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 Chapter 341: I Have a Special Driving Skill

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"... This is your number two vehicle, the Flying Pigeon?"

Looking at the freshly forged second vehicle of Wang Lu, Aya suddenly felt her whole body turn weak. She then determined that, no matter what, she would not ride it.

According to Wang Lu, the number two vehicle fully absorbed the lesson on the failure of the first vehicle. It was an enhanced version, with all aspects of its performance superior to its predecessor, which greatly strengthened the survival capability in the sea of clouds. However, in Aya's eyes, its two bridges were crooked, its two wheels were not round, and the chain was a tattered and loose waste.

It was not so much a flying pigeon as a weak chicken.

"Have... you just been affected by a stimulant?" Aya had to ask with heartfelt emotion.

Wang Lu sighed. "The pain of a genius often comes from the general prejudice. Aya, I have eaten your soft food for many years in the Spirit Sword Mountain cafeteria and thought that a person that can make such dark food certainly has a temperament of an artist. I never thought that you're actually this vulgar."

Then, when Aya's anger had been accumulated to a certain extent, Wang Lu explained, "Although this vehicle is not good looking, I have a special driving skill."

Aya very suspiciously asked, "Special driving skill?"

Wang Lu nodded, took out a rope and tied it to the bridge of the vehicle. And because it was crooked, the rope was stuck in the notch, which made the tie exceptionally strong.

Then, Wang Lu lifted the whole vehicle, put it behind him, and tied both ends of the rope on his chest. He basically carried the vehicle on his back like he was carrying a great sword!

"Humph, humph, with this, I don't have to worry the vehicle would collapse under the force of gravity."

Aya's jaw almost fell, feeling that the limit of her imagination has been broken through once again. She has been a leader for many years, and has seen many kinds of special driving skills, yet she has never seen the vehicle that actually mounted the driver's back!

"How is this a vehicle? This is basically a luggage!"

Wang Lu shook his head. "You again with your prejudice. This is my special driving skill, it's called the old man pulling the cart."

"... Go, I don't care about you anymore."

Thereupon, Wang Lu, carrying the beloved Flying Pigeon, once again went into the sea of clouds. And this time, his purpose was clear: go as deep as possible, to see his limit on this routine.

Wang Lu never expected the 'old man pulling the cart' way would allow him to walk all the way to the Beautiful Unique Pool Peak. However, his professional adventurer's strong intuition told him that he best not to cling to the castle since it would be a suicide. Therefore, he would rather brave the risk, alone wander in the sea of clouds, to search for a shortcut.

In fact, he actually already had a vague idea in his mind.

An idea that was very simple, straightforward, but overlooked by many people.

A long time ago, in time immemorial, powerful people left behind a gloomy castle within the sea of clouds as a platform and resources depot to build armored vehicle. Although it wasn't clear why they heavily emphasized the vehicle, in short... after they have finished exploring the sea of clouds, was there any possibility that they left it here? Similarly, more than ten thousand years ago, Golden King built a powerful vehicle in the castle, which brought him all the way to Beautiful Unique Pool Peak. But after that, what happened to the vehicle? Was it taken away by him as a souvenir, or...?

These questions didn't have any definite answer, but it didn't prevent Wang Lu to give it a try. In any case, there was not that much to lose. According to Wang Lu's speculation, there should be no one as daring as him in the team of Holy Light Religion. It was likely that they would take a few days to build a low-level vehicle and then break through the obstacles to look for them for trouble.

And these few days were the last buffer. In this period, he must find the shortcut of this pass. Otherwise, if the other team caught up with them, they would basically die.

Although he didn't know why there was a limit to the individual strength, but there was an upper limit in strength, which was intermediate high order profession, and its Nine Regions equivalence. Wang Lu examined his own strength and asked himself what would happen if he had to fight against a Yuanying Stage opponent... If he gave it all, he would only last about two or three exchanges. Moreover, it could not be a Peak Yuanying Stage, or abnormal Yuanying Stage, it was mostly of those Tiger King of Beast Master School type. If he had to face the enemy on the level of his elders at Heavenly Sword Hall, no matter how confident Wang Lu was, he didn't think that his ten years of cultivation could keep up with them.

And this time, his opponents were Holy Ones, the legendary level Holy Ones.

The legendary level of Western Continent could roughly be equated to Unity Stage Cultivators of Nine Regions. Of course, that equation was just a bare minimum, because today's legendary level was not as good as the ones in the past. In the past, when Aya was in her peak, she actually didn't fully enter the threshold of the legendary level, yet, in her view, among the so-called Holy Light Religion's legendary level characters, except for the pope, she dared to fight any one of them. If it were the Administrator of the King's Treasure House, Aya could even take five at once.

However, that was for Aya. Towards a young cultivator who only has around a dozen years of cultivation, legendary level was legendary, a steep mountain that was difficult to overcome. Even if the other side has the same number of people and their strength suppressed to that of his level, they could still rely on their superior experience and skill to crush them, let alone the intermediate high order profession!

