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 Chapter 209: Liu Li Will Always Live in My Heart

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Sadness was also a form of damage, however, A Xia was too late to think about it.

Purely on the amount of damage alone, these two fists from Wang Lu, though heavy, were not fatal. The deadlier one was the inherited injuries from the real Tiger King that he had suppressed earlier.

Though A Xia had successfully swapped bodies with Tiger King, his foundation as a Jindan Stage could not really make good use of Yuanying Stage power. According to his own speculation, without cultivating for ten years, he couldn't even make use fifty percent of Tiger King's original strength-of course, compared to his original body, he was much more powerful. Unfortunately, at this time, his body had sustained serious injuries that he was basically an empty Yuanying Stage. Only now did he realize that he couldn't even withstand even a single fist of Wang Lu.

After being punched twice in the face, A Xia's injuries broke out. His internals felt like burning, and his huge tiger head almost burst out tears. He staggered back non-stop.

The Beast Master School Elders beside him were also surprised. They quickly prepared to get rid of Wang Lu to save A Xia. All kinds of spells flashed in succession, which almost covered the sky over the Full Moon Valley.

A Xia was frightened and almost swore as he hastily waved to stop this group of people's foolish act.

Wang Lu was expert in rebounding injury; if these people went all out, wouldn't that be the same as trying to kill him? Now, Wang Lu was able to punch him because of the grieving feeling, but if those ten spells landed on him, by his resonant method of transmission, he would be dead for sure!

From the beginning, A Xia didn't expect to be able to defeat the opponent head-on. For the successor disciples of the Five Unique of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, over rank fight was a quite common occurrence. He must use other ways to deal with Wang Lu.

"You don't want the antidote to cure Liu Li!?"

This was A Xia's card. The poisoned dagger in cat girl Ling Yan's hand was personally handed over to her by him, therefore, naturally, only A Xia has the antidote. As long as he used the antidote to coerce the other side, he was not afraid of him at all. In fact, the more angry Wang Lu was, the more it showed that he really cared about Liu Li. And the more he cared, naturally the easier for him to submit.

Unfortunately, A Xia really didn't understand Wang Lu.

"Don't want it."


In A Xia's boundless consternation, the third heavy punch was launched at him. At this time, because he was already prepared, A Xia immediately transferred the magical power to let him fly backward. However, unexpectedly, from the two previous punches, his Jade Mansion was in flame, so he actually couldn't use his magical power as he pleased! He inherited the Nascent Soul and flesh of Tiger King, and the Cloud Dragon Wing was also from Tiger King, thus the Imperial Wind was almost instinctive. However, at this moment, the wind power was in disarray, completely unable to help him dodge!

In a hurry, A Xia managed to lean his head, and Wang Lu's fist just grazed his cheek. Immediately, the ferocious tiger head swelled on one side. At the same time, A Xia felt that in his Jade Mansion, the fusion of his dao's heart and that of Tiger King's purple-black was lit up. Very quickly, it would turn into a complete mess, and vaguely there were signs of melting of the purple-red Yuanying.

Under enormous pain, A Xia was nearly paralyzed. He began to lose control of his magical power and mortal body. The only thing that he could do was to suppress it before it could erupt. Unable to move, he managed to open his mouth, "Stop. Do you really want Liu Li to die? Do you think Zen Master Dog Meat could save her life? Only I can solve that poison. In a moment, if she doesn't take the antidote, she would die without a doubt!"


Wang Lu's voice was cold and sarcastic. After those three punches, the anger in his heart had slightly subsided, and he no longer could wield that fist of the burning heart.

Different from A Xia's imagination, sadness was simply not a kind of injury. Just now, Wang Lu had used the Nameless Sword resonance ability to orient the Jade Mansion fire towards the opponent; he actually had skirted around the edges of the boundary of the demon oath.

However, the demon oath did not allow him to skirt around the edges. Wang Lu's target and control restriction were determined by himself, so it was impossible for all the cognitive fraud to deceive his own heart. Moreover, as a self-restriction, the Big Heart Demon Oath itself was a zero-sum game; the reward of the oath came exactly from the restriction! Even if the demon heart punishment was not triggered after deceiving oneself, the reward from the oath would still be lost!

Even if it were merely treading on the edges, all would be greatly shaken by this Big Heart Demon Oath. However, in Wang Lu's life planning, the existence of this Big Heart Demon Oath was extremely necessary. Therefore, if he wanted both, there was only one way to do it. Frankly accepting the fact that it had trodden on the edges, and also frankly accepting the punishment from the heart demon. The heart demon seizes life, thus, he burned his life as a sacrifice to the heart demon until it was satisfied.

Of course, life was precious and fragile, directly igniting it was tantamount to suicide, thus, Wang Lu chose a compensatory road.

"... Innate vital energy was a really good stuff."

Wang Lu secretly sighed in his heart. If his Master didn't teach him this little trick, there really was no way to sidestep the Big Heart Demon Oath to hurt the enemy. However, it was also no wonder that prior to him going down the mountain, his Master repeatedly warned him earnestly, "You can use vital energy to tread the edge of the oath, but you can't directly break the oath. Otherwise, you'd be dead!"

It was indeed so. Just now, from those three punches alone, for each punch, the demon heart had taken ten years of his lifespan! The binding force of the Big Heart Demon Oath was truly frightening. Merely treading on the edges for three times alone had cost him thirty years of his lifespan! If he had directly broken the oath, by brandishing the Sword of Mount Kun at the opponent, perhaps in one strike, Wang Lu's current several hundred years of lifespan would instantly be squandered.

However, from Wang Lu's point of view, the thirty years price was worth it.

