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 Chapter 206: Once Again, Energetic Reaction Ahead, Needs Own Supply of Dog's Eye

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Under absolute strength, all stratagems and tactics appeared insignificant.

Beast Master School has been preparing for this fifteenth day of the seventh month for over a year, and perhaps most of the cultivators and the spirit beasts have coarse and straightforward characters, not good at arranging plot. However, their efforts on the Crown Cloud Peak and in the Full Moon Valley were obvious to all.

Unfortunately, after the rising of the spirits of all living things, all of these appeared incomparably tiny. In the immortal cultivation world, the words man could conquer nature would often circulate. However, only those who have truly experienced the power of heaven could understand how ridiculous this was.

When the tens of millions of points of light converged into ocean-like existence, it was as if the heaven's wrath has arrived. The vast ocean of light engulfed everything in the Full Moon Valley, and everyone's mind went blank as if it was being washed-none of them could even think about anything anymore.

Under the direct impact of the spirits of all living things, the damage to material things was not strong. If Tiger King's Nascent Soul was still united with his body, he could completely rely on the strong self-preservation of his mortal body. However, since his Nascent Soul went out of his body, it was tantamount to walking on a dead end.

The impact only happened for just a moment, yet it was like a long time, and in the moment of collision, the billions of points of light melted in the glow of the Emperor Essence.

Tiger King's purple-red Nascent Soul had disappeared without a trace, the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array in the Full Moon Valley disintegrated, and under the impact, the soul of the tens of thousands of spirit dogs entered the cycle of reincarnation.

Without Tiger King, and without Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array, the Emperor Essence began to disperse throughout the whole Grand Cloud Mountain, and no one could restrain and block it again.

However, the moon spirit did not appear in other places; the pure white spirit dog stood silently by Wang Lu side. Under the protection from the Non-Phase Sword defense, it accepted the baptism of the pure moonlight essence.

Beast Master School have more than a hundred people, yet no one dared to stop them. Although they still have the several Jindan Stage Elders as well as the astonishingly powerful spirit beasts, they didn't initiate any fight.

Looking at the smiling Wang Lu in the valley, the Beast Master School cultivators felt a deep-seated coldness from the bottom of their heart.

Although it seemed like his injury had only begun to recover, and there was still blood on the corner of his mouth that has yet to be cleaned, but after seeing that earth-shattering spirits of all living things, who could guarantee that he has no more cards? Moreover, after Tiger King disappeared, who else could have the courage to come forward and carry the battle flag?

Time went by seemingly very slow.

The cultivators of Beast Master School gathered in the vicinity of the Crown Cloud Peak and then watched as Wang Lu and the rest of his group recuperated their injuries and strength; they also watched their long-coveted immortal beast moon spirit as it baptized under the Emperor Essence.

The night of the fifteenth day of the seventh month was longer than anyone had expected.

After a long time, the golden moon in the sky seemed to lose its color a bit. The spirit of Beast Master School cultivators shook, thinking that the torment of this kind of pain has finally come to an end. However, a moment later, they found out that, it wasn't that the moon in the sky had somewhat dimmed, but rather, the light in the Full Moon Valley had become even stronger.

Immortal beast moon spirit has absorbed enough of the Emperor Essence to enter the real form transformation stage.

For many people, the specifics of the immortal beast form transformation process were a very valuable observation. Unfortunately, when moon spirit had sucked up enough Emperor Essence, its body was covered with a thick light as if it was a cocoon.

Wang Lu and the rest of his group kept their silence by the moon spirit's side.

"This is it, right?"

Suddenly, even Wang Lu felt a trace of exhaustion.


It was really over-for most of the people.

However, in few people's eyes, things have only just begun.

The location of the event was at the Crown Cloud Peak, not on top of the peak, but rather within the Crown Cloud Peak, in a very dark and deep location.

"Ha, hah..."

In the dark chamber came a burst of feeble but hasty gasp. Enormous fear and alarm contained within the sound, as if the source of the sound had just escaped from a crucial life and death moment.

However, the sound soon stabilized, and a moment later, a light lit up in this secret chamber. Under the light, the source of the sound was a figure with strong stature, and the whole body was covered in tight muscles. The person's neck supported a tiger head and in that person's palm burned the light of thunder and fire.

This was the Tiger King whose life was supposed to perish!

