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 Chapter 163: Unfortunately, This Is Not a Financial Leverage

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When the words fifty million spirit stones appeared, deathly silence descended upon the register area as if the flow of time had stagnated.

After a while, a Sect Leader from a middle-ranked sect stammered, "How-how much did you just say?"

That red and white robbed cultivator turned his head and looked at him. "Fifty million spirit stones, what's wrong?"

"Are-aren't you just a Spirit Sword Sect's disciple? How come you have so many spirit stones?" That person gradually recovered from the shock. "Fifty million spirit stones, is that your Spirit Sword Sect's own treasury you wager? That's not sincere, you open up this gambling table, but you place your bet on your own side, this..."

"Tch, who told you it was our Spirit Sword Sect who opened up this table? If it was Spirit Sword Sect, do you think those Elders from top-ranked sects who had just placed their bets a moment ago are mentally handicapped?"

Upon hearing these words, even Hai Yunfan was a bit surprised: 'If this was not Spirit Sword Sect's, then who...'

"There's only one who can make people feel at ease to place their bets, without any worry that there would be a problem." The red and white robbed cultivator revealed a disdain-for-the-poor face. "You can't even recognize people from the Mysterious Sky Mansion?"

Upon hearing those last few words, several cultivators immediately looked at the two staffs behind the register table. The two of them maintained an indifferent expression as they silently inspected the placed bet and then stamped their trademark on the record.

Originally, they all thought the two were Spirit Sword Sect disciples, but it turned out... they were the Mysterious Sky Mansion's people!

"Wait a minute, it's still not right. You're a younger generation disciple, and I see that your cultivation base... is below Foundation Establishment, where did you get so many spirit stones!?"

A Sect Leader from a low-level sect simply gnashed his teeth!

Even for the Five Unique of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, fifty million spirit stones was not a dispensable pocket money, and for him, a sect leader of a low-level sect, it was astronomical! Although his cultivation base had reached the Yuanying Stage, his wealth was still far from a Yuanying Stage cultivators of a top-level sect. Fifty million spirit stones was enough to buy his whole person ten times!

That red and white robed cultivator laughed. "I'm not an official of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals that has an obligation to explain the source of my assets to you. A poor ghost should act like a poor ghost, be a darling and flow down that saliva of envy. The less you speak, the less you lose your face."


At this time, the two staffs of the Mysterious Sky Mansion had completed their inspection. For the first time, one of them revealed a smile. "Fifty million spirit stones is confirmed as correct. This is your certificate, please accept it."

Wang Lu took that piece of delicate jade and put it in his mustard seed bag. Then, ignoring those several small players, went back to the Spirit Sword Sect resting area near the Cloud Platform.

One of the Sect Leaders still couldn't believe, so he asked one of the staffs, "That person just now...really has fifty million spirit stones? I saw him just handing over a few pieces of paper, what are those things? Are they really worth fifty million?"

"Unfortunately, according to the relevant provisions of the Mysterious Sky Mansion, you do not have the right to know any private information of the VIPs of the Mysterious Sky Mansion. However, I can tell you about those pieces of paper, which are the Mysterious Sky Mansion's approved mortgage certificates, and are recently being actively promoted. If you are interested in the mortgage loan, you can go to the nearest Mysterious Sky Mansion's office to apply; currently, there are preferential treatments being held out."

"Mort-mortgage what?" The poor Sect Leader was stunned. A moment later he was disheartened; whatever it was, it was recognized as having a value of fifty million spirit stones by the Mysterious Sky Mansion! However, that young man was clearly a little cultivator of high-level Qi Cultivating Stage...The gap between him and those big top-level sects was too far away.

The surroundings Spirit Sword Sect's disciples were also filled with astonishment.

"Fifty million spirit stones... Senior Brother Wang Lu really has fifty million spirit stones!? Isn't it known that on the Non-Phase Peak, besides poor ghosts, there are only rascals? How could they be this rich all of a sudden?"

"Yeah, if he's really rich, why would he still run to the Misty Peak cafeteria every day?"

Even the white clad woman who was hiding in the shadows was also stunned. The wine gourd slipped from her hand and rolled on the ground, gurgling out spirit wine.

"This-this bastard has such a large amount of money, but unexpectedly he didn't hand them over to his Master for safe keeping!? This is outrageous!"

Actually, this fifty million spirit stones was not only a not-freely-transferable money but were also an out and out public money. This was the result of him mortgaging most of the assets of his Wisdom Sect and even its human resources. The fifty million bet wasn't false, but this net worth compared to those Elders from big top-level sects who extravagantly came up with cash and magical treasures, had a difference as high as the difference between heaven and earth.

However, considering his short cultivation time, it was inconceivable for him to accumulate this terrifying amount of net worth. The nearby Hai Yunfan was shaking his head with a wry smile. During these years, he had also made use of the Mysterious Sky Mansion to do a few successful investments and accumulated a small fortune; he was even richer than his more popular and rich Eldest Brother... However, compared to his Brother Wang's fifty million, he suddenly felt as if he was a bit insignificant.

Moreover, what made Hai Yunfan feel a lot of pressure was how much confident Wang Lu was in placing this fifty million bet! This was not the free cash of the Spirit Sword Sect; he really couldn't afford to throw away fifty million spirit stones carelessly-even if he was the Mysterious Sky Mansion's VIP!

No matter how he usually beat the odds, it was impossible for him to not think carefully about where to put this fifty million spirit stones. And since he dared to gamble, he naturally had the confidence to win... and Wang Lu's vision, had always been accurate.

When Hai Yunfan returned to the resting area, sure enough, he saw that the complexions of his several Senior Brothers and Sister were somewhat strange. Inwardly, Hai Yunfan couldn't help but wryly smile. Sure enough, this thing could not be concealed; outside the resting area, this fifty million matter had already stirred up an uproar.

And when these several people learned the way Wang Lu confidently placed this fifty million bet, their emotions began to stir up. Even the several Elders were knitting their brows as various thoughts began to spring up in their minds.

Even more terrible was his Eldest Brother whose heart seemed to be slightly shaken.

Wang Lu's fifty million had really put tremendous pressure on them.

Hai Yunfan inwardly sighed, thinking of how clever this move from Wang Lu was. This was still the same psychological attack, still as simple and direct, and even appeared crude, yet it still had the same effect. From their arrival to Spirit Sword Mountain, Wang Lu had consistently used this same trick, and always prevailed. He was indeed worthy to be a professional adventurer.

However, this would end here.

With calm confidence, Hai Yunfan softly said, "Elders, Senior Brