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 Chapter 374: These Are the Rest of My Play

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Inside the bamboo room on Stellar Peak, the meeting has continued until early in the morning.

The majority of the time was spent on discussing the strategy to go through that thirty-six chains, while a small part of it was used to sort out the problem regarding the authorization of Wang Lu's dividend in Excavation Management and Plentiful City.

After the calculation from his Sixth Uncle Lu Li, Wang Lu enjoyed a considerable amount of dividend. Whether it was the discovery of the group of immortal tombs or the key to open its door, almost all were attributed to Wang Lu. In the overall work of the development of the group of immortal tombs, he played an irreplaceable role. Therefore, even though he was a younger generation disciple, and without the title of Daoist Master, it was reasonable to say that many senior cultivators could not enjoy as much treatment as him. However, under the hard effort of Spirit Sword Sect, he still held the position of Excavation Management's Special Inspector, and Plentiful City Management Committee Member, enjoying the respective dividend rights of the two positions. From a personal point of view, no one has a higher percentage of dividends than him.

At present, because the exploration of the group of immortal tombs was very elementary, the overall strategy was just cheap tickets and low tax revenue to attract more people to come, thus the dividends were not yet obvious. Nevertheless, Plentiful City has already begun its operation and obtained an extremely rich income. It was speculated that Wang Lu's annual stable dividends would be around one million spirit stones. The result for the first year property auction was even more lucrative... However, a considerable part of it has fallen into someone's corruption.

Towards this, Wang Lu has wholeheartedly decided that he would not investigate this too excessively. He was used to his Master's avarice. Although Wang Wu would never acknowledge it, more than ten years ago, from other people's mouth, Wang Lu learned that Wang Wu's original qualification for immortal cultivation was substandard. Moreover, with how extraordinary Non-Phase Method was, her resource consumption for immortal cultivation was unimaginable. His own resource consumption during this year's cultivation has already surpassed that of a million, which was appalling. However, his Master's yearly resource consumption was quite likely not below him. Let alone, according to the common sect practice, Wang Lu ought to share some of his profits to his Master. According to his Sixth Uncle's calculation, Wang Wu's corruption scale was not that different than the share that was rightfully hers.

However, although he understood her reasoning, the proper response should by no means be less. Otherwise, if she got addicted to this corruption, there would absolutely be no limit on how things would go down. This time, she just swallowed a small portion of dividends, next time, she might sell his personal information to those perverted wealthy women at a high price.

As a precaution against this, Wang Lu simply fished out something from his mustard seed bag, which was his Master's personal information and unique imprint, and put them on the exhibition board in the center of Plentiful City. It read: Looking for same-sex date, double cultivation partner. Beautiful Jindan. Serious inquiries only. Contact XXX.

That exhibition board was located in the center of Plentiful City, near the entrance of the group of immortal tombs, which was the most crowded area of cultivators, and also the most expensive. The function of the exhibition board was to provide information exchange channel for people who came to Plentiful City to find opportunities. As long as one paid a very inexpensive fee, one could publish a variety of announcements, such as an offer to buy stage props at high prices, or to seek partner(s) for experiential learning, and so on. The exhibition board itself was not big, but after it was added with a magical spell, in a glance, cultivators would immediately be able to see the announcement that was intended for them, or if it was urgent, all the irrelevant information would be autonomously rejected.

This small exhibition board was put forward with great effort in the initial establishment of Plentiful City by Wang Lu using his privilege status, along with the help of the Heavenly Sword Hall's Sixth Elder Lu Li. After a year of operation, through advertising fees and other value-added services, this exhibition board, with its monopoly advantage and location advantage, has become even more valued than any other city in the mortal world, a truly priceless property.

After his Master's personal information was left at that exhibition board, in just seven days, Wang Wu, who previously went out for private affairs, immediately escaped back to Spirit Sword Mountain. When she hurried back to Non-Phase Peak, she found out that Wang Lu was no longer there.

"Huh, are you looking for Wang Lu? He has already gone to Plentiful City."

Left behind in Non-Phase Peak to pass on the message was the Sixth Elder Lu Li. Originally, with his status as an Elder, there was no way for Wang Lu to be able to tell him to do this. However, before departing to Plentiful City, Wang Lu had discussed the property development strategy of Spirit Sword Sect in Plentiful City with him. The more they discussed about it, the more they got along with each other, which filled Elder Lu Li with joy. Thus, he made an exception and did this thing for Wang Lu.

He smilingly looked at his distressed-looking Elder Sister and asked, "Did Little Lu cause you to be this miserable?"

Wang Wu let out a sigh. "I can't blame this entirely on Wang Lu, this is the consequence for my action."

Lu Li curiously asked, "This is odd, you, this person, actually know how to introspect?"

Wang Wu explained, "Several days ago when I was working as a private tutor for the disciples of a top rank immortal cultivation family, I suddenly received a communication talisman. It was actually sent by several delicate younger sisters. Their words were ambiguous and with unclear intention. When I pressed for a clearer answer, they finally told me that they wanted to have some intimate relationship with me! At that time, I immediately..."

Lu Li laughed. "And you immediately got angry?"

Wang Wu replied, "No. At that time, I burst out laughing instead."


Wang Wu explained, "Sixth Junior Brother, a wealthy person like you don't understand my hardship. Previously, if I want to find some young sisters, it was really troublesome. If I ask for money, it would seem that I lack in sincerity, but if I am sincere, I would have no money. How could I not be happy that now someone has sent them to my doorstep? So I canceled that private lesson and directly accepted the offer."


