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 Chapter 273: Want to Deflower but the Bud Would Not Open

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Deep within the ancient sword tomb, Wang Lu's confident voice resounded in all directions. Under the gaze of Yuanying, Deity, and even Supreme Unity cultivators, he calmly prattled on and on.

However, not everyone was as calm as Wang Lu.

"That's enough!"

Tian Yue roared, interrupting Wang Lu's speech.

Wang Lu's speech nearly won the acclaim of the audience-although most of the people also knew that what he said was pure nonsense, the way he said it was simply captivating that they could not help but want to applaud-Tian Yue knew that if he did not interfere, the topic, and thus the focus of everyone, would deviate so much that he would not have the chance to fish in troubled waters anymore.

"We are not interested whether you like to put on female attire or not, let's talk about the harvest that you have gained down below."

Tian Yue was straight to the point, not trying to cover his intention to rob the treasure at all. In any case, he thought that since his name was already quite notorious in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, it was quite apt if he played the villain here. Kunlun Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect people definitely didn't want to pick a fight against him, moreover, what he said was also in everyone's heart, so he didn't worry that no one would echo him.

If Kunlun Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect did not think about the immortal inheritance, why would they even care to come here and help Spirit Sword Sect save people? Did they really care about humanitarian aid?

As a matter of fact, there was not that much interest in how Wang Wu broke through the restriction-except, of course, the people of Ten Thousand Arts Sect-what everybody cared about was only one thing: with this change, what would be the effect on the distribution of the immortal inheritance?

Sure enough, upon hearing him saying that, although many people frowned, no one really made an objection. Their eyes were still focused on Wang Lu, but no one really cared about the Stellar Fairy, instead, they were more interested in his harvest down below.

Properly speaking, Wang Lu's harvest on the lowest level didn't seem to have anything to do with the other sects. However, things in the world often did not conform to this kind of reason. Besides, when Wang Lu and Zhu Shiyao were unable to extricate themselves from there, the elders of Spirit Sword Sect came to save them. This meant that they must abandon their initial victory and the distribution of the inheritance should be re-negotiated. Of course, on this point, Spirit Sword Sect possessed a numerical advantage over the other sects, but it was impossible to monopolize it all by themselves. Moreover, it was obvious that Supreme Tian Yue wanted a significant piece of the treasure, which was also a long-established custom in Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

Although Spirit Sword Sect people were not happy about this, overall, they would unlikely to go so far as to disregard this established custom.

However, this immortal inheritance was completely contrary to everyone's expectation.

"Want to see the harvest?" Wang Lu nodded and stretched out his hand to project the three-dimensional image in front of everyone. "Well, this is it."

Before them was the galaxy-like bright network, and the millions upon millions of nodes that were connected by lines. Each of the nodes slowly moved along the deep mysterious trajectory.

Wang Lu's generous display was quite unexpected. Even several elders of Spirit Sword Sect seemed surprised. In their mind, although this Spirit Sword Sect lead representative was not stingy, according to his temper, he would not be this generous. In particular, Supreme Tian Yue who assumed a rude and unreasonable countenance...

However, although Wang Lu had generously displayed the network, what was its use? Was this the legendary true immortal level inheritance?

"This is a map," Wang Lu explained, "a treasure map to be exact. Take a look at this. This is where we're at."

With his intention, the network was magnified and then focused on one point.

Wang Lu said, "This point, is the sword tomb that we're in-in fact, this is not a sword tomb at all, but that's what we all call it." When he looked around, he found out that the complexion of the several sects elders has greatly changed.

The reason for this was very simple, if this huge sword tomb was only a point in the celestial map, then wouldn't those luminous other points... have countless immortal treasures?

Since everyone could think of this reason, everyone could also think about its contradiction. If Wang Lu only took out two or three immortal treasures, or even maps of twenty or thirty immortal treasures, everyone would be surprised, but most would choose to believe. However, millions upon millions of immortal treasures were too unbelievable.

"Are you playing jokes on us?" Supreme Tian Yue coldly said; he still didn't give up on trying to use force to solve the problem. His hand was incredibly itchy to let loose the Monster Knife.

Wang Lu responded, "Whether I'm joking or not, everyone can judge yourself." With that, he continued to enlarge the map until the initially just a point in the network, the sword tomb, was now a dozens of feet of three-dimensional map.

"This is the panoramic view of this sword tomb where every detail of it is recorded. As we can see, everything matched."

After careful identification, several elders nodded their head.

Tian Yue coldly smiled. "Your Master has deceived us by sneaking in so naturally she would observe everything along the way and tell you about it, so what's so strange if everything matched? What's the point?"

"Supreme Tian Yue, you're wrong." An elder from Ten Thousand Arts Sect said, "There are many places in this diagram that we have never seen before. And if later we explored them, wouldn't it confirm the originality of this map?"

Tian Yue cast a sidelong glance at that Elder. "The four sects didn't arrive at the same time, Spirit Sword Sect was the first. Can you really ensure every movement and action of each of their member? What's so strange about them uncovering some secrets of the sword tomb while the others have yet to arrive? Even if the map is correct, it does not mean that the other parts are also true. Millions upon millions of immortal treasures, that's all his fantasy!"

This statement contained a bit of sophistry, which caused the elder of Ten Thousand Arts Sect to furrow his brows and prepare to argue with this Supreme of Unity Stage.

