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 Chapter 373: The Air of the Former Tyrant

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For Lady Boss' low-class understanding, Wang Lu never expected her to have any good insight. It was fine even if he was the only one who understood the opportunity to reach Jindan.

After he had returned to Non-Phase Peak, Wang Lu had intended to have a bit of exchange with his Master. However, he found out that his Master had gone out for private matters and just left behind on the table several pages of her hand writing. Written on them were the practice guidelines for the next step in Non-Phase Sword Art, Non-Phase Sword Bone, Non-Phase Immortal Heart, and other methods.

By scribbling it like this, Wang Lu had no choice but to admire his Master. Although sloppy, he had to see it. Currently, Wang Lu had already been cultivating Non-Phase Method for almost fifteen years, so he already has a profound understanding of this method. Moreover, from time to time, he even has his own innovative ideas. Most of the time, however, his ideas were always a bit different from his Master's readily available drafts, and sometimes, they were even quite different.

Wang Lu really did not want to admit that he would actually lose in intelligence to Wang Wu. Therefore, after much deliberation, it could only be said that when the god closed the window, it will open another window. Taking into account that Wang Wu, that fellow, has her 'windows' of integrity, moral, taste, sexual affinity, intellectual development, and so on have been sealed, then it was not unacceptable that she has an amazing talent in a certain area.

After studying in the room for a while, Wang Lu was ready to rest, when suddenly, a talisman lit up in front of him. He has been summoned by the Sect Leader!

Being summoned by Sect Leader, Wang Lu immediately went towards the Stellar Peak. Inside the Sect Leader's bamboo room, several elders with solemn expression were waiting for him.

This scene was a surprise for Wang Lu. In the past few years, the Sect Leader had also sometimes summoned him, but most of the time, it was because his Master was not present that Feng Yin became her substitute. Sometimes, Feng Yin also asked for Wang Lu's opinion on specific issues-as the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, Wang Lu had the right to participate in some sect affairs.

However, this time, there were already quite a lot of elders waiting for him, which was relatively rare. Usually, only a few elders of Heavenly Sword Hall that joined the decision-making process.

Wang Lu's heart was moved and he voiced out his conjecture, "Greetings Uncle Sect Leader, Second Uncle, Third Uncle... May I ask if I was summoned here today to replace my Master's position as the Fifth Elder in the Heavenly Sword Hall? Disciple is of humble talent and shallow learning, as well as short cultivation time, but in the future, I will certainly give my best..."

Before he could continue, he noticed the stunned expression of the several elders. Thus, he inwardly knew that his guess seemed wrong. However, soon he listened to the Second Elder Liu Xian say, "Senior Brother, I think this matter must not necessarily be outrightly dismissed..."

Sect Leader waved his hand. "Wang Lu is just joking, don't fall for his nonsense... Wang Lu, there's something important that we have to call you this late at night. Perhaps you already know beforehand that this time, the disciples of the fifteen sects of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals has entered the group of immortal tombs, in its outer-most layer of it. However, most of them returned in defeat after failing to achieve their target. Although there were no heavy injuries and such, it has influenced the entire exploration strategy. After all, the immortal tomb is not a feast for a few, but a treasure trove for the whole Nine Regions."

Wang Lu blinked his eyes. "And the truth is?"

Feng Yin puzzledly asked, "What truth are you talking about?"

Wang Lu was startled for a moment, and then asked in disbelief, "Uncle Sect Leader, do you really care about the development of the whole immortal cultivation world in the Nine Regions? What business do we have with the development of other sects, can't we just care for our own sect?"

Feng Yin wryly smiled. "It's precisely because the performance of our Spirit Sword Sect is very unsatisfactory. Among the super sects, only Shengjing Sect and Royal Soldier Sect that got quite good results. As for how, do you expect them to share with us?"

Wang Lu asked, "That being the case, can't the several esteemed elders pave the way and sum up your experience for the other disciples?"

"Yeah, about that. We can't, actually." Feng Yin sighed. "So far, it is indeed a pity to not let you personally experience the group of immortal tombs. If you've been there, you ought to know that, although the general structure of the immortal dreams is roughly similar, the specific content varied from person to person, and the difference is very large. The experiences that were encountered by several elders are completely different than that of the younger generation, without any reference value whatsoever. For example, if a younger generation cultivator is impetuous, in the immortal dream, he or she would often feel trapped. If it were me, I would never encounter as such."

Wang Lu nodded. "That is, your Virgin Boy Method has reached the stage of perfection."

"..." Several elders simultaneously threw their face sideways, hiding their expression.

Daoist Master Feng Yin awkwardly endured his embarrassment. "In short, there are thousands of dreamlands of immortals in the immortal tomb. Each one is tailored to the person that entered them, which contained several rounds of story, and would condense out all kinds of treasure according to that person's experience there. At the same time, these thousands of immortal dream spaces are not without connections, and the overall structure is progressive."

Upon hearing the overall structure, Wang Lu promptly put out his immortal tomb map, where he saw a bright galaxy where each of the stars was connected with a thread, forming a complex network.

Feng Yin nodded. "In the group of immortal tomb's immortal dream lands, the deeper we go, the higher the difficulty, but the harvest is also greater. This also involves the ancestral legacy, as well as the need to assume the responsibility as what that mysterious voice once said. However, the deeper part of the immortal dream land could not be directly opened. You need to go through a number of different low-level immortal dream lands to enter, which requires us the Nine Regions cultivators to advance as a whole. By the disciples or by the elders alone, the mystery of the group of immortal tombs can't be fully explored."

