Chapter 170: Wang Lu Is Super Awesome

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The fight on the Cloud Platform on the Spirit Sword Mountain on the Nine Regions' calendar year 6348 was destined to go down in history.

Although the cultivation base of the two sides was not that high, merely low-level Foundation Establishment-one of them had just entered the boundary of Foundation Establishment.

However, for the countless onlookers, this fight was a watershed moment in their complete understanding of cultivators.

And that was how low a cultivator could stoop to in order to gain victory.

When the referee Daoist Master Feng Yin, who presided over the fight, announced the victory of Wang Lu and explained that the previous golden light was cast by Wang Lu himself, the spectators off stage almost went into a riot.

They had seen how shameless people could be, but never at this level of such shamelessness! In the showdown of the pinnacle of power and wisdom that should carry forward the spirit of Immortal Cultivation and provide positive energy for everyone, Wang Lu had actually completely defiled it with his crafty plot in the last minute! The audience felt as if they were eating a fruit with half of it filled with worms; they couldn't be more disgusted.

The outcome of the fight was without a doubt, though in achieving it Wang Lu had cast aside whatever left of his moral integrity, he did not violate the rules-the rules never forbade the contestants to cast out the golden light on themselves, forging the outcome. And Liu Li, upon seeing the golden light, immediately relaxed her vigilance, which was the result of her own stupidity that couldn't be blamed on others.

Actually, after that last of twentieth layer Fiery Sword attack, Liu Li had almost exhausted all of her magical power and could no longer maintain the Brilliant Sword Heart operation-of course, compared to Wang Lu who was badly wounded on the verge of dying, she still had the advantage. Unfortunately...at the last minute, what decided the outcome of the fight was not the fighting strength.

The result of the duel had also been recognized by that peak Deity Stage character from the Mysterious Sky Mansion. He said with a wry smile that this time, Mysterious Sky Mansion had to tragically suffer a financial loss.

Of course, that was just a lie because, except for a few people, most people were betting on Liu Li.

No one thought Wang Lu could win, but he won in the end.

And with such a result, Spirit Sword Sect's originally planned celebration feast and so on had to be canceled. Their original plan to make good contacts with the visiting cultivators had to be scrapped too. After the end of the fight, with a feeling of nausea, each started to return to their respective sects.

However, many of the gentlemen of justice, before leaving, showed a clear hostility toward Wang Lu.

"Boy, someday if you come down the mountain, don't let me see you, or I'll teach you a lesson!"

"That's right, I have seen shameless, but not on your level of shamelessness!"

"Humph, if I were not a guest, I would've beat you to a pulp to drive away the unpleasant feeling in my heart!"

Toward these, Elders of the Spirit Sword Sect could only wryly smile. Although people of the same sect should stick together, they had no way to defend this Successor Disciple with words-frankly speaking, most of them also had a mixed feeling about this.

As for Wang Lu himself, though he accepted the treatment of his Sect's Elders, toward those emotional outsiders, he made a decisive statement. "Okay, why don't you try it! Come at me!"

These gentlemen of justice were stunned.

"You-you want to abandon your medical treatment!?"

"Are you trying to provoke us!?"

Wang Lu nodded, "Correct, if you have the ability then come beat me."

"Good, this is your own choice!"

Thereupon, all kinds of flying swords, seals, talismans, flags and other things under the sun were brought out. The Seventh Elder, who was responsible for the medical treatment, was immediately startled.

Before being swallowed by flying swords, and drowned in the sea of magical treasures, Wang Lu stretched out his right hand. "Wait!"

"What? Are you going to beg for mercy?"

"Humph, begging for mercy, I'm afraid that's a little bit late!"

Wang Lu said, "If you want to hit me, you can. But first, you have to pay."



Wang Lu righteously said, "Is there a reason to waste my time and energy to satisfy your sense of justice? You can hit me if you want, but you have to pay ten thousand spirit stones first, then I can accompany you to fight to your heart's content."

"Ten-ten thousand spirit stones!?"

Wang Lu sneered. "This is my base price. My energy for a day is limited, so it's impossible to play with you indefinitely. Thus, there will only be ten fights a day, and I will auction these ten fights. Ten highest bidders will be able to fight me. This is a limited number, so you have to be quick!"

"Damn, do you have any face at all!?"

Wang Lu slammed the table. "If you are poor or have no money, just say it!"

"Fuck! I, your father will bid one hundred thousand spirit stones, see how I'm going to beat the shit out of you!"

Wang Lu slapped the table. "A Jindan like you have the nerve to get in a ring with me who barely reach the Foundation Establishment? Who's the one with no face here? Before we begin, I must make a term declaration, the cultivation base for this fight is limited to the early Xudan, and does not include anything above it. If there's someone with profound stage who's feeling itchy, you have to double your offer and suppress your primordial spirit. If you accept this term, then you can place your bid, if not then that's fine. I will stay here to accept your reservation. After paying the advance pay and determining that we are in the same stage, I will be ready to accept your challenge at any time!"

"Damn, you still want to scheme even now!?"

Wang Lu sneered. "Have you not inquired about my reputation before you came? Do you think poor people like you can hope to attain the brilliance of the top student of the Spirit Sword Sect? Enough of that, time is almost up, do you want to bid or not?"

"I'm the first one, I will bid five hundred thousand spirit stones! Although I'm a Xudan, I will suppress my primordial spirit to that of low-level Foundation Establishment so that I will not take advantage of you. This is just to tell you that there's still justice in the Immortal Cultivation World of the Nine Regions!"

A sword cultivator from one of the top level sects, Heavenly Sword School, righteously yelled out loud, which won a burst of applause.

"Well said, Luo Sandao! Us cultivators of the righteous path have to have this kind of spirit; you have my support!"

