a heavenly spirit root."

With that, countless petals from the forest on the periphery of the royal tomb suddenly came in like waves and converged into a group under Yunyue's feet, taking the shape of a magnificent whirlpool. Yunyue smiled, took a deep breath, and then suddenly raised her head. The petals under her feet pushed her up, soaring into mid air.

Such a spectacle, it was really difficult to believe that in just a short moment before, she was just an ordinary mortal with no magical ability and dying of poison.

At this time, she was full of spirit and life, fluttering in the air to her heart's content. At the same time, behind her was a trail of magnificent colored petals. Her whole body seemed to be alive, similar to all kinds of flowers turning into a mountain fairy.

While hovering in the air, her complexion became even more ruddy, and the traces of rotten corpse grass poison was constantly eliminated. And the once stunning beauty of Princess Yunyue also continued to recover.

However, at this time, Wang Lu has no desire to admire the outstanding beauty fo Yunyue, because...

To achieve this miracle, there must be a price behind it. The free and unfettered Yunyue was probably not due to heavenly spirit root, but more likely like a final radiance of the setting sun.

The fluttering petals happened not because they were gathered by magical power, but rather as an expression of gratitude from all the living things within the Cloud Country. This voluntary action miracle required good timing, good location, and good circumstances. The so called good timing was exactly this noon, the sun hung high, illuminating everything with its brilliance, which was exactly the moment where the power of the soul of the deceased was at its weakest. As for good location, in front of Yunkongjun's frenzied curse, all of the surrounding living things joined together to make him the common enemy, which made it easy for them to be mobilized. As for good circumstances, there were more than a dozen kings of Cloud Country that were buried here. Among them, some were wise and capable, some were mediocre, but all of them loved and wanted to defend this piece of land. Right now, due to the appeal of Yunyue, they have given their support. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Yunyue to suddenly understand the power of enlightenment.

Wang Lu was not a member of the royal family of Cloud Country, yet he faintly was able to hear the whispers of the former kings, seemingly teaching Yunyue the power of enlightenment. And as the focus of everything, Yunyue absorbed this knowledge at an alarming rate, and at an absolutely great price, which triggered this miracle.

"Yunyue, what you are doing... is truly an eye-opener. To command all the surrounding living things with supreme virtue and achievements, is something that I have only seen in the book but never thought that it could actually happen."

On the ground, Wang Lu's eyes were incomparably complex. There were shock, praise, but also a trace of compassion and sadness that was difficult to conceal.

"It's just that, at such a price... just for the sake of sheltering this country for a moment, is it worth it?"

Yunyue confidently said, "This is never about the problem of being worth it or not."

For a time, Wang Lu turned silent. He had already guessed the answer from Yunyue. In fact, without this enlightenment, Yunyue also could not get such huge achievements and virtue. Although the heart was willing to do good without expecting for a reward, the Nine Regions' world principle was indeed this proud and charming. The so-called path of achievements and virtue to become a saint, was basically impossible to achieve for a professional like Wang Lu. In fact, for the majority of the current rational people, the two words enlightenment and virtue were somewhat illusory. After the end of the age of chaos, these two words enlightenment and virtue have gradually been forgotten. Only in the historical data were there predecessors that created such a miracle. However, even in the historical records, relying on these two words enlightenment and virtue to be able to directly command all of the surrounding living things were very rare.

And at this time, Wang Lu suddenly found that the countenance of Yunyue to have a slight change. Perhaps the power of enlightenment and virtue could really clean the physique or wash the marrow. He saw the delicate and clear facial feature of Yunyue become even more beautiful under the backdrop of the ocean of petals. And the maiden's whole body was gradually shrouded with a layer of pure and holy aura, as if she was a fairy that descended to earth.

Wang Lu was surprised to find out that the face of Yunyue became more and more familiar to him, gradually becoming similar to an unforgettable face. And that face, belonged to...

Just at this time, Yunyue completed all her preparation. She spread her arms and the ocean of petals under her feet, which carried her full power, came pouring down. During this magnificent scene, Wang Lu's breathing stagnated, because in his mind, that unforgettable face has clearly come out and completely coincided with the girl in mid-air.

Petals of flowers dropped like rain and all living things were clean and clear. That stele at the royal tomb, under the baptism of the rain of flowers, gradually sank, until it was completely buried under the ground. And within it, Yunkongjun issued a painful howl and cursing voice. However, soon, Yunkongjun's voice turned weak, and was then drowned under the blow of the warm breeze. The old demon that has been entrenched in the Cloud Country for a millennium has thus vanished.

At the same time, in mid air, Yunyue has already exhausted her own strength. Her body has become partially visible, almost transparent. After releasing the unprecedented power, she must pay her price, and now, it was already hard for her to maintain her own existence.

This price was never explicitly stated by her, but when Wang Lu took a closer look, he was shocked.

She sacrificed herself. Moreover, not only she alone, but also her next ten reincarnations. During this time, whenever this piece of land was threatened, she would sacrifice herself to safeguard all of these.

This moment, Yunyue has already become the true protector of the Cloud Country. However, how could an ordinary princess, in such a short amount of time, understand such a profound principle and raise herself to the realm of deities? This was something that even Wang Lu was not clear about. In addition to the three words time, location, and condition... perhaps Yunyue truly possessed outstanding aptitude that has never been seen before.

Perhaps, she did have a heavenly spirit root. One that has never been known, but incredibly powerful spirit root.

"Heh, I knew that you are by no means ordinary, but I just can't imagine that you're actually this cool."

Wang Lu whispered to himself and closed his eyes. The past scene then floated in his heart.

"Long time no see, Grand Cloud Fairy."