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 Chapter 330: I Don't Talk to a Retard

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"... You're actually able to pass through."

Walking on the ladder that lead to the third pass, Aya has gradually become numb towards Wang Lu's maze raider act. In short, it was impossible to expect him to do according to the designer's idea. The second pass was an exquisitely designed maze, yet he directly launched his original magical ability and crushed down all the space barriers to directly arrive at the exit.

The whole journey lasted not more than an hour.

Of course, they also got lucky that no one supervised the operation of the maze. Everything was quietly operated with the pre-set procedures, completely lacking the ability to cope with unexpected situations.

Wang Lu's original magical ability was undoubtedly an unexpected situation. His original magical ability, in accordance with the transformation law, was equivalent to the space restriction native to Western Continent, which belonged to a very high-end rare skill. It has a unique magical use in space disintegration. Of course, if the opponent was a living person, naturally there would be ways to adapt. However, this time, Wang Lu's opponent was a rigid maze. Therefore, within Wang Lu's world, it was as if his teammates opened a space tunnel. In a straight line as they passed through hundreds of areas and went straight to the end.

"Luckily, there's no administrator that supervises the maze operation." Wang Lu was not particularly proud of this. "After more than ten thousand years, the champion trial is already not in a perfect state, there's no achievement in steamrolling it. But, I'm afraid after this, it won't be easy."


"Do you really think when we were on the fifth level of the King's Treasure House, the administrator promised us to accept the challenge in good faith?" Wang Lu earnestly said, "The champion trial is exactly the same as the King's Treasure House, only the difficulty that is higher and the design more original. Then, in accordance with the case in the King's Treasure House, it won't be long before we have to face off against Holy Light Religion people. It will not be easy to get through the pass using clever tricks if the opponent is a living person."


At the same time, in the depths of the King's Treasure House, the holy one of Holy Light Religion was somewhat anxiously waiting for the report from the team that he sent out.

Four days ago, through the administrative authority, he saw the experience of Wang Lu and the others at the entrance of the champions trial and knew that they had been teleported to the highland of thorny ice to look for the king's wine cup. At that time, he immediately ordered the elite inquisitor force to go to the plateau to hunt Wang Lu. In order to ensure that the plan was foolproof, even the supreme inquisitor himself, as one of the five legendary level characters of Holy Light Religion, went along with them. Although that person was the last among the five characters, it was enough to steamroll their target!

Arguably, this luxurious line up was foolproof, but there was still a hidden uneasiness in the heart of holy one.

Where exactly is the problem here? Their actions were very secretive, and only several holy ones who knew everything. Even the thirteen advance high order professions involved in the operation were not aware of what they were going to do on the plateau. At the same time, the church's reaction this time was very fast. Because it was a special operation, the mobilization was done in just a meal's time. The team arrived at the highland of thorny ice in just three to four days time. Moreover, with the legendary level supreme inquisitor among them, no one could hide within the area of a thousand mile radius. Therefore, it was impossible to have an error.


When the holy one was still worried, an urgent signal came through.

The supreme inquisitor's voice, which was half incredulous and half annoyed, directly rang into his soul, "They're gone!"

The administrator was startled. "Gone? How could it be?"

The supreme inquisitor said, "I don't know the reason either, but in the purification book, their names directly vanished in a flash. But to be able to throw off the tracking of purification book, it's very likely that they used a very powerful transmission prop and entered an unknown space."

"Have they discovered your existence?"

The supreme inquisitor said, "That's impossible, my battlefield intuition has not issued any alarm, so they haven't discovered us so far."

"Since they haven't found you, why did they run away? It has been only three days, so they should still be in the highland of thorny ice area, meaning that he simply could not find enough clues to go through the pass..." The holy one continued to speculate on all kinds of possibilities, but he became increasingly aware that the immediate situation was already a mess.

Suddenly, a flash of light flashed through the eyes of the holy one as an inconceivable idea leaped into his mind.

"Could it be..."

Then he disrespectfully ignored the supreme inquisitor. His consciousness then sank into the independent space in the King's Treasure House and opened a peeping window through his own authority.

Through that window, he saw a scene that made his eyes almost jump out of his eye sockets.

Wang Lu and his teammates have gone through the second pass and were about to enter the third pass!

How could it be! It has only been four days since they entered the champions trial, but unexpectedly, they have already gone through two passes? Was there any failure in this champions trial due to thousands of years of disrepair?

More than ninety years ago, how long did he use the champions trial? Eight years, ten years?

The first one was to search for the wine cup. At that time, using his holy one identity, he mobilized the entire Holy Light Religion for a whole year. While the second one, although there was no life-threatening mechanisms and traps, it was very time-consuming. He and his four confidants took one and a half year to reach the end.

Yet, Wang Lu and his teammates only took four days to complete all these? Was there any justice in this world anymore?

With a strong feeling of injustice and anger, the administrator wanted to directly tear the window and personally lay down the punishment from heaven to catch them all! However, he had to calm down. If he acted recklessly in the King's Treasure House, even if he was a legendary level holy one, he would still be met with a dead end. However, should he just to sit back and watch them continue to advance triumphantly? That's categorically not!

"Hey, what's wrong?"

On the other side, the supreme inquisitor puzzledly asked after being ignored for a long time by the administrator.

The administrator took a deep sigh. "You guys... should just come back. Wang Lu's whereabout has already been found."

"What? Where?"

"King's Treasure House."

"King's Treasure House? How could that be?"

However, the administrator has no interest to explain. He impatiently said, "I'll tell you the details once you're here!"

