Chapter 246: I Said No, Then It's No

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Starting from the loyalty gate, the next five tests, no one would be able to pass any of them.

When Wang Lu made that statement amidst the broken golden lights, many were stunned by this earth-shaking twist.

What the hell is going on!?

Even Wang Lu's allies were stunned. Zhan Ziye, Zhou Mumu, the two team leaders of the other two sects stared dumbfoundedly at the disappearing golden lights all around them.

Hey, if you're trying to cheat Shengjing Sect, why are you taking us down with them? However, when they saw the golden lights that wrapped on Wang Lu, Bai Shixuan and Liu Li shattered, turning them into the loser of the third gate, it became difficult to condemn him.

Only Jianglu, who seemed to act as if this has long been expected, looked indifferent but just slightly shook his head in disappointment.

He said, "Sure enough there's a way to break this method of yours. It's just that, I never thought that you'd actually do it."

Wang Lu shrugged. "There is a very simple logic for this, why would you say like this is unthinkable? Spirit Sword Sect team has three team members, I am the other two's Senior Brother. As such, I have the right and also the obligation. Previously, when I told them to do things, that is my right, but helping my Junior Sister obtain the ancient sword tomb inheritance is my obligation as a Senior Brother! Other than eliminating outsiders, professional adventurer can also be an excellent helper."

Jianglu shook his head. "Humph, no matter what reasons you have, no matter how you embellish things, your action is ultimately the action of a coward turtle."

"Oh, then what are you doing? Provoking the turtle to extend its head?"

Jianglu said, "I thought you would at least face it like a man."

"Sorry, it's precisely because I'm a man that I don't have the interest to face someone with a rough face like you."

Seeing that Wang Lu didn't want to respond positively to him no matter what, Jianglu was disappointed and no longer bothered to waste his effort. "Empty incendiary rhetoric is meaningless. Since you said you'd make sure everyone failed in the next five gate, then let's go and see if you have the ability to fulfill your prophecy!"


Walking out of the loyalty gate, everyone's thoughts were different.

Among them, Shengjing Sect team that walked at the front began to become somewhat impetuous and uneasy.

The total failure at the third gate was not the real problem-the issue here was that, it seemed like Wang Lu has the ability to deliver on his statement.

First of all, his summary of the eight trials was not wrong; it was far easier to fail than to pass in these tests. Perhaps it was difficult to pass them, but it was very easy to drag other people down. The second gate test was a very good example for this. However, conversely, what if someone else used it? Numerical advantage didn't work in every gate, just like in the third gate. In such a case, if the other intentionally did bad things, it was indeed virtually impossible for Shengjing Sect to guard against it. Especially for Wang Lu who was known for his ability to mess things up!

Secondly, and most importantly, Spirit Sword Sect advantage in the number of tests that they have passed was indeed genuine. If things unfolded according to what Wang Lu said, then this advantage was indeed enough to become the key to success.

What should they do then?

Shengjing Sect cultivators invariably looked at Senior Brother Jianglu. As the leader of the team, how would he lead everyone out of this predicament? Did he really have a way to defuse Wang Lu's obstruction in the next five tests? As the cultivators of Shengjing Sect, they have a strong confidence in their Senior Brother Power King. However, in this kind of easy to attack but hard to defend rule, facing an opponent with endless means, the situation was really...

"There's no need to be too bothered."

Once they stepped out of the gate, Jianglu opened his mouth to answer the question of his Junior Brothers and Sisters.

The next moment, a flash of thunder bloomed before everyone. The purple-cyan lightning exploded in front of the loyalty gate where at this time, there were Wang Lu as the lead and Liu Li and Bai Shixuan on his sides, and following closely behind them were the people of Kunlun Immortal Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect. Just now, they had just stepped out of the gate when this sudden changed happened which completely caught them off guard!

