Chapter 168: Four Times a Day

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The fighting competition between Ten Thousand Arts Sect and Spirit Sword Sect had finally been reduced to all Spirit Sword Sect final. Nonetheless, this final was not in the least bit less entertaining; the first move already made people exclaim in surprise.

Wang Lu had actually made a preemptive strike!?

In the previous two fights, Wang Lu's characteristics had already been revealed. He had an astonishing defense and counterattack ability. However, their corresponding restrictions were also very large. Not only did he lack in offensive ability but also in the defense, or the use of body and magical power needed to be exact, and he needed to be especially careful in the face of Liu Li! Now, it would be very easy to reveal the flaws in this seemingly ferocious attack. As long as the other side promptly wielded the Brilliant Sword Heart, his most proud three feet sword defense would collapse thoroughly.

However, to everyone's surprise, Liu Li unexpectedly didn't move. The sword in her hand didn't raise even an inch, and her body's magical power didn't circulate. She just looked straight at Wang Lu's Sword of Mount Kun that was coming at her, not in the least bit swayed!

Was this contempt for the opponent's attack? However, even if Wang Lu's offensive was not up to par, the Sword of Mount Kun in his hand was extremely sharp. Three of its previous nine layers of seal had already been opened, making its pure sharp sword intent able to pierce through the body of a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Therefore, if she just let Sword of Mount Kun stab her, that would be the same as suicide!

However, the next moment, Wang Lu's thrusting movement suddenly stopped. The Sword of Mount Kun firmly stopped with just a hair's away from its target.

Wang Lu coldly humphed and took back the sword. He then stepped forward, and his left hand went straight for Liu Li's throat. The girl's countenance couldn't help but slightly frown and the hand holding the sword unconsciously moved forward. However, before it connected with Wang Lu, she immediately halted.

"What an extremely sharp intuition. Brilliant Sword Heart indeed."

Wang Lu's eyes were staring straight at Liu Li. His figure was reflected in the girl's crystal clear eyes, without any shred of impurities.

These series of actions completely baffled the mind of many of the viewers. Even some of the Yuanying Stage cultivators from outside sects were also curious. How could the actions of these two juniors be incomprehensible to the other people?

However, upon seeing this scene, the complexion of the several Spirit Sword Sect Elders immediately changed.

Liu Xian was the first to react. "This fighting method from Wang Lu, could it be..."

"Humph, Fifth Junior Sister's disciple indeed. Sure enough, he also took this road!" Fang He seemed to think something unpleasant, his old-fashioned serious countenance became even more gloomy.

"Hahaha, he really did it. Senior Brother Zhou Ming, your worry is sure justified!" Hua Yun was the most heartless, laughing incessantly.

Zhou Ming shook his head and wryly smiled while inwardly, he admired the pair of Master and disciple of Non-Phase Peak.

"In just two days time, he really succeeded in training it. I remember that time, Fifth Junior Sister was not even this fast."

Hua Yun joyfully smiled. "In hundred years being in the same sect, I've finally seen someone who is even more shameless than Fifth Senior Sister!"

Fang He scoffed contemptuously, "Dishonest practice!"

As his voice fell, Wang Lu's Sword of Mount Kun swung again. This time it targeted the Liu Li's wrist. The girl immediately furrowed her brows and couldn't help but fight back. The Fiery Sword and Sword of Mount Kun suddenly clashed. However, there wasn't that expected violent shock. The two quick and agile swords were pulled backward respectively, marking the end of this move exchange.

After a careful observation, however, one could discover that both of their wrists were slightly trembling.

Watching from under the stage, Hua Yun couldn't help but exclaim, "Its effect is surprisingly good."

The several Elders were silent, apparently remembering some sad memories.

These Spirit Sword Sect Elders were familiar with that unique set of tactic of Wang Wu. Although she had taken the Big Heart Demon Oath that restricted her from proactively hurting other people, in the actual fight, she just needed to point her sword at other people's nose; as long as it did no harm, she didn't break the oath. However, this action would most often invite attack from the shocked opponent, which she, under the justifiable claim of self-defense, used to jolt the opponent to death or injury.

