Chapter 256: Fast And Furious

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Zhu Shiyao has a pair of good eyes that was hard to find.

Right now, Wang Lu remembered his Master once said such a sentence with a feeling of regret. Because at that time, she said it in the after-dinner chat, thus she didn't dwell on this topic too deep. His Master didn't say much on the specific on what kind of 'good' Zhu Shiyao's pair of eyes were.

However, why did he think about it now? With a simple analysis, the conclusion was not difficult to come by.

Wouldn't it be easy to deduct just by knowing who her Master was? Wasn't Sect Leader of Spirit Sword Sect Daoist Master Feng Yin famous for his nearsightedness?

Properly said, it was related to the method cultivated by the Sect Leader, which should be a top secret information. However, Wang Lu has a superb Master. No matter what kind of secret information it was, all could be exchanged with a bottle of spirit wine by her, including the matter regarding the eyes of Daoist Master Feng Yin.

He heard that Daoist Master Feng Yin, in cultivating his magical method, tempered his eyes with a special method, which, when combined with his Stellar Diffraction Technique, could directly see through the fog of time and space, predicting the future changes. When he fought with another cultivator, as long as he opened his eyes, Feng Yin could see through and calculate every possible move and outcome, which would be seen by him in a panoramic view. Of course, in addition to demanding requirements to the cultivators, the method also has an extremely strong side effect. Despite his profound cultivation base, it was very difficult for Feng Yin to control his eyes. If not for the help of Kunlun glasses, he would be as good as blind.

At that time, towards this method, his Master mused that because this method seemed too powerful, it would not be much of a use in an actual fight. Let alone the side effect, merely the ability to see through the opponent's move would not give the practitioner a certain victory because even if the practitioner were able to see through the future, they would not necessarily be able to grasp it.

However, right now, it seemed like the reason why his Master sighed with emotion when telling him that Zhu Shiyao has a pair of difficult to find eyes was exactly because of this problem.

Daoist Master Feng Yin using the Stellar Sword Method to refine his eyes was an acquired magical ability. On one hand, this method was not at all perfect since it needed him to constantly break new grounds and innovate. On another hand, acquired magical ability was, after all, a way that was in defiance of the natural order. Needless to say, the road would always be bumpy.

However, what if it was an innate magical ability? Like the inconceivably incorruptible brilliant sword heart body of Liu Li, which allowed her to unleash an astonishing power, yet without any side effect (IQ problem has nothing to do with innate magical ability). What if Zhu Shiyao possessed an innate magical ability?

Presumably, this was the secret to her invincible divine sword.

The truth was actually very simple. Zhu Shiyao was born with divine eyes, which allowed her to see through all the change in the method and find its weakness so that she could put her full pressure on it. Just now, Wang Lu used his Non-Phase Sword Art to contend against her Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword. Initially, his sword art was smooth and complete, without any flaw. However, this flawless sword art was established based on an anytime-anywhere reaction force. Non-Phase Sword was a sword that coupled the strength with gentleness; it was extremely exquisite in searching for the change of sword art, so it needed to be 'on the spot' instantly to give out an effective judgment. Wang Lu was actually very good at making instant sudden change. However, if all the changes have already been predicted and countered, the advantage immediately became a disadvantage.

Therefore, when the two swords clashed, his smooth sword momentum was cut off, and his impregnable Non-Phase Sword Defense was also instantly broken...

However, despite his understanding of the principle of Zhu Shiyao's swordsmanship, in the actual fight, he was still helpless. Zhu Shiyao was not Liu Li. Although wisdom was also not her forte, her amazing eyes that could see through anything made his cheap trick invalid.

If Zhu Shiyao's amazing eyes were not as developed, perhaps there was a method that he could think through. After all, Daoist Master Feng Yin, with the similar amazing eyes, still has some limitations. However, Big Sister possessed the formidable innate magical ability; several years ago, Spirit Sword Sect didn't dare to let her descend the mountain, because clearly, formidable power would inevitably be accompanied by hidden danger. Now that the sect dared to show her to the world, obviously, it was because her magical ability had already been perfected, becoming the candidate to be unequaled in the world...

