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 Chapter 349: My Love, I Got You, You Can't Escape

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

People from ancient times has a saying that said, an opportune time, favorable geographical position and people's condition were the three big magical weapons to win a war.

But for Wang Lu, he didn't have those three magical weapons.

On the timing, in this battle, all the Holy light Religion team members were battle ready, their spirit and focus were in high condition. On the geographical location, the King's Treasure House was Holy Light Religion's own backyard. As for people's condition, facing a group of Legends and near Legends, what people's condition that could be talked about?

Any rational people would not go to war with Holy Light Religion under such conditions. Wang Lu, however, had rashly taken the matter into his own hand, neither calling his Master for help nor waiting for a better time to appear.

What was he relying on? Was it really because his journey in immortal cultivation has always been so smooth that he got carried away?

Wang Lu was certainly not that stupid. He knew that this time's rushing in the King's Treasure House certainly has risks that accompanied with it. However, he was taking a risk, not throwing away his life. He has his own winning assurance.

The support of Golden King was exactly that assurance.

Wang Lu has enough confidence that he would win with the support from Golden King.

First, the two sides have a common interest. By occupying the King's Treasure House, obviously, the Holy Light Religion had violated the intention of Golden King. However, because he was just a wisp of remnant soul, he didn't have the capital to contend with them head-on, similar to a king that was treated as a mere figurehead. However, the appearance of Wang Lu gave him the possibility to regain his authority. As people of Nine Regions, it was impossible for Wang Lu to occupy this place for a long time. Therefore, both the short and long-term interests of the two sides were not contradictory-a perfect match in fact.

Second, Wang Lu's gesture was ingenious. With how prideful Golden King was, it was impossible for him to admit that he has lost control of the situation. Therefore, Wang Lu never took the initiative to bring up things like alliances or assistance. Instead, he carefully maintained a modest attitude, neither greedy nor appearing weak. In the previous few passes, he had fully demonstrated his talent, which was often constituted a serious blow to the Holy Light Religion. And at the same time, he also fully accepted the secret support from the Golden King without asking for more-this was an attitude of a minister that was completely loyal to the monarch.

Third, Wang Lu was talented. His personal ability was so against the heaven that he could repeatedly perform miracle-like comebacks, which pleased Golden King very much. Therefore, Golden King was naturally willing to support him to keep moving forward.

In summary, although the two sides never stated it openly, Wang Lu was confident that he had indeed won the support of Golden King. However, as a mere wisp of remnant soul, was there any worth of Golden King's support?

For Wang Lu, the value was immeasurable. No matter how down and out Golden King was, he was still the Master of the Treasure House. A little bit of covert action could have an infinite use. Especially since from the start of the sea of clouds, Golden King seemed to have fully trusted Wang Lu, and thus no effort was spared in helping him.

From the beginning of the sea of clouds to the unearthing of the vehicle, from the map inside the vehicle to the magical control stick... If Wang Lu ended up winning this trial, most of the contributions indeed came from Golden King-but this was also a matter of course. Without this kind of support, Wang Lu would not blindly come to look for death.

And now, the last help given to him by Golden King was also his most powerful card.

The scepter of the King of Atlantis, who had once rebelled against the gods, which symbolized the king's unyieldingness from any deity. The bearer of the scepter was immune to any divine power! The perfect nemesis of Holy Light Religion!

The drawback was that, its effectiveness was limited. Moreover, it didn't have any other function other than immunity to all divine power. Wang Lu has been holding on to this scepter for a long time but remained shy from using it. Because for him, even if after he activated the scepter he could gain a moment of invincibility, it was incapable to make him move forward, a temporary solution only.

However, the arrival of Liu Li completely reversed everything. The girl has explosive offensive force far beyond her level. Once the immunity was activated, she would become an unstoppable war machine.

"For Kazmodon!"

While holding the scepter, stimulated by its force, Liu Li involuntarily roared loudly, sending out a coarse roaring sound that completely did not belong to the girl. The soundwave stirred the sea water, setting up layer upon layer of distorted ripple. All of the Holy Light Religion people were aghast, because they could feel that they could hardly resist that loud roar. Their internals was severely shocked and their blessings of Holy Light seemed to have completely vanished!

For others, perhaps the efficacy of this immunity power could only be limited to defense, however, for the brilliant-hearted Liu Li, it was easy to extend this force into an offense.

The next moment, a sword qi that was as powerful as a thousand armies and contained epoch-creation energy abruptly came. The five Archbishops were the first to bear the brunt. They didn't even have the chance to make a sound before their bodies turned into mincemeat, splitting into countless fragments.

Paul was horrified, but as a Holy One, his reaction speed was extremely fast. In a flash, he had already moved miles away outside the ruins of Atlantis, which vividly displayed his amazing ability to survive.

The Supreme Inquisitor's reaction was quicker, but as he has just been resurrected, he has no way to be as flexible as Paul. Facing the sweeping sword momentum, he could only hold on his own sacred object, the Judgment Sword in front of his body, expecting that this born-within-the-sea-of-holy-light sacred object could withstand this disaster.

With a loud cracking sound, the Judgment Sword was snapped into two sections, but the remnant force hasn't been fully offset, which immediately cut the Supreme Inquisitor's body in two halves.

