Chapter 175: Vegetarian Capital

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The case of Beast Master School of Grand Cloud Mountain was not a once in awhile occurrence. There were numerous sects within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, of which the vast majority of them inevitably have to cross path with the mortals. This included Kunlun Immortal Sect-those highbrows who put themselves high above mortals or even common cultivators-as long as you crossed path with them, conflicting views would inevitably arise.

This occurrence wasn't strange at all. Moreover, sects within Union of Ten Thousand Immortals that have comparatively exotic views or beliefs were neither minority. Animal lovers like the Beast Master School was actually relatively mild; after all, the outcome of their conflicting view with other people was limited to injuring several people and damaging the face of White Dragon Temple and Imperial Household of the Grand Cloud Empire.

If it were a truly extreme sect, they would strap several of their low-level disciples with lava essence, exploding talismans and other similar objects and send them on suicide attack; that would be a scene to behold.

The only thing that could attract Wang Lu's interest was the Beast Master School's reputation. As a third rank sect, though it belonged to the bottom of the barrel in the view of the top rank sect, it was still among the high-rank sects. White Dragon Temple and Flowing Cloud Mountain, those over a thousand years sects in the Grand Cloud Empire were only fourth rank and belonged to the middle-rank sect. There was a real gap in their status.

This gap was very important to Wang Lu because if he wanted to raise his sect's reputation by crossing path with a high-rank sect, the efficiency could never be compared to that of the middle-rank sect.

Moreover, according to the new additional regulation regarding the lead representative enacted by the sect over a year ago, in addition to the title of lead representative, if a disciple did something to boost the prestige of the sect, it would obtain the corresponding points in accordance to the size of the impact and other factors, and also obtain various titles awarded by the Heavenly Sword Hall through the consumption of points.

After all, the number of lead representative was limited, and thus not conducive to stimulate the overall enthusiasm of the sect. However, there was no limit on the number of titles; everyone theoretically could have their own title.

Moreover, the title was not just empty honor; there was also a more substantial reward. The Heavenly Sword Hall would award the title owner with equipment that corresponded with the characteristic of the title. But how could Heavenly Sword Hall have all of that? High-level magical treasures were not rare at all, even spiritual treasure could be tailor made.

For Wisdom Sect with the net worth of hundreds of millions of spirit stones, spiritual treasure might not be that rare, but not with the custom-made spiritual treasure. Eight hundred thousand spirit stones might be able to buy an eight rank spiritual treasure, but if Wang Lu wanted something that matched well with his Sword of Mount Kun, even eight million might still be inadequate. Thus, him leaving the mountain this time was really important for him to raise his sect's prestige so that he could gain a title and its corresponding magical treasure.

According to the point system set by the sect, he would gain much more points if he succeed in trampling the Division Head of the Beast Master Sect than the combined points of trampling the two sects White Dragon Temple and Flowing Cloud Mountain.

Of course, with Wang Lu's current ability, it would be a suicide to find trouble with a bunch of Jindan Stage Subdivision Heads. Moreover, though the Beast Master Sect didn't have a good reputation, it wasn't evil either. Therefore, it wouldn't make sense at all if he just blindly looked for trouble.

Wang Lu thought for a moment and decided that he should put this down on a note first until he wasn't busy with other things.

While he was thinking, Ye Chuchen politely asked, "Mr. Director, could it be that your trip down the mountain to send a letter to someone on the Grand Cloud Mountain was because there's some friendly relation between Spirit Sword Sect and Beast Master School?"

Wang Lu frowned. "No, we don't have any friendly relation with anyone; we act as a single player."

"..." Ye Chuchen hesitated. He didn't know whether to commend Spirit Sword Sect for staying aloof from worldly affairs, or to accompany his Mr. Director to look for trouble at other sect... The disparity was too difficult for him to grasp.

After thinking about it, the Vice Sect Leader decided to change the topic, "May I know who the recipient of the letter? Although Wisdom Sect has yet to open a branch in the Grand Cloud Empire, we still get news from that place."

Wang Lu looked at the letter in his hand and then said, "I have never seen that person either. Master only said a few words about that person, but that person should be bald headed."

"A monk?" Ye Chuchen felt strange. "There are not many monks in the Grand Cloud Empire territory, even more so in the vicinity of the Grand Cloud Mountain. Could it be that the person is a loose cultivator? But it doesn't matter. If you tell me the religious name of that master, perhaps I know it."

"Gou Ruo." [1]

"..." Ye Chuchen gawked for a long time and then softly asked, "What?"

"Zen Master Gou Ruo. Have you heard of it?"

"... Subordinate is friendless and unlearned, really haven't heard of it. However, I can send Wisdom Sect followers to inquire the relevant Union of Ten Thousand Immortals' body there..."

Before he could finish, Wang Lu's eyes had already turned cold, as if he was looking at an idiot. "This time, we're going to stop at one of the cities in the vicinity of the Grand Cloud Mountain. After that, there's no need for you to bother, and you don't have to inquire about the news."

Ye Chuchen was startled at first, but then he immediately berated himself inwardly for being muddled. Wang Lu was likely to look for trouble at that third rank sect Beast Master School, but if Ye Chuchen played some roles in it, once perceived, the consequences would be unaffordable to him.


One day later, the Cloud Wave Boat landed in the Grand Cloud Empire territory, on the southern side of the Grand Cloud Mountain outside the Moral Enlightenment City.

Moral Enlightenment City was a prefectural capital in the Grand Cloud Empire. It has a huge territory and millions of population. The endless stream of horse and carriages inside the city was the proof of how bustling the city was. Moreover, what made Ye Chuchen amazed was the brimming aura of cultivators inside the city. A substantial number of cultivator have residences that floated in mid-air; in fact, there were at least ten of them. Although the shape was quite ordinary, the workmanship and materials were carefully chosen. However, for city residents, it was not at all unusual to them, meaning that they have long adapted to the sight.

