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 Chapter 217: Dead Bald Thief, You Dare To Fight Over A Nun With This Poor Taoist!?

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Number one Jindan in the Nine Regions?

Spirit Sword Mountain is really too modest ... Li Han sighed with emotion, this is not just the number one Jindan, this is the number one and number two Jindan!

When Wang Wu impressively revealed her double golden cores, Li Han knew that it would be difficult to settle the matter through force.

If two peak Yuanying were to fight one number one Jindan, their winning odds could reach as far high as seventy to eighty percent. But if they were to deal with double golden cores, their odds would be less than forty percent... From the beast's early warning instinct, Li Han's dao's heart within his Jade Mansion gave out a clear instruction to him: do not casually push for a fight.

Perhaps if they really fought it out, Li Han and Shao Bo, through the remarkable ability of their nascent souls, could somewhat save the situation and suppress the opponent. However, that was just a probability; who knew how many cards were still hidden in the opponent's hand? For Li Han and the others, the emergence of double golden cores meant that the opponent's strength had at least more than doubled. However, it also meant that many of the previous information regarding this Fifth Elder of Spirit Sword Sect could be concluded as wrong.

For this Fifth Elder, the opinion of most of the people in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was that she was unbearable and unremarkable. The so-called number one Jindan in the Nine Regions was more like a ridicule-all of her fellow disciples have already reached at least peak Yuanying, only she alone, this good for nothing, was still in Jindan and proclaimed as the king of Jindan. Twenty years ago, she fought with his Junior Brother Shao Bo. It was clear then that though her fighting power far exceeded that of ordinary Jindan, but in the face of Yuanying or higher Stage, it was still quite lacking.

Now it seemed like seeing was indeed believing. The number one Jindan in the Nine Regions, the focus was not on the word Jindan, but on the number one... The first person who gave her this title did not mean to praise her just because of looking at the face of Spirit Sword Sect as one of the Five Unique, and also did not mean to mock her for being stuck in the Jindan Stage, unable to make a breakthrough. It meant that even though she was a Jindan, she was still the number one!

As a cultivator who had experienced the breakthrough from peak Jindan to Yuanying, Li Han was very clear that within the framework of existing Immortal Cultivation theory, double golden cores was practically almost impossible. The fact that she was able to break the thousands of years old of Immortal Cultivation common sense was more frightening than the double golden cores itself!

Such a person was really not suitable to become an enemy of. Not to mention that, by revealing her double golden cores, it was equal to laying out her cards. If they were careless, it would be difficult to leave room to maneuver.

At that time, this matter would not just be a dispute of several elders, but would naturally develop into a sect war between Beast Master School and Spirit Sword Sect. Though Beast Master School was of a high-rank sect, and their sect leader's cultivation base was even unfathomable, to really oppose one of the Five Unique... At least, Li Han could not afford this responsibility.

In fact, all the disputes within Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would not go to the last step. The common practice was that the two sides would mutually show off their muscles, and the one who lacked the confidence would then choose to back down. And now, after Wang Wu had revealed her double golden cores, her imposing manner and confidence had reached the peak, while Li Han and Shao Bo's confidence had been greatly shaken.

Therefore, it was better to settle the matter peacefully.

As one of the top three Elders in Beast Master School, for a long time, Li Han had never taken the initiative to back down. However, this rare back down was not appreciated by the opponent.

"Can things be resolved peacefully?" Wang Wu shook her head and smiled. "I've taken out my golden cores, yet now you want to resolve this matter peacefully?"

Li Han's countenance turned grim. "Otherwise, do you really want to cause a war between the two sects? At that time, it's highly likely that Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would implement comprehensive sanctions on your sect! To be clear, this is my Beast Master School's parcel of land, and your disciple is here to rob my sect of the immortal beast, which is not acceptable no matter where!"

Though Li Han's tone of voice was tough, people familiar with the method would know that strong tone often has weak backing.