In her own words, this was like raining arrows on someone else's tower doorstep to fish for attack and then concentrated on self-tower defense... which could be considered as the most shameless move in the entire Nine Regions.

No ordinary person could imitate this set of fighting method. The special characteristic of this Big Heart Demon Oath was equivalent exchange, the greater the sacrifice, the more the compensation. For ordinary people, when they understood this set of fighting method, they would not feel at a disadvantage, however, once they acknowledged the underlying principle, the strengthening effect would naturally be limited. However, the pair of Master and disciple of Non-Phase Peak possessed the shamelessness degree far more than ordinary people. They always believed they had sacrificed a great future and even believed that if they cultivated the Brilliant Sword Heart, they could reach the level of Zhou Ming and Liu Li... Their shamelessness was simply outrageous!

In addition, when fighting their opponent, they must exercise a strict control of their action; they couldn't really hurt the enemy, so much that they must not have the intent to harm. Once the other side resisted, to counterattack by means of resonance principle, they had to maintain a strict use of magical power, which was far from what ordinary people could achieve.

A one of a kind method, a one of a kind fighting method, a one of a kind pair of Master and disciple! Yet, the result of this move was indeed astonishingly good.

Hua Yun also said, "At that time, Senior Sister dealt quite a lot of people by luring them using this trick and counter-attacking their counter attack... however, little Liu Li is not that easy to lure. Though this little girl is usually stupid, when fighting, her Brilliant Sword Heart is not a joke... Huh, that's strange." While thinking of something, Hua Yun's eyes suddenly sprang wide in surprise. "With little Liu Li's power, why would she need to be so cautious?"

If it were the other people who encountered this set of tower defense of Wang Lu, they would naturally be helpless. However, Liu Li was different. Her realm was several levels higher than Wang Lu, with a single sword strike, she could decide the outcome of the fight!

"What is she worried about?" Hua Yun expressed her disbelief. "Don't tell me little Liu Li thinks she can't afford Wang Lu's counterattack!? That's unlikely. Otherwise, could it be that Senior Sister, in these recent years, has strengthened the power of the Big Heart Demon Oath?"

Liu Xian was also puzzled. "Impossible. The original oath was carefully scrutinized by several people a long time ago; each syllable has an irreplaceable meaning... how can it be so easy to strengthen! According to Wang Lu's level, it's impossible for him to bounce back an attack from Liu Li, even just withstanding it is very difficult unless he's already in the Foundation Establishment Stage!"

Using the Big Heart Demon Oath to strengthen the defensive power was indeed amazing. However, would Liu Li's Brilliant Sword Heart be inferior? Even the middle-level Foundation Establishment Zhan Ziye didn't dare to receive her twelve flying swords head-on. Could Wang Lu be able to withstand it and even bounce it back!?

Unfortunately, there was a boundary array between the audience and the platform-in order to avoid the secret of the two disciples' technique from being exposed to the Elders from outside sects that watched from below, the Cloud Platform had been shielded from giving away too many information, so much that the Spirit Sword Sect Elders couldn't even see the whole picture. Therefore, they actually didn't know why Liu Li would be wary of Wang Lu!

While they were still in doubt, the situation on the stage had changed.

"Senior Sister, please make a move."

Wang Lu held his sword horizontally across his chest and said those words of challenge. Liu Li fixed her eyes on him for a long time. Nevertheless, she had practiced the Brilliant Sword Heart for many years, and after a moment, she finally made her move. However, she was surprisingly cautious. From a total of twelve flying swords, she only used two of them, Fiery Sword and Limpid Water Sword. Light as a feather, they thrust at Wang Lu.

With a clanking sound, Wang Lu easily deflected the Fiery Sword. And then, with another swing, the Sword of Mount Kun successfully parried the Limpid Water Sword. The sword that once caused a big headache for the Ten Thousand Arts Sect disciples, the Fiery and Limpid Water Sword had been fully blocked, noiselessly thwarted off by Wang Lu.

