Chapter 182: Commendable Filial Piety

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"Full output!"

The moment Chi Hou spat out blood, Wang Lu promptly made a judgment.

Liu Li took a deep breath. She could not attend her already depleted magical power after those several successive strikes. She simply, in accordance with Wang Lu's instruction, gathered up her last strength, turned around and thrust her sword.

Then, the girl saw the humiliation and unwillingness that filled Chi Hou's eyes

A genuine Jindan Stage Daoist Master was actually forced to a dead end... Chi Hou clenched his teeth and activated the talisman in his body.

Escape Talisman.

Before the fight, Chi Hou had already calculated how should he intercept if the opponent activated a similar prop. However, unexpectedly, after a shocking fight, it was him who was forced to use this escape talisman! A dignified Jindan Stage Elder actually had to flee in the face of two Foundation Establishment Cultivators! This was a humiliation that was probably too difficult to wash away in a lifetime.

However, no matter how humiliating it was, being alive was better than dead. After his successive loss of two spirit pets, Chi Hou's strength has been reduced to its lowest point. Since he entered the Jindan Stage, he has never been this weak. That omnipotent Golden Core in the center of his Jade Mansion had turned bleak as it lost its light, even so much that it had a tendency to disintegrate into Void-that was cultivation base reversal, an indication that it would revert to Xudan Stage.

In this case, he didn't need to consider what kind of recuperation method that he must undergo to restore his power... He couldn't even withstand this last strike from Liu Li. Therefore, he decisively activated his escape talisman.

However, the next moment, in Chi Hou's surprised eyes, he saw the two sword tips of Liu Li turn to blurry shadow, like a real illusion, and actually cut a point an inch in front of Chi Hou's body, severing an invisible link in the middle.

It was the link between Chi Hou and that ancient beast skull! Liu Li's sword could cut through everything. Taking advantage while the opposite party was unprepared, the sword actually severed the connection between Chi Hou and the skull!

Normally, the interruption of this connection wouldn't have been a problem. Because, as its owner, as long there was some resting time, he would be able to reconnect the link. However, right now, Chi Hou didn't have the time at all. After he activated his escape talisman, his huge figure instantly turned into a ray of light, flew to the sky, and in the blink of an eye, disappeared on the horizon.

And as soon as Chi Hou left, the huge skull lost its source of magical power, thus, it immediately shrunk to its original form. From mid-air, it dropped to the ground with a clattering sound.

Wang Lu then smoothly picked up the skull. This was the first valuable loot that he got on the experiential learning down the mountain. Though it wasn't of high grade, just high-level magical treasure, it has a commemorating value. This was Wang Lu and Liu Li's first "spoil of war" on their fight with a genuine Jindan Stage Daoist Master while they were just Foundation Establishment.

However, Wang Lu didn't have the time to appreciate it further as he pulled Liu Li in the direction of the stupid dog. Although he didn't see the turn of event just now, he had correctly guessed that there must be a kind passersby who had lent them a helping hand by directly killing White Teeth, which forced Chi Hou to flee in regret. Therefore, the first order of business was to meet this kind passersby.

That person had shouted that it wanted to cook the big black dog into a dish. Clearly, it has a taste for the dog meat, and that Huahua, though stupid and small, its flesh...

Across several clusters of trees, next to a creek, Wang Lu saw that kind passerby.

Unexpectedly, he saw a young woman who looked about twenty-five or twenty-six years old. She was tall, picturesque, dressed in luxurious purple clothes and exuded a noble and out of the world temperament, yet her smile was infinitely amiable. The magical power fluctuation around her body was completely restrained, which prevented him from seeing her true depth.

Seeing that the chivalrous person was unexpectedly a woman, Wang Lu was a bit taken aback. Especially seeing that woman single-handedly carried the rather large dog. Sizing her up and down, she was all smiles, which caused the feeling of out of place in him turned heavier.

However, thinking that the other side had just lent them a hand, Wang Lu, in accordance with the rules of etiquette from the Teng Cloud Hall, earnestly saluted. "I am Yue Lu of Celestial Water Lake. This is my Junior Sister Yue Xian. Thank you heroine for helping us just now."

That woman smiled and waved. "Don't mention it. I merely solved the dinner problem. Moreover, even without my help, your spirit pet would not lose."

While talking, she took out a knife and began to cut open the stomach of that black dog "White Teeth" and cleaned it with the creek water. Her action was skilled and swift.

"Hehehe, this black dog's quality is not bad... Since fate has brought us to meet together, if you don't mind, would you like to taste my craft? I may not have anything to boast, but solely on the skill of cooking dog meat alone, in the entire Cloud Region, few people could be compared to me."

This woman was generous and hospitable. After sizing her for a long time, Wang Lu couldn't find even a tiny bit of fakeness in her. He couldn't help but smile. "Then I am indebted to your hospitality."

"Great! Frank and straightforward! Hehe, I heard that there are a lot of people on this Grand Cloud Mountain that would like to cut those who eat dog meat into pieces. Humph, this is his damn mother's and father's meat! Very delicious!"

Wang Lu said, "They're just an annoyance, why bother?" As he said that, he began to look around, trying to find his dumb dog. Inwardly. he thought, you stupid fool dog has stupid luck, have you already been stuffed into this woman's mouth?

"Looking for your dog? It's over there hiding from me. A moment ago, it saw me about to swallow this large black dog whole; in order to avoid wasting food, I frightened it... Oops, don't worry. No matter how greedy I am, I couldn't possibly cook a Fenrir's descendant."

