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 Chapter 346: The Need for Mental Health Education

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"Yes, my goal from the very beginning is you."

Faceless One said while adjusting his posture as they fell.

"Those idiots can't see the full picture, only know how to get the immediate interest, like King's Treasure House, or Doomsday Dragon... What a bunch of ignorant idiots. What's the difference between winning and losing those things? Will the church fall apart without the King's Treasure House? With the destruction of Bretton Dragon Clan, can the church sit back and relax? What a joke!"

Wang Lu chuckled. "So in your opinion, what can make the Holy Light Religion survive throughout the ages?"

"Very simple, just purify all the threatening opponents. In this world, whether it's as small as individual or as large as a country, this is the only effective way to do it. And compared to Bretton Dragon Clan, you, this talented foreigner, is better qualified to be called as a powerful enemy. At this time, Holy Light Religion has fallen in strained circumstances. In addition to those heretics city-states on the east, the largest variable is you. But those fools think that they can ignore you simply because your level is not high. I don't think so. Throughout history, countless large empires and organizations were destroyed in the hands of rapidly growing talents. Obviously, you have such a potential. And even if you can't overturn Holy Light, your threat is far bigger than Bretton Dron Clan.

Wang Lu said, "Actually, I think so too."

"Therefore, I have always believed that compared to the painstaking effort to purify those who are already powerful enemies, it's better to deal with those fledgling talents as early as possible, a true twice the result with half the effort."

"I deeply feel the same."

"My only regret is that on the day of Dragon City war, I don't have enough time to see that you're actually the real threat. Otherwise, with the strength of my complete body, you won't be able to save your life even if the Knight King was beside you."

Faceless One's complete body was the strongest individual after the legendary level characters of Holy Light Religion.

"After Knight King inflicted a serious damage to me, it is difficult for me to recover in a short period of time, and the church's idiots are not worth relying on. Therefore, I had to take some risks, by personally making my move against this woman. Sure enough, the risk is worth it."

Wang Lu could not deny that it was his mistake that Liu Li could fall like that. Although the person that made the move against her was close to legendary level-with the strength and means far above that of Wang Lu-and although the Faceless One's means were strange that even Aya was clueless, these were not the reasons. When Faceless One brought this matter up, Wang Lu's eyes became gloomy like water.

Faceless One said, "Because my condition is quite bad, I was actually just barely able to use the spirit occupation on her and almost failed even. Even if I was successful, it would leave a lot of flaws, and once you detect any abnormality, so that you repeatedly investigate her heart, the flaws would eventually be exposed.

"Therefore, I used two layers of camouflage. The most simple one was that drink. Although it looked suspicious, it really was just a regular drink. But because it looked too suspicious, more or less it would affect your judgment. As a real smart person, you would not give up the investigation just because it looks too obvious. I believe you have carefully investigated if there were signs of poisoning in Liu Li. What a pity, it really was just a regular drink.

"The second layer of camouflage was my words, so that you mistakenly thought that I was trying to manipulate her thinking. Of course, this was not entirely a cover-up. If she is really stupid enough to not listen to your command in battle, to show what the spirit of sacrifice is, I would be happy to see her dead, which would cause a fatal psychological blow to you. Your mental state is really powerful, but if this woman really sacrifices herself for you, you would not be able to withstand the blow."

Wang Lu said with cold voice, "Unfortunately, I won't give you that opportunity."

"Of course you won't, but so what? The spirit of self-sacrifice was only my camouflage, and it did successfully deceive you. You thought that my means were only these, but you ignored the real key." Faceless One said in an even more sarcastic tone, "This woman is very interesting. Although it looks like her heart is pure and spotless, which made it hard for people to deal with her, but actually, deep inside, there are problems that tangled her, far more than others. Even you as her Senior Brother that is closest to her do not see this entanglement, much less find it. With my severe injury, I can't even display a tenth of the full strength of my spirit occupation skill, which means that my spirit occupation might not even be successful against ordinary middle order profession. Yet, my spirit occupation skill was actually successful on her. To simply put, the flaw in her heart is so big that it even surprised me."

Faceless One could not stop himself. The more he talked, the more proud he was. "As her Senior Brother, do you want to know what exactly is her flaw? Hahaha, don't deny it, I know you want to. I can see that your influence on this woman in all aspects is very heavy. A large part of her mode of thinking and her spiritual defense were built for her by you. You taught her what is important, what is not important, what things she needs to go all out for, and what things that can be ignored. You think that the defense that you've designed for her is perfect enough, so you can't figure out where the hell could I get into her, right?"

"I will appreciate hearing its details." Wang Lu didn't show any arrogance. Seeing that the other side simply wanted to show off, he just conscientiously asked.

"Hahaha, actually, the truth is actually very simple. She actually likes you!"

Wang Lu was slightly startled. "Is this supposed to be a new information? Of course she likes me."

"Because she likes you, she also wants you to like her too."

Wang Lu said, "Of course I like her, she should be very clear about it."