The crowd under the stage immediately went into an uproar. At the Ten Thousand Arts Sect resting area, Lu Qiancai directly stood up. "This throwing-a-game collusion is so obvious! Why wouldn't the people from the Mysterious Sky Mansion speak up against this?"

Remembering that previously he had collected tens of thousands of spirit stones from his own and his Junior Brother to bet on Liu Li, his heart couldn't help but feel anxious.

Zhan Ziye's complexion had turned several notches darker. "No, this is not throwing away the game. What is Liu Li afraid of that she doesn't dare to go all out!"

"Afraid my hair! Her attack power is extremely strong. In a single sword strike, she could finish the opponent in seconds! If she's that careful when she fought against me, perhaps..."

"That's enough, be quiet!" Zhan Ziye gave his order to silence Lu Qiancai. However, he couldn't stop him from being restless. At this time, he also couldn't understand what could Wang Lu possibly do to make Liu Li wary of him.

That bouncing-back-attack Nameless Sword was indeed formidable, but to bounce back Liu Li's sword strike, that was simply a dream! What exactly was Liu Li worrying about?

Actually, for Liu Li, there was nothing to worry about. When she entered the combat state, she completely lost most of her feelings. Every move and every action were guided by her Brilliant Sword Heart. And now, her Brilliant Sword Heart told her not to go all out.

As for the reason, Liu Li didn't know and didn't care. All along, she just acted according to her intuition and would be successful in every endeavor.

However, Liu Li's slow pace actually made Wang Lu uncomfortable. Although the girl's sword momentum was light and continuous, after all, it was still born out of the Brilliant Sword Heart. Every time he blocked it, Wang Lu felt turbulence in his Inner Mansion, and his primordial spirit trembled... The gap between the realm was a real gap.

Sure enough, a few strokes later, Liu Li's sword strike suddenly accelerated. Wang Lu was caught off-guard as the position of his sword was slightly off. Wang Lu tried his hard to block it, however, his figure shook and his magical power surged up and shockingly exposed his flaws!

The next moment, seven flying swords behind Liu Li merged together. However, when the girl lifted her hand, ready to release this attack, she became hesitant.

Brilliant Sword Heart had actually suddenly issued a faint warning, indicating that there was a great danger ahead. Liu Li, who always trusted her intuition, put down her hand, separated her flying swords again and then continued her previous protracted fight against Wang Lu with her continuous sword momentum.

And right at this time, Wang Lu swung his Sword of Mount Kun, threateningly thrusting at her. Although Liu Li wasn't familiar with Big Heart Demon Oath, based on her intuition, she also knew that this sword thrust was not a threat and was ready to ignore it.

A moment later, Liu Li saw a change. The Sword Heart within her Jade Mansion, with a loud rumble, bloomed. The girl involuntarily raised her arm; the seven separated flying swords suddenly merged and pierced forward!

"Ha! Bring it on!"

Wang Lu's scattered sword momentum suddenly solidified firmly, and his body suddenly exposed an amazing aura. The several Elders off the stage immediately stood up, their eyes filled with amazement.

"Entering Foundation Establishment in the middle of the fight!?"

However, they didn't have time to dwell on their amazement of Wang Lu suddenly entering Foundation Establishment in the middle of the fight because right now, they saw Liu Li was not in the least bit concerned about this sudden change. The flying sword didn't sway at all, unexpectedly wanting to clash head on with the Nameless Sword of Non-Phase Peak. The girl's lively and penetrating eyes had completely disappeared, and the only one that remained was a piece of vacant look.

The next moment, Wang Lu's Sword of Mount Kun clashed head on with the Brilliant Sword Heart!

The long awaited clash finally arrived. Waves of cloud tumbled over the Cloud Platform, showing how huge the energy contained within the sword clash just now.

A moment later, the outcome was there for everyone to see. Wang Lu coughed several times as the corner of his mouth dripped with blood. From Liu Li's twelve flying swords, three of them crashed and shattered.

Wang Lu wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and then, under the dumbfounded stares of countless people, said with a smile, "There are still three more times, bring it on."