And this was only a prefectural city in the Grand Cloud Empire. If it were the capital, it would certainly be livelier.

Ye Chuchen sighed. "Alas, this is indeed the Cloud Region. A single prefectural city is even superior to the capital of the Great Ming Country. No wonder people say that within the Nine Regions, Blue River Region is the weakest; there is indeed such a gap."

Wang Lu said, "If there's a gap, close the gap. What's the use in lamenting about it? Or you want to tell me you want to immigrate here?"

Ye Chuchen knew that he had said the wrong thing and definitely had lost several good points from his superior. After cursing at his own stupidity, Ye Chuchen tactfully asked to be excused, no longer disturbing Wang Lu.

When Ye Chuchen had gone away, Wang Lu cast a spell on the Cloud Wave Boat to shrink it, and then he put it inside his mustard seed bag. After earnestly sizing up the vastness of the city from the outside, he felt something was not quite right with this city. Therefore, he reached out and patted Liu Li. "Little Liu Li, what do you think about the view."

Liu Li wrinkled her nose as her clear eyes reflected the outline of the city.

Perhaps Liu Li could never be as clever and quick-witted as other people, but because of her extremely simple and naive personality, she has a more keen insight into the nature of things. Five years ago, on the platform duel, Liu Li realized the Big Heart Demon Oath on Wang Lu, as well as when he passed the threshold of the Foundation Establishment much more earlier than the Elders; her insight was extremely good.

"It seems sick." A moment later, Liu Li gave out her conclusion with her simple and crisp voice. Then she took out the preserved beef and started munching it.

"Sick?" Wang Lu pondered for a while. After he roughly guessed the reason for it, he said, "Okay, let's go into the city first. In this bustling city, there should be a local cuisine right?"

Liu Li joyfully cheered, "Hooray!"

The mottled dog also began to bark with a face filled with joy.


A person and the two pets entered the city together, without showing their cultivator identity. Instead, they entered as foreign travelers, which could be found everywhere in the city. They then started to wander around curiously.

Along the way, Wang Lu bought Liu Li and the stupid dog some snacks. The palate of the people in the Cloud Region was indeed quite different than that of the Blue River Region, and the city's cuisine has its own local characteristic. However, after walking for several blocks, Wang Lu discovered an unexpected pattern: the meat was minimal.

At the Leng Qing Family Meat Shop, while asking for several sausages and several pieces of bacon, he casually asked as he paid them, "Boss, do you have fried dog meat?"

As soon as he said it, the complexion of that as-sturdy-as-iron-tower Boss of the Leng Qing Family Meat Shop suddenly changed greatly. Subconsciously, he wanted to reach out and push Wang Lu out of his shop. However, at this time Wang Lu had taken the sausages and also had fished out the money, therefore, it was too late for him to refuse the transaction as Wang Lu could just refuse to pay.

Therefore, the Boss rushed forward a few steps, closed the door and then angrily complained, "What do you think you're doing? If you want to look for trouble, don't implicate me! I thought that since you came here with your dog, you're... unexpectedly so insensible!"

Wang Lu found it odd. "What's the matter, boss? Are you blaming me for buying these things? Fine, I don't want these sausages anymore, I'll just leave."

The Boss hurriedly pulled Wang Lu back. "Don't recognize what's good for you!? Let me tell you, you can say those things in anywhere else, but here in Moral Enlightenment City, it's best if you don't mention dog meat at all," je paused and then continued with a somewhat frustrated look, "let alone dog meat... the less you eat meat the better. I'm afraid in a few years, everyone in this Moral Enlightenment City would become vegetarian."

Wang Lu asked, "What the hell is this? I heard that this Moral Enlightenment City is famous for its cuisine, how could it become vegetarian?"

The meat shop boss looked outside from the gap on the door; after confirming that no one was near, he sat down and began to complain, "You outsiders don't know, it's those group of cultivators. More than a year ago, a group of cultivators who call themselves as members of Beast Master School came to the Moral Enlightenment City from the northern part of the Grand Cloud Mountain. Then they announced everywhere that 'this' meat must not be consumed, and 'that' meat is forbidden to eat. The rules are even stricter than the rule of the land. Although they can't openly look you for trouble, they can secretly trip you up, which is unbearable."

Wang Lu was stunned. "Beast Master School? They raised spirit beast, don't tell me they feed theirs with steamed bun or bread? Are their fierce spirit beasts different and thus don't eat meat?"

"Heh, who said they don't? Unfortunately, us common people could not be compared to those animals that they raise..." The boss felt a bit useless. "Two years ago, my shop is the best in the business. But now, as you can see, how many people come to visit?"

Wang Lu nodded. "Many thanks for reminding me, Boss, but, aren't those basically not that big of a deal?"

The Boss said, "Yes, they didn't say all meat is forbidden. Moreover, even without meat, it's not as if people are going to die. Therefore, everyone can only complain, yet the day continues to go by. Unfortunately, my lifetime's skill is just this. I don't know how I'm going to eat later on."

"Just start all over again." Here, Wang Lu had collected enough information. He no longer talked to the Boss and went straight to the door.

The influence of the Beast Master Sect on the Moral Enlightenment City was still limited. Otherwise, that boss's criticism towards that sect would land him in a death penalty.

In that case, as long as he didn't take the initiative to look for trouble in this city, there would be no problem.


[1] Gou Ruo literally means Like to collude/attract/arouse but Gou is homonym with Gou (dog) and Ruo is also homonym with Ruo (meat). So the name could also mean Dog Meat.