This lightning was swift and violent, however, the real killer move followed right after that lightning strike. The one who launched the lightning strike was naturally Power King Jianglu. Using power to cast out lightning was not really what Wang Jianglu was good at, therefore, the lightning strike was simply an insignificant accompaniment. The real power of Jianglu was his Power King True Body, using absolute power to smash the balance of the five elements, spontaneously drawing lightning from the out of control surrounding spiritual energy.

Since the complementary force was already that powerful, how much powerful the strike from the main force of the Power King actually was?

"Tsk, sure enough, it's really here."

Perhaps if caught off guard, no one present could take this direct hit from Jianglu. However, even if all the people were unprepared, at least Wang Lu certainly was not.

Even before the lightning strike arrived, the Non-Phase Sword Light has already faintly lit. The last layer of seal of the Sword of Mount Kun has finally been opened at this time, breaking the last layer of shackles of the sword spirit. Impressively, an entity manifested out of it. With cold eyes, Autumn Beam held the ancient sword together with Wang Lu, extending the sword forward, breaking through the intense light from the lightning, colliding head-on with Wang Jianglu's fist.

This time, there was no amazing shockwave and destruction as all the impact and destruction quickly vanished under the collision of sword and fist. Even the lightning that came out because of the raging spiritual energy was swallowed by the invisible force.

"What a good sword art. You are the first low-level Xudan that could block my fist."

A long while later, Jianglu faintly opened his mouth and retracted his fist.

Wang Lu also withdrew his Sword of Mount Kun. Spirit Sword Autumn Beam lightly glanced at him before once again joining with the ancient sword.

Wang Lu then opened his mouth to praise, "What a good Power King True Body, able to use Jindan Stage power to nearly overwhelm me, it's indeed an ancient heritage, immortal level method; the attack power is probably more than +10."

Jiangly sneered, "+10? What is that? But, if one of my hands is +10, wouldn't both of them should be equal to +20?"

While speaking, Wang Jianglu clenched his two fists. At the same time, the sound of two claps of thunder reverberated. The strength from that clenching of fists has actually torn the balance of the five elements, resulting in another purple-cyan lightning.

Initially, Wang Lu's sword was equally matched with Jianglu's fist, but unexpectedly, that was not Jianglu's full strength.

After all, he was one of the top ten Successor Disciples of Shengjing Sect and his cultivation time was much longer than Wang Lu; his cultivation base has reached the peak Xudan. If the swift and violent attack still couldn't break the defense of a low-level Xudan, then Shengjing Sect was not worthy to be the number one in the Union of Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

Seeing this tense situation, people from Ten Thousand Arts Sect and Kunlun Sect each took a half step forward, trying to support Wang Lu. Especially Zhou Mumu of Kunlun Mountain, who was even more proactive than the people from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

However, Jianglu was already about to make his move, how could this change deter him? No need for him to say it, Wangyue siblings have already led more than twenty of their teammates to come forward. Their combined imposing manner instantly pressured that of the three sects alliance.

In terms of strength, Shengjing Sect's twenty-five person team were, in fact, a bit stronger than the other three sects. Once they made up their mind to use all their force no matter what, the three sects alliance has no good way to deal with them.

Of course, Shengjing Sect was not the madman that was the Royal Soldier Sect. If not necessary, neither the Shenjing Sect or the disciples of the the five uniques wished to have a fall out with each other. Therefore, when his team's momentum has gained the upper hand, Jianglu faintly said, "This has nothing to do with Kunlun Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect. The one who made the statement was Spirit Sword Sect, let them bear the consequences of it."

With that, he also said to Zhou Mumu who was eager to fight, "According to Wang Lu's statement, your sect's interest is also damaged-so far, only one or two of your people who got one virtue, which doesn't even include you as the Lead Representative, so why do you want to support him?"

Zhou Mumu righteously said, "Because I am willing!"

"You're your sect's Lead Representative, so in everything, you represent your Kunlun Immortal Sect. You are willing, but is your sect willing too?"