However, Li Han's point of view could not be ignored. If the previous battle between Wang Lu and Tiger King was only on the level of personal grievances, once it rose to the level of elders, full on fight often meant war between sects. And in today's system, it was impossible for a sect war to circumvent the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. And within the framework of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, no matter what, reasons was paramount.

Even Shengjing Sect, in their road to domination, must also pay attention to taking action with just reasons. For example, when a demonic sacred tool was discovered within your sect, or the common people under your sect's jurisdiction have no way to make a living... seizing other people's treasure was utterly unjustified. Straight murdering other sect's cultivators would immediately cause a retaliation that even Shengjing Sect could not support. Therefore, now that Li Han saw the opponent's 'muscle' was more 'prominent' than him, he chose to retreat and then tried to crush the opponent with reason.

If they could not hold back the immortal beast from leaving, they wanted to make Spirit Sword Sect pay as high price as possible. However, Li Han and Shao Bo's main point of conviction was that Grand Cloud Mountain was the domain of Beast Master School, and the action of Spirit Sword Sect was equal to burglary!

However, Wang Wu was not going to be polite; she turned back and said, "Wang Lu, your turn!"

Wang Lu wryly smiled, stepped forward and then said with clear and resonant voice, "The place has the owner, but the people do not. Your Beast Master School occupies the Grand Cloud Mountain, becoming the owner of this place. The mountain, the rivers, and even the place's surrounding spiritual energy can be used by you. However, all the creatures in the Grand Cloud Mountain are not your sect's slave, they have the right to choose their own home."

Seeing that Wang Wu did not personally argue with him, but instead sent her Xudan Stage disciple, Li Han could not help but wrinkle his brows. "Do you have a qualification to speak here?"

Wang Wu sneered. "Don't want to talk huh? Then let's do it, my golden cores are starving for a fight."

"You!" Li Han was inwardly boiled with anger. The other side had let a disciple argue with him, a Great Elder, clearly she did not acknowledge that he has the qualification to talk directly with her!

He, Li Han, has been cultivating for two hundred years, how could he accept such a condescending treatment! Even when he previously went to visit Shengjing Sect, those Deity Stage Elders there still treated him with politeness. She was just a Jindan, yet... no wonder although her strength was so strong, her reputation in the Immortal Cultivation World was a mess!

However, he immediately had a change of mind. Since he had determined not to fight, the more outrageous the other side's performance was, the more it was favorable to him. Right now, each of their words could be presented as evidence in front of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals arbitration institution!

If he handled this properly, perhaps Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would end up ordering Spirit Sword Sect to return the immortal beast to them. Of course, this resolution would certainly be vetoed by Spirit Sword Sect, however, this would, in turn, increase the room to maneuver for the Beast Master School.

Thinking to this, Li Han suppressed his anger and replied to Wang Lu, "Beast Master School would never treat creatures as slaves. Moreover, we are against any enslavement of creatures. Therefore, I urge the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect to please return the immortal beast that will be enslaved by Spirit Sword Sect back to Grand Cloud Mountain."

Wang Lu said with a smile, "Return her to Grand Cloud Mountain? But Shixuan herself doesn't want that, she already agrees to return with me to Spirit Sword Mountain."

Li Han sternly said, "Though Grand Cloud moon spirit appeared sixty years ago, the true awakening of her consciousness was only after absorbing the Emperor Essence and transforming her form. Right now, she's like a blank paper, anyone can easily influence her, perhaps a bone could even let you be intimate with her... How can such decision be counted? Even in the human world, a child has no autonomy of itself and need the care from a guardian."

Wang Lu furrowed his brows, thinking that this like-to-act-young Elder was actually quite eloquent, his words were on point and not far-fetched.

However, as the Sect Leader of a sect with over a hundred millions of followers, how could he be afraid to debate with others?

"Speaking of guardian, then I might as well confess. Three days prior to Emperor Essence day, Shixuan's guardian, the former spirit of Grand Cloud Mountain, has entrusted her to me."

