Chapter 184: She Took out a Big One!

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Xiao Qi wanted to break the dog's pen, but before her spell could fully form, a sudden intense changed in the surrounding spiritual energy broke her spell. Xiao Qi frowned as she took back her right hand and then heard the female voice that echoed within the valley.

"Zen Master Dog Meat, you really are audacious. You actually dare to climb up my Grand Cloud Mountain, without knowing that this is a dead end!"

With that, in the eyes of several people, a slender figure appeared in mid air. That person was obviously one of the Elders of the Beast Master School Division in the Grand Cloud Mountain. After the array was activated, she appeared on stage, releasing an astonishing amount of imposing manner; enormous magical power fluctuated like a surging tide, just like the tide that contained rhythm of the mysteries of the universe. Merely with this display alone revealed that her cultivation base was peak Jindan Stage.

"Tsk-tsk, look what you did, you've provoked their boss to come out!" Wang Lu helplessly sighed as his right hand probed into his mustard seed bag, which contained the Spirit Sword Heavenly talisman; if activated, in the critical moment, it could disregard any type of imprisonment and directly send him back to the mountain. The effect was simple, direct, and crude. It was Wang Lu's against-the-heaven file save, especially kept by him as a professional adventurer.

However, once he used this card, his claim as a professional adventurer would be weakened by half. If not the last resort, he would not even think about it. However, facing a peak Jindan Stage opponent, if he didn't want to die, he had to consider it.

If there were no Zen Master Dog Meat whose depth was immeasurable, he would've activated the talisman early on and return back to the mountain with Liu Li; they could not afford the peak Jindan Stage opponent to make even a move at them.

"Humph, what are you afraid of, she's just a mere peak Jindan Stage."

Senior Xiao Qi curled her lips in disdain.

Wang Lu inwardly exclaimed: "Sure enough, she's Master's friend. To a middle-level Foundation Establishment cultivator, a peak Jindan Stage is an insurmountable peak. However, for an expert senior like her, it would be like a novice guard that could easily be removed."

At this time, he turned his gaze on that slim figure in mid air and Wang Lu couldn't help but cry out, "Cat mother!?"

It turned out the Elder of the Beast Master School Division who came out to suppress them was a cat-eared young girl. She seemed to be around twelve or thirteen years old, looking even more immature than Liu Li. The two furry ears on her head were exceptionally alert and agile. There were also several whiskers on her cheeks which constantly trembled whenever the girl opened her mouth. Coupled with the sharp fingernails on both of her hands, all of these showed her inhuman characteristics.

More often than not, these did not belong to the human cultivator, but a successfully transformed spirit cat...This situation was not rare in the Beast Master School. After a successful cultivation, a spirit beast could enjoy the same privilege and rights as normal cultivators; only in the promotion to senior management would they have difficulties. However, the Elder of the Beast Master School Division on the Grand Cloud Mountain was not some kind of senior manager.

At the same time, seeing this cat-eared girl, Wang Lu also more or less understood the tribulation of these thousands of spirit dogs on this level area. Cats and dogs do not conform to the rule of heaven and earth. Since the Elder was a spirit cat, the spirit dogs in the surrounding of Grand Cloud Mountain would naturally have a hard time. If it were jackals, wolves, tigers, or panthers, which required a lot of fresh meat to maintain the nutrition intake, then the entire living beings on the Grand Cloud Mountain would be under great pressure.

The cat-eared girl who appeared in mid air was surprised to find out that, under her Jindan Stage oppressive imposing manner, some people actually dared to be distracted. Her gaze shifted from Zen Master Dog Meat who she already considered as dead to Wang Lu and Liu Li.

"All of you have already been trapped in my Beast Master School's Five Mountain Broken Veins Great Array. No matter what kind of great method you have, don't ever think you could escape from this. Zen Master Dog Meat could no longer be saved, but my Beast Master School is merciful, if you two accomplices immediately surrender without a fight and offer your spirit dog, I can spare your two lives."

The cat-eared girl tried to make her own momentum to appear majestic so as to awe people, but that sharp childish voice of her only made her speech seemed laughable. Of course, under the magical power fluctuation of peak Jindan Stage cultivator, those who could laugh aloud were only a few.

However, Wang Lu, as a professional adventurer, very much dislike this kind of without-finesse threat. Inwardly bored, he retorted, "If you, this cat mother, change into maid outfit and pour us some tea, we can spare your life. Otherwise, my aunt Zen Master Dog Meat will capture you and steam you in broth, and then immediately turn you into a side dish!"


The shrill roar of the cat-eared girl sounded like a tide, which spun the sky and shook the ground. It was as if the air were scraped by invisible blades of wind. The surrounding rocks rustled and fell, and the trees broke down in the middle. And this was only the fallout. The main power of the wailing was concentrated on Xiao Qi's body.

Although the one who provoked her was Wang Lu, how could a middle-level Foundation Establishment cultivator be put in her eyes? She had cultivated for three hundred years, from the spirit beast form to human form, successfully washed away all her demonic energy through the Beast Master School secret method, turning them into righteous magical power. Now, she was already at the peak Jindan Stage and Yuanying Stage was just around the corner. To her, Foundation Establishment cultivator was like an ant, and only that deeply profound Zen Master Dog Meat was a threat to her.

This scream was imbued with the full force of a Jindan Stage Daoist Master. Standing by Xiao Qi's side, and only received the fallout, Wang Lu felt signs of collapsing in his entire Non-Phase Sword. The whole magical power within his body surged up along with the sound wave, which somewhat couldn't be controlled by him. Even his Non-Phase Sword Bones were so shaken that they revealed some cracks. Fortunately, his Non-Phase Method defensive and survival abilities were really against the heaven. With the dual protection of his magical power and physique, he not only managed to escape injuries, but he had also kept his Non-Phase Sword Method to keep on operating.