Just now, when Wang Lu launched the spirits of all living things against the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array, Lei Zhen's arranged spells of defense fell apart one by one. And under the surging tide, the magical power of a Nascent Soul appeared insignificant. However, Yuanying Stage cultivator was Yuanying Stage cultivator. His means were far more mysterious than that of ordinary cultivators. Tiger King Lei Zhen's temperament, although rough, had finesse within the crude external. Before the event of the fifteenth day of the seventh month, he had quietly left room to maneuver. In the secret room within the Crown Cloud Peak, he had arranged a minor Nascent Soul Escape Array, which could save his life at the critical moment.

Of course, under the angry tide of spirits of all living things, a minor array was far from enough to save his life. Therefore, Tiger King did not hesitate to sacrifice his two spirit beasts, the loyal and devoted winged tiger, as well as one who had hidden for more than ten years, shadow tiger. Using them as his life substitute so that he could have a moment of opportunity.

Even so, the price that he had to pay was still very painful for him. His Nascent Soul suffered a heavy blow, thus, to be able to fuse again with his mortal body, it had to consume a lot of flesh and blood essence. At this time, Tiger King felt an unprecedented feeling of weakness. Although his Nascent Soul was still in the purple and red color within his nearly smashed Jade Mansion, still breathing in and out, but to support all of these, he has become extremely fragile.

However, as long as the mountain was still green, there was always a chance to make a comeback. He was Tiger King Lei Zhen. All his life, he had weathered a lot of storms. Though he was in a miserable state right now, in the end, it would all be in the past.

Next, he must recuperate in this secret room to regain some of his vitality back, and then go out to clean up the mess. At that time, as reinforcement, the elders from the Southern Heaven Region should also have arrived.

Although there were many Great Elders who were unhappy when he parted with the other from the Southern Heaven Region, but after all, he was still one of the Great Elders of the Beast Master School. The school would not sit idly by watching one of their Yuanying Stage members fall from the sky. At that time, as long as he could lower his head, a hundred years later, he could still have the chance to make meritorious services worthy of record for the sect.

However, while he was thinking, there was a sound of footsteps outside the secret chamber.

Tiger King's heart jumped, this secret chamber was his life insurance card, his real last resort. Moreover, he never mentioned it to anyone, and this place was located in the center of the mountain, so who could possibly stumble to this place?

The thunder fire glow in his palm grew brighter as it illuminated the figure of a person.

Tiger King's eyes suddenly became sharper, and the muscles on his body immediately tensed up.

"Is that you, A Xia?"

The person who came was A Xia! This was the Jindan Stage person who not long ago still has gentle feelings towards Tiger King. He still has his signature smile hanging on his face, moreover, the smile was rather sincere, as if he had just obtained happiness and release.

"Yes, it's me. Am I not welcome?"

If this was a normal situation, seeing him revealing such a demeanor, Tiger King would very much welcome him. However, at this moment, Tiger King was not happy at all.

"How do you know this place? I have never told you about it!"

A Xia shrugged. "Yes. You don't even mention this place to the person closest to you. However, as the closest person around you, there are things that you need not mentioned. You have placed a life-saving array in the crest of Crown Cloud Peak. You can deceive others about this, but not me."

"Heh, you're indeed a very clever person." Tiger King coldly sneered. "However, if you're clever enough, you should know that not knowing is better than knowing. If you turn back now, I can pretend as if nothing has ever happened."

A Xia chuckled. "You, this person, always has finesse within the external rough, not at all stupid like the others, so why should you deceive yourself right now? Now that I am here, can't you guess what my intentions are?"

"... That won't do you any good."

A Xia shook his head. "Won't do any good? Then you don't know me very well."

With that, he slowly walked towards Tiger King and reached out his arm and then placed his hand on Tiger King's forehead.

The next moment, Tiger King felt an astonishing suction on his forehead. His mind buzzed by the power of this suction, and it was as if his brain was being boiled. Moreover, to his horror, the dilapidated Nascent Soul within his Jade Mansion seemed to have been eroded and began to further disintegrate before getting pulled out of his Jade Mansion.

"What do you want to do!?"

"Hehehe, can't you really guess what I want to do? My aptitude in immortal cultivation is poor, my root bone and chance are unexciting. I can't make any good of the method bestowed upon me by the sect; for this reason, I was ridiculed as incompetent waste. However, I'm afraid no one has ever thought that there's this turtle dove occupy the magpie nest skill. I have practiced it well, for this occasion, I have been preparing for more than ten years!"

Tiger King coldly said, "You want to rob me of my Nascent Soul and body?"

