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 Chapter 220: Wang Lu in His Literary Time

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It was a safe journey from Grand Cloud Mountain all the way to Spirit Sword Mountain.

Back on the Spirit Sword Mountain, life returned to its original peaceful and idyllic way, no strange appearance or twist. When Wang Lu previously professed the marriage pledge between Bai Shixuan and him, he clearly felt several inexplicable cold stares behind his back. However, there was no follow-up. Everything seemed to be illusory.

Back at the Spirit Sword Mountain, the experiential learning team was disbanded. Liu Li returned to Brilliant Peak and reported her experience to her Master Zhou Ming. Bai Shixuan and cat girl Ling Yan, led by Wang Wu, paid a visit to the Sect Leader of Spirit Sword Sect, and then very smoothly obtained the sword mark of Spirit Sword Sect, truly becoming members of Spirit Sword Sect. Moreover, they both received the same preferential treatment of a Jindan Stage sect member. There was no discriminatory treatment whatsoever because of their spirit beast origin.

Some sects did not need to publicly announce that all living beings are equal, because true equality never needed to be said.

Quan Zouhua was still the same goofy, full of life, and carefree stupid dog as before. During this experiential learning with Wang Lu, the highlights for it were not many. However, if the events were carefully combed through, it wouldn't be difficult to discover that, actually, everything was precisely because of it. How much of it was because of the will of the heaven, and how much was because of the will of the people, were, however, difficult to say.

As for Wang Lu himself, it has been long since the last time he enjoyed the medicinal bath administered by his master, as well as his master personally helping him circulate his blood circulation by body massaging him. After that, it was as if his body was reborn.

Of course, without it, he would end up dead. Previously, because of the pressure from Shao Bo, Wang Lu had to break the cauldrons and sink the boats [1] to dish out the immature Innate Non-Phase Diamond Sword, which admittedly further advanced his Sword Art. However, it came with a heavy cost. The physical load has far exceeded the limit of his body.

After that sword, Wang Lu immediately retracted his magical power and suppressed the injury on his body. However, the damage to his body has already been done. At that time, it only manifested in the feeling of exhaustion, but hidden below that was grave danger... Fortunately, with his master's medicinal bath, the hidden danger in Wang Lu's body was eliminated by half. The remaining portion would be handled by the natural healing ability of Non-Phase Sword Bone. Otherwise, how long until his injury could recover?

Regardless, this was not his main concern.

"If you let yourself evaluate, how many points would you give yourself in this experiential learning?"

After finishing the massage, while wiping her hands with a towel, Wang Wu asked the naked Wang Lu who was lying on the bed next to her.

At this time, Wang Lu's whole blood vessels were completely relaxed. Like he was in the seventh heaven, with a trace of 'enjoying the languidness' in his voice, he replied, "Of course it's one hundred points!"

Wang Wu blew a raspberry. "I really should've rubbed your facial skin more, one hundred points? Only you could say that!"

Wang Lu leisurely added, "The full score is two hundred... At the end of the experiential learning, even you, master, were alarmed, so how could I have the nerve to give myself full score?"

Wang Wu said, "It's good that you know that. If I hadn't saved you, you would've been killed by the two Great Elders of Beast Master School."

When it came to that dangerous situation, Wang Lu could not help but sigh with emotion. "Pulling tooth out of a tiger is really not easy."

His master also sighed with emotion. "Pulling tooth out of a tiger is indeed not easy. However, with your skill, it's actually not that hard. Instead, you rely on your professional adventurer's awesomeness, not only did you extract the tooth out of a tiger's mouth, you still wanted to ejaculate inside its mouth."


"Let's take a review. If when you arrived at Grand Cloud Mountain you maintained a low-key presence, taking the initiative to evade a direct conflict with the Beast Master School, wouldn't the later development be smoother?"

Wang Lu sighed and did not say anything. On the one hand, he was overwhelmed with laziness from his weary body, therefore, unable to refute, and on another hand, what his master said was on-point, not the least bit wrong.

If in the beginning he ignored the offense of two junior disciples and always hid in the dark, the later development would not be full of twists and turns. With Wang Lu's means, if he stayed in the dark while the opponent in the light, he definitely could carry off the immortal beast without alarming anyone. However, the actual result was that of a rushed operation. Though exquisite in tactics and strategies, nevertheless, it has a taste of 'bringing about one's own destruction' in it.

"Of course, you can shirk from that hiding in the dark method by saying it was to earn the prestige value. However, the fact of the matter is, in the final analysis, none of your title of Spirit Sword Sect's Lead Representative, and Sect Leader of Wisdom Sect, allows you to do things in low-key. Therefore, even though you knew perfectly well that you lacked the cultivation base, you still bent on your against the heaven acts, dancing on the tip of a blade. Fortunately, it worked out well in the end because you passed almost all of those against the heaven's paths. If not for the love of you and Bai Shixuan, even if I come forward, it is impossible for me to take her back... Therefore I'll give you a passing grade in this experiential learning. Overall, although the experiential learning was not long, there are many things worth to summarize about. Over the next two days, while you recuperate and can't cultivate, I want you to write a report to me."

Wang Lu nearly jumped out of the bed. "What report!?"