Zhou Mumu was immediately speechless. She turned around to look at her Junior Apprentices. Not accidentally, she heard their answer.

"Senior Sister, we support you. No matter what you do, we would be right behind you!"

However, the more such support, the heavier the burden. Zhou Mumu opened and closed her lips as of to say something. Finally, she could not bear the responsibility of bringing her group of Junior Apprentices to a serious clash with Shenjing Sect just because of her own interest.

She was, after all, the Big Sister of the Kunlun Sect.

However, before she could say anything, Wang Lu has already said, "Senior Sister Zhou, this matter has nothing to do with Kunlun Sect, so there's no need for you guys to make your move. The same is also for fellow daoists of Ten Thousand Arts Sect. Thank you all for your massive generosity in disregarding my deliberate nonsense. Please just watch this on the sideline, see how my Spirit Sword Sect handle Shengjing Sect!"

"You have guts!"

Jianglu, who was furiously glaring, smiled instead of becoming angry. "Then let me see how are your Spirit Sword Sect is going to keep off the heavenly power of my Shengjing Sect!"

Wang Lu faintly smiled. "Liu Li."

Liu Li has already entered the fighting state. Out of the loyalty gate, facing the thunder punch from Jianglu, her response was only a bit slower than Wang Lu. Brilliant Sword Heart illuminated everything, thus she was ready to make her move at any time.

And when Wang Lu was ready to use her power, Liu Li's Brilliant Sword Heart reaction came even faster than his instruction. The sharp, strong, fierce, and overbearing Hepta Golden Sword Qi flushed out with mammoth momentum!

However, the sword qi was actually not aimed at Jianglu's Power King True Body, but...

But at the fourth gate of eight gates, the trust gate!

Liu Li's move was simply too fast, that nobody's reaction was fast enough to block her strike. Jianglu just heard Wang Lu's command and the sword qi has already moved towards the gate.

What a crafty lowly person!

Jianglu was furious. The might of his Power King True Body surged up by several points as his two fists moved to stop Liu Li's flying sword.

However, at this time, Wang Lu's Sword of Mount Kun was actually shortened into a one-foot sword, and the initial sword qi was also condensed, forming a one-foot sword defense, blocking in front of that heavy punch.

Jianglu felt as if he had bumped into an indestructible mighty wall-his Power King True Body actually couldn't break it!

At the same time, the sword qi violently collided against the gate. Stone debris fell all around it, but the gate itself still stood. When his fists failed, Jianglu glanced at the side and inwardly sneered, how could this ancient sword tomb be ordinary? Shengjing Sect has also tried this, but the gate was really not easy to destroy... However, the next moment, he saw Liu Li's imposing manner didn't diminish in the slightest. After probing the property of that gate, the Hepta Golden Sword was retrieved back by her and then a dark green flying sword, no less sharp than the golden sword, flew out from her cuff. That was Liu Li's Wood Flying Sword. When the sword flew out, Bai Shixuan quietly put her hand on Liu Li's shoulder and the brilliance of the dark green flying sword increased by dozens of times. Moreover, the sword qi also received the earth element, unexpectedly drawing the power from the Fengshui line to strengthen it.

Bai Shixuan was not a fighter, but in terms of magical power, as an immortal beast, she was more vigorous than anyone present. The attack power of this combined magical power and sharp sword was far above the Xudan Stage, although perhaps this was still somewhat not enough to take on the whole twenty-five people battle array of Shengjing Sect, but...


Green ray of lightning instantly engulfed the stone gate. The fourth gate, trust gate, was crushed into dust.

"What a great gall you have!"

Jianglu roared. His power was once again increased. However, Wang Lu took the initiative to say, "If you continue to increase your power, you can eventually break my one-foot sword defense... But, even if all of you swarm me at the same time, I have the confidence to block you all for a little while. But during this little while, we absolutely have the ability to destroy the remaining four gates, do you believe it or not?"

Jianglu sneered. "Of course not!"