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 Chapter 272: Have You Ever Heard of the Stellar Fairy?

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

After passing through the four in nine divine tribulations restriction with his master, Wang Lu saw the long-lost light, but also the long-absent Senior and Junior Elders of his sect.

These familiar faces were having incomparably surprised looks while floating in mid-air. Obviously, no one expected the Master and disciple of Non-Phase Peak to appear at this time.

Similarly, Wang Lu didn't expect to see these many people.

The presence of elders was not a surprise to him, instead, what surprised him was that the several elders who were often present only in the Heavenly Sword Hall were also here, including Liu Xian, Fang He, Lu Li, Hua Yun... even Ao Guanhai was present on the scene! Nearly the entire Heavenly Sword Hall Elders were there, which was simply mind-boggling.

Which sect would send almost all of their elders out on a mission? Almost no one on the level of elder guarded at Spirit Sword Mountain, what if other people barged in and flattened everyone else there? Though Spirit Sword Sect was one of the Five Uniques of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, with an aloof status and no natural enemy within Blue River Region, but no matter what, leaving their sect wide open for invasion was simply like looking at a beautiful but stupid airhead woman, simply inviting to be violated.

Of course, to say that Spirit Sword Mountain was defenseless was not necessary. There were still people capable of controlling the situation like Lady Boss or Aya. Nevertheless, for all the Heavenly Sword Hall Elders to attach such great importance to Wang Lu and Zhu Shiyao, no other sect could match it. Although Wang Lu didn't say it out loud, in his heart, he was actually moved. Although the population of Spirit Sword Sect continued to wither, the cohesion within the sect could make anyone speechless.

When he saw the elders of Spirit Sword Sect, Wang Lu also saw the elders from the other three sects. The situation was indeed just like what his master said. At present, Ten Thousand Arts Sect was having a verbal exchange with the other three sects. After all, in researching about restriction breaking, no other sect was comparable to Ten Thousand Arts Sect... However, on the other hand, while the other three sects, Shengjing, Kunlun and Spirit Sword were in tacit collaboration in arguing back, there were several Spirit Sword Elders that didn't participate because of their obviously greater number.


The reason was very simple, the extraordinary force of Spirit Sword Sect gave them an overwhelming advantage in sheer number against any of the other three sects. Although only one of the elders was in Deity Stage while the rest were just Yuanying Stage, no one present was fool enough to take the stage as the actual combat prowess of the Spirit Sword Elders. The Heavenly Sword Hall has sent out their best seven people, which almost equal to the sum of power of any two sects' elders present. Thus the other three sects immediately established a loose coalition to create a semblance of balance.

As for the previous contradictions between the disciples of Shengjing Sect with the other two sects, it was all irrelevant now. When Wang Lu eliminated all the other disciples and entered the deepest part of the sword tomb with Zhu Shiyao, the competition between the disciples was already over, and even if they were dissatisfied, the losers have to accept the lost. However, when Wang Lu and Zhu Shiyao were trapped inside the sword tomb, Spirit Sword Sect Elders directly broke the outer layer of the sword tomb, which purpose was to bar cultivators of Jindan Stage or above from entering to rescue them-this was tantamount to breaking the initial tacit understanding between the sects. Thus, the original result became invalid, and a new competition kicked off.

At present, the elders of the several sects were scrambling to comb out the sword tomb for the treasures. On the previous levels that have been broken, each of them has managed to collect a pretty good harvest. Only Spirit Sword Sect party who stood on the side was indifferent towards these treasures. Obviously, all of their attention was at the last layer of the sword tomb. And anyone knew that the most precious inheritance was at its deepest layer. The previous gains were only the appetizer, and the main course has yet to come.

Of course, they have to wait long for the delicious main course. According to the calculation of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, even if the four sects join forces, they would still need at least several months to break this immortal restriction. And during this period, there were likely too many changes that would occur, so they must be particularly careful...

Just as stalemate was about to break and the elders were ready for protracted effort, a violent shock suddenly came from below. A stinging and paralyzing atmosphere was dispersed. At the same time, one of the elders of Ten Thousand Arts Sect who was carefully measuring the restriction below them loudly exclaimed, "The force of the divine tribulation is about to flare up!"

For the present Elders, the flare-up of this incredibly weak four in nine divine tribulations might not be able to take their lives, but no one wanted to live half dead after being struck by these tribulation lightnings. Upon hearing the divine tribulation began to get out of control, the people in mid-air immediately fully exerted their defense.

