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 Chapter 368: Get out of the Way, Let the Professional Do It!

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In countless people's consternation, Wang Lu finally finished his report. And at this time, the noise from the several elders behind him also came to an end. From their quarrel, Wang Lu clearly heard that the disciplinary elder, according to the sect's regulation, had seized all of his Master's ill gotten gain. The several protests from his master were all rebuffed, which forced her to swallow this bitter fruit. And seeing that her face looked like someone who had just gotten raped, Fang He was also helpless and did not investigate further.

Wang Lu could not help but inwardly sneer. His Third Uncle has thought too simple of Wang Wu. If that person has just been really robbed of her money, she definitely would not show that kind of look. Her attitude right now could only be explained by one thing: she lied about her ill gotten gains! The ten million spirit stones that were seized by the Third Uncle were completely insignificant to her! The advertising fees that those sponsors that gave her were not a mere ten million spirit stones. At least, it was just the deposit, while the rest was absolutely higher than that. Actually, when one thought about it, how could the advertisement fee for the highest specification of meeting of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals be covered with merely ten million spirit stones?

However, he didn't need to say this reasoning to anyone. When he returned to the mountain later, he could slowly discuss the sharing proportion with his master. She would not be able to take advantage of him with the ads.

Moreover, after Wang Lu finished reading the manuscript, it was time for the most important agenda today: the opening of the group of immortal tombs.

The entrance of the group of immortal tombs was originally hidden at the lowest level of the ancient sword tomb. However, over the past view years, the ancient sword tomb has been fully explored and transformed. And in order to cater to today's ceremony, the appearance of a real door for the entrance has been deliberately created, and placed in this vast grassland.

If it was a single door, it would appear lonely. However, when Feng Yin lifted the key to open the immortal tomb, the entire grassland was illuminated by lights. The overgrown weeds, as well as the soil under their roots, were all subsided, and under people's amazement, a complete city rose from the ground.

Looking at the astonished eyes of the people present, the several senior committee members on the golden platform secretly nodded.

This city was actually an engineering project presented for this ceremony. Although it seemed large in scale and orderly, the project has actually just been completed three days prior. It was cast by the collaboration of several Yuanying Stage cultivators, and it could accommodate several tens of thousands of people.

This city, to a large extent, actually took its inspiration from Taobao City in Western Continent. However, the design of this city was more reasonable and orderly. The primary intention for this city was to build a large number of ancillary facilities around the endless treasure trove. One, it would facilitate the cultivators who wanted to enter the immortal tomb to look for treasure. Two, to fully realized the commercial value of the exploration of this group of immortal tombs. After experiencing Taobao City in Western Continent, no one doubted that after the group of immortal tombs was opened, they would attract the cultivators of Nine Regions. This place would surely become the most popular area in Nine Regions, and the land surrounding the entrance of immortal tomb would surely become extremely expensive.

The core of the city has already been carved up by the Five Uniques of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals before it was even operated. Of which, the two pieces of land around the entrance, which has the highest value, were evenly split between Shengjing Sect and Spirit Sword Sect. Ten Thousand Arts Sect, Kunlun Sect, and Royal Soldier Sect each has their own share on the outward extension after those two pieces of land. In fact, when Feng Yin proposed such an arrangement, he could get even more benefits by relying on Wang Lu's outstanding contribution and his authority in the Excavation Management. However, thinking about the scale and characteristics of Spirit Sword Sect, occupying too many lots would be meaningless, so it was better to be reasonable.

In addition to the already scheduled area, the city also left a lot of vacant lands. The plan was that, at the appropriate time, it would be auctioned. The proceeds of that would then be turned over to the Excavation Management to be managed.

After the emergence of the city, it was named by Feng Yin as "Feng Du (Plentiful City)" which indicated a city with abundant harvest, but also as commemoration. Before the Age of Chaos, there was once also a bountiful city in Nine Regions called Plentiful City.

However, this Plentiful City, which has infinite future, was destined to be just a foil for today, because the entrance of the immortal tomb would be really opened next.

The key to the group of immortal tombs was held together by Daoist He Tu and Feng Yin, which they slowly inserted in the gap at the entrance. After a short but actually long wait, the heavy doors were opened, which revealed numerous lights that seemed to come from countless stars.

In the midst of the lights, there was a whirlpool-like nebula that slowly but powerfully rotated. At the same, an old voice came out from the entrance.

"Ah, after waiting for so long, I finally see the living."

As soon as this voice fell, several people's shadows suddenly flashed to the front. Tian Lun, Zhu Ri, and Ku Qin suddenly stood beside He Tu and Feng Yin. The sect leaders of the Five Uniques of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals have gathered to confront the voice from the entrance.

No matter how much preparation the Excavation Management and the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals have done in advance, there were still many unknowns after opening the entrance. And this unknown meant risk.

Wang Lu's experience at the bottom of the Ancient Sword Tomb has more or less spread outside. The story of Sword Demon Zhong Shengming has also been well acquainted with quite a few archeology enthusiasts. At that time, the force that carried the power of four in nine heavenly tribulation was only used as a barrier. Therefore, if there were anything in this group of immortal tombs, it would also not be a surprise.

However, once there was a real danger, the present leading cultivators were naturally duty-bound to act. Just now, they have the privilege to sit in the seat of honor on the golden platform, overlooking everyone. This special privilege also meant that they have a special obligation.

Four Supremes of Unity Stage and one Peak Deity Stage-actually, after witnessing the battle against the Prophet of Holy Light Religion on Taobao City, no one thought that Feng Yin was just an ordinary Peak Deity Stage cultivator. Quite possibly, his power could even deal against a true immortal who descended to earth. After that first sentence, the voice from the entrance paused for a moment before somewhat reluctantly said.

