Chapter 225: I Am the First Okay!

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"Master, help. It's an emergency!"

Arriving at the Non-Phase Peak from Brilliant Peak, the first thing that Wang Lu did was to seek help.

And his master was indeed worthy to be his master as she righteously said, "Hahaha, kid, look at your gloomy forehead and your anxious scowling face, probably because you're bitter about your lovelorn situation, and you need a charming mature woman to heal your pain!"

Wang Lu was silent for a long time before he seriously replied, "Actually, I had seriously reflected on it. Grand Cloud Fairy is a peerless beauty. Failing to keep her life is one of my biggest regrets in my ten years of Immortal Cultivation, so it does trouble my mind. However, it's not the feeling of lovelorn, but more like moved by her selfless sacrifice. Moreover, even if there's any feeling of pain, seeing this shameless face of yours, no one could keep being sad."

His Master indifferently smiled. "You have the right to be stubborn... Come on then, say it. What's the matter? It's really not easy for you to come and beg for my help."

Wang Lu said, "There are not that many things that I could rely on you, so of course it's about Immortal Cultivation. I want to know how to win against Zhu Shiyao."

His master suddenly froze. "Zhu Shiyao? How could you two possibly cross each other's path?"

Wang Lu thought for a moment and decided that this was quite a difficult question to answer. If he directly told her that he was slightly angry for being treated like he was small and invisible at the Brilliant Peak, it would show that he was a small-minded person. If he told her that he still couldn't accept being forced back at Four Divisions Peak, it would paint him as not being magnanimous, therefore...

Wang Lu coldly said, "Because a mountain could not tolerate two tigers!"

His Master cursed, "Bullsh*t! A mountain could not tolerate two tigers you say? Then what are Feng Yin, Liu Xian, and the others? Sick cats? When did your generation of disciples start to dominate here?"

"I am the morning sun."

"Then Zhu Shiyao is the haze that covers the sky."


"You really picked the wrong opponent this time." His Master spread out her arms. "If you want to fight her head-on, you can't defeat her no matter what."

This answer was really a surprise to Wang Lu.

After seeing Zhu Shiyao's mysterious Stellar Soul Sword, Wang Lu was very clear of the gap between them... However, upon carefully checking, it might not necessarily be as different as heaven and earth. Though his Non-Phase Sword Art was broken, it was mostly because he was caught unprepared; as long as he remained vigilant, there would always be a fighting chance. Cultivation base of Zhu Shiyao was similar to him, so there was no reason that she would be far stronger than him. Therefore, as long as he diligently cultivated, learned two or three new moves or techniques, he would be able to reverse the disadvantages. Even if one year were not enough, in three or five years, the result would reveal itself.

However, unexpectedly, his master's conclusion was so decisive!

Seeing Wang Lu's surprised face, his master had already guessed what was inside his mind. After thinking about it for a moment, and then, after organizing on the wording, she lightly explained, "Have you heard about the Chosen One?"

Wang Lu nodded his head. Although this belonged to the sect secret, as a Successor Disciple who has been living on the mountain for more than ten years, he more or less has known some of it. The appearance of the so-called the Chosen One was usually a precursor to the advent of a new age. They were bestowed with the providence of the Nine Regions. These people possessed the "destiny" and often could accomplish astonishing undertakings.

Great Ancestor Desheng and Immortal Qin were such examples.

And Wang Lu was the child of destiny determined by the Sect Leader ten years ago-though there was a misunderstanding in the initial process.

As far as Wang Lu was aware, the purpose of the Spirit Sword Sect to hold the Immortal Gathering ten years ago was to absorb this Chosen One. After he was accepted into the sect, over the years, his brilliance gradually shone, making him deserve the title of the Chosen One. Therefore, in doing things, even if he occasionally overstepped the limit, the elders would not care about it too much-except for the strictest Disciplinary Elder Fang He. This was undoubtedly the advantage of being the Chosen One.

Then what would be the purpose of his master in bringing up this topic?

"In doing things, big sects rarely rely on a gamble. Therefore, in order to cope with the advent of the new age, Spirit Sword Sect has made many preparations... Simply put, you're not the only 'Chosen One'. Not to mention on the Nine Regions, even in Spirit Sword Sect, we also have another alternative other than you."

Wang Lu was slightly startled. "It's Big Sister, right?"

"Liu Li could also be counted as one, but her weight is lighter. Before you entered the sect, many people put their expectation on Zhu Shiyao. Although she didn't match with the characteristics of the Chosen One in the prophecy, she is too powerful. So much that after we calculated it, even if there's a Chosen One, the person might not be able to overcome her. As a matter of fact, up to now, in Sect Leader's eyes, between the two of you, he remains impartial."


His Master said, "Well, objectively speaking, your weight is a bit heavier. After all, the sect can't rely solely on strength alone. Whether it's Liu Li or Zhu Shiyao, both are top notch cultivators, but the flaws in their characters doomed them to not be able to become the leader of the sect and lead other people. On the other side, at least you have already used the Wisdom Sect to prove yourself capable to be a leader. However, conversely, without your low cunning, you are simply not qualified to be on par with Zhu Shiyao."

"... Ouch, that's harsh."

His master firmly said, "It is!"


