Chapter 178: Dog's Record

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When the silly Liu Li made such a big move on her own people, Wang Lu really couldn't resist and thus gawked for a moment. However, this moment of distraction was enough for the two female cultivators of the Beast Master School to make their move.


Subsequently, two golden lights flashed as the life-saving talismans equipped for every Beast Master School disciples were ignited. The two female cultivators were wrapped within the sphere of light and whisked them away.

Liu Li looked at those two fleeing golden lights; if she wanted to, she could still intercept them, but she didn't bother with them. Instead, she turned her gaze back at Wang Lu and looked at him with pleading eyes.

Wang Lu unceremoniously reached out and slapped her on the head.


Because she was already accustomed to such criticism, Liu Li didn't feel wronged. Instead, she sincerely asked, "I'm sorry, what did I do wrong?"

Wang Lu sighed. "Two things. First, within your peer, you're one of the best sword cultivators in the Spirit Sword Sect and even in the whole Nine Regions. Thus, you need to have strength of character, aloof and overbearing aura. In short, don't mess things up and don't act like a spoiled child. Second, do I look like a person who eats anything?"

With that, Wang Lu pointed to the Little White dog that was left behind by the two Beast Master School female cultivators. "This thing is our captive, we'll eat other things at dinner."

Liu Li immediately felt relieved. "I knew you are the best, brother."

Wang Lu suddenly felt coldness that even his Non-Phase Sword Bone could not resist. "... Don't call me brother."

"But, you said I am your sister?"

"My sister couldn't possibly be so lovable. Later on, just call me Senior Brother. In any case, I'm the sect's lead representative, so I'm a half level higher than you."

"Em, okay!" Although that reasoning completely went over her head, Liu Li has one excellent advantage, which was, she never ask too much.

Having dealt with Liu Li, Wang Lu splashed the captive, the invisible white dog with cold water to wake it up. After the puppy regained its consciousness, it immediately realized that something was wrong, thus it quickly attempted to enter into stealth mode to hide itself. However, when only half its body turned invisible, it saw a pair of red eyes staring at it from its front.

It was a mottled spirit dog of different build and seemingly different breed, which appeared silly-just what's with the piece of bone marinated in soy sauce that it held in its mouth? However, the other party's small body seemed to hide a hell; the terrifying power that imperceptibly unleashed from it caused the white puppy's primordial spirit to condense and interrupt the spell that it instinctively cast.

The mottled dog cast a glance at it, humphed out a disdainful voice while its mouth continued to chew that bone marinated in soy sauce, as if to say: If you dare to run, you will end up like this bone!

The Little White dog whimpered, looked at Wang Lu and Liu Li, pleading them with its best begging-for-mercy look.

Seeing that the other party no longer tried to run, Wang Lu nodded and said, "Can you speak human words?"

The Little White dog shook its head in fear.

"No matter. Huahua, translate it for us." Wang Lu gave the stupid dog a kick. The dumb dog was really unwilling, but in the end, it spat out the bone. "Really annoying."

Then it launched a burst of bark at the Little White dog. The Little White dog shivered then sobbed for a moment, and then piteously waited. After a moment of discussion between them, Huahua said to Wang Lu, "This grandson is named Little White, spirit pet of that female cultivator. It is now willing to surrender. However, because it has a contract with its master, it could not divulge the matter regarding its master and its master's sect."

Wang Lu mused, "This little thing doesn't have any moral integrity at all, it surrenders so quickly... As for that contract thing, Xian'Er, get rid of it."

Liu Li stretched out her hand and touched the Little White's head. The little thing immediately felt a portion of sharp sword intent entering its head and into its primordial spirit, deftly avoiding all its vital parts and then directly forming an invisible extension line.

The next moment, Little White felt its primordial spirit loose and a certain bind that has been powered for many years then disappeared... It and its master's contract had actually just been lifted!

Liu Li's Brilliant Sword Heart could pierce through anything in this world, including the spirit pet contract of the Beast Master School.

Without the bondage of the contract, Little White very quickly lost its inhibition of betraying its former master and spilled all the beans. Wang Lu had no interest in the privacy of the two middle-aged women, but he was very curious about the reason behind their blatant attempt on pet robbery.

Actually, when he thought about it, Wang Lu actually found it was not at all unusual for the Moral Enlightenment City inhabitants to complain just days after the people from the Beast Master School entered the city. However, there was certainly a strong motive behind the blatant highway robbery attempt of those two middle-aged women. No matter what, Beast Master School was still among the upright sect, thus there was a huge risk for them if their disciples blatantly robbed cultivators from noble Immortal Cultivation Family. Without any strong motive, this was definitely impossible.

And from the mouth of that Little White, Wang Lu learned that Beast Master School has recently been carrying out a massive operation, which involved their entire divisions and subdivisions numbering thousands of people. However, the woman with the big round face and other disciples were assigned with a strange task: to collect all kinds of spirit pet dog and bring them back to the mountain. Furthermore, this task was also quite urgent. For this reason, the Elder in charge of the woman with big round face even plainly said, "No matter how, as long as its a good dog, bring them all back to me and you will be richly rewarded. If necessary, by hook or by crook. If there's anything, I will be responsible for it!

Them resorting to highway robbery of a noble Immortal Cultivation Family clearly indicated that Beast Master Sect was short of spirit pet dog so much that they were desperate. However, this was even stranger. In over ten thousand sects within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, nobody could rival Beast Master School in terms of taming spirit beast. Moreover, Beast Master Sect has been the biggest seller in the spirit beast market, so how come they seemed to be extremely lacking in spirit pet dog so much that they were driven to desperation because of it?

