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 Chapter 164: So That Math Could Not Go out of the Spirit Sword Mountain

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

The fight on the Cloud Platform had caused many of the onlookers to feel difficulty in breathing.

The tide of the battle was changing so fast that their eyes couldn't take it all. Even more astonishing was that in just a few blinks of time, Zhan Ziye had successfully used his Junior Brothers' and Sister's signature moves-Lu Qiancai's talismans, Zhao Jiangyuan's Limitless Sword, and Ye Feifei's Royal Air, as well as his own lightning body-with such ease like he just casually fiddled with them.

In people's astonished visions, several Elders and Sect Leaders from other sects were clenching their fists.

This was the real cards of the Eldest Brother of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

Ten Thousand Methods Comprehension! This was the legendary immortal level method; its practitioners could understand thousands upon thousands of methods. Various unique skills would be at its fingertips. A genuine immortal method. Even in the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, as one of the Five Unique of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, it was extremely rare to find someone who could practice this method... Unexpectedly, this Zhan Ziye, with just Foundation Establishment as his cultivation base, was actually able to master the preliminary stage of the Ten Thousand Methods Comprehension!

In the whole Immortal Cultivation World, this rare talent was rarely seen in a thousand years. In comparison, under the stage, their so-called 'geniuses' that their sects highly depended upon suddenly appeared unbearably stupid. They originally thought that their sects' painstaking plan perhaps already brought them closer to the Five Unique of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, but upon seeing the scene today, they couldn't help but become disheartened!

With such superb leading talents, who could shake the status of the Five Unique?

Under the brilliance of the Ten Thousand Methods comprehension, Liu Li's Brilliant Sword Heart suddenly became bleak. Although this was only the initial exchange, however... Facing an opponent with vaster magical power, more powerful primordial spirit, and adept at Ten Thousand Methods Comprehension, unless she was possessed by a real Immortal, she would not have any chance to win otherwise. In particular, Zhan Ziye had thoroughly analyzed the opponent's most proud double sword, which left him with ample ways to restrict the fiery sword and limpid water sword.

Liu Li was indeed powerful, but unfortunately, she met a more formidable opponent.

"No wonder the odds by the Mysterious Sky Mansion are in favor of Zhan Ziye. With this Ten Thousand Methods Comprehension, among his peers, perhaps only a few could be his match... Perhaps even Shengjing Sect's Qiong Hua is slightly inferior."

"Not necessarily. Who dares to say the Shengjing Sect has already shown up all their cards? Before we witnessed it ourselves today, we never thought Zhan Ziye could master the Ten Thousand Methods Comprehension... From seventeen years ago, rare talents continued to emerge in the Immortal Cultivation World one after the other. We can't use the old view to look at things anymore."

Several delegates from the big top level sects were actually unperturbed. Since in the last seventeen years, the Immortal Cultivation World had produced talented geniuses after talented geniuses, they too also had several of those so-called talented geniuses. Moreover, then again, a talent... only a grown up talented genius was truly formidable. No matter how talented a Foundation Establishment cultivator was, it still couldn't be put in the eyes of a Yuanying Stage cultivator.

"However, at any rate, I'm afraid the victory and defeat of this fight have already been decided. That big gambler kid would eat his loss for sure."

However, just as the people have judged that the fight was over, they heard a resounding burst of light-hearted laughter.

Liu Li's body slightly trembled and her mouth even spilled some blood. However, her face was filled with a smile of extreme joy.

A joy when someone finally met its match.

While people were curious how would Liu Li deal with Zhan Ziye's Ten Thousand Methods Comprehension with just her double sword, the young girl spread out her arms, and from her sleeves flew out one, two, three...twelve flying swords which then circled around her body.

In countless people's horrified eyes, the smile in Liu Li's face became even more mischievous, as if to propose a simple question.

Who said Liu Li only had a double sword?

Twelve flying swords, each carrying immortal auras of spiritual energy with different attributes. With a thought from the girl, those twelve flying swords turned into twelve rainbow lights and shot up to the sky.

Who said Liu Li's imperial sword could only be used in a melee?

Twelve flying rainbows, the power of any one of them was comparable to Ye Feifei's Red Jade Celestial Fire. The combined power of twelve of them had certainly far surpassed it. It even made the heart of some low-level Jindan Elders down the stage palpitated. This was the explosive power of the Brilliant Sword Heart, which, in an instant, was pushed to the extreme!

However, Zhan Ziye didn't waver in the slightest. With his command, the eighth layer realm of the lightning body suddenly produced a slender and tough lightning whip, which quickly flung, trying to tie up those twelve rainbow lights.

How sharp was the Brilliant Sword Heart? Each of the twelve flying swords dodged the lightning whip strike that was extended from the lightning body and scattered. The lightning force also disrupted the swords' momentum.

The lightning force had an innate ability to control and resist the made-of-metal flying swords, which handily exploited by Zhan Ziye and won him a bit of time.

Although the time was short, it was enough for his lightning body and Instantaneous Flurry to get out of the way of the threat range of the flying swords.

People couldn't compete in speed with the flying sword. Even lightning body coupled with instantaneous flurry also could not be faster than the flying swords. However, taking advantage of the flying swords' momentary pause, he had created a bit of distance between himself and the flying swords and thus gave him ample opportunity to come up with means to deal with such a straightforward attack.