Wang Lu was startled. This woman knew Fenrir!?

The woman looked up and smiled. "I have tasted enough dog meat, so I have done quite a research on animals similar to it. However, to be able to keep a Fenrir as a pet, you and your Junior Sister over there shouldn't be of Celestial Water Lake origin, right?"

Their lies being exposed, Wang Lu simply shrugged his shoulders. "Wandering in 'rivers and lakes', maintaining low-key is a must. Very well, let's re-do our introduction. I am Wang Lu, and this is Liu Li. We are from Spirit Sword Sect of Blue River Region."

"Oh, I am Xiao Qi (little seven). You guys can call me Seventh Madame..." In the middle of her words, the woman was startled and immediately stood up. "You're disciples of Spirit Sword Sect!? Then this is really a fate. Do you guys know someone called Wang Wu? We, old friends, haven't seen each other for many years."

This time, it was Wang Lu's turn to be surprised. It was not uncommon for Spirit Sword Sect cultivators to have friends outside the sect, but that cheap person Wang Wu actually have one! This was inconceivable! In addition to making enemies, what else could she do!?

Wang Lu tried to think of the reasons; could it be...

Although his conjecture was quite absurd according to common sense, knowing that she was his Master's friend, Wang Lu relaxed somewhat.

"Excuse, do you know Zen Master Gou Ruo?"

Xiao Qi blinked. "Zen Master Gou Ruo? That's me."

Wang Lu sighed. Looking at the already sliced into pieces dog meat that was ready to put inside the cooking pot, Wang Lu guessed that the so-called Zen Master Gou Ruo was probably Zen Master Dog Meat. However, how could a beautiful woman be named Zen Master?

"Seventh Madame, are you a zen cultivator?"

Xiao Qi slanted her head to the side to think for a moment. "It shouldn't be, right?"

"Is your dao in zen profound? Are you familiar with the zen sutras?"

Xiao Qi beckoned with her hand. "Who's interested in reading those things."

Wang Lu sighed; wine and meat lover through and through indeed. "Then why do you use Zen Master as your title?"

Xiao Qi blinked a few times. "Because I'm really greedy."


So she was actually a greedy master!? Damn, she got him good!

Xiao Qi lightly said, "However, I do have some relation with the zen, so some people love to call me Zen Master Dog Meat, and I don't refute them." With that, she looked at Wang Lu. "Are you Wang Wu's disciple?"

Inwardly, Wang Lu thought that since the other side was his Master's friend, so it was not unusual for her to recognize him. Magical power fluctuation of Non-Phase Method was very unique. Though Wang Lu and Wang Wu's version of it was different, it was generally the same.

"Yes," Wang Lu replied.

"Then that's good. The last time we met, she borrowed two hundred thousand spirit stones from me. You're her disciple, shouldn't you pay for your Master's account?"

Wang Lu was without hesitation. "No way."

"..." Xiao Qi was silent. "Don't you have a filial piety to your Master? Looking at your cultivation base, Wang Wu must've spent several years of effort to train you. Shouldn't you, in principle, repay her effort a little bit? Or do you want to tell me you have inherited the glorious Non-Phase Peak tradition of being impoverished, thus incapable of repaying?"

Wang Lu earnestly replied, "I do have the money. Though I won't dare to call myself rich, I have no problem in paying off her debt. However, it is for her consideration that this debt could not be repaid."

Xiao Qi was angry and amused at the same time. "You, Master and disciple of Non-Phase Peak, are really carved out from the same mold. Why exactly could it not be repaid, you say?"

"Because if I repay this, there would be endless more. I believe Master has a habit of getting into a debt and her creditors should spread all over the world. If they hear I'm willing to pay for her debt, then they would immediately flock to me."

Xiao Qi broke into laughter. "You're afraid of something that hasn't happened yet?"

"I'm afraid after I paid off her debts, Master would think heaven has fallen into her lap and thus turn around and borrow even more money. Now she has bad debts, so her credit rating should be below the bottom line, therefore, I believe no one is willing to lend her money anymore. However, if the debts are repaid, her credit rating should return to normal... I don't think it's hard to imagine what would, a bottomless pit like her, do next."

Xiao Qi suddenly went into silence. "... Very well. I admit that you do have a point. I'll find her in the future to collect the debt when I have the time."

To further divide her heart, Wang Lu immediately changed the topic, "This is the letter Master had entrusted me to give to you."

Xiao Qi took over the letter and opened it. Before her eyes had finished reading it, a meaningful smile had already floated on her delicate face.

Without having to guess it, Wang Lu had already knew there was nothing good written by his Master in it.

"Your Master said that the mottled dog that you brought with you is a strange beast Fenrir from the Western Continent. If I could cheat that Fenrir out of you and sell it, I could divide the money fifty-fifty with her. This young quasi-immortal beast could be sold around hundreds of thousands to several millions of spirit stones... Introducing it to me now could be considered as her settling off her debt."

Then somewhat regrettably, Xiao Qi put aside that letter. "If I knew this early on, I wouldn't have read this in front of you."

Wang Lu was silent for a moment. "Tomorrow, you can go to the Spirit Sword Mountain to collect your debt. Whether you want to drug her or beat her, I support you. If you succeed, you can sell her to a brothel or a trafficker. I can also do it for you."

"Hahaha, you two are really a pair of Master and disciple." Xiao Qi looked at Wang Lu with approval. "Speaking of which, I also have something to ask of you."