Upon hearing those words, the supreme inquisitor became irritated. F*ck you, Paul! Do you think I'm your subordinate that you can send and call at your will! We are all five legendary holy ones of Holy Light Religion, since when did you become superior to me? Let alone, if you didn't provide this false information, why would I bother wasting a few days of my time? What a loser!

In fact, as the administrator of the King's Treasure House, the holy one Paul was one of a kind in the Holy Light Religion. Regardless of his resourcefulness, personality, and talent, none of them were outstanding. But as someone with an astonishingly high aptitude for profession, he was extraordinarily lucky. Those geniuses of his peers have already drowned in the river of history, yet he stood out, and even reached the legendary level! Initially, among the several legendary level holy ones, he was the last in terms of standing. However, ninety years ago, by chance coincidence, he obtained the authority of the administrator, which immediately drastically changed the future hundred years of Holy Light Religion's strategic situation, which made his status sharply rose. Becoming the third among the five legendary characters, above the Supreme Inquisitor and the Commander of the Bloodlust Holy Knight, and below the Pope and the Prophet.

However, no matter how angry the Supreme Inquisitor was, he knew that this was not about personal gratitude and grudge. The King's Treasure House was the core strategic point of the church, and after more than eighty years of development, this place was even more important than the place where the church originated. A place that they absolutely could not lose. Moreover... the Pope had secretly exhorted the several holy ones, telling them that, towards Paul, although his ability was limited, his status was extremely important, therefore they should assist him in any way possible. In any case, although Paul seemed to be revered, he didn't have too much real power within the church. Apart from the King's Treasure House, he couldn't even order any archbishop as he wishes. He was basically one who is cut off from the others.

At the same time, inside the King's Treasure House, Paul was wracked with worry.

They were already on the third pass... If they continued to maintain this momentum, perhaps even the test on the third pass could not hold Wang Lu down, and once he arrived at the fourth pass, it would be a life and death test.

His acquisition of the administrative authority was based on the backing of the entire church to pass through the four passes. And according to the rules of the Treasure House, if Wang Lu and his teammates could have a better result than him in the champions trial, then they could replace him.

If they managed to go through the fifth pass, then they would win without any suspense. However, even if they were not, as long as the result on the fourth pass was at least equal to Paul, based on the results on the first couple of passes, how could it be compared with Wang Lu's four days crossing through two passes?

Once Wang Lu managed to go through the fourth pass, the administrator position was bound to fall on Wang Lu. Therefore, seeing Wang Lu walking towards the third pass, Paul was unbearably anxious.

Unfortunately, because of the unrest caused by the eastern city states and nine regions, the prophet and the pope all went to the east deal with it. Meanwhile, the Commander of the Bloodlust Holy Knight was firmly placed on the western border, never to be moved. At this time, Paul didn't know which one to ask for help!

In his opinion, since this was his problem as the holy one, then it needed to be solved by another holy one.

"How come the Supreme Inquisitor isn't here yet?" Even though the supreme inquisitor was legendary level, it was impossible to cross half the continent in a flash. However, Paul still couldn't suppress his resentment. At this time, he peeped on the window once again and saw that Wang Lu and his team had arrived at the third stone gate and began to methodically deal with it. Wang Lu even looked more confident now!

"Do I have to overturn the table and damage my authority as the manager to break the peeping window and directly deal with them?" While he was anxious, Paul even began to entertain an extreme thought.

In his role as the administrator, if we went against the rules of the King's Treasure House, he could indeed directly interrupt Wang Lu's trial process. Of course, he would pay the price, and the punishment would be severe. However, it was better than to just sit and watch as the opponent march to victory.

After thinking about this, Paul finally tried to send a message to the Pope and the Prophet. However, he didn't get any response, and the Supreme Inquisitor himself was still in the distant highland of thorny ice... Paul bit his teeth and decided to wait for the Supreme Inquisitor to come back first.

"I don't recommend making your move now."

At this time, a gentle voice suddenly came from his side. Paul's heart was startled. He turned his head and saw a pale face without characteristics of a face.

"Faceless One, it's you!"

Towards this church's sharpest knife, Paul's feeling was slightly complicated. On the one hand, the status of Faceless One in the church was very special. Although based on rank, he was still below the five legendary level holy ones, but only the prophet and the pope have the right to dispatch him. Moreover, he didn't listen to anyone. His real status was even vaguely above Paul, making him inwardly scared. And also, Faceless One has directly or indirectly helped him. But on the other hand, Faceless One, in the end, was not a legendary level character, therefore, Paul would always have a feeling of superiority when facing Faceless One.

Faceless One, however, actually didn't care about the other side's mental activity, but just lightly explained, "If you make your move now, it would end up in a completely reversed situation. The entire treasure house will resist you. So let's wait until they get to the fourth pass while in the meantime we can consolidate more power. And at the fourth level, we can also reasonably intervene without worrying about resistance from the treasure house."

"But on the fourth level, we will have no way to retreat!"

"If you want to win, why do you need a fallback?" Faceless One lightly explained.

Paul was startled and then immediately pondered. He said, "Very well, I'll agree to your suggestion, but if there's something wrong..."

Faceless One coldly said, "If there's a mistake, even if you can push the blame on me, you will still lose the authority of the treasure house's administrator. So use your poor brain on a more serious place, stop thinking about useless thing."

"You! How dare you talk to me like that!" Paul flew into a rage.

"Don't forget, ninety years ago, who helped you get this administrative position? Based on you alone, do you think you can arrive at the fifth pass?" Faceless One lightly said, "Therefore, sit down, shut up, and listen to me carefully. Remember, this time, you need my help."

Paul's heart was furious. However, seeing that pale face, it was as if there was cold water poured into his initially palpitating heart, leaving him with no words to speak.