As long as he could stall for time, he didn't have to dwell on these twelve flying swords... the other side had sent all of her swords away to attack. However, she forgot that no matter how powerful her flying swords were, they still had a weak point-the caster itself. As long as his Annihilation Thunder destroyed Liu Li's body, what would be the use of these twelve swords of Brilliant Sword Heart again?

Rays of light flickered in his Jade Mansion. His Five Thunder Sutra crazily circulated.

When it reached its max, Zhan Ziye would have no chance to calm it. Any calming method would be useless to suppress it. Only someone with even more fiery temper could control the lightning. Nevertheless, when it reached its peak, it didn't turn him completely insane. On the contrary, his calculation ability would be faster and more accurate!

However, just as he deduced to the subsequent three hundred manifold changes while simultaneously preparing for Instantaneous Flurry, the scattered rainbow lights in the air suddenly gathered and combined into one with Liu Li. Rays of light of the nine flying swords gathered to form a rainbow. In Zhan Ziye's astonished eyes, the multicolor-dressed Liu Li was already in front of him. Each of her hands was holding a flying sword, which she swung to chop off his head.

In the field of vision, the flying swords had already chopped off that brightly smiling face; the unparalleled sword qi was coming right at him, which he couldn't dodge and couldn't block.

The complicated model that had been built in his mind instantly collapsed. In any event, Zhan Ziye also never thought that Liu Li's attainment in the way of the sword had already reached the realm of person and sword unite, and since the result of his calculations was too refined, once there was a slight calculation error, then...

Facing the swift sword qi of the Brilliant Sword Heart, Zhan Ziye didn't give up at all. The long prepared ten talismans, which he regarded as his hidden card, were suddenly ignited by him, which turned into a huge and momentary power that swiftly rushed into his Jade Mansion. The lightning body suddenly burst out unprecedented rays of light.

"Let's die together!"

On the Cloud Platform, an astonishing blast swept all the audience.

Layers of clouds violently rolled as if they had been ravaged by giant forces. Under cover of sound and light, the roaring magical power left a tragic mark on the thick layers of cloud, and the center of the stage was even pierced through with countless lacerations.

Under the stage, the audience had already been shocked speechless by this terrifying battle. The fight between Liu Li and Zhan Ziye only happened in just a few breaths time, but their few rounds of exchanges had already demonstrated that their strength, skill, and wisdom were already far beyond imagination.

People thought the Ten Thousand Methods Comprehension had already been the highlight of the day. However, when Liu Li called out the twelve flying swords in succession and later used the masterstroke of person and sword unite, even the Immortal Level method of Ten Thousand Methods Comprehension was overshadowed by it... How powerful exactly this naive girl who was sometimes called out by other cultivators as a fool?

How could such a formidable cultivator be trained by a mere Spirit Sword Sect of the Five Unique? Although she was still a low-level Foundation Establishment little cultivator, a beginner in the road to immortality, the present cultivators couldn't help but ask themselves a question; what if their cultivation base was restricted to Foundation Establishment...no, even for Xudan Stage, how was their one-on-one chance against her?

This was nothing short of a monster!

The aftermath slowly descended upon the Cloud Platform, and the audience's mind slowly fell down from previously hanging in high places.

It was truly a fantastic match. However, the result turned out to be really fascinating.

At the last moment, when Zhan Ziye superpositioned the Annihilation Thunder and the Talisman methods, the destructive power of the explosion reached the Jindan Stage level, which he himself was certainly not immune. The nearby Liu Li could not escape either - Of course, under the guard of the Yuanying and Deity Stage referees, no one would really die, but the corresponding outcome would not be a mistake.

Perished together. The fight was a tie.

While sighing for the result, many people thought about one thing.

At the Mysterious Sky Mansion's gambling table under the platform, how would they calculate the result? Although there was also a draw option on the table, very few people put their bet on it. After all, since the contestants didn't have to worry about life and death on the arena, they could fight as intensely as they could, which unlikely would result in a draw.

Then, what did a certain someone who put a fifty million bet feel about it?


While people gradually shifted their gaze to him, Wang Lu sneered and then pointed at the stage. "There's already a clear outcome."

On the platform, as the cloud gradually stabilized, there was a golden ray of light, and in the middle of it, Zhan Ziye peacefully lied down in the mid-air, unconscious. This golden ray of light was a spell cast by the referee Elder in advance. Once there was a life and death critical situation, it would automatically activate and give absolute defenses for these young cultivators to save their lives. However, the activation of this golden ray of light meant a certain defeat in the fight.

And in the field of vision, only Zhan Ziye was in that golden ray of light; there was no trace of Liu Li.

"Hey, over there!"

On the edge of the Cloud Platform, dressed in a colorful dress, Liu Li carefree-ly smiled as she restrained the sword intention. On the Cloud Platform, this scene seemed quite unremarkable. However, compared to the already unconscious Zhan Ziye, the still alive and kicking Liu Li was simply radiant.

"How-how could this be!?"

How could Liu Li protect herself from that terrifying Annihilation Thunder? Brilliant Sword Heart was never known for its defense!

Of course, at present, the guests with deep cultivation had already seen the truth, so they didn't need to say a word. However, disciples with insufficient cultivation base couldn't figure it out.

"That's why I said you guys are idiots. Nine swords into one and one sword in each hand, how much is nine plus two? What was the total number of flying swords that she called out? With this kind of brain, you guys still have the nerve to propose for the math subject to be out of Teng Cloud Hall?"

With that, Wang Lu immediately left the resting area in a long stride.

His face was exceptionally dignified.