As for Seventh Madame who received the direct attack from that scream...


Accompanied by a cold humph, the eastern-style-dressed woman took three steps back. At the same time, her hands made several successive seals. Dozens of spells in front of her body condensed and burst, as if gorgeous fire flower had bloomed.

Just as Wang Lu was curious about what kind of trick was that, he saw senior Seventh Madame's complexion suddenly changed, and then... she spat out a mouthful of blood!

W-Was this Divine Art of Blood Shadow, spraying blood to injure the enemy? However, when he saw that she was pale and visibly injured, Wang Lu had to admit the sad reality.

Zen Master Dog Meat, you f*cking liar! Just now, you audaciously said there's nothing to worry about a mere peak Jindan Stage, but in the blink of an eye, your mouth spat out blood, and you're seriously injured!? Aren't you my Master's good friend, what kind of friend of her whose strength is this bad! You're that kind of friend who usually would hold Wang Wu's thigh and loudly shout: "Let's be friends, senior!"

Then, under Wang Lu's full of disdain, anger, and surprised eyes, Seventh Madame managed to open her mouth to argue, "A mere peak Jindan, if my main body is here, how could I allow her to be so rampant! Unfortunately, now I am just my own avatar, my skill is inferior..."

I don't care if this is your real body or just an avatar, if your skill is not as good as this cat girl, just honestly kneel, don't pretend to be a master and lie to your own people!

However, inwardly scolding her was just inwardly scolding her. Seeing that the situation was about to get worse, Wang Lu pulled Liu Li closer to him and held her in his arm. At the same time, still under the shrill howling sound, he slowly walked towards Xiao Qi, ready to launch his Heavenly Talisman to flee together with her.

Just then, Xiao Qi suddenly said, "No matter, even if we can't beat her, she can't stop us from running away."

While speaking, a golden light flashed out from Xiao Qi's hand. A thick and powerful (monk) staff then appeared in her hand. Xiao Qi stomped the staff to the ground while shouting, "All Living Beings Are Equal!"

Suddenly, the mountain shook, and the mountain barrier of Five Mountain Broken Veins Great Array was forcibly pulled up. In the face of this 'All Living Beings Are Equal' spell, the unbreakable cage was immediately disintegrated.

The cat girl was surprised, unable to believe that this supposedly unbreakable array was easily destroyed. However, she quickly realized where the problem was, which was the staff in the hand of Zen Master Dog Meat!

Its essence was reserved. Its magical power was self-generated. Its might was nimble and agile, just like a living creature. This was a spiritual treasure, undisputedly middle-rank spiritual treasure!

For a common sect, a piece of low-rank spiritual treasure was enough for their Jindan Stage members to fight for. Beast Master School belonged to the high-rank sect, so naturally, their situation was a lot better. A common high-level Jindan Stage member usually possessed spiritual treasure in their body. However, this cat ear girl was, after all, a fully transformed spirit beast; she had consumed resources too much during her transformation. Therefore, in her possession was only two magical treasures as her main weapon, far from the level of spiritual treasure, much less middle-rank spiritual treasure!

No wonder previously after she plundered the spirit dogs she could escape easily, it turned out she had such a good treasure!

The cat girl was envious. Her two fangs became prominent as her lips arched up in an angle. Her pupils were also contracted, revealing her hunter's instinct.

Unfortunately, she was a bit late. After using her staff to break the Five Mountain Broken Veins Great Array, the next moment, Xiao Qi cried out, "Please open the door!"

Thereupon, a door alternating between half real and half void emerged and then enlarged out of the pointy tip of the staff. While holding the staff with her right hand, Xiao Qi pulled Wang Lu and took a step forward. Although it was simply a single step, it was enough to smoothly cross the door. The next moment, they were already outside the Grand Cloud Mountain.

After escaping from their predicament on the Grand Cloud Mountain, before she could even settle herself, as soon as she looked back, Xiao Qi saw Wang Lu grasping the Sword of Mount Kun with one hand and Liu Li with his other hand; his mottled spirit dog was also hanging on his leg... They were about to run away indeed.

Xiao Qi, therefore, has her heart settled and directly lied on the ground, gasping for breath. She had just received the full-blown scream attack from the cat girl, thus her internal injury was quite heavy. However, her cultivation method was also quite mysterious. Very soon, she calmed down the magical power disorder in her body. Moreover, the staff on her right hand also emitted a ray of light, which helped her heal her injury.

"Hehehe, what do you think, exciting isn't it?"

"The way you change the topic to avoid the embarrassment is really sh*tty."

Wang Lu mercilessly exposed her. "Hahaha, prior to this, you're so full of yourself, with an arrogant attitude that doesn't look people in the eye. However, the next moment, you're seriously injured and had to flee in panic. That's a common villain plot!"

Xiao Qi's face turned somewhat red. "Alas, it's a miscalculation, just a miscalculation. Even a wise man would sometime miscalculate. If my main body is here, I could kill her with my finger in seconds. So, a momentary carelessness is also excusable."

"The problem is your main body is not here... speaking of which, what do you mean by your avatar, and your main body? Does your main body refer to that staff?"

It was rare for Wang Lu to actively change the topic; Xiao Qi immediately explained, "Of course not. The so called main body... Don't they teach you about this in Spirit Sword Sect? There are several methods for Yuanying to advance to Deity. One of which is avatar refinement; by dividing the primordial spirit into avatars and wait until they all advanced into Yuanying Stage again, and then merge them. With this, in a single stroke, you will advance through the stage..."

Wang Lu said, "They taught us all right. It's just that I really can't connect your hoodlum style appearance with that of a peak Yuanying Stage expert."