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 Chapter 218: I Heard You Bought a Pretty Good Flying Boat

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"I and Bai Shixuan really love each other, and we have already pledged to marry each other a long time ago!"

"Have already pledged to marry each other a long time ago, have already pledged to marry each other, pledged to marry each other..."

This was a shocking declaration that almost knocked Li Han unconscious!

"You motherf*cker, you actually used this move! The previous rounds of exchange were just a layout for this sentence to burst out!"

Li Han forcefully restrained the agitation in his heart. Staring at Wang Lu, he saw him tenderly gaze at moon spirit Bai Shixuan like a lovestruck teenager. Then he turned his face to look at him, with a righteous and unflinching gaze, as if they were a pair of cruel-fated mandarin ducks that were facing enormous social pressure.

Li Han inwardly continued to angrily curse Wang Lu, " You're motherf*cking shameless! Clearly, you're the one who ran into our turf, but now you put your 'facing a huge injustice' face at me!? You really are a product of Non-Phase Peak, your shamelessness knows no bound! No wonder your Master has such a powerful cultivation base yet has the reputation of being unbearable!"

Li Han, of course, didn't believe in that 'really love each other' b*llshit, but so what? Did he need to force them to do the deed to prove their pledge? He did not doubt the shamelessness of the opposite party at all-Wang Lu could absolutely do anything!

"What a good 'really love each other, have already pledged to marry along time ago'!" Li Han's Jade Mansion trembled by in anger, his nascent soul shone, and cold chill involuntarily penetrated out of his body until his body was covered with a layer of frost... However, he did not try to refute or argue anymore.

At the moment, he had no more words to say. Although Wang Lu's profession of love was shameless to the extreme, it was a good move, a brilliant move. Environment, condition and so on that were offered by Beast Master School, all crumpled in the first blow against the true love, like an army that collapsed against an overwhelmingly superior force.

Indeed the fact was also so. Objectively, Beast Master School has indeed been preparing for years, putting a lot of manpower and resources to create an inescapable net. They were afraid that immortal beast would not enter, but immortal beast indeed did not enter. Wang Lu, however, only spent a few days and immortal beast willingly followed him-regardless of the mind of the immortal was still like a blank paper, which made her willingness not that much valuable, but willing was still willing; this was quite a weighty card. The only thing Li Han could do was to downplay the weight of her subjective will by claiming that she was still immature and has yet to understand the affairs of the world.

However, Wang Lu had sacrificed himself and made a killer move, turning the willingness into love between the two of them. This infinitely increased the weight of her subjective will!

If Beast Master School forcefully interfered, it would be an extremely disgraceful "robbing someone off of their love one" action. Regardless of the fact that they have lost so much in this endeavor, who told them to have such fate!

Though Li Han has a gloomy temperament, he also read a lot of novels and stories, and currently, the love story theme was very popular in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. The cliche troupe would be along the line of a penniless guy falling in love with the daughter of the Sect Leader of a big sect. Then, through repeated hardships, he managed to increase his cultivation base, accumulate resources, defeat a rich second generation cultivator whom the girl was betrothed to when she was still a child, and get the girl.

However, this Wang Lu was not some penniless guy; as a Successor Disciple of one of the Five Uniques, he was a perfect match for an immortal beast like Bai Shixuan. Although the love between a person and a spirit beast was somewhat deviant, right now, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was experiencing a new era. With each passing days, new values continued to emerge, spread, and finally became the norm. And Wang Lu, precisely walked at the front of this new era!

If Wang Lu published this matter wantonly, not only people would not question whether he was in the right with his action in Grand Cloud Mountain, people would instead approve of his sincere feeling of love... Absurd? Of course it was absurd. However, that was the reality, that was the f*cking reality!

Li Han choked back his impulse to curse as he just stiffly squeezed out a few words from his throat, "Really? Then, congratulations!"

Wang Lu hugged Bai Shixuan even more tightly. "Thank you!"

Bai Shixuan rose her head and blankly looked at Wang Lu. Just now, she had heard all the back and forth argument between Wang Lu and Li Han. There were too many problems that she did not understand yet, however, after all, she was intelligent; she had roughly found out the main point.

Beast Master School refused to let her go, but Wang Lu was bent on taking her with him.

Subjectively, of course, she hoped to stay in Grand Cloud Mountain; after all, this place has been her home for sixty years. However, on the other hand, her mother had earnestly exhorted her to listen to Wang Lu, and she also liked the smell of Wang Lu... Exactly where to go was really a difficult choice for her to make, until Wang Lu said they were in love and had pledged to marry each other, which seemed like thunder in the spring to her, sending Bai Shixuan into a trance.

"Re-re-re-really love each other? It-it turns out he and I really love each other? Moreover, we have pledged to marry each other a long time ago? Why-why didn't I know that before?"

Bai Shixuan was inexplicably surprised; the information was so earth-shaking that it seemed to overload her heart. However, on the other hand, she also remembered that her mother Grand Cloud Fairy had once told her: "After the form transformation, when in doubt, just listen to Wang Lu's opinion."

Grand Cloud Fairy's trust of Wang Lu was unreserved... and Bai Shixuan's trust of Grand Cloud Fairy was also unreserved. As a result, in the girl's extremely astonished period, she resolutely chose to believe Wang Lu.

