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 Chapter 203: To Crush with Absolute Strength!

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"Speaking of which... don't you think that your action is too risky?"

Standing at the foot of the mountain outside the Full Moon Valley, Xiao Qi really couldn't bear to ask the question that puzzled her heart.

Seeing that the golden full moon has risen up, under the cover of the cover spell, they miraculously dove into the Full Moon Valley-which was also the edge of the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array, which could be activated at any moment. As the team leader, Wang Lu has a calm and composed look, as if victory was already at hand. However, the restlessness in Xiao Qi's heart was getting stronger and stronger.

Upon hearing Xiao Qi's question, Wang Lu took his eyes off the full moon, smiled and asked, "You think we're taking too many risk? It's not like we're going to steal the wife of Daoist He Tu [1], right?"

Xiao Qi said, "Previously, when you analyzed the situation, the opponent's mistake is accounted as a very important part. It's like betting the other side will certainly make a mistake. Although your analysis is also quite reasonable, that A Xia is likely to do such a thing, and the hope of victory is pinned on the chance that the other side would make a mistake, isn't this too..."

Wang Lu asked, "Who says I am relying on the opponent to make a mistake? I never said that A Xia would certainly do that, that's just me making reasonable deduction; but there are many unknown factors. Even if he isn't as I expected, it doesn't matter."

Xiao Qi was stunned. "It doesn't matter? Even if the other side has made the appropriate countermeasure?"

Wang Lu faintly smiled. "Yes, it doesn't matter. Seventh Madame, I've already told you. This time, I want to crush them with absolute strength, there's no schemes and machinations at all."

Xiao Qi stared at Wang Lu, trying to read his true intention from his face.

To crush them with absolute strength? Are you sure it's not us who would be crushed instead? Just facing Tiger King alone, we only have fifty percent chance of success...

Seeing that Xiao Qi was still in doubt, Wang Lu further explained, "In essence, I am an aboveboard person..."

Before he could continue, however, he heard someone burst out laughing.


It was Liu Li who couldn't hold back her laughter.

Wang Lu angrily asked, "What are you laughing about!?"

Liu Li suddenly stopped her laughter and inexplicably asked, "Master said, when others tell a joke, it is best to laugh to show respect."

"... Who told you I was telling a joke?"

Liu Li righteously argued, "Master said, when someone is seriously telling an absurd story, it's basically a joke. Senior Brother, isn't that exactly what you just did? You're obviously the most sinister one!"

Wang Lu immediately became unhappy. "Hey, hey, when was I being sinister? Did I ever drug and rape you?"

Wang Lu thought that Liu Li was arguing about his scheme in defeating her on the final fight on the Cloud Platform several years ago. Who knew...

Liu Li blinked her big beautiful eyes, and then innocently asked, "What is drug and rape [2]?"

"..." Wang Lu suddenly had a feeling of digging his own grave. After he froze for a moment, he slowly opened his mouth to explain, "The meaning is, although someone is already quite old, he can still be firm and strong, so we call it old and brimming with firmness [3], which can be abbreviated as drug and rape."

"Pfft!" This time, it was Xiao Qi's turn who could not hold herself back.

However, Liu Li naively nodded. "I understand! Oh, oh, then according to Senior Brother's explanation, Uncle Sect Leader is rape, right?"

"Mm, yes, when you go back to the mountain, remember to praise him."

"Got it!" Liu Li nodded and then said, "Thank you for your pointer, Senior Brother!"

"Your welcome." After dealing with Liu Li, Wang Lu said to Xiao Qi, "In short, believe me."

Xiao Qi's smiling face twitched. "Yeah, I believe you!"

Suddenly, the group stopped speaking as if by prior agreement. Then, one by one, they looked up at the sky.

The egg yolk on the sky finally broke.


"The Emperor Essence is coming!"

In the Full Moon Valley, countless of people shouted out in unison in a low voice.

At that time, the golden full moon melted, like a broken egg yolk, torn by the deep night into tens of millions of golden threads and spread out.

The spreading speed was very fast. In just a few breaths, half of the night sky has already been blotted out by this melting moonlight.

Then, the moonlight sank. The tens of millions of golden threads fell down to earth like rain.

Parts of Beast Master School people who were stationed at the high places on the Full Moon Valley were the first to feel the difference.

Although the golden moonlight essence has yet to land, the surrounding spiritual energy has already violently surged up. Some cultivators who were spiritual energy sensitive felt that there were howling of wind and roaring of wave in their ears; they felt thunder clapping in the air, jolting their heart and shocking their soul.

This was a true world transformation! The once in a sixty years Emperor Essence was not evenly distributed in each corner of the Nine Regions... In the Southern Heaven Region, they also experience the Emperor Essence, but the surging of the surrounding spiritual energy there was less than here by several points!

No wonder it has the power to magically transform an immortal beast-this was truly an immortal abode!

Actually, this time at the Grand Cloud Mountain, there was an unprecedented tranquility. The surging of surrounding spiritual energy didn't manifest in the slightest, and the golden threads in the sky silently fell down. All changes happened in silence.

Seeing the moonlight essence was about to land on the Grand Cloud Mountain, on the Crown Cloud Peak, the Great Elder muffled out a grunt, breaking the silence, "Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array, activate!"

With this command, the hundreds of cultivators inside and outside the Full Moon Valley replied in unison, "Yes!"

Then, they started to read aloud the incantation, with more than a hundred people carrying out their duties. Each person's incantation was different. Over a hundred people chanted out in unison, which generated a tide-like sound, setting off a burst of noisy boiling sound in the Full Moon Valley. At the same time, the thick negative energy that was being suppressed by four Jindan Stage Elders using the Four Division Array began to erupt.

When the stream of Emperor Essence almost landed in the valley, the thousands of spirit dogs who were kept in the valley were finally drained of the last vestige of their value, being butchered by the well-known butcher of the division in the most ruthless means, torturing them to death until practically there was nothing left. Tens of thousands of ghosts, with their towering grievances, condensed into the human world. Yet, they were actually firmly suppressed by the Ten Thousand Spirits Great Array. If they were to be released, it would shock the entire Crown Cloud Peak and Full Moon Valley.

That malignant negative energy unstoppably soared from the Full Moon Valley into the sky as if it was a volcanic eruption. The Beast Master School cultivators who were maintaining the array in the valley saw the blur of myriad evil ghosts wailing in unison.

Different from the common wandering ghost, being influenced by the negative energy created by the Beast Master School, this time's condensation was extremely powerful evil ghosts. If they were not firmly suppressed by the array, the explosive power of this myriad of evil ghosts was enough to destroy a city!

However, this time, by the Beast Master School, these evil ghosts would just be their lackey. Stimulated by the array, they flew to the sky, and then like a whirlpool, they sucked the moonlight essence!

Ghosts were born of negative energy, thus, the presence of ghost would also attract the gathering of negative energy-the two complemented each other. The Emperor Essence was the most superior moonlight essence, with infinite wondrous use. Itself was not an evil thing, however, its nature belonged to that of negative energy, thus it could be attracted by the ghosts.

The Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array created by the Beast Master School plundered all of the Emperor Essence on the entire Grand Cloud Mountain and funneled them all into the Full Moon Valley, without any slightest leak out. With this, unless the moon spirit was willing to give up its once in sixty years chance, otherwise, if it wanted the Emperor Essence, it needed to appear in the Full Moon Valley.

"But, would the scope of the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array be enough?"

In the Full Moon Valley, a certain cultivator somewhat restlessly asked, "The pulling scope of Emperor Essence is only limited to Grand Cloud Mountain. Could that immortal beast transform from outside Grand Cloud Mountain?"

"Impossible. That immortal beast is not fully mature, so it can't be separated from the boundary of the Grand Cloud Mountain. Even if it could manage to temporarily leave, it would not be able to transform. These points have been repeatedly determined by the elders. If not, what's the point in sacrificing our resources and effort, barring through the twists and turns, to arrange for this array? Rather than senselessly worrying about it, you might as well take advantage of this opportunity to refine your primordial spirit; this pure Emperor Essence is a priceless treasure."

"Thank you for your pointer, Senior Brother, I..."

Before these two brothers completed their dialogue, suddenly, a trace of strange fluctuation came from afar.

The two were still wondering what it was when they heard the roar of the Great Elder Tiger King from the Crown Cloud Peak.

"Good, sure enough, there is a change!"

There is a change?

Upon hearing those words, the Senior Brother was startled. He then carefully felt that trace of fluctuation. After a moment, his complexion suddenly changed. "That's the aura of the Immortal Beast! Moon spirit has appeared!"

At this time, all the living creatures within the five hundred kilometers radius of the Grand Cloud Mountain have sensed this unique fluctuation. Deep inside, they somewhat trembled in fear-it was the instinctive fear of the lower order of creature towards the higher order of creature.

And the one that could rule over the Grand Cloud Mountain, suppressing the myriad of living creatures, was naturally the legendary immortal beast moon spirit.

Moon spirit has appeared, but it wasn't in the Full Moon Valley like what they expected, but...

On top of the Crown Cloud Peak, several Jindan Stage Elders were standing around the Great Elder Tiger King. One of them made a calculation, and then said with a sinking voice, "At the Green Lake!"

Another person exclaimed, "At Green Lake? That's the edge of the Grand Cloud Mountain. How could it get the Emperor Essence and transform if it appears there?"

As if to respond to this question, from the distant Green Lake, a silvery beam of light shot up to the sky, with the end of the beam blending with the pale golden night sky. Then, parts of the Emperor Essence, which was originally being firmly pulled by the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array, began to disperse and fall vertically along that silvery light beam.

"What!?" In the Full Moon Valley, one of the Jindan Stage Elders who was overseeing the Ten Thousand Spirits Great Array suddenly stood up and looked at the distant silvery light beam in disbelief.

"How is it possible? How could it pull the Emperor Essence away!"

Although the scope of the Ten Thousand Spirit Great Array was in no way ample, its effectiveness did not decrease along with the range. Within its scope, the pulling force was almost absolute! What could be more powerful than the tens of thousands of ghosts?

"It's the moonlight."

After finishing his calculation, an elder on the Crown Cloud Peak coldly revealed the truth.

"Hidden within the Green Lake is a considerable amount of moonlight essence; it's probably accumulated by the previous mountain spirit here. Although for the moon spirit, this settled down moonlight essence has already been too old, lacking its freshness, thus could not be used to transform, however, after all, it's still the same moonlight energy and can blend with each other. And towards the Emperor Essence, there's a natural attraction force. Hmm, I really never thought of this possibility; truly unexpected."

Great Elder coldly snorted. "So what? When did Beast Master School ever consider everything into calculation in doing things? If it can be calculated, then so be it. But if not, we can just use absolute strength to crush the problem! Our strength is a hundred times more than the opponent. Therefore, even if the situation is ever-changing, ultimately, it's still in our control. Playing tricks or little schemes against us is the same as digging one's own grave!"

With that, Tiger King raised his stout arm. On his wrist, an ordinary looking wristband lit up, and a tall, ethereal shadow rose from within it.

That ethereal shadow has the face of a dog. Its whole body was black, and it has a total of four arms, which held a whip, torch, branding iron, and mace. Any items were covered with dark bloodstain. When the ethereal shadow appeared, it gave off an excited roar. Then it flung one of its arms, the whip in its hand was suddenly elongated and flung towards the distant Green Lake.

"Got you!"

The ethereal shadow uttered a shriek. The whip has already entwined the target, but it also felt the intense struggle from the target.

"Useless, useless, useless!"

While laughing, the ethereal shadow retrieved back the whip. Then, from a distant, a white figure flew towards it, helplessly being pulled by the whip. Although the white figure vehemently struggled, it could not shake off the shackle of the whip.

Tiger King raised his arm, and that ordinary looking wristband became even more bright. "A beast is still a beast. No matter how cunning you are, with this beast collar, there's no room for you to struggle!"

That's right. This was the spiritual treasure Beast Collar, and that ethereal shadow was its spirit. This spiritual treasure was refined from the blood sacrifice of tens of thousands of spirit dogs, it has an almost absolute suppression power against the spirit beast of dog type. Not to mention it was an immortal beast that has yet to transform, even if the immortal beast has actually transformed its form, it would still be unable to break away from the shackle of this beast collar.

"Hmm..." Tiger King felt the aura of immortal beast that passed over to his wrist and quickly judged that the target was correct. The situation was as smooth as expected.

"But since it's like this, A Xia's judgment went in vain, those several people didn't make their move... Could it be that they judged that our arrangement has no loopholes and thus backed away? Anyway, those people are just icing on the cake, the key is to catch the immortal beast."

Watching the continually approaching from air white figure, Tiger King hung out a smile.

Things have gotten to this point, so there would be no suspense anymore. The target has fallen under the control of the beast collar, thus, even if those several people wanted to make a comeback, it would be useless.

Hmm, the only question was, this spirit dog, which was constantly struggling in mid air, seemed not quite pure?


[1] (The Sect Leader of Shengjing Sect)

[2] Mijian

[3] Homonym of Mijian-Rape; basically Wang Lu is playing with words about rape and being firm and strong.