Chapter 294: 333 per Person

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"Greetings, Your Majesty."

Upon hearing the voice from the sky, Wang Lu lightly bowed and then conversed with his teammates through primordial spirit, "Don't talk, let me speak with him alone. Golden King's situation is very special, so your interruption will only make the situation worse."

Aya subconsciously asked, "Why?"

Because conversing with primordial spirit was very efficient, Wang Lu patiently explained, "Use your head, the other side's condition is clearly not good, so now he's still in the overly sensitive state. If you guys with the nerve of someone that is short, stumpy and fat like a bear accidentally offends him, what do you think would happen?"

"Wait a minute, is the short, stumpy and fat like a bear referring to me?" Aya was startled into anger.

"Hey, pay attention, you're focusing on the wrong thing here. You need to be concerned with Golden King, no matter what, he's still your peer!"

"Yeah, about that, what's wrong with him?"

"Hahaha, told you you're the short, stumpy and fat like a bear, but you don't believe. What do you think? What kind of person is this Golden King? He's a world tyrant that has great skill and strategy. Towards loyal and outstanding subjects, he is very generous and magnanimous. But for anyone who dares to disobey him, regardless of rich and poor, high or low status, he would punish them in the most brutal and inhumane way. Why should such a king tolerate the existence of Holy Light Religion here? Did ten thousand years change his personality?"

"... In other words, he could do nothing about it?"

"Obviously. If he really has the ultimate control over the Treasure House, would he allow so many people to come to Taobao? How is it that a group of treasure-seekers from all parts of the continent, who have no allegiance to him, or even those who have no respect, take away his treasures? He is clearly just a wisp of a remnant soul, powerless to anything that happened on the continent."

"This... is unbelievable." Aya shook her head. Although she did not agree with how Golden King ruled his kingdom, she nevertheless admired his political and military achievements. She really didn't think that after more than ten thousand years have passed, the situation of the former overlord would be this bleak.

"What's so unbelievable about that? Is your current situation better than him? Aren't you just a soul of the brave departed? Moreover, you're a penniless soul of the brave departed, while he still has his Treasure House... Alas, in short, this is probably your two's occupational disease, right?"

"You're the one with occupational disease!"

"In short, Golden King is at the nadir of his fortune; if there's no savior from the sky to help him, he would probably never recover. However, he is, after all, the world's overlord, so he has the dignity and restraint that befits a King. Therefore, it is impossible for him to endure the affront and insult, and also could not possibly accept sympathy from people with position lower than him. Therefore, the exchange must be handled very carefully. On the one hand, politeness must be maintained, on the other hand, he has a glass heart, so, becoming overly attentive, making him feel that we are sympathizing with him is a no-no. A king needs no sympathy, only admiration and loyalty. This kind of discretion is very difficult to grasp, and only I, with a delicate heart of a professional adventurer, could cope with it. So be a darling and shut up."


"Okay, that's enough. I want to converse with Golden King. I want you to pay attention and maintain the status of a beautiful, dutiful woman-say no word, but reveal an infinitely beautiful puzzled expression."

Wang Lu was about to end his commentary through primordial spirit before suddenly, a voice suddenly rang.

"You can say it now, bastard, haven't you had your preparation?"

"What the, Golden King?"

This time, even Wang Lu was surprised. The primordial spirit exchange was a private communication, which could be interfered and broke off, but to interrupt would require a very big skill. At least, in the Spirit Sword Sect, only the elders of the Heavenly Sword Hall could do it... Oh, that's right, the power of Golden King was above the legendary level, thus secretly eavesdropping the conversation of his juniors would not be too difficult.

In short, regardless whether he heard it or not, life must go on.

"Em, hello, Your Majesty."

"Humph, you seem to be very happy talking behind my back just now, bastard."

"Hahaha, since Your Majesty has heard it, care to give us your thoughts?"

"Bastard, are you really tired of living?"

"Otherwise, would you accept my apology? Alas, I also don't want it to be like this, but since it has come to light, I must cut to the chase. Your Majesty Golden King, I need your help, but I am also willing to offer our strength for your use. It is a fair deal, give and take. Although our strength is meager, it should serve your current need."

Wang Lu tried to switch the tone to convince the other party, but Golden King laughed out loud instead.

"Hahaha, self-righteous bastard, do you think I need your strength? In the past, bastards who have yet to pass the threshold of high order professional like you are countless."

Wang Lu opened his mouth and sighed. "See, this is what I mean about glass heart. Obviously, he is now down and out, but even in his death, he still wants to save his face."

Aya was surprised. "Hey, why are you talking about this so openly!"

"... Sorry, I forgot. But it doesn't matter, Golden King is not in the primordial spirit, so he can't hear it."

"You're lying to yourself!"

"Bastard, if you want to go out, there's only one way."

Just then, Golden King interrupted Wang Lu's self-deception.

Wang Lu said, "Your Majesty, I knew you must have a way! Haha, how could a mere Administrator defy the supremacy of Golden King? As long Your Majesty opens your mouth, entrances would come here in an instant!"

"Humph, ignorant bastard. The rules that I made are absolute."

Wang Lu smiled. "They can't be violated even by the rule maker? Don't tease me, which place in the world has a ruler that respects the law?"