"Don't be so nervous like that, I haven't eaten people for a really long time."

Seeing that the five people before the entrance were without any reaction, the voice from the entrance seemed to be at a loss. "Give me a break, after tens of thousands of years, couldn't I crack a joke? Right now, the immortal cultivation world has become this impetuous-ly profit oriented that they would not even want to accompany an old man who has just been unearthed to talk? Very well, as you wish. I'll get straight to the point."

"For you to be able to open this group of immortal tombs proves that you ought to be aware of its value. However, you might not realize the cost that you must bear behind this value."

The five great cultivators gave off different complexions. After a long time, Feng Yin tentatively opened his mouth. "This immortal tomb uses the Feng Shui line as its core power to build a suitable magical treasure according to the cause and effect of each word and action of the cultivators. The so-called cost is the experience of the cultivators in their experiential learning inside the tomb."

This answer was, of course, far from perfect. Admittedly, the basic principle of immortal tomb was just like that. However, this was like going to a restaurant to eat but only calculate the cost of the ingredients, not considering the work of the chef who prepared the dish and the waiter who served the dish. The Feng Shui line power and the cause and effect of the cultivators were merely the basic cost to build the magical treasure. The existence of this group of immortal tomb must have a far more reaching significance.

Sure enough, the voice from the entrance said, "Those things could not be considered as the cost. The buried treasures in this group of immortal tombs have immeasurable value for you-with all due respect, after tens of thousands of years of slumber, I am quite disappointed to see that today's cultivators of Nine Regions are so weak-however it is not enough of a cost if you want to obtain the buried treasure solely relying on the two words 'experiential learning'. Do you think those people who constructed this group of immortal tombs cared about the experiential learning of the later generations?"

Feng Yin said, "Then, what exactly do you want?"

"Responsibility." The voice from the entrance lightly said, "This group of immortal tombs is an inheritance left by the ancestors. If you want to take away the treasure, you have to inherit the unfulfilled will of the ancestors. This is a must responsibility."

Feng Yin was not surprised to hear this. It should be said that to open this group of immortal tombs, they have done several years of preparation. Thus, the investigation of this immortal tomb has been carried out thoroughly, which was enough for them to make a preliminary judgment.

"The one who created this group of immortal tombs was a group of great pioneers. For a lofty reason, they built this group of immortal tombs. During this period, they traveled across Nine Regions, even went to distant places in Western Continent and exchanged skills with the sages there, complementing each other. Then, with the knowledge gained from the different continents, they finally completed the group of immortal tombs."

Upon hearing this, everyone finally understood why Golden King's Treasure House and the Group of Immortal Tombs were basically different tunes played with equal skill. And they also vaguely knew the answer of why the key to the group of immortal tombs was in the hands of the Golden King.

However, at the same time, people were also curious. For what purpose the people in the past built such a great building at all cost that didn't make any sense to them?

"You will know the specific reasons once you gradually go deeper. This is not a one-time transaction, but a gradual test. The deeper you go, the more benefits you can get. However, at the same time, the responsibility that you have to shoulder on would also be heavier."

Suddenly, someone asked, "What if I just want the benefits without the responsibility? Is there any shortcut to do so?"

Who would dare to ask such a plain shameless question? All the eyes of the people present turned and saw a white-clothed woman, with a long fluttering hair, maliciously smiling.

Behind that woman, several Spirit Sword Sect Elders were trying to stop her from speaking, but was forced back by the woman's invisible sword qi, unable to approach within three feet of her.

The voice from the door was not angry, however. "That is impossible. When you obtain the treasure, you will naturally shoulder the responsibility."

"Can't be separated?" Wang Wu seemed to have already guessed the answer. Her smiling face gradually turned more solemn. She then picked up the wine gourd by her waist and angrily drunk half of its content.

The voice from the door didn't reply to her. After a long time, it just uttered a sigh. "Talking with the living feels really good. Even if it's just several sentences, it's still better than talking to myself for tens of thousands of years. Unfortunately, my strength has already been exhausted. When you guys later explore the immortal tombs, it's both for the ancestors and also for yourself."

With that, the vortex of nebula in the entrance split itself, and the sound disappeared without a trace. However, after that, the point starlights behind the entrance became even more dazzling. Soon, they joined together into one. This piece of light seemed to silently greet the arrival of people.

The sect leaders of the Five Super Sects looked at each other, and then Feng Yin, on his own initiative, took a step forward. "As the chairperson of the Excavation Management, I should take the lead."

Daoist He Tu nodded his head, not opposing it. The first to enter the immortal tomb would likely have the greatest benefits, but they would also very likely to encounter the greatest danger. Therefore, it was best that Feng Yin has volunteered to be the first. Moreover, as the leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, it was unsuitable for Daoist He Tu to force himself to the fore.

"I'll go with you. I can't wait even a moment to explore the secret left by the ancient immortals." While speaking, Supreme Tian Lun also took a step forward, intending to travel together.

For the first exploration of the group of immortal tombs, these two people were enough. Even if other people have the intention to go, they also considered themselves to be unworthy to be a peer of Tian Lun and Feng Yin.

These two sect leaders looked at each other, and then Feng Yin was the first to move, followed by Tian Lun, stepping into the entrance. However, then, in the eyes of all people, a leisurely figure slowly walked toward the entrance. His indescribably confident stance and relaxed attitude seemed to show that the two people at the front were just trailblazers, while he was the real protagonist.

That person was Wang Lu!