"S-Since he said so, then I probably have pledged to marry him. Then, according to mom, after the form transformation, I must be like the other women, 'marry a chicken must follow the chicken, marry a dog must follow the dog', am-am I her woman later on? This feels so fast, but..."

Her trains of thoughts became more and more fragmented, and while thinking, Bai Shixuan's cheek could not help but flush. However, from outsider's point of view, it was a solid proof of Wang Lu's claim of pledge of marriage!

Li Han inwardly cursed, "Good cabbage has been soiled by a pig!"

Seeing that the situation has been set, Wang Wu promptly said, "Well then, we have to go back to decorate the bridal chamber, are you going to follow us to help us decorate?"

Such a brazen slap in the face, a flash of anger passed through Li Han's eyes. "A moment of proudness might not necessarily be a lifetime proudness. It is better to leave other people some leeway!"

Wang Wu casually waved her hand. "Yes-yes-yes, I understand, I shouldn't take an unfair advantage from a youngster. It's just that, you have been cultivating for two hundred years, so you're not a youngster anymore, right?"


"Don't take an unfair advantage from a youngster, don't take an unfair advantage from a middle-agers, don't take an unfair advantage from an old person, and then finally die and rest in peace. Aren't your whole life like this?"

Wang Wu unceremoniously gave out a sarcastic irony and simultaneously spread out the prestige of her double golden cores unreservedly, spreading out the golden light miles away.

The somewhat lacking in sophistication Shao Bo has his blood bubbled up on his face as the two black water dragons on his arms twisted around and roared, ready for a life and death fight. However, Li Han knew that they have already lost the argument.

If he were Wang Lu, he certainly wouldn't be polite and want to embarrass him.

Since the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals dominated the Nine Regions, the brutal and naked rules have been greatly alleviated. Cultivators did not have to worry about going out for a treasure hunt, and they did not have to worry that they would be killed if their speech was inappropriate. Those younger generations of cultivators also did not need to worry that they would be treated like ants under those who were powerful than them. However, the fundamental rule that drove the operation of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals has not changed at all.

It was the law of the jungle, nothing more. It was just a little bit more civilized than the old bloody era. Every so often, a fist in the face still prevailed over truth and courtesy.

"Junior Brother, let's go."

Shao Bo was shocked as he stared at Li Han in disbelief. He very much wanted to question where did this one of the three top cultivators of Beast Master School put their sect's reputation into? However, when he saw that Li Han could not hold back his cold aura from leaking and blood seemed to seep from the corner of his mouth, Shao Bo realized that Li Han was fighting back a huge anger.

When he turned around and glanced at Wang Wu and her double golden cores that made the two of them discouraged, a deep sense of powerlessness welled up in Shao Bo's heart. It was as if in the face of Wang Wu, they were a little bit insignificant...

Was this the common demon barrier in the road of Immortal Cultivation? The day when his nascent soul turned into true soul, this demon would become an important impediment. However, at the moment, Shao Bo could only swallow this bitter fruit.

"Okay. Let's go, Senior Brother."

With that, he and Li Han, as if by prior agreement, turned into light and flew away. Their figures quickly disappeared in the vast sea of clouds.

The two Great Elders departed at the same time, sending the Beast Master School cultivators left at the Crown Cloud Peak into an uproar. However, at this time, the value of their existence has been reduced, so no one would pay attention to their reaction. The sun brightly shone, but it could not dispel the thick cold on the top of Crown Cloud Peak.


"Hahaha, awesome!"

After successfully forcing the two Great Elders of Beast Master School to back away, the Fifth Elder of Spirit Sword Sect laughed out loud, fished out the wine pot at her waist, and drank several liters of spiritual energy filled liquor to her heart's content.

"Well then." After putting down the wine pot, Wang Wu saw that Wang Lu still hugged Bai Shixuan; she could not help but feel funny. "Hey, how long are you going to hug her? Could it be that you two really have pledged to marry each other?"

However, upon seeing Wang Lu's strange complexion and the cold sweat that broke out of his forehead, she changed her focus and saw the head over heels happy face of Bai Shixuan who gently nested in Wang Lu's bosom...


A mouthful of expensive immortal wine could not help but spurt out from her mouth.

Wang Lu helplessly called her out through primordial spirit. "See this, how can I let her go? Those loving each other and marriage pledge are nothing more than ammunition for my argument, but after all, they are detrimental to her reputation... Do I have to pretend that nothing happened and heartlessly push her away?"

Wang Wu nearly threw up a second mouthful of wine.

"You have to accept the consequence of your action!"

"Nonsense, what do you think I should have done then? That Li Han is not easy to handle!" While saying that, he felt a few malicious stares coming from behind his back... He didn't know if it was from Liu Li, Quan Zouhua, or even the cat girl Ling Yan? He sighed that this move from him hurt the enemy with one thousand force, but it also hurt himself eight hundred force.

"Hehehe, this is interesting." Wang Wu gloatingly smiled and then asked, "I heard that you bought a pretty good flying boat?"


"Forget it, who told me to be your Master? I'll help you solve your problem."

Wang Lu quickly said, "Master is truly loyal. But, how are you going to solve this problem?"

"Isn't that easy? I'll just display my irresistible personal charm, so that Bai Shixuan falls in love with me. Won't you have your freedom then?"