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 Chapter 284: People Seething with Anger at Aya Are Everywhere

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Two amazingly spirited steeds of nightmarish beast pulled a sleek, luxurious carriage, moving along the smooth, clean road outside Deep Earth City straight towards the largest trade capital of the Eastern Kingdom.

Despite the vastness of Eastern Kingdom, the nightmarish beast could run like they were flying. Before half a day, they would pass through a thousand miles distance to arrive at the capital city. At the scheduled time, the people inside the carriage would make their final preparation towards the famous historical remain on the Western Continent.

Generally speaking, even though the eastern part of the Western Continent was relatively affluent, such a vehicle was rarely seen. The two nightmarish steed that pulled the carriage were extraordinary, and the carriage on top of the wheels that vaguely emitted thunder and lightning even more expressed the extraordinary life of its Master. Usually, only the Master of such large cities could have such a carriage. Despite the fact that the carriage traveled lightly, without any escort, even when moving through the wilderness, few people dared to intercept it.

The eastern part of Western Continent, with its rich resource and booming trade, was much better than the western part, and thus, the crackdown on crime was even more severe. In particular, the administrator of each city was close with each other, so once anyone offended any senior or high ranking official, they would be hunted down like rats.

Wang Lu buying the carriage was exactly to avoid trouble.

Nevertheless, perhaps they were doomed to take a few setbacks before success. Shortly after the carriage left the Deep Earth City, they met a gang of robbers.

Since they dared to attack the carriage pulled by the nightmarish beast, the strength of the robbers was naturally extraordinary. Before the passenger inside the carriage could react, the sky suddenly turned blood-red and the open road before them was filled with red mist. However, on mid-air above them, ten shadowy silhouettes quietly floated, occupying a commanding position.

The next moment, lightning flashed and thunder rolled. Red lightning fell from the sky and struck the roof of the carriage. The strange animal statue on the roof was disintegrated and torn apart, while the body of the carriage violently shook.

Inside the compartment, Wang Lu and the others were surprised, the ambush was quick and ruthless! That red lightning had destroyed the protective statue of the carriage, meaning that the power was almost as much as... in Nine Regions term, it would be like a full strike from Jindan Stage Xiao Ming!

Although the carriage was a luxurious vehicle, it was not made for combat. The number of protective statues on the roof was only three and could not be regenerated. Wang Lu looked up and saw that the stormy cloud up in the sky not only did not dissipate, it became denser instead. And after that red lightning strike, light blood red rain began to drop, freely contaminating the surrounding. Even only by visual observation alone, one could see how brilliant this method was.

It was really difficult to imagine that they merely encountered some random robbers.

Wang Lu was inwardly surprised and said, "Aya, are they also your personal old enemy? How many people have grievances with you in the past that your enemies appear everywhere? Even the sea beast is your enemy!"

Aya, who was also surprised, was tongue-tied upon hearing Wang Lu's question. Only a while later could she retort, "It's not me!"

"It's exactly you! Don't quibble with me! If not you, do you think I can have enemies here?"

It was very difficult for Aya to argue. "But, I don't know those people!"

"That's exactly because in the past, you've killed their parents, now their children and grandchildren are looking for revenge!"

"This..." Aya was stunned, and then she actually began to earnestly ponder. In those days, when she went on campaigns in four directions, even though it was in the spirit of righteousness, the killings of the innocent could not be avoided, could it be... ah wrong, my country is far away on the west. Who could possibly have such a foresight to travel from afar and set up an ambush here to take revenge on her?

"It's really not me!"

Seeing that Aya was about to get angry, Wang Lu beckoned with his hand. "Forget it, it doesn't matter. In any case, they came here to kill us, so we can't just stand idly by and be slaughtered. Aya, watch me take care of them."

While speaking, Wang Lu beckoned Liu Li and the others to get out of the compartment together with him.

At this time, the third statue has been broken by the lightning. The fourth lightning was brewing and might strike them at any time. When Wang Lu opened the carriage door and leaned out, the blood rain immediately dripped on him, and when he took his first step, he felt as if his body suddenly sank; the Void Core in his Jade Mansion violently shook as if it was about to fall apart.


At the same time, Liu Li also exclaimed, "Magical power is a little disobedient!"

"Is this... law suppression?" Aya, as the last one to come out, was the keenest, so she immediately said, "Through special means, these people use the Western Continent law to suppress you! They are deliberately targeting the cultivators of Nine Regions!"

Aya was indeed worthy to be a former monarch, her reaction was fast and accurate. In just a few words, she has already pointed out the truth. As a matter of fact, this group of robbers indeed specifically targeted the cultivators of Nine Regions.

Just as Aya said these, a person in mid-air exclaimed in surprise. "Oh? They also have a local with them?"

That person was saying in the common language of the eastern part of the Western Continent. Wang Lu and the others have done their homework, so they understood what he said.

Another person in mid-air commented, "Humph, so what if they have a local? Since she has come along with these yellow-skinned monkeys, she is obviously not a good thing. Looks like she doesn't have strength either, so just kill her with the rest."

"Hehe, this time we catch a big fish. These people are not strong, but they're rich. We're definitely going to make a fortune."

"Killing these yellow-skinned monkeys are indeed a shortcut to get rich. Although their actual strength is good, with this roll of bloodstained scroll, we can unmask and expose them. Hehe, those five hundred magic coins are indeed worth it!"