"Correct. Henceforth, I am Tiger King Lei Zhen, with good immortal cultivation aptitude and prominent prestige within the sect. My future is limitless!"

While speaking, A Xia's smile grew brighter, and the suction force on his palm became even stronger. Soon, Tiger King's Nascent Soul would be dragged out of his Jade Mansion.

Tiger King was silent for a moment, and then, with a voice that sounded somber, he sadly said, "No use."

"No use? Without giving it a try, how do you know it would be of no use? True, as a Jindan Stage, it would be somewhat difficult for me to take the mantle of Yuanying Stage of yours, but..."

"No, I don't mean this." Tiger King's voice has stabilized. "Even if you take away everything from me, you will not be me. Regarding Immortal Cultivation, everyone's path is unique. Even if there are three thousand main avenues, in the end, the cultivation is your own. You focus on external things, hoping to take this shortcut, but you would only harm yourself."

"Heh." A Xia coldly snorted.

Tiger King said, "I can understand your..."

"Shut up!" Hearing the word understand, A Xia suddenly became feverish. "Understand? Ridiculous! I have been cultivating for a hundred years, struggling to get through the bottleneck of trying to walk without a path, and could only accomplish something through unconventional gambit, or even by hook or by crook. How could a gifted person like you ever experience this kind of at the end of one's tether feeling!? Those people in the sect laugh at me for selling my butt and licking your toes; have you ever felt this kind of humiliation? What qualification do you have in boasting that you can understand me!"

With that, he increased the suction force once again. Tiger King finally could not resist anymore. His purple-red Nascent Soul was pulled out and fell into the palm of A Xia.

A Xia's complexion was filled with greed as he carefully appreciated this traumatic Nascent Soul.

"This is really good stuff. If I continue to follow the normal immortal cultivation practice, I'm afraid I would never cultivate such Nascent Soul. No wonder all day long you boasted that you can provide whatever it is that my heart desire, yet couldn't give up this thing."

Tiger King was stunned, and after a moment, finally laughed wildly. "A Xia, oh, A Xia, since you've brought this up, I don't have much to say anymore. If you want anything from me, take it! In any case, since I've met this disaster, it's difficult for me to shelter you from the storm anymore. My cultivation base, my mortal body, my method, take them, take them all! I just hope that you won't regret your arrogance today!"

"Regret? How could I regret this? This is my only chance, I will only regret if I can't grasp it! However, considering that you've done many things for me over the years, I'll leave you a chance to survive."

With that, A Xia laughed again for several moments, and then he closed his palm. Tiger King's Nascent Soul was suddenly extinguished, and A Xia's eyes then emitted a purple-red glow.

After a while, A Xia's eyes dimmed down, and his body lost its vitality, becoming motionless. However Tiger King's stature slightly trembled, and when the eyes opened, they were suffused with a touch of serene light.

"What an amazing power... is this, the realm of a Yuanying Stage Cultivator? Obviously, it is badly wounded and on the verge of dying, yet it is still stronger than when I am healthy."

Tiger King faintly said. His tone was rather strange. Obviously, he was not quite adapted to his new power.

In front of him, A Xia also moved a bit, and when he opened his mouth, the voice seemed old and feeble. "Congratulations. You finally got your wish!"

"Hehe, got my wish? This could not be regarded as having my wish fulfilled. There's still one thing that has to be done first."

With that, the burly man flung the thin and frail man to the ground and ripped off his pants.

"You!?" exclaimed the thin and frail man.

"Hehe, Lei Zhen, oh, Lei Zhen, in your entire life you have always been the one who pokes other people, but this is the first time you're being poked. Now I want you to empathize with my past decades of bitter experience... Tell me, are you feeling good?"

During his laughter, the burly man began to slowly move parts of his body.

"It turns out this is Tiger King's feeling. So that's how it is, that's how it is! Hahaha, sure enough, it's really pleasant, really comfortable!" Along with the acceleration of his movement, that Tiger King grew more and more excited. However, a moment later, his laughter came to an abrupt end.

Because the body under him had actually turned stiff and motionless. When he reached around to probe, that person had already committed suicide by biting his tongue.

"Humph, in vain have I thought that you're a man, but unexpectedly, you can't even withstand this blow, truly ridiculous."

The burly man rose to his feet and then kicked the thin body off without any feeling of nostalgia.

"Next, let me clean up the mess for you. Hmm, I wonder if that immortal beast has already completed its form transformation?"

After that burly figure left the secret chamber, there was only that curled up corpse. However, the corpse's face seemed to hang a glimmer of smile.