"That's right, though today I'm cash strapped, unlike you, these rich cultivators, you have spoken the words of my mind. I will support five thousand spirit stones into your five hundred thousand spirit stones. Although this is just a modest contribution, I want to support righteousness! Raising the power and prestige of the righteous path!"

Luo San cupped his hands and righteously said, "Thank you for your support. I place a high bid for this fight not to seek fame, but to support righteousness! Since ancient times, my Heavenly Sword School has always upheld the righteous path philosophy. From the time of the great war of immortal and demon to become one of the cornerstones of the righteous union. Moreover, the sixteenth Sect Leader has already reached the Unity Stage, and the God Sword rarely met its opponent. In addition, our disciples always take care of each other and earnestly train. We also have..."

"What the! If you want to advertise here, you have to pay! If you say anymore, I will have to charge you extra money!" Wang Lu slapped the registration desk off the Cloud Platform, urging Luo San to go on stage as soon as possible so that the fight could begin.

Seemingly regretful of not being able to continue, Luo San went on stage with his sword. Standing on the sword that hovered mid-air, he pointed at Wang Lu condescendingly. "Come on, let me teach you how to behave with integrity and principle in the Immortal Cultivation World!"

Wang Lu coldly sneered and then went on the Cloud Platform.

A moment later.

"Luo Sandao!?"

"Luo Sandao! What happened to you? Wake up!"

"Wang Lu, what kind of crafty trick did you use to harm Luo Sandao!?"

On the stage, Wang Lu gently wiped the Sword of Mount Kun; with a look of disdain, he thought aloud, "First blood. Next!"

"Damn! I, Xiang Tiange from Empty Bamboo Manor bid four hundred and fifty thousand spirit stones to avenge Luo Sandao! My cultivation base is also Xudan, and I will also suppress it to low-level Foundation Establishment so as not to take advantage of you. I want to see how are you going to play tricks on me!"

Another moment passed.

"Brother Xiang!?"

"Brother Xiang! What happened!? Wake up!?"

"Wang Lu, what evil scheme did you use to injure Brother Xiang!?"

On the stage, Wang Lu gently wiped his Sword of Mount Kun; with a disdainful smile, he said to himself, "Double kill. Next!"

"Next your mother! I, your father, Gu Yu of Ghost Evil Mountain, am a Jindan Stage, do you dare to fight with me!?"

Wang Lu contemptuously sneered. "Do you dare to pay the money first?"

"Damn, it's double, isn't it!? This is four hundred thousand spirit stones, wait for me there! As per your request, I have suppressed my cultivation base to high-level Foundation Establishment. I want to see how you are going to stop me!"

A moment passed.

"Brother Gu Yu!?"

"Brother Gu Yu, what happened to you!? Wake up!?"

"Wang Lu, what crafty scheme did you use to injure Brother Gu Yu!?

Wang Lu gently wiped the Sword of Mount Kun and said to himself with disdain, "Triple kill. Next!"


After ten rounds, Wang Lu withdrew the Sword of Mount Kun and slowly stepped down the stage.

All around the stage, there was only silence.

Wang Lu smiled. "My Spirit Sword Sect is extending hospitality for everyone, you all can linger on the mountain for a few days. My rules are unchanged, ten people per day according to the highest bidder. I wish you all good luck!"

After watching Wang Lu leave, for a long time, no one was able to speak up.

That ten fights in a row just now had actually caused people to tremble in fear.

Previously on the fight between Wang Lu and Liu Li, they saw that Liu Li maintained a superior position against Wang Lu until the last minute when he turned the tables by using a trick, and thought that could this boy have any real ability at all? They had been cultivating for many years and were well-informed, so obviously they would be able to break his machination!

However, when they came face to face on stage with him, they discovered that the average person didn't even have the qualification to be tricked by him; he silenced them all with his real ability.

A full ten people, including some talented geniuses that were viewed as future hopes of some prestigious upright sects; they also suppressed their cultivation base to try to win relying on their rich experience and insight as seniors in the Immortal Cultivation World... without exception, all fell under Wang Lu's sword.

Although not one in these group of ten people was a talented genius from a top level sect, neither of them were weak. Yet, with Wang Lu's cultivation base restriction of up to early Xudan, this meant that his opponent had a near stage advantage over him. However, this was not enough, far from enough. Even a Jindan Stage cultivator that suppressed their cultivation base to Foundation Establishment could not penetrate Wang Lu's three feet sword defense, as well as unable to resist his sword's counterattack. As for Yuanying Stage or above, perhaps by suppressing their cultivation base to Foundation Establishment they could defeat Wang Lu. However, they were more concerned about face. Was there any good thing to say when a Yuanying bully a Foundation Establishment?

After ten successive wins, few people remembered Wang Lu's shamelessness and his despicable act. On the contrary, many people actually remembered the words of Immortal Weng of the Kunlun Immortal Mountain who had the reputation of being able to see the past and the future.

"Henceforth, the Nine Regions' Immortal Cultivation World is the young people's world."

Immortal Weng said those words just when Qiong Hua of the Shengjing Sect managed to enter the Foundation Establishment Stage after a moment of meditation and became a sensation in the whole Nine Regions. People originally thought that Kunlun Immortal Mountain was just giving courtesy to the Shengjing Sect. However, now it seemed like it indeed had another layer of meaning.

Qiong Hua, Zhan Ziye, Liu Li, Wang Lu... these were the brilliant geniuses of the Five Unique; most of them only cultivated in the last ten years, yet they had already far exceeded their peers. Right now, they had yet to fully grown up, but they had already revealed their mettle. In the future, when they had achieved success in their cultivation, perhaps no one would be able to stop them.

"Alas, each new generation excels the previous [1]."

Suddenly, many seniors in Immortal Cultivation World remembered this old saying.