If it were so easy to find her flaw, Spirit Sword Sect wouldn't have let her descended the mountain. Zhu Shiyao was, after all, unlike Wang Lu who could adapt to complex circumstances.

Therefore, what should he do...

When Wang Lu was lost in thought, Sword Demon coldly said, "Are you thinking about how to defeat the opponent? Why do you even need to think about such a simple question? Perhaps you're considering using some opportunistic methods? With your peerless Void Spirit Root and superb intelligence, why do you spend all day wasting your time thinking about some crooked ways? No wonder you've accomplished nothing!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've accomplished nothing, so why don't you change your representative? Your counterpart has Zhu Shiyao the Big Sister of Spirit Sword Sect who is extremely qualified, it would be suitable for you to poach her. If you succeed, not only you can have a powerful thug, you can also make your old enemy wear a green hat, killing two birds with one stone."

Wang Lu didn't seem to mind the rebuke from Sword Demon. When the same words were spoken the second time, they would only have a tenth of the original intimidation effect.

The only thing that could intimidate him were words that were backed by the truth. However, since the truth has been dissected, words were worthless. Just now, Wang Lu even possessed a killing intent, so how could he care about the words of Sword Demon? He already has a plan regarding the method, so talking about it would not be much of use.

The thing that was really worthy of his concern was when he signaled his Big Sister to slay the Sword Demon together but was completely ignored by his Big Sister. What the hell was she thinking?

Although the relationship between the two has not been harmonious, there was also no enmity either. If one wanted to be picky, Zhu Shiyao using her sword language to force Wang Lu to take half a step back could be counted as a reason for enmity. However, Wang Lu was magnanimous; he would not haggle over this little thing. So what caused Zhu Shiyao to use a heavy hand on him?

Although there have been several disagreements, Wang Lu didn't think that Big Sister was a small-minded person. There must be a reason for her being ruthless with her Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword. However, what could it be?

Nevertheless, the most important thing for him to consider was not the reason for the action of his Big Sister, but how would he save both of their lives in this treacherous situation. The last time, Zhu Shiyao managed to break his defense before Wang Lu was able to stop her. However, Wang Lu didn't want to bet that he would be able to do it for the second time! He could not let the initiative to fall into someone else's hand.

However, when he thought about it, the power disparity between them really put him in a difficult position. Zhu Shiyao was simply too strong. His Master even gave her invincible evaluation, which gave him a really big headache.

"Humph, if you continue to stay within your existing framework, you can never be her adversary."

While Wang Lu hesitated, Sword Demon began his old cliches.

"You still haven't opened your mind yet. Correct, your Senior Sister possessed an innate magical ability that can be rated as number one, and she also has a suitable method to assist her. In the same stage, she could be said to have no adversary. However, if you look from another perspective, what if her opponent is on a higher stage than her? No matter how formidable her swordsmanship is, could she, still in Xudan Stage, defeat a Yuanying Stage cultivator?"

Wang Lu thought that if the opponent was just an 'empty' Yuanying like the previous Daoist Master Zhi Feng, or Elders of Beast Master School without their spirit beasts... the outcome was still hard to say.

Sword Demon said, "Void Spirit Root has always been considered to be the best spirit root in the world. Yet, it has no special powerful magical ability, and it also has the stringent requirement for its method. So, what makes it the number one spirit root in the world?"

Then, without waiting for Wang Lu to answer him, Sword Demon already gave the answer, "Because it's fast! The cultivation of cultivators that possess the Void Spirit Root is very fast and it has no bottleneck whatsoever! Whether it's the Immortal Qin or the Great Ancestor Desheng, there were no records of them being invincible within their stage. They simply didn't bother to seek the title of invincible within the same stage. If they couldn't beat someone on the same level as them, they simply went back to cultivate for several months, and when they were three to four levels higher than their opponent, how could they be defeated again? Great Ancestor Desheng only took twenty years of cultivation to ascend to the world of immortals, which was a hundred times faster than that of a normal cultivator! With such a terrifying speed, how could anyone be his opponent? When those cultivators of the same stage are still preoccupied with who is better than who, cultivators that possessed the Void Spirit Root have already left them in the dust, unable to see even the shadow!"