Upon hearing these few words, Wang Lu could not help but wrinkle his brows.

There were people in the Western Continent who specifically targeted cultivators of Nine Regions? They even developed this kind of bloodstained scroll that used the law on the Western Continent to suppress the Nine Regions cultivators! This kind of suppression did not have any effect on the natives of Western Continent, but very lethal to local people of Nine Regions. Even those Daoist Masters of Jindan Stage who already condensed the main path, once affected by the bloodstained scroll, their heart's dao would be defenseless and their cultivation base would be washed away.

Perhaps... only those of Yuanying, Deity and above could disregard the law and still display their strength.

However, most of the cultivators from Nine Regions that came to the West were just Jindan. In addition to Feng Yin, within the dream team, the majority of teams formed by various sects, only one or two were Yuanying. If they encountered this kind of bloodstained scroll, most likely that they could not withstand it.

Wang Lu couldn't help but sigh with emotion, there were indeed capable people everywhere in Western Continent. This bloodstained scroll was something that had never been heard before, so obviously, this thing was developed by some genius Alchemists and spread around when a large number of Nine Regions cultivators entered the Western Continent. The price of five hundred magic coins itself was inexpensive; according to purchasing power estimation, it was around five hundred spirit stones, which compared to robbing and killing a group of Nine Regions cultivator, was simply a drop in the bucket, extremely cheap!

The strength of the ten people in mid-air was not weak. According to the standard of Western Continent, although each of them has a different profession, all of them were masters in their respective profession. If they were in Nine Regions, they would be at Xudan and Jindan Stages.

With the cooperation of these ten people, plus the bloodstained scroll, let alone Wang Lu and his team, even if there were a Yuanying Stage Elder and several Jindan, they would still meet a dead end.


A man that seemed like the leader shouted and swooped down; a pair of pale golden wing glittered on his back.

The man was the captain of these amateur bandit adventurers. His level awas great sword master, expert in charge and break through enemy's line. Seeing that their captain has made his move, several other team members followed suit. Suddenly, it was as if a dark cloud has covered over them-the bandit's power and momentum were astonishing.

For a common group of Nine Regions cultivators, being charged through like that, they would immediately break ranks and be slaughtered. However, this time, the bandits unfortunately met the wrong group.

Wang Lu and Liu Li were indeed affected by the bloodstained scroll, but, there was a real killer in their team.

"Ridiculous, want to rely on numbers to deal with us? See how I'm going to let loose my dog! Huahua, eat him!"

As soon as his voice fell, a thunder-like roar exploded and a gray shadow suddenly expanded into a giant, its two rows of teeth sharp as knife flashed brightly in front of the crowd.

The next moment, the several bandits who dove down suddenly felt as if they were one person less. In their horror, they looked at each other.


The momentum of the diving bandits came to an abrupt halt, stopping in mid-air. There were six people that dove down, and all of them were melee fighters. Originally, victory was already within their grasp, but when that gray shadow flashed, the captain that rushed in front of them vanished into thin air!

Looking intently again, they saw on the ground, a giant dog was chewing on a body, blood and pieces of flesh overflowing through the gap between its teeth and to the ground.

A moment later, the giant dog spat out a round object, which was the head of the captain!


Several people stared at each other with eyes bulged wide. As a Captain with great sword master level, in a melee fight, he was always an invincible meat grinder, but unexpectedly, just now, he was chewed and swallowed by the strange animal without even struggling!

Damn, these yellow-skinned monkeys of Nine Regions and their spirit beast should've been affected by the bloodstained scroll, making them powerless to resist their attack.

Unbeknown to them, this raging beast was actually a native of Western Continent, and under the bloodstained scroll effect of the Western Continent law, its strength would only grow even more!

Moreover, Fenrir was most adept in close combat. In the legend, even gods did not dare to be too close to Fenrir.

Under the panic-stricken eyes of these several sword masters, the dog has completely chewed and swallowed the captain's body. It then grinned and jumped into the air once again, continuing the fight. It was very fast; before they could react, one of them was already swallowed by it, completely powerless to resist. The others tried to fight back, but none of their weapons were able to cut through its thick fur.

It was a one-sided massacre.

"Aa! Help me!"

One of the sword masters yelled, screaming for help. Just now, he had tried to dodge, but was too late, and thus the dog bit off his arm. Realizing that the dog was absolutely unequaled in close quarters, right now, only their magician, priest, spirit master, and other long-range fighters could barely cope with it.

These long-range fighters naturally would not stand idly by. Each of them unleashed their magical ability. Some condensed out red lighting from the sky, some drew their bow and nocked arrow that converged supernatural power, and some read aloud hymn to invite the wrath of god.

If these long-range attacks met their target, even if Quan Zouhua were an immortal beast, it would not be able to withstand them. After all, its cultivation time and growth were still very little.

However, at this time, a clear woman voice's leisurely floated through everyone's heart.

Although these masters didn't understand the language used by the woman, they inexplicably understood its meaning.

"Mm, I've already understood the law of this land."

The white-clad woman floated forward, stretched out a piece of thick glowing brown soil and isolated all of the attacks from above.

"Mother Earth's eyes are watching us."

The next moment, the woman flipped out her other hand towards the sky, and then, from the hollow of her palm, symbolizing the destruction, the rolling thunder roared out.

"The elemental force will destroy you."