In short, by strapping the Flying Pigeon on his back and exploring out, he had actually deviated from the original intention of the vehicle in the sea of clouds. He could not possibly go deep into the sea of clouds with this Flying Pigeon forever. During which... he had to find a used vehicle as soon as possible. Wang Lu knew that his thoughts were whimsical, however, he remembered something vaguely when his Everlasting crashed and forced to teleport back to the starting point in the castle.


Taking the old road, Wang Lu soon again felt the oppression of gravity. However, this time the vehicle was carried on his back, so it didn't bear the combined weight of him and the vehicle itself, therefore, it was still able to hold on.

As Wang Lu continued to journey deep along the canyon, the force of gravity became even more oppressive. With almost every step, the pressure increased. However, as the gravity increased, Wang Lu became more and more aware that the thing was near.

In the end, he stopped on a deserted plain. Here, the gravity was thousands of times normal. Wang Lu felt as if he was carrying four or five heavy armored vehicles. Despite his near Jindan Stage physical strength, Wang Lu couldn't help but began to feel strenuous-Non-Phase Method was not well known for vigorous power, its pure power was limited. However, he had enough power to come here, where the source of that huge gravity was below his feet. There was something buried here that formed the peculiar gravitational environment of this valley.

The next step was to dig three feet deep here. Needless to say, since it could withstand the thousand-fold pressure, the ground was very firm. However, Wang Lu used his Sword of Mount Kun to dig the ground, treating it like a hoe. In just a little bit of digging, this upgraded spiritual treasure lived up to its expectation. With its sharpness, it cut the iron-like ground like mud, and its power even shook the earth-each time it pierced the ground, the whole valley trembled slightly.

The fly in the ointment to this was that, the sword spirit Autumn Beam was extremely discontented with this kind of wasteful-use-of-the-tool behavior. In her more than one thousand years of experience, following more than ten masters, not one of them had ever treated her more lightly than this, treating the dignified Sword of Mount Kun as a shovel. Therefore, during the excavation process, Autumn Beam didn't say a word, and she even refused to go out to meet Wang Lu.

For this kind of disregarding-the-authority-of-the-master acts, while digging, Wang Lu earnestly educated her, "Little Autumn, although you are a sword spirit of a spiritual treasure, could independently upgrade yourself, have a promising future, and your value is extraordinary, however, you absolutely can't look down on simple manual labor. You should know that there is a really big wisdom in this kind of low-level work. Which of our basic necessities in life that do not need labor? Your superior attitude will definitely limit your development. Of course, I won't blame you. Most of the spirits of the spiritual treasure like you are proud and arrogant. What a pity, it's also because of this that you can't go further into the realm of immortal treasure. Do you know what I think? I think it is necessary for a high-level magical weapon spirit to go down to accept the re-education at the bottom level!"

Wang Lu's earnestness did not get even the slightest response. After calling her out for a few times, to no avail, Wang Lu couldn't help but feel like he has been blacklisted...

Fortunately, when the excavation process has almost finished, Autumn Beam finally could not resist coming out. Not far away from Wang Lu's feet, there was a majestic energy fluctuation, which produced nearly ten thousand times of gravity, making it very hard for Wang Lu to stay standing and forcing him to slowly burn his innate vitality. Sensing this wave of fluctuation, Autumn Beam finally couldn't help but become curious.

"What is this?"

"This is strange to me too." Wang Lu was barely able to open his mouth. "I really can't think of what are the uses for this vehicle to have this powerful suction force. Is it to alleviate the driver's fatigue or just a fun toy design?"

Autumn Beam frowned. "Do you really think I can't understand it, therefore you explained it to me?"

Wang Lu was surprised. "Do you understand it?"

Autumn Beam coldly said, "Do you think I'm just a simple fool like Liu Li?"

Given the longevity of Autumn Beam, it was unrealistic to expect her to be as pure as Liu Li.

"Since you are well-informed, do you have any opinion on this?"

Autumn Beam said, "Not necessarily, but this attraction feels like it instinctively calls out for something. Unfortunately, the thing inside doesn't have any concept that can be described as spirit, otherwise, I might be able to communicate with it to investigate it."

In this treacherous land within the sea of clouds, perhaps even a spirit couldn't hold out for so many years. However, as a sword spirit, Autumn Beam's understanding of things was far superior than that of ordinary people. Coupled with her steady temperament and serious words, she was probably not wrong in judging that this gravity was a calling.

"A calling, could it be..."

While thinking, he invited Autumn Beam to work with him, digging the last layer of soil. Although this last layer of soil was not thick, it has been pressured by ten thousand times of gravity for thousands of years, making it almost indestructible. Autumn Beam had to use the original power source of the spiritual treasure, which directly shook the ground as well as the soil, which revealed the thing that was underneath it.

It was a pitch black object, but upon closer look, was actually a sphere.