The next moment, while all of the Elders were on alert, they saw the two people, Master and disciple (The still unconscious Big Sister was taken as luggage). Under this great psychological drop, they were dumbfounded and completely overwhelmed.

If at this time someone sneaked attack on them, most of them would suffer a loss. Nevertheless, owing to their extraordinary cultivation base, very quickly, they came to their senses.

"How come it's you!?"

Supreme Tian Yue, the lead elder from Shengjing Sect group tightly furrowed his brows. At the same time, his palm has already reached for his personal spiritual treasure on his waist, the Monster Knife of Tian Yue.

As a Supreme with the highest cultivation base present, Unity Stage, he has long been dissatisfied with Spirit Sword Sect that relied on the number advantage. Whether in Shengjing Sect or as the delegation of immortal division, which handled external affairs, Supreme Tian Yue has always been in a powerful position, so how could he endure having to lower his head in front of the outsiders? If Shengjing Sect people dug out information about him, they would find that he had originally used monster cultivation as his background, which made his way of doing things aggressively and forceful. The trip to here was held in a hurry, so he didn't have the time to bring his assistant that he had developed a tacit understanding with. The three Shengjing Sect Elders that followed him were a bunch of useless people. On the way here, he already had an exchange with the Sect Leader of Spirit Sword Sect. Supreme Tian Yue obviously has an overwhelming advantage in terms of cultivation base, yet he never actually gained any upper hand. Adding that Spirit Sword Sect has the numerical strength, he had to vigilantly exercise restrain.

However, inwardly, Supreme Tian Yue didn't really give up; if there were an opportunity, he would not mind having a fall out with the Spirit Sword Sect. In any case, he was just an elder, unlike Feng Yin, who as the Sect Leader, didn't have too much leeway. And right now, it seemed like the opportunity has presented itself.

Previously, because of the restriction placed by the earth immortals, no one was able to rush past it. Then, Ten Thousand Arts Sect called the other sect to cooperate. After which, they came to an agreement, which was to first join forces to break the restriction and then rescue the people inside. As for the true immortal inheritance at the deepest part of the tomb, it would be allocated according to the number of force contribution used in breaking the restriction. During the cooperation, the four sects would have to respectively exchange their skill or technique, especially in the skill of restriction breakthrough. Moreover, they could not hide anything from the other three sects.

Because this was the basis of the cooperation, technical exchange during the breaking of the restriction was likely to happen because no one could break the restriction alone. For example, in pure technical theory, Spirit Sword Sect was slightly weaker, but because of the technical exchange from the other three sects, they could perhaps have inspiration and be the first to find the right way to break the restriction. This kind of situation was very likely to happen, because otherwise, no one would feel assured in exchanging their technique or skill, and the cooperation would fall apart.

However, before there was any breakthrough in the technical aspect, Spirit Sword Sect has already sent their people to go down to the lowest level and return with their disciples... What did this mean?

It meant that this group of smelly shameless country bumpkins of Blue River Region has finally courted disaster!

With this sudden change, Supreme Tian Yue has every possible reason to give Spirit Sword Sect sanctions. And as long as Spirit Sword Sect has been taken down, from the remaining three sects, Shengjing Sect occupied the strength advantage.

However, just as Supreme Tian Yue was about to make a move, the Elder from Ten Thousand Arts Sect asked in disbelief, "How did you do that? The restriction has obviously not been broken!"

Unlike Tian Yue, who wanted to fish in troubled waters, the elder of Ten Thousand Arts Sect was more concerned with the technique and the immortal inheritance within the deepest layer of the sword tomb. In his view, since the restriction has not been broken, it meant that Spirit Sword Sect still kept the agreement, at most, they only pushed the limit of the agreement. Rather haggling over the agreement with Spirit Sword Sect, he cared more about how could Wang Wu get in and out so easily. Therefore, the first thing that he asked was about the technique while keeping silent about the agreement.

Supreme Tian Yue immediately cussed him inwardly, calling them a bunch of nerds.

He was not blind, so how could he not see that there was an issue with how Wang Wu rushed in through the restriction? Although he didn't believe that a Jindan could withstand the four in nine divine tribulations, he knew that Spirit Sword Sect would not be so stupid as to dig their own graves by unilaterally breaking the agreement, so there must be a reason behind this. Nevertheless, he had no intention to reason out with Spirit Sword Sect.

Using one excuse to make his move was enough.