Then Sword Demon continued with a somewhat regretful voice, "Unfortunately, the surrounding spiritual energy has changed too much in the past thousands of years, and the potential of Nine Regions is not the same as before. Perhaps, no one can ever reproduce the glory of Great Ancestor Desheng... However, even if you can't be compared to Great Ancestor Desheng, as the possessor of the Void Spirit Root, you should not be trapped in this little difficulty... You've already studied the introductory part of Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Method, so you ought to know what to do next."

Wang Lu was of course well aware.

This was nothing more than him continuing to sell his Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword. Before, what Sword Demon taught Wang Lu was just the introductory part. Although it was extraordinarily mysterious, to Wang Lu, it was similar to opening a new room, the thing behind the door was still shrouded in a mass of fog. Wang Lu has the confidence that he could independently innovate based on this initial framework. However, time wait for no man. If he wanted to cultivate as fast as possible, the best way to do it was, of course, to receive the teaching from the Sword Demon on the follow up of that method. Therefore, Wang Lu still has some doubt.

The basic idea of Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword was completely the opposite of Non-Phase Method. The basic idea of Non-Phase Method was defense and protection. Its designed reasoning was to build a layer of impregnable barrier through Non-Phase Sword Bone and its related methods to squeeze in the surrounding spiritual energy into the body. On the other hand, Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Method idea was extreme freedom, bold, and unrestrained, so much that it didn't even regard the Ninth Heaven Firmament, with one sword strike, the cloud broke, and the heaven split open.

The result of this conflicting ideas was that, if he really wanted to cultivate the Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword, he must first give up all of his achievements in the Non-Phase Method. In other words, it would turn into a waste method. Of course, he would not turn into a commoner in a single night. In fact, according to Wang Lu's calculation, the compatibility between Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword and Non-Phase Method was actually not bad...

When his thought came to this, Sword Demon said, "You don't have to worry about the efficiency in changing your method."

With that, Sword Demon pointed out at the boundless dark sea that surrounded the bright place.

"This is sea of bitterness."

Wang Lu was stunned. "You don't mean to let me cultivate using this thing right?"

Sword Demon said, "Why not? This is the accumulation of vicissitudes of Zhong Shengming's thousands of years of Immortal Cultivation. If used properly, it would help you advance your cultivation base by leaps and bounds."

Seeing that Wang Lu was still hesitating, Sword Demon continued, "Paying great attention to basic skills is good, but you must not compare yourself with ordinary people. The characteristic of Void Spirit Root is 'speed', as long as you can navigate the general direction, no matter how fast your pace of growth is, you don't have to worry that you can't withstand it. And by your perception of immortal cultivation, you would not end up not recognizing yourself anymore. You should know that, in immortal cultivation world, none of those who have a great accomplishment didn't have a rare encounter, which sped up their cultivation base far beyond that of the normal level.

"Great Ancestor Desheng had peerless talent and bestowed with true immortal level method, but for him to be able to ascend in just twenty years, it was also thanks to several rare encounters. His achievement to be the fastest man to ascend relied on the inheritance of many true immortal predecessors. Several times, he advanced so fast like a hurricane that his foundation shook, but in the end, he still smoothly ascended to the world of immortals. This is the power of Void Spirit Root!

"Today, I'm afraid the Nine Regions no longer have many untapped inheritances of true immortals. All of these things that are left behind by Zhong Shengming are already very remarkable for you. This black tide carries the thousands of years of all sorts of negative emotion of Zhong Shengming, but it also carries his thousands of years of sentiment and comprehension. To me and Sword God, this thing is meaningless, but to you, a person who has just cultivated for ten years, this thing is priceless. You can try to absorb some of it, grind it into primal chaos using Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Method and then use it for yourself."

Wang Lu didn't speak, but he silently stretched out his hand and sent out a bright light to grab the black haze.

In an instant, raging tide frenziedly poured into his Jade Mansion, which swallowed it up completely.