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 Chapter 255: My Heart Is For The Bright Moon

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword was a unified exceptional sword art created by the Sword God of Bai Li by combining ancient heritage and his own creation.

Although it was named as sword art, it was actually a complete set of method: Cultivation, body refining, heart sutra, soul-quenching... even so far as tool refining, talisman making, pill concocting. All parts of cultivation were covered, all were available, and not one was lacking. Even if the part imparted by Sword Demon to Wang Lu was just the introductory part, it still showed how superb its level was. It was every bit worthy of an ancient true immortal level method.

Wang Lu spent half a day in analyzing this introductory part. Although it was just its entry level, it was still amazing.

Sword Demon himself was equally amazed. Although he didn't spare a glance towards Wang Lu's method, when analyzing Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword, he actually heard something that he had never heard of before, which greatly surprised him. After the Age of Chaos, the world's surrounding spiritual energy had completely changed. Those with almighty magical abilities were a lot fewer, but those with diverging path had greatly developed; an extremely good example was the artificial spirit root.

"Since you have enough perception, you would succeed. It may not be long before you can master its essence. Mm, although you have wasted a few years, you, after all, are not a waste." Seeing how extremely fast Wang Lu comprehended that introductory part, Sword Demon gave him a couple of praise. However, he then said, "Unfortunately, you probably have no time to master its essence."

Wang Lu looked up. "What?"

"They're here."

What he referred to were not anyone else.

Within the black tide, there was a dazzling bright light. On the bright space, Zhu Shiyao's sword momentum was as hot as the scorching sun. It was the high-rank spiritual treasure Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword! The woman's sword split the black tide aside as she rushed on top of the sea of bitterness, braving the wind and wave.

Behind Zhu Shiyao was the Sword God whose hands were behind his back. His primal chaos magical power surged all over his body, forming an inseparable link with Zhu Shiyao, strengthening her with all kinds of ancient magical ability.

The two people approached with raging momentum. Their killing intent went through the roof. More importantly, Zhu Shiyao, with the aid from Sword God, astonishingly displayed a near Jindan Stage imposing manner! When she swung her sword down, Wang Lu felt as if the pressure was similar to being crushed by a mountain. The surging sword momentum was unmatched. Wang Lu could not help exclaim in surprise, "This is insane!"

Sword Demon coldly said, "Humph, although I cannot fight directly with Sword God, we can support our representative. Zhu Shiyao is receiving the full support of Sword God, so it's not unusual that her imposing manner is almost at the Jindan Stage. Don't worry, I will fully support you in the fight."

Wang Lu uttered a 'heh', wielded out his Sword of Mount Kun and took two steps forward. With each step, his imposing manner continued to surge. Although it appeared shaky under the oppression from Zhu Shiyao, the whole three feet space around the sword was still in Wang Lu's control, like a reef under a giant wave.

At this time, a whiff of gloomy magical power spread out behind Wang Lu. Although it was not much, it contained an elusive mysterious magical ability. Based on his analysis of the introductory part of the Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword, Wang Lu naturally recognized it as the Heaven Splitting Sword Qi of Bai Li's Sword God that roamed unhindered in Nine Regions long time ago.

The source of this sword qi was from the primal chaos, which contained epoch-creation energy and also life and death transformation method. At this time, the Heaven Splitting Sword Qi that the Sword Demon unleashed naturally has the efficacy of the latter, which strengthened Wang Lu's power to contend with the disciple of the Sword God.

"Open up your Jade Mansion and received my sword qi. You and I are in the same boat, if you lose I lose."

"In the same boat, you lose I lose? Well said." Wang Lu nodded and opened up his Jade Mansion. At the same time, he took one step forward. Now, he was only a few steps away from Zhu Shiyao and her wave splitting sword.

The two parties' imposing momentums were like awns, no one refused to give up. The boiling black haze that was squeezed between them was quickly dispersed to the side, and Wang Lu's Sword of Mount Kun slightly trembled. Under this peak confrontation atmosphere, it was unclear whether this millennium-old sword was excited or afraid.

However, the next moment, Wang Lu gently shook his wrist so that Sword of Mount Kun drew an insignificant small arc. At this moment, this action appeared quite redundant, but it actually contained a secret sword language code, which was only known to Spirit Sword Sect cultivators. Wang Lu believed his Big Sister was certainly able to get the message. The code meant:

"You and I slay the Sword Demon together!"

Exactly, it was to slay the Sword Demon. On the same boat? Who wants to suffer together with you! Big Sister and I came from the same place!

This was what set Wang Lu apart from other people. The previous words of temptation from the Sword Demon actually moved his heart, but even so, when he had the time to calm himself, he was still able to make a rational judgment.

This was not a sparring match on a beautiful spring day on the Spirit Sword Mountain. Compared to the true immortal level method, life was still more important. The benefits from Sword Demon were indeed music to the ear, but if because of this he forgot the other side's 'Demon' identity, it would be a sheer folly for him.

What about the Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword? Hahaha, since it was you who taught me not to blindly follow suit the method from the predecessor, wouldn't it mean a slap in the face if I just blindly learn your Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword while at the same time abandoning my Non-Phase Method? In any case, I've remembered the introductory part, so at worst, I can just slowly deduct its next part in the next few decades, it's not a big deal. Since you, Zhong Shengming can create this godly sword art, don't tell me I, Wang Lu, can't do it too?