"What is there to say with this group of treacherous scumbags?" Supreme Tian Yue roared and flung out his personal spiritual treasure, Monster Knife. The knife flashed like lightning, within which contained his magical ability of Unity Stage. Vaguely, it actually has the suffocating energy similar to that of the divine tribulations.

Even though Wang Wu was known in Nine Regions as the number one Jindan, but above Jindan was Yuanying, above Yuanying was Deity, and above Deity was Unity. Thus, even if there were one hundred Jindan, all would break under this attack. At that time, even if people didn't want to go to war, it would not be possible anymore.

Therefore, Tian Yue's action was particularly fast. He simply didn't want to give people the time to react. And since he reached Unity Stage, Supreme Tian Yue's Monster Knife never failed him.


When Tian Yue roared, he was certain that Wang Wu would be seriously injured. But then he heard the deafening sound of metal clashing and his personal spiritual treasure Monster Knife was bounced back by a huge force. The next moment, he saw Feng Yin, with cold-ice complexion, waved his hand to recall his flying sword.

Tian Yue's Monster Knife was indeed fast, but not as fast as Stellar Divine Eyes. Before Tian Yue made his move, Feng Yin was already a step ahead of him to intercept. Sure enough, the sneak attack was blocked by him. However, after this move, Feng Yin was somewhat embarrassed. If he made a counter-attack at this time, it would be exactly what the opposite party wanted, but if he stopped there... it was likely that Tian Yue would not just leave the matter at that.

While he was hesitating, sure enough, Tian Yue's lips arched up into a fiendish grin as he was ready to launch his Monster Knife once again.

However, at this moment, an unexpected development interrupted Tian Yue.

"Wang Lu, you have the nerve to appear here!"

Upon seeing Wang Lu, from Shengjing side, a certain girl became extremely furious that she disregarded the etiquette of a disciple in the presence of the elders. Filled with anger, she roared.

This interruption caused Tian Yue unable to make his move. Because the main focus has changed to Wang Lu, how could he, as the Great Elder, bully a junior from the younger generation? Tian Yue ferociously stared at that disciple and saw that she was an elite disciple of the inner court, Wangyue Luanyu.

Seeing Wang Lu, Wangyue Luanyu gnashed her teeth in anger. While Wang Lu, upon seeing this familiar face, did not know whether to laugh or cry. Since she lost badly at Wang Lu, she was never able to forget him, like he somehow had made her pregnant.

Damn it, I don't remember ever f*cking a stupid girl like her!

However, the next moment, Wangyue Luanyu retracted her anger from her face and then smiled with a hint of malicious intent.

"Wang Lu, have you ever heard of someone called Stellar Fairy Wang Lulu?"

This remark was immediately followed by someone spraying out water from the mouth. This stellar fair was probably a dark history that could never be washed in someone's life. The reason why she said it now was to see Wang Lu's reaction to that.

No matter how Wang Lu despised moral integrity, under the gaze of everyone, it was either he deny or admit that he had done that unspeakable scandal. Nevertheless, he was still in a dilemma after all. If he hadn't used Stellar Fairy to clear the place, would he advance as far as this?

Under the gaze of someone with malicious intention, Wang Lu became the focus of everyone, yet he just smiled.

"Stellar Fairy Wang Lulu is it? Well, that's my master." Then he pointed at his master who was watching the play.


In the midst of silence, Wang Lu's eloquence surged in.

"As we all know, among the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, Spirit Sword Sect is second to none in terms of cherishing and taking care of their disciples. And this ancient sword tomb exploration is full of thistles and thorns, so how could the sect ignore us and just let us explore alone? Therefore, when I went down the mountain, Master made herself an avatar and followed me, becoming my personal guard. Because there is a restriction in this place that doesn't allow Jindan Stage or above to enter, her avatar didn't have too much magical power, only just to carry out the tactic and guidance. In fact, when I used my IQ to roll over you all, it's actually thanks to my master. As for Stellar Fairy Wang Lulu, of course, it's my beautiful and enchanting master that went into action, otherwise, do you think I would wear female clothing?"


"Of course, some people may ask, how could a Jindan Stage cultivator make an avatar? For this question, I have to ponder it carefully before arriving at this conclusion: don't forget that my master is the world's rarest double golden cores cultivator, so it's easy to make herself an avatar. If you don't believe me, you can also cultivate double golden cores, and you'll see that you can also make yourself an avatar."


"Finally, for those who insist that Stellar Fairy was me, like Junior Sister Wangyue, I would like to say, I wish you a bright future on the road of fujoshi 1 ."