"That several younger sisters are actually the junior disciples of Yin and Yang School. The youngest one has cultivation base of High Level Qi Cultivating Stage. They were sent by their sect to Plentiful City for experiential learning. There they saw a peculiar note on the exhibition board. Filled with curiosity, they then contacted me. Tsk, tsk, those young girls came from a big upright sect, they are open-minded and also knowledgeable, not to mention all of them are also cute and lovely, so I get along really well with them."


"Alas, I was momentarily confused, so I let them patronize me, took me on sightseeing and having fun. A few days later when I found out that their love for me has already been deeply rooted, it was already too late. They are the elite disciples of Yin and Yang School, so they bear the responsibility to become their school's pillars; sooner or later, they must find their ideal husband-or a good bed partner for long term double cultivation. However, after meeting me, they said that they have lost interest in all the other men in this world! But since I am a female, I can't help them in their double cultivation, because it would have no effect. A few days of joy have created a serious hindrance for their immortal cultivation journey... Alas, whenever I think about it, I inevitably feel guilty."

Lu Li already didn't know what to say anymore.

"Therefore, after much deliberation, I decided that long term pain is inferior to short term pain, so I simply looked for an opportunity to run away. They were still young, with excellent future, but I and they have no future at all." Wang Wu sighed in melancholy and then she smiled. "Junior Brother, you now think I'm very selfless, right? Really great?"

Lu Li was silent for a long time and then deeply sighed. "Later on, I won't put myself in the affairs of your Non-Phase Peak anymore!"

"Oh, right, Junior Brother, since you haven't married yet, why don't..."

"Don't even think about it!"

With that, Sixth Elder turned into a sword light and, in the blink of an eye, vanished without a trace.

After Lu Li's departure, Wang Wu was left alone in that humble abode. Gradually, however, a smile appeared on her face.

"Little Lu, do you think this is over? You have offended your Master and still want to get away? How could it be that easy!"


On the other side, Wang Lu, alone, rushed to Plentiful City.

This city, who was named by Feng Yin, has now become a prominent bustling city in Nine Regions. After a year, its development was already beyond the expectation of many people. From its original design, the city has been widened twice to meet the demand. At this moment, the exploration of the group of immortal tombs was still in its early stage, so its value, as well as that of Plentiful City, were far from being tapped to the limit.

No one knew at what point Plentiful City could eventually develop, but everyone knew that the city has immense potential. Therefore, when Wang Lu, with his status as the Plentiful City Management Committee Member, arrived, he enjoyed a very grand reception. Aside from the officer that was sent by the committee to receive him, many sects that wished to lay their foundation in Plentiful City actually sent their team of elders. The lowest level among them was of Jindan Stage, while Daoist Masters of Yuanying Stage were not rare either. A Peak Xudan Stage cultivator surrounded by a group of Jindan and Yuanying, this was a quite bizarre scene.

Wang Lu himself was somewhat unable to put up with it any longer. Because although on the surface, these Jindan and Yuanying cultivators looked reverent and respectful, but inwardly, they thought that within the Management Committee of Plentiful City, only Wang Lu was a disciple, while the rest were high rank cultivators with cultivation base of Yuanying and Deity Stage whose vision was far higher than them. Complimenting and being respectful to these Yuanying and Deity Stage cultivators were useless, and if they wanted to spend resources to build relationship, it would be unimaginably high. In contrast, as the only Xudan Stage Management Committee Member, it must be easier to win over Wang Lu.

Being regarded as an easy target, how could Wang Lu be in a good mood? Let alone currently, he was bearing an important matter, which was the Spirit Sword Sect's thirty-six chains. Therefore, he very coldly and rigidly pushed aside this crowd of elders that surrounded him one by one, in exchange for a moment of peace.

Wang Lu just casually pushed those elders aside, without any further thought. However, the officer sent by the Plentiful City Management Committee was amazed. At first, when he was told to greet and serve Wang Lu, at first he was quite resentful, thinking that how could a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage from a high rank sect like him be assigned as a personal servant of a Xudan Stage disciple? However, when he saw how Wang Lu coldly pushed aside everyone that surrounded him, he felt that this time, he was not in charge, so he has no right to decide, therefore not his responsibility. For example, the committee has to act according to the rules, and avoiding a private contact was one of such rule... Suddenly, he felt that he would gain quite a lot of harvest. Therefore, his perception of Wang Lu has also greatly changed.

While pondering about it, the two finally arrived at the entrance of the group of immortal tombs, where it was really crowded with people. Wang Lu contemplated for a moment, but the officer became uncomfortable, so he asked, "Em, Daoist Master Wang, is there anything else that you need?"

With Wang Lu's cultivation base, he was not eligible yet to use the title Daoist Master, but as the leading cadre in Plentiful City, the actual operation of such convention was not that strict.

Wang Lu thought for a moment and then handed over that officer with a list. "I am sure you have many contacts here, so help me collect the items in the list and take out some props from Plentiful City's public storehouse. If there are any fees to cover, just record them on the committee account."

"Okay." The officer took the list and turned away.

Wang Lu then continued his pondering, thinking about the development of the immortal dream lands. Previously, when he heard Wen Bao recounting his experience, he burst out laughing. The problem was, now it was his turn to solve that test.

Wen Bao's problem was that he didn't withstand the temptation and had a night of pleasure with the amorous village girls, thus the story could not progress, and he was forced to exit. However, the problem was, later on, Yue Yun also went to try it, and he withstood the temptation. However, the village girls thought that he was too stiff and dull, and the story was cut short!

Now it was Wang Lu's turn to experience this test, but how should he handle it?

While he was still thinking, he suddenly heard the voice of a bevy of young girls from nearby. "Senior Sister, see that, it's him isn't it?"

"Mm, the look is indeed really similar!"

With that, someone patted Wang Lu's shoulder and a cute young girl asked him with a smile, "Hello, are you Wang Lu of Spirit Sword Sect's Non-Phase Peak?"