Unfortunately, Little White could not provide any further information. After all, it was just a dog, so it couldn't understand a too deep content. However, that information was enough for Wang Lu.

"Since their demand of spirit pet dog has reached the level of hunger and thirst... we probably don't need to do anything. Some of their higher ups will come down the mountain and look for us."


At the same time, on top of the Grand Cloud Mountain, Chen Dongzhi and her Junior Sister had lowered their head, bracing under the wrath of their Master.

"So, if I get this right, instead of bringing that exotic treasure back, you actually lost your spirit dog?"

A tall and sturdy man with naked upper body and ripped muscle interrogated them with a cold voice.

Chen Dongzhi tremblingly replied, "Disciple is incompetent, causing the sect to lose face, so disciple is willing to be punished by the Elder."

That brawny man sneered. "Punished? Even if the two of you are torn to shreds, is there any use? If you had really followed the sect rules, you would have cried and shouted for mercy!"

The two Senior and Junior Sisters' heart sank. Invariably, they considered whether to kneel and beg for mercy.

"Ah forget it. This time's opponent is indeed too powerful for you... They can even sever our Beast Master School pet contract, so it's not strange if you're not their match. It's just that, when did the Yue Family of Celestial Water Lake have such strong disciples?"

As the Elder began to talk to himself, his brows gradually inched closer and turned into one.

Junior Sister boldly said, "Master, although those two people are formidable, no matter what, their cultivation base is still low, so it doesn't give us a cause of concern. And though they thought they managed to succeed through a clever trick by severing the contract, they have instead exposed their flaw. Little White comes from our Beast Master School, so it's not difficult to trace its location. If we follow this trace, we will also find that strange spirit dog!"

The muscular Elder cast her a glance. "You want to find it?"

Junior Sister was immediately speechless. "I-disciple has a low cultivation base, I'm afraid..."

"Afraid that you're not their match, therefore you want your master to handle it? Humph, this kind of noble family's disciple is the most troublesome. If we hit their juniors, their seniors would come out. Although rumor has it that within the Celestial Water Lake, the Yue Family was just a marginal one, since they managed to produce such disciples, how could they be so simple? Now, since our division still has an urgent task, there's no need for us to complicate things. It's strange though, what are they doing in the Grand Cloud Mountain?"

The Junior Sister gathered up her courage and said, "I remember that man said he is looking for someone called Zen Master Gou Ruo."

"Zen Master Gou Ruo?" the Elder frowned and mumbled out that name several times. Then his complexion suddenly changed. "Zen Master Gou Ruo!? God damn, it's clearly Zen Master Gou Ruo (Zen Master Dog Meat) that son of a b*tch! Tell me the detailed description of those two!"

After listening to the recount from his two female disciples, the Elder still got no clue. However, after pondering it over, in the end, anger prevailed over cautiousness. "Forget it, let's talk again after we capture those two people. If we can hang that son of a b*tch, then all is well. But if it's the wrong person, big deal, I'll just have to go to the Celestial Water Lake, and their Yue Family won't be able to say anything."

Inwardly, the two female disciples immediately felt relieved. Junior Sister's eyes rotated and then asked, "Master, that strange mottled spirit dog..."

"Hehe, they, Celestial Water Lake, have never been good at animal training; if left in their hands, that precious spirit beast would be a waste. If they really love that spirit dog, they should let it go."

The implication of this was obvious. Later on, when they captured the two people, they would also take possession of the spirit dog.

Seeing that their Master had agreed to take the matter to his own hand, the female cultivator with big round face was moved; her magical tool was destroyed by Liu Li, which was quite a heartache for her. After she thought of something, she suggested, "Master, I think that Yue Xian's flying sword is quite extraordinary, why don't..."

The Elder roared, "We Beast Master School are not a bandit sect. If we want to take that spirit dog, we can still defend our reason. However, if we take other people's magical treasure, how are we going to explain that!?"

Chen Dongzhi immediately stared dumbfoundedly.

However, the clever Junior Sister said, "Those two people have spirit dog and superior magical treasure, so it's safe to assume that they are the talented disciples that Yue Family put a lot of effort to nurture. They're accustomed to being arrogant; when undertaking a task, they have no appreciation of the gravity of things, so if there's damage in their magical treasure, that's still very normal."

Hearing this, Chen Dongzhi only thought that it was nonsense. However, when she turned to look at her Master, the latter had actually smiled lightly without saying any words. Suddenly, it dawned on her. Then she sighed at this apparent gap! No wonder although she had the better natural talent, their cultivation base was basically the same. Moreover, their master was more fond of her Junior Sister.

"Okay, let me see how formidable those two talents of Yue Family really was!"

As soon as he said it, this muscular man's complexion suddenly changed because he heard the summon from the Great Elder as their Division Head.

"What? The target showed up? Good, I'll be right there!"

Turning his head, he said to his two disciples, "Senior Brother had just called me, so I can't refuse. As for you two... just let Yin Bei (Silver Back) walk with you."

With that, the Elder sent out a force through his feet, and like an artillery shell, he went straight into the sky and flew away.

The two female cultivators then stared dumbfoundedly at the outside of the building as a larger and bigger gorilla than their master slowly walked in. Every step he took would cause the room to slightly tremble. The gorilla then arrived before the two female cultivators. His condescending gaze was filled with a trace of disdain and irritation.

The two women tremblingly greeted him.

"Pay respect to Junior Uncle Yin Bei (Silver Back)."

"Hm. I've heard what my Senior Brother said just now. You two will lead the way, and I'll take care of those two young'uns and that spirit dog."