Faceless One's voice turned cold a bit. "Of course she is clear about it, but she knows that your liking of her is liking between Senior and Junior apprentices. Although you like her, there are also many people that you also like, but she doesn't want this kind of liking."

Wang Lu was even more astonished, not this kind of liking? What does that Liu Li what? Can she distinguish different likings based on her IQ?

Although Wang Lu didn't speak, the subtle changes in his face were captured by Faceless One. Faceless One suddenly guffawed, and due to the acceleration in their falling, the laughter became distorted and bizarre.

"Hahaha! You think this woman is too simple that she doesn't know about worldly affairs, therefore unable to understand anything and her heart is blank? No wonder even though my spirit occupation has been lurking inside her for so long, yet you're not even aware about any of the clues! You simply don't know her at all, or rather, you don't even try to understand her! Because she is pure and straightforward, you conceitedly thought that she will be at your mercy in everything, and her everything is in your control. What a pity, even I, as the one that is most adept at playing with human nature, will not be so arrogant."


Faceless One continued, "What she really wants is a more intimate relationship between the two of you compared to now. However, she knew that it would trouble you, so she never opened her mouth, not revealing even a shred of sign in front of you. But when you and other girls laughed heartily together, when you risk your life to come all the way to Brettonia for another woman, do you think there wasn't a great wave in her heart?"

Wang Lu was silent for a long time. "Liu Li's innermost feelings are pure and clear, without any speck of dust. If you wish to make her feel jealous or hatred, I'm afraid that won't be easy."

Faceless One shrugged and said, "You're right, this woman's heart is pure and clear. Even under the influence of spirit occupation, I can't make her feel hatred and other negative emotions. But, pure and spotless don't mean that she has no emotion, forever placid, and without entanglement. Rather, a young girl's entanglement with love is one of the most beautiful human emotions, not a dust or dirt at all."

This time, Wang Lu was really amazed. "Unexpectedly, a perverted believer like you is also a love expert."

"If inserting funny dialogue can defend your heart, then be my guest, keep on trying." Faceless One sarcastically said, "Do you think I was just showing off my ability to play with human emotion by telling you this much? I just want you to clearly see your stupidity, to look for your dereliction of duty, and see as your heart defense crush under the weight of your guilty conscience!"

Wang Lu sighed. "You're right, no matter from where you look at it, I am indeed guilty for this thing to happen. When I was on the mountain, at the behest of Senior Uncle, I taught her a lot of knowledge, except for the love psychology, causing her to have a fatal flaw in her knowledge structure and was in turn used by you. When we get back, I must teach her about this course as well as mental health, so that later she won't be fooled by people trying to give her banana or invite her to see the goldfish."

"Oh?" Faceless One curiously asked, "Do you think you have the chance to go back?"

"Nonsense." Wang Lu was suddenly being unceremonious, coldly responding to the question from Faceless One, "If not, why do you think I want to listen to your nonsense? Where do you think we will land?"

He tried to glance around but found out that her vision was completely cut off by the cloud, not able to see through them at all.

"Don't bother. Without the help from the level eight vehicle, even I can't see through them. Liu Li's perception is not that much stronger than me, much less now you're seriously injured, so it's normal that you can't see anything."

There was nothing to be seen without the help of a level eight vehicle, but Wang Lu, until a short time ago, had been controlling the Golden King's vehicle!

"Mm, this is... the Endless sea."

As soon as his voice fell, the clouds dispersed, and an endless blue sea appeared below them. Immediately after, the whistling sound of the sea breeze wrapped the two of them.

"If you want to eliminate me, this genius, because I'm a huge threat to the church, then this is your chance."

With a calm smile, Wang Lu crashed into the sea, setting off a huge wave. Not far away from Wang Lu, Liu Li, who was occupied by Faceless One, also fell into the sea.

However, Faceless-One-controlled Liu Li didn't have the protection from Wang Lu's Non-Phase Method, therefore, after plunging into the sea, the powerful impact immediately made her dizzy, which shocked and almost hurt her internal organs. And when she regained her composure, Wang Lu has disappeared.

Faceless One's position was not in the desolate underwater world, but amidst the dark green abandoned ancient city.

"Is this... the legendary lost city of Atlantis?" Faceless One looked around and was surprised to find familiar marks on the ruins of the ancient city. "Is there actually a passage to the endless sea in the sea of clouds? This couldn't be a coincidence, right? No, Atlantis has been lost for several thousands of years, without anyone finding it. Perhaps the endless sea has been... but, the main task now is to purify the heretic. Unfortunately, I just needed a bit more time to occupy his spirit... It's rare for his flaws to be exposed like that. But, by choosing the Atlantis as the battlefield, does he think he has the opportunity?"

Faceless One lightly said. Because the expression was still stiff, his emotion couldn't be seen from the outside. However, even he himself did not realize that the wound on right hand where the fingers were deliberately broken off by him was rapidly healing.