Of course, it didn't refer to causing heavy losses to A Xia-spending thirty years of lifespan for this kind of junk would be a waste for him. It referred to extinguishing the pent-up anger in his Jade Mansion. It also left a lasting, unforgettable trace.

Just now, when Liu Li was seriously injured, the Non-Phase Immortal Heart in his Jade Mansion had crazily operated. Blood-red flame trickled out, burning everything within the Jade Mansion. This was a genuine heart demon fire. Due to his Big Heart Demon Oath, once he encountered enormous emotional fluctuation, it could draw this kind of demonic fire that was comparable to the heavenly fire. However, after Wang Lu's three punches pacified the sea of fire, his Jade Mansion quickly restored to normal. But, on the surface of his Non-Phase Immortal Heart, there was a black scar that was difficult to eliminate.

Of course, if he wanted it, there were ways to eliminate that scar. However, Wang Lu actually wanted to keep it. He wanted to forever remember this thirty years of lifespan price lesson. Professional adventurers were indeed fierce, but they were far from being omniscient. A slight carelessness, and he couldn't even protect the people around him that were worth caring for... Wouldn't such lesson worth to remember?

As for the poisoned Liu Li... that was another matter entirely.

After those three punches, Wang Lu's mood has calmed down. However, unlike Wang Lu, A Xia felt as if he was a drowning man trying to grab a straw. Since he thought that he had found a chance to survive, he hurriedly said.

"Do you think that since you come from the Five Unique of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, you can run rampant in the Nine Regions? You, these elite disciples, most definitely have life-saving elixirs bestowed upon by your Elders, which could solve ten thousand types of poison. However, my Devouring Heart Rotting Bone Poison is not one in ten thousand poison, how could it be so easy to cure! Moreover, for the famous physique of Brilliant Sword Heart, once poisoned, it would immediately spread to the whole body. Without my antidote, Liu Li would definitely die without a doubt!

As if to echo A Xia's roar, Xiao Qi's slightly hurried voice came over.

"Wang Lu, Liu Li's poison has already been solved."


A Xia froze for a long time and then angrily roared, "You want to trick me? It's not that easy. How could a mere Jindan Stage cultivator like you be able to solve my Devouring Heart Rotting Bone Poison? You..."

While speaking, his tiger face looked down and saw Zen Master Dog Meat stood side by side with a baldy. From them came out soft zen light that shrouded Liu Li. The girl was seriously injured, and his countenance paled. However, the pitch black color that was the manifestation of the Devouring Heart Rotting Bone Poison was nowhere to be seen. It seemed like the poison has actually been solved...


A Xia's eyes almost popped out of their socket. The poisoned dagger that was in cat girl Ling Yan's hand was an antique that he managed to get after having an extremely rare immortal chance many years ago. It was an ancient dagger that was full of thousands of years of history. Though the potency of the poison has been reduced a lot from its peak, it was still strong in the strange poison department, completely different than the current common poisons in the Nine Regions. Even the kind of sect like the Ten Thousand Poison School and the like would find it difficult to solve the poison... She was just an unknown Zen Master, how could she possibly solve it!?

In A Xia's deduction, Wang Lu's only way to life was to activate the heavenly talisman and immediately bring everyone back to the Spirit Sword Mountain and let the Elders there suppress the poison. However, after activating the heavenly talisman, only Wang Lu, Liu Li, and Quan Zouhua could leave. But immortal beast moon spirit and Zen Master Dog Meat could not, because they haven't left their mark on the talisman, thus it could not include them in the transmission. By then, even if he couldn't catch Wang Lu, he could still catch the left behind moon spirit.

But now that his biggest trump card had unexpectedly failed, one could imagine the shock on A Xia because of this.

"You want to know why? Very simple. It's not that you underestimated Xiao Qi's ability to neutralize the poison, but you misjudged Liu Li's poison resistance."

Because his mood had relaxed, Wang Lu continued to explain several more sentences.

"It was wise of you to not set me as the target, but although the dagger is a spiritual thing, it's still an inanimate object. Although the poison is fierce, it's not imbued with power. Even if the target is me, my own poison resistance can remove most of the poison. Though in theory, Liu Li's Brilliant Sword Heart clear physique has near zero poison resistance, and once poisoned it would cause even the Sect Leader a headache, however, although there are too many weaknesses in her body, that doesn't include poison resistance."

Speaking to this, Wang Lu could not help but chuckle. "That fool is naturally gluttonous. Whenever she sees something new, she immediately wants to stuff it into her mouth; she doesn't even bother if it's dangerous. Moreover, she was completely without memory for this kind of thing. In the mountain, that peaceful place, she repeatedly suffered food poisoning. Therefore, the elders have no choice but to let her consume their detoxifying pills to prevent her from dying prematurely. When she went down the mountain for experiential learning a few years ago, her experiential learning report was basically her food diary, which sent his master into a rage. However, behind this diary, she had tasted bitterness from countless types of poison in the dozens of countries in the Blue River Region. One of the entries in her diary read: Today I eat sweet tofu and meat dumpling, feels uncomfortable... Can you tell me how much crisis and pain that were hidden behind it? Surviving in this kind of experiential learning, how high do you think her poison resistance is?"

He paused and mockingly looked at A Xia's ashen face.

"Therefore, using poison to deal with Liu Li is tantamount to suicide."

Before his voice even fell, he heard the anxious and irritated voice of Xiao Qi urging him, "Don't just waste time there. Though her poison has already been eliminated, the poison's instantaneous attack has caused damage that could not be offset, so her situation is still critical. I can only manage to suppress it from deteriorating; her life is not out of danger yet. Finish what you're doing there and get back here to help me!"

"I know."

With that, Wang Lu retracted his fist and drew out his Sword of Mount Kun. His cold eyes firmly locked at A Xia.

"Enough chit-chat, it's time to send you on your way."