While fiddling with the map, Wang Lu suddenly said, "So this is actually the meaning of these threads. Then the structure of the whole group of immortal tombs has yet to be adjusted."

Daoist Master Feng Yin said, "After the experiential learning setback of the disciples of big sects, everyone has summed up their lessons. Right now, everyone had gone all out in exploring the group of immortal tombs, and also sent their elite disciples. However, the pace of the progress is less than two or three in a thousand, and even stagnant. This is really worrying."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu gradually understood. "The really worrying thing is that while the other sects are at a loss and their progress are stagnating, there are some sects who advance triumphantly? Thus, sensing this crisis, you summoned me, this strategy expert?"

Feng Yin said, "Oh, you are so clever indeed. Now, I and several of my Junior Brothers have opened several high-level immortal dream lands, but the situation in low-level immortal dream lands is difficult. But before the low-level immortal dream lands are broken through, it is difficult for us to continue. And in order to break through these low-level immortal dream lands, we have sent a lot of our sect's younger generation of inner court disciples. However, not only Wen Bao, even Yue Yun, Huo Ying, these stable children, each has suffered a setback..."

Liu Xian wryly smiled. "As the Reward Giver Elder, I am really ashamed."

Feng Yin comforted him, "No need to blame yourself, Junior Brother. Compared to other sects, our results are not bad. Shengjing and Royal Soldier Sects sent their Successor Disciples so they managed to get through a number of immortal dream lands, while the other sects are worse than us."

Wang Lu said, "Since the Successor Disciple has to come out, then I am naturally duty-bound to do so. Then, how about going there at once?"

Wang Lu's eagerness startled the several elders. "We're not really that anxious. I know that your Master..."

Wang Lu laughed. "If you really are not that anxious, then why would you call me in the middle of the night? Did the progress of Shengjing and Royal Soldier make you flustered?"

The several Elders were silent for a moment, until Feng Yin finally said, "According to the latest brief that I got from the Excavation Management, Shengjing's progress is the quickest. They would soon unlock the first thirty-six rounds, only three are left. Royal Soldier Sect is behind them by a round, but their progress is more stable."

Wang Lu interrupted, "The so-called thirty-six rounds, do they refer to the thirty-five links at the front part of the immortal dream lands?"

Feng Yin reached out his hand towards the map in Wang Lu's hand a bit, and immediately, the vast galaxy was suddenly magnified. One of the corners was then presented before everyone. They saw a deep whirlpool, which acted like the core of the stars around it, supported by six threads that came out from the middle. These six threads were connected to clusters of stars with varying numbers.

"The thirty-five front links are divided into six threads. Among which, the Elders' team has opened up three of them. The remaining three must be opened by the younger disciples. The current progress on these three threads is not going well."

Wang Lu asked, "How many can I participate in?"

"All of them. It could be said that your current cultivation base and experience is the most appropriate stage for the exploration of the group of immortal tombs-your cultivation base has not yet reached Jindan, your cultivation time is less than twenty years, and more importantly, there is almost no condition that could baffle you. If you're already in Jindan instead, it would be more difficult."

Wang Lu thought for a moment and then said, "It would be more difficult as a Jindan? In other words, from the thirty-six chains that we chose, those immortal dream lands for Jindan and above have already been dealt by the Heavenly Sword Hall Elders. However, below Jindan have to be dealt by me... Are the younger generation of Spirit Sword Sect that disappointing?"

Second Elder Liu Xian became even more embarrassed. However, Daoist Master Feng Yin explained, "The setting of this group of immortal tombs is very unique. The requirements for the younger generation disciples are significantly more stringent. Even some of the tests in the immortal dream lands are a bit difficult for the several elders. Shengjing Sect and Royal Soldier Sect are quite lucky. Although Qiong Hua is already a Jindan, because her cultivation time is still shallow, she wasn't excluded by the immortal dream lands. We don't have this kind of luck."

Wang Lu nodded. "No wonder. Then I have to embark early. If I continue to delay, I might accidentally break into Jindan Stage. By then, no one in our sect could break these thirty-six chains. As the sect with the largest shareholder in the group of immortal tombs, do we have to give up our cards?"

Feng Yin wryly smiled. "These two years should be fully used by you to cultivate. Junior Sister even specifically told me... In the end, not only we elders do not help you, we even want to interrupt your practice at this time."

Wang Lu said with a smile. "Don't be so modest Sect Leader Uncle. In this year, the resources provided by the sect for me are so many that it makes me embarrassed. Although I am the lead disciple, but the elixirs that are worth millions, not to mention other priceless minor arrays... All of these had already far exceeded the normal treatment for a lead disciple. If I don't do something for the sect in return... then I would be unworthy of my dividend in the Excavation Management and Plentiful City."

As soon as his voice fell, he heard Sixth Elder Lu Li curiously ask, "Wait a minute, haven't your Master told you? All of the resources that were used by you in the past year came from your dividend in the Excavation Management and Plentiful City."

"Wait a minute, what did you say?"

After an extreme but brief shock, Wang Lu calmed down.

"... With her usual style, this is not unusual. Hey, good thing I already have long made my preparation."

Wang Lu muttered while his finger touched the anti-Wang Wu card that he had prepared in his mustard seed bag.

More than ten years ago, he once used this card in the experiential learning in Small Clear Sky Peak, now...