Therefore, your usefulness is not that great. So go to hell!

Wang Lu's decision was quite firm, however, after receiving the sword language message, Zhu Shiyao's sword momentum still hasn't changed-it was still directed at Wang Lu. The latter was immediately startled. Big Sister, your acting is too realistic!?

Even if she didn't receive the sword language message from Wang Lu, as far as Zhu Shiyao was concerned, the correct choice of action would be to slay the Sword Demon first and not Wang Lu. After all, Wang Lu was only the sidekick, Sword Demon was the hero!

However, the next moment, Wang Lu finally found out that something was wrong. Zhu Shiyao's pair of as-clear-as-water and cold-as-ice eyes were without any other thought. Without a doubt, her sword light was aimed to crush Wang Lu.

Are you crazy! You don't know your own people anymore!?

Regardless of the reason, as a cultivator, Wang Lu's first reaction was to block. His Sword of Mount Kun immediately lit up. That was his Innate Non-Phase Sword Qi. However, compared to the past sword qi, this was several times firmer.

Sword Demon let out an 'oh' sound, and there was a trace of praise in his eyes.

Wang Lu has just completed the analysis of the introductory part, yet he immediately absorbed its essence and quickly applied it to his existing method. Such level of perception was indeed worthy of the Void Spirit Root.

Unfortunately, it was not enough.

The next moment, the two swords intersected. Wang Lu felt there was an uncanny, hard-to-resist force that invaded through the Sword of Mount Kun, which completely interrupted his pace, breaking his should've-been flawless and impregnable sword defense.

Under the unsurpassed and invincible Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword of Zhu Shiyao, cracks suddenly appeared on the Sword of Mount Kun. Sword Spirit Autumn Beam let out a cry as she was seriously injured.

However, Zhu Shiyao's sword momentum didn't even decrease in the least bit. After routing his Non-Phase Sword Defense, her sword light went straight for the center of his forehead, her killing intent seemed irrevocable!

In this crucial moment, Wang Lu didn't show any weakness. Even if his first quenching of Non-Phase Sword Qi has collapsed and Sword of Mount Kun couldn't be used... but he still has his refined body!

With such an unimaginably high speed, Wang Lu jerked his left arm, pointed his two fingers straight like a sword and hit Zhu Shiyao's immortal sword at an oblique angle. This was Non-Phase Sword Finger!

This was his real life-saving skill, abandoning the weapon and using his flesh as a shield. According to the-smaller-the-area-the-stronger-the-defense of Non-Phase Sword Defense rule, his three inches sword defense carried out by his two fingers was really impregnable!

However, after encountering the Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword, it melted like snow. His two fingers silently burst into a mist of blood, and his thoroughly refined Non-Phase Sword Bone was unexpectedly fragile.

On the other hand, this sword strike from Zhu Shiyao was finally stopped.

This was only one round of exchange...

Just now, Wang Lu sent out the entire primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi from his Jade Mansion through his sword finger and combined it with his three feet Non-Phase Diamond Sword Defense, which barely managed to withstand the sword strike from the opponent, but then what?

How was he going to stop Zhu Shiyao's second sword strike?

However, the next moment, an unexpected thing happened again. After that first sword strike, Zhu Shiyao didn't continue with the second sword strike. Her eyes seemed several degrees vacant, and she hung her Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword to her side. She no longer had the tiniest bit of fighting intent!

"Let's go!"

Seeing that something was not right with Zhu Shiyao, Sword God immediately called her out. At the same time, while she was still distracted, using primal chaos sword qi, he picked her up and flew away from the opponent. That golden sword light soon disappeared in the vast black tide.

"Phew, that was close."

On the other side, Wang Lu hung down his injured left hand, shook his head and sighed.

It wasn't strange that he lost to Zhu Shiyao in a head-on confrontation, however, just now, when the two swords collided, a peculiar feeling welled up in Wang Lu's heart.

"Strange, obviously from the point of view of strength, she's actually not that strong, yet my Non-Phase Sword Defense seems extremely vulnerable. Using my sword is even more awkward-every change in my Non-Phase Sword seems to have already been known and countered by her ahead of time..."

At this time, Wang Lu felt a bit regretful for not paying attention more to this hard-to-get-a-glimpse-at Big Sister in his time on the mountain-after all, at that time, he just suffered a loss from her, so if he immediately inquired the news about her, it would've been too straightforward, and it would make him seem small-minded.

However, he did have a few necessary information about her. For example, Wang Lu remembered that her Master once said that Big Sister has a pair of difficult-to-seek good eyes.


At the same time, at the other end of the boundless sea of bitterness, Zhu Shiyao and Sword God finally stopped. Both were similarly somewhat speechless.

Looking at the still vacant look of Zhu Shiyao, Sword God sighed, yet he didn't know what to say to her. The child's aptitude and perception were all unprecedented, but...

"It's strange." Zhu Shiyao retrieved back her Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword and her two petite hands that were regarded by many people as being the most suitable to hold a sword. Afterwards, she pressed her eyes and gently kneaded them. "That primal chaos Sword Demon is obviously just a group of demonic qi, but why do I feel it's somewhat familiar?"

After a while, Zhu Shiyao put down her hands and sighed.

"It's frustrating that when I came in, my contact lenses were broken..."