However, how could Supreme Tian Yue have the interest in arguing? Although he was accustomed to sophistry, he was not a reckless ignorant fool. Otherwise, he would've long been punished by Shengjing Sect because of all the trouble caused by his monster cultivation. He certainly knew that the probability that Wang Lu's map was authentic was very high, but, by taking this aggressive approach, he just wanted for Wang Lu to spit out even more information.

The logic would be along the line, you said the map is real, so there must be evidence, right? And this evidence is the key. Since Wang Lu had confidently shown everyone the map, naturally, there must be something more critical than the map in Wang Lu's hand. And what Tian Yue wanted was exactly that critical thing. Otherwise, would he just have to gnaw whatever bone that Wang Lu gave away? Avaricious and insatiable, winning an inch immediately wanting a foot, although many have repeatedly denounced these two qualities of Tian Yue, but as he was originated within the natural selection environment of monster cultivation, for Tian Yue to have his present achievement, these two qualities played a great part in it.

"If you can put those millions upon millions of immortal treasures in front of us, even if your Spirit Sword Sect takes control ninety nine percent of it, while us, the other sects would only have that one percent, I have no objection." Supreme Tian Yue's eyes glittered with lights. "But if you want to use treasure map that is difficult to distinguish real from fake to deceive us, that would not be easy."

At this time, on behalf of Kunlun Sect, a long-bearded elder slowly said, "If fellow daoists of Spirit Sword Sect have indeed more harvest, you might as well say it. We are not bandits that will unreasonably seize your spoils, but at least we need to know the total number of them. This is the general rule of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals."

Wang Wu sneered. "Rules? Spirit Sword Sect is one of the super sects within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and you want to oppress us with the union's rules? Don't you feel weak? Besides, even if I don't obey the rules now, what can you do? Economic sanctions or military crusades?" After a pause, the woman's turned gloomier and colder. "What a bunch of shameless people, if you have the ability then come at me! I want to see if your weak chicken skills can be compared to the four in nine divine tribulations!"

These words seemed to be far more outrageous than that of Supreme Tian Yue. Upon hearing it, the complexion of many people present suddenly changed greatly. Was this Spirit Sword Sect's declaration of war? What did they take down below that made them this fearless? What exactly was the matter with that treasure map of tens of thousands of immortal treasures?

However, what people were more concerned about was the reaction of Feng Yin. Afterall, no matter how harsh Wang Wu's words were, she could not represent the entire Spirit Sword Sect, moreover, this woman was already long known for her unreliableness.

But then they saw Feng Yin sigh and then say to Wang Lu, "I'm afraid no one would think this matter to be that simple. By the sheer number alone, it's even impossible for the entire Feng Shui line in this continent to produce. Therefore, why don't you explain to them what exactly happened down below."

Wang Lu said with a smile, "My experience in the lowest level was complex and bizarre. And obtaining this immortal inheritance also has its twists and turns. The matter is like this..."

Then Wang Lu told the stories about the immortal inheritance. Naturally, he omitted the part about Sword Demon Zhong Shengming, Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword, and even the existence of the earth immortals. Nevertheless, the principle behind those tens of millions of sword tombs was enough to attract the attention of everyone.

The ingenuity of the means of the earth immortals was completely beyond imagination. The twisting of the world's immortal cultivation main path to create the never-depleted, ever-changing treasure room, if not witnessed, was something that was really hard to believe.

However, at this point, who could have described it so vivid unless the thing was genuine beyond a reasonable doubt?

Shock gradually turned into silence, and someone soon realized the next question. If what Wang Lu said was real, the cultivators needed to dig deeper into these thousands upon thousands of sword tombs to get the immortal treasures through passing the series of tests... then it was impossible for Spirit Sword Sect to claim sole possession of these immortal treasures, and there was no need to.

Even if they put these tens of thousands of sword tombs inside their territory, how many could Spirit Sword Sect dig out on their own? Spirit Sword Sect was known as the super sect with the least amount of people, and with how many treasures in this map, they would not be able to uncover even if they took hundreds of thousands of years of digging.

And since there was no need for the monopoly, then...

Thinking to this, many of the elders have their complexion greatly change again. This time, it was not because of surprise, but because of embarrassment.

Since the other party could not monopolize it, then of course, the immortal treasures would be shared with the others. And this has been the intention of Spirit Sword Sect since the beginning, yet before they could say anything, the other party was already eager to rob it... No wonder Wang Wu was so pissed.

The feeling would be like...

Wang Lu coldly said, "It's like the feeling of the bride when the day before the marriage ceremony, the groom masked himself and raped her."

Wang Wu nodded in agreement. "Your metaphor goes really deep."

"Humph, as a man, how could I not go deep?"

At this time, even Supreme Tian Yue was speechless in consternation. Many times he had grasped his Monster Knife, only to loosen it up again. Although he was outrageous, he was not without a plan. Since it has come to this, how could he find any excuse to pick a fight? As a result, he had to remain silent.

A moment later, the long-bearded Elder from Kunlun Sect said, "I think there was a lot of misunderstanding, but Five Uniques of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals are brothers, so there is no misunderstanding that could not be untied."

Wang Lu sneered. "Tsk, tsk, now came the boy who brings the lubricant to smooth things out."

Wang Wu chuckled. "Gee, does he think bringing lubricant would not make it count as rape?"

Wang Lu smiled. "Tsk, the door has already been destroyed, the happiness will never come back."

Wang Wu sneered and was about to continue when Feng Yin helplessly interrupted them, "That's enough, you two."