"However, why must you bash your head against a brick wall? Even if your strength is inferior, you can use your IQ to establish a sense of superiority. Though Zhu Shiyao is not as stupid as Liu Li, in front of you, she definitely can't be qualified as smart. Besides, though Zhu Shiyao is said to be extremely strong, from a certain point, she's actually very fragile. She has a fatal soft rib. Her fighting wisdom is also not as good as Liu Li with her Brilliant Sword Heart. Therefore, it's easy for you to grab her soft rib." Wang Wu then continued, "Simply speaking, if you and Zhu Shiyao are to be put in an arena for a life and death fight, nine out of ten, she would come out as the winner. However, if placed in an extremely complex environment, you have a much higher winning chance. Therefore, on the previous two experiential learning, Sect Leader sent you to Grand Cloud Mountain, while she was sent to the Southern Heaven Region. You see, if you look at it in this way, you ought to find it easy to accept this, right?"

Wang Lu coldly humphed. "This cheating-out-money-by-adjusting-the-financial-account method is useless! Can't be compared is can't be compared, trying to find reasons is only making me look weaker."

His master clapped, totally without any sincerity. "Well said, you're indeed my disciple; your integrity is simply overflowing. Then please carry forward your style, use your iron bone to contend with Zhu Shiyao's Stellar Soul Sword, I wish you good luck."


Without any valuable help from his Master, Wang Lu knew that it was mostly because his master did not have the means to help him.

Zhu Shiyao's power was so absolutely difficult to shake...The next day, Wang Lu closed his eyes and tried to recall the Soul Sword in that black and white world, yet he was still unable to see even the slightest chance to win.

Stellar Sword Qi was not at all strong, but it was exquisite enough that it could even fabricate a flaw in his Non-Phase Sword to break through. Wang Lu tried to deduce several times, but no matter how he varied his sword power and condition, the Stellar Sword Qi would still accurately and coldly pierce his head... Non-Phase Sword was never a coarse sword art that only relied on brute force, but under that mysterious Stellar Sword Qi, it seemed clumsy and full of flaws.

It was unreservedly scary. It could be said that Wang Lu has already fought many fights with his Non-Phase Sword. From Ye Cuchen the loose cultivator, Zhao Jiangyuan the elite disciple of one of the Five Uniques, to Tiger King the real Yuanying Stage expert, nobody could break his Non-Phase Sword purely based on skill alone. Before Zhu Shiyao, Wang Lu didn't even think about its possibility!

There must be some kind of secret to this. Considering that his master also said that she has a fatal weakness, Wang Lu slowly paced back and forth aimlessly outside their hut. At the same time, an idea gradually formed in his mind.

Could it be, the powerful secret of Zhu Shiyao was...

At this time, a golden sword light flew rapidly from the sky. Though it was fast, it was without great power. This sword light interrupted Wang Lu's train of thoughts. When he turned his focus to that sword, it was actually the kind of flying sword that was specifically used to deliver a letter.

A letter for me? At this time? Wang Lu curiously reached for the flying sword and took down the letter. When he glanced at it, he was a bit taken aback.

The envelope was actually magnificently imprinted with the words Ten Thousand Arts Sect. As for the sender, as expected, it was Hai Yunfan.

Though it has been quite a long time since the two of them met each other, these past few years, Hai Yunfan has always been his good pen pal.

His correspondence with Hai Yunfan was actually quite frequent. However, it was really rare for Hai Yunfan to use such a luxurious way of sending letters. In general, they usually used the common great arrangement delivery, with delivery day interval around three to four days. However, this golden flying sword could guarantee a half day delivery, which was why it wasn't cheap.

When he opened the letter, Wang Lu was even more surprised because it was not the commonly used paper, but an extremely precious shadow paper, which could carry out instant communication. The advantage was that, this communication was highly secretive and could not be intercepted by others. Moreover, usually, the communication was not limited by spatial restriction; no matter where, the two sides could communicate this way. The principle behind this was somewhat similar to Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman.

Since Hai Yunfan had sent him this precious communication tool, obviously, he had something important to talk to him. Wang Lu lightly pointed at the Golden Flying Sword, leaving behind his own magical power on it as a proof that he had received the letter. He then brought the letter back to his room.

After he seated on the desk and opened the letter, Hai Yunfan's writing appeared on it.

"Brother Wang, it has been many years, I really miss..."

Wang Lu immediately wrote back, "Less nonsense and just get down to business."

"Okay. I would like to ask about your sect's Successor Disciple Zhu Shiyao, does Brother Wang understand what I mean?"

Wang Lu immediately exclaimed ' f*ck me! ' inwardly and then, enduring the chaos in his heart, wrote, "What do you want to know about her?"

"A month and a half ago, the ancient sword tomb at Southern Heaven Region opened its door, and many cultivators from all over the Nine Regions converged to compete for the ancient relics, including my sect. Big Brother Zhan Ziye led a team of seven people in total... Initially, we thought that we could win, but ultimately, we were defeated single-handedly in the hands of your sect's Zhu Shiyao. However, after thinking about it, we became even more puzzled, so I especially sent this letter to inquire: Does your sect know that the power of Zhu Shiyao is basically against the heaven?"

Wang Lu remained silent.

After a while, Hai Yunfan's handwriting began to appear again.

"There's also another personal question: Brother Wang is the Lead Representative of Spirit Sword Sect, but... If your sect has Zhu Shiyao, how could you be the Lead Representative?"

F*ck! Can you not make things difficult for me!

Despite Wang Lu's strong psychological quality as a professional adventurer, at this time, he also has the impulse to tear the letter. He gritted his teeth and then wrote his answer.

"Of course, by virtue of my wisdom and handsomeness!"