"Report about your experience in the Grand Cloud Mountain. Mainly from the background of experiential learning, team composition, experiential learning process, attainment, and other aspects. Moreover, you need to examine clearly the problems that you faced there, including the problem pertaining your immortal cultivation. You need to conduct a thorough analysis and come up with practical solutions."

"Are you kidding me? Do I have to take the medicinal bath too? I just went down the mountain not that long, but there's already this kind of unhealthy practice?"

His Master expressionlessly said, "In addition to writing this report, I believe in a few days, the letter of protest from Beast Master School would be sent to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals Headquarters. Although we won't have too much trouble, this war of words is unavoidable. At that time, you will be the one responsible for communicating through letters with the Beast Master School."

"What the hell!?"

"Furthermore, because of the immortal chance that you got in this experiential learning has advanced your cultivation base straight to Xudan Stage, you need to prepare to cultivate the next stage of the method, including Non-Phase Sword Bone and Non-Phase Sword. When you finished writing your report, I will give you the methods and you will be able to practice them twelve hours a day."

"Holy crap!"

"Well then, that's it for now. If something comes up, I'll promptly notify you."

With that, his master walked out of the room, unconcerned for the astonishment of Wang Lu.

Outside the house, the woman looked back at the lazily lying in bed Wang Lu, and then produced a quite satisfied smiled.

Hehe, thanks to my gentleness and considerateness, you, this foolish disciple, who can't let people worry-free... If I don't use this method to make you as busy as dog, you, this cranky youngster who always let your imagination run wild, would certainly do something harmful. In Grand Cloud Mountain, you became the scourge of Beast Master School, now that you've returned to the Non-Phase Peak, I don't want you to bring disaster to me.

At the same time, Wang Lu, with his delicate youngster emotion, also felt quite a disdain for the woman.

He has set foot on the road of Immortal Cultivation for more than a decade, and during which, he even developed a large scale sect, which gave him a venerated status. However, unexpectedly, he was deeply perplexed of the emotional feeling between man and woman. He must make it clear, he was the lead representative of the number one sword sect in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals! He has to possess a sharp weapon that could chop every kind of trouble that befell him!

Big greatsword of will!


It was rare for the Fifth Elder to be gentle and considerate. Unfortunately, however, doing things that one wasn't good at would end up being not good. She tried to mediate Wang Lu's mood by overworking him, however, the first step of her plan was already a mistake.

Because this pain in the ass writing thing absolutely couldn't dispel the loneliness of a person. Although in Fifth Elder's opinion, writing this pain in the ass report would consume his time, making them impatient and impossible to focus on thinking, which would end up distracting his thought, however, at this time, Wang Lu was in the 'even if it's pain in the ass, I can still do it' kind of mental state. Since this was a request from his master plus his injury has left him with free idle time, he simply put a serious effort in drafting this pain in the ass report.

Though the content of this pain in the ass report was confusing in many people's eyes, with the text being neither gorgeous nor practical and could even be said as bloated with words, but it was, in fact, an excellent pain in the ass article. From a writer's point of view, every single word and phrase were precise and succinct. Although the prose was not excessively fine, its internal logic was higher; especially since writing the summary report, it was important to have a clear understanding of the whole thing.

Therefore, the instance Wang Lu touched the pen, he immediately fell deeply into his memory lane, unable to extricate himself.

During those days in Grand Cloud Mountain, the playback of each scene on his experiential learning was extremely clear, which fully showed the special skill of photographic memory from the best student... Including the scene where he first flew into Cloud Region, including when he met the dog lover cultivators of Beast Master School, including the fight with Chi Hou, and the unforgettable scene in the middle of Green Lake.

During this writing time, Wang Lu could only sigh whenever an indescribable emotion welled up in his heart. However, he was, after all, expected by his master to be strong. Therefore, after a moment of melancholy, his professional adventurer rationality immediately took over.

Some things needed not to be deliberately ignored or forgotten, but also needed not to be deliberately entangled in. Compared to five years ago when he, in Wang Family Village, decidedly said goodbye to his parents, though he still needed the same big greatsword, he didn't need more willpower.

Since he had lifted the pen, the report should be carefully written down. However, since he was in a particular mood, the report style was also particularly different. In this report, the main key was reflection-based. The arrangement of his plan during this experiential learning and the glorious fight after fight with increasingly more powerful enemies were expressed succinctly by him in a few words. However, in analyzing his mistakes, he spent a great deal of effort. Wang Lu carefully reflected on every word and action that he took during the experiential learning and put out everything that could be improved.

The list was so appallingly detailed that Wang Lu even harshly criticized every moment when he got distracted instead of focusing on cultivation when walking on the Grand Cloud Mountain. However, as a result, Wang Lu had a new understanding of this experiential learning; the feeling could be felt but difficult to explain in words.

Two days later, when his injury was finally healed, on the bed, Wang Lu finally put down the pen and looked at the tens of thousands of words of his experiential learning report. Sighing, he rubbed his fingers which ignited the Samadhi True Fire. In that firelight, the sharpness and incisiveness that belonged to a professional adventurer finally returned.

However, it has to wait for him to grow up...

The door was kicked open, and his master breathlessly rushed in. "Brat, you want to immolate yourself because of a breakup?!"


[1] Means sacrifice