"Correct, if I want to, it's not difficult for you to leave. But why should I help you? Why should I break the rules that I set up myself for a few bastards? Listen well, if you want to leave, you still have to abide by the rules, by collecting that 999 roses. As you've correctly guessed, the roses must be collected from the soul of the middle order and above professions. Therefore, you have to kill nine hundred and ninety-nine middle order professions for me."

"This place is deserted, where could I find those 999 middle order professions? Could it be..."

Wang Lu then looked back at Aya, Liu Li, and Bai Shixuan, and then asked, "Could it be that you want me to have 999 offsprings with them, train those offsprings into middle order professions and then sacrifice them to you?"

Aya was startled. "Wang Lu, what are you talking about!"

Liu Li suddenly said, "Having kids? Yeay! Haha, Senior Brother, do you really want to have a lot of kids? I really love kids! Have kids so that I can play with them, okay?"

Wang Lu began to count. "If that's the case, then Aya, Liu Li, and Bai Shixuan will be the mothers. If we disregard miscarriage, premature death, and other factors, then on average, they must have 333 children per person. And if we count ten months per pregnancy, it would need more than two hundred years to achieve that. Well, better that than staying here forever. So, Golden King, do you want to wait more than two hundred years?"

Golden King was silent for a long time before he finally opened his mouth, "You're such a whimsical bastard. In my court, I need a funny entertainer like you."

After a pause, Golden King continued, "When did I say you have to gather those nine 999 roses here?"

Wang Lu was astonished. "But, how could we collect... em, does Your Majesty mean medical parole?"

Golden King said, "Leave a part of your souls here, and I can spare the rest."

With that, a purple portal appeared in the dark.

"Through that door, a part of your souls would be harvested to be kept as evidence that you remain here. When you complete your collection, you will be transported to this place from any entrance into my Treasure House. This door can last for a hundred years. I don't need to say what will happen a hundred years later."

Wang Lu nodded. "Thank you for your grace, Your Majesty."

"Humph, my grace is not for nothing. I don't need to remind you, this whimsical bastard, on how exactly to collect that 999 roses, do you?"

"Of course, please rest assured Your Majesty."


"Ah, I finally see the sun again."

Along with Wang Lu's cheerful cheer, he and his teammates left the purple portal, appearing outside Taobao City. The warm sunshine that sprinkled on their face felt exceptionally warm.

Leaving the deathly stillness and darkness, they felt several degrees lighter.

Wang Lu snickered. "The weight of the soul..."

Aya glared at him, but when she saw the carefree look of Liu Li and the others, she had to admit that her worry was unnecessary.

In fact, Golden King's portal was indeed very mysterious. It has clearly divided a part of their souls, but it didn't affect their action at all. The legendary Golden King was the nearest mortal could be to a god, thus his control of the soul was also far superior to anyone. Even after ten thousand years, such a skill was indeed still impressive...

However, she still has a question, "If we just leave like this, wouldn't we be founded? I mean, can Golden King's ability be concealed from the Administrator? I have always felt that Golden King's ability to control the Treasure House is very low, although he seemed so sure of himself, but..."

Wang Lu lightly said, "Don't forget, he is Golden King."

Aya was curious. "Do you respect Golden King this much?"

"I respect anyone that is strong. And Golden King undoubtedly is the topmost powerhouse. If possible, I would like to see what he looked like when he was alive."

"... So, what are you going to do with the 999 roses?"

"Do you even need to ask? The Holy Light Religion is the enemy of Golden King. Since he wants me to kill middle order professions, so of course I have to look for members of Holy Light Religion. However, no matter what, it's not easy to put that amount of middle order professions in the same place at the same time. If based on the standard of Nine Regions, middle order professions should correspond to Foundation Establishment, right? One thousand Foundation Establishment, I don't think it would be so easy to collect even for Holy Light Religion... But, I have an idea, I just don't know if you, Aya, would agree to it?"

"What is it?"

"Previously, that Administrator mentioned about the battle of purification. According to him, it was a war of Holy Light Religion against the Bretton Dragon Clan of your country. And... judging from his tone, it should've happened in the not too distant past. Is it that easy to purify your bloodline? Aya, I've never asked you this before, but what is the power of your kingdom when it's in its heyday?"

"Although it couldn't be compared with Golden King's Kingdom, in terms of military power, it is one of the strongest." Aya's speech was suddenly infused with heroism. "High order professions alone are more than a hundred while middle order professions are in the thousands. If placed in Nine Regions, no other country can match it. It's actually closer to the power of the Five Uniques. Bretton Dragon Clan itself is an ancient bloodline that can trace their lineage to more than ten thousand years in the past, flourishing and powerful."

"Oh? I've never seen you this lively."


"It's nothing. I just want to say, if Holy Light Religion wants to eliminate such bloodline, they either have to wait for your Dragon bloodline to peacefully evolve to something else, or crush them with absolute power. Meanwhile, after the extermination of the clan, they must station their forces there to suppress the rebellion. And that stationed force is our best first target... Aya, it doesn't matter whether you want to restore your country or whether I want to go deeper in the Treasure House to look for the key, this next step is a must."

"Aya, let's go to your country."