Li Han's countenance changed, but then asked, "Then where is the former spirit of Grand Cloud Mountain?"

Wang Lu remembered the ethereal fairy under the moonlight on the quiet lake, and dejectedly said, "... already passed away."

"Then the dead cannot testify." Li Han gradually relaxed, thinking that the argument has become more and more favorable to him. "Of course, given the passing of the previous Grand Cloud Mountain spirit, we also can't say that the immortal beast belongs to us all. Therefore, it is better to set her free, let her live in Grand Cloud Mountain for ten years. In ten years, when she's mature, she can make her own decision. If she's still longing for Spirit Sword Mountain, then we Beast Master School will see her off ourselves!"

Wang Wu sneered. "Ten years? You mean ten years for you to brainwash the immortal beast right? You dare to spout out this kind of nonsense solution!"

Li Han righteously said, "We Beast Master School have always respected the spirit beasts. On the treatment of spirit beast, we Beast Master School have an overwhelming advantage over any other sect. For example, there are many Great Elders of spirit beast origin in our sect. As for the study and training of spirit beast, in Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, we are second to none, and on the growth environment of spirit beast, we Beast Master School do not lose to anyone. All of these points have already been well-known in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals! So the brainwashing thing is purely your subjective judgment, absolutely without any basis at all..."

The cat girl in the Full Moon Valley could not help but say, "Beast Master School respect spirit beast? Then did you know in these decades, A Xia..."

Before she could continue, Li Han had already interrupted her, "Beast Master School is a big sect, so inevitably there would be some bad apples that disgrace the entire sect. Which sect in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals dares to say everyone in their sect is a saint, never made a mistake in their whole life? Speaking of which, your sect's Fifth Elder's reputation is also not that good!"

Wang Wu looked up to the sky and woefully sighed. "The world really has misunderstood me."

Li Han coldly smiled and then said, "If you guys are not assured, then you can check whether we used any spell to brainwash the immortal beast, and during these ten years, you can also visit at any time to provide all sorts of conditions. Finally, at the end of ten years, immortal beast herself will make a judgment which side is more suitable for her. No matter what her decision will be, everyone must accept it!"

Wang Wu said, "Your Beast Master School is the owner of the place, so you have an unfair advantage over us in terms of close proximity."

Li Han said, "Yes, we Beast Master School is the owner of this place, so we have the advantage of proximity. As for unfair... Who told your Spirit Sword Sect to not set up a division in this Grand Cloud Mountain? If you had set up a division here a few years ago, would our Beast Master School dare compete for territory with the one of the Five Uniques? We are the first to lay out the plan for the immortal beast, and it's your Spirit Sword Sect who put your foot in our place, and now you want to accuse us of having an unfair advantage in close proximity?"

Seeing that in the several rounds of exchange, Li Han had gradually occupied the absolute initiative, Wang Wu secretly smiled while giving her disciple a wink.

My childcare job here is done, now it's up to you to deliver the next decisive blow.

Wang Lu also secretly smiled and gave back his Master a no problem wink.

Then, he asked a question, "Elder Li, as you said, right after the form transformation, the mind of an immortal beast is like a blank paper, give her a bone and she will go with you. So, do you know why she would rather leave the familiar home that she has grown up at for sixty years and return to Spirit Sword Mountain with me?"

Li Han coldly smiled. "Nothing else but honeyed words. If you really have the confidence to attract her, you'd agree to my proposal in leaving her here for ten years. During this, each side will provide her the best condition and environment for her growth, and at the end, she would make a decision based on her own judgment."

Wang Lu shook his head, revealing an unbearable expression. "Fitting environment, conditions, judgment, all of these are not that important to Shixuan! Everything has a spirit, and the thing that makes them attract each other is sincerity, and not interest!"

While speaking, Wang Lu walked to Bai Shixuan's side, gently smiled at the bewildered girl, reached out his hand to hug her, and then sneered.

"I and Bai Shixuan really love each other, and we have already pledged to marry each other a long time ago!"