Faceless One was still seriously injured, therefore his performance was the weakest among them. Although he stood at the rear, his reaction was the slowest. Swept by the sword qi, his body shook, and then split into innumerable fine bits of powder.

Under the backing of the scepter, Liu Li's full force attack was earth-shattering, easily exterminating the Holy Light Religion team. Five Archbishops and one Holy One fell under her sword strike, and Faceless One didn't even leave behind his bones. However, the burden on Liu Li was also extremely heavy. Despite the support from the scepter, she still felt bouts of dizziness and her Jade Mansion was under so much pressure that it appeared to have almost cracked.

This was a sword strike was completely beyond her limit. Were it not for her physique that was exceptionally good, this sword strike could cause her to experience cultivation deviation. However, seeing that the outcome has already been decided, Wang Lu still didn't stop. He pointed his only hand forward and gave Liu Li his command.

"Go after Paul!"

Without any hesitation, Liu Li immediately made her move according to that order. Like a rainbow light, she rushed away towards Paul's fleeing direction. Her momentum was like a sharp sword, the ten thousand ton pressure of the deep sea seemed nothing to her.

At the same time, dozens of miles away, the still shaken Paul didn't have the time to recover his bearing as he saw a bright light from afar quickly approached his position.

With amazing eyesight, Paul's eyes penetrated the darkness of the deep sea and saw that the one who came was just Liu Li, who just now exterminated his team members, alone. However, after that full power sword strike, she still continued with a high-speed chase, which meant that her energy consumption was very alarming, especially since the power of the scepter was also rapidly subsiding, causing the girl's body to continue to shrink.

Being ferociously valiant alone would not last long. Thus, logically, if at this time Paul turned back and fought, his winning chance was actually quite high. Even if he was the most good-for-nothing Holy One, he was, after all, still a Holy One. His power was obviously above Liu Li. Coupled with his high level and the repression that was gradually subsided since he came out of the city of Atlantis, he has no reason to be afraid to fight.

If it were Ferdinand, he would've turned back and fought. However, Paul's guts have already been broken. Seeing that Liu Li was coming at him with irresistible force, he turned around and ran away, not daring to stay.

However, this step was a success by a lucky stroke. In the beginning, Liu Li's speed was faster than him and the distance between the two continued to shorten. However, a moment later, Liu Li was unable to maintain that kind of energy consumption. Her speed continued to become slower and slower, and the distance between the two gradually got bigger and bigger.

In another moment, the power of the scepter completely subsided, and Liu Li returned back to normal. Due to the previous energy outburst, she suffered the blowback internal injury, which caused her to continuously cough out blood. Paul looked back and was overjoyed. If he could capture this woman, he could turn the situation around.

However, just as he turned around to capture Liu Li, he suddenly heard a surging of rumbling sound of seawater behind him, as if a terrifying monster was fast approaching him.

Was it a deep sea beast? Was there one here?

Just as Paul thought about it, he felt a sharp pain in his back. He was bombarded by a burst of violent attack. The next moment, he felt that his body suddenly became buoyant, and then torn to pieces. Then, the endless darkness swallowed him up.

Not far away, Liu Li, who had to stop due to the heavy burden, was surprised to see a burst of dazzling golden light in the front. In the middle of the light, the cone-shaped tower was in a reclined position like a sharp lance, and the tip was laced with Paul's body fragment.

"Aya... Sister, cough, cough!"

Liu Li slightly opened her mouth, but just as she tried to speak, blood gushed out of her mouth and stopped her. The young woman could not stop her cough, she had to bend her slender waist.

Before long, a fully armored Knight King hugged Liu Li, and then reached out to caress her back, trying to soothe the injury.

"Liu Li, no need to speak, leave the rest to me."

"Mm." The girl nodded her head, let out a tender groan, and then, no longer able to hold herself, fainted

The Knight King lifted Liu Li up and returned to the vehicle. The vehicle's conical tower body slowly rotated and then gradually accelerated forward. Before long, they arrived at the ruins of Atlantis. In the middle of the ruins, Wang Lu was leaning against a truncated stone pillar, half lying on the ground. He was covered with wounds, down and out and forlorn. However, the smile on his face was exceptionally relaxed.

Seeing the slowly approaching vehicle, Wang Lu shook his head. "Didn't I tell you to not mind me and just lead the others and go straight to the end?"

Aya jumped out of the vehicle and spoke in dissatisfaction, "You initially said to leave the rest to me, but you didn't say to leave you and continue the journey."

Wang Lu said, "I thought that with your perception, you should've understood what I said."

Aya refuted with equal harshness, "I thought that with your understanding, you should understand that I could not leave you no matter what."

"Tch, you're a disobedient subjugated-country ruler."


"Someone who doesn't know how to give up could not be successful. Because you don't understand how to properly cook, when you tried to cook, you always add more useless seasoning, and misses the time on when you should take away the dish from the fire, so you end up always making dark dishes."

"... Is this how you treat your savior?"

Wang Lu laughed. "I caught an unexpected captive, so I'm in a good mood and make a joke with you."


"Faceless One."

"What?" Upon hearing that Wang Lu had captured Faceless One, Aya's shock was no less than when Faceless One suddenly appeared and took over Liu Li a while ago. The church's sharpest knife that has caused Aya a headache when he was still frail and weak a century ago has actually been captured?

"You have captured Faceless One? Where is he?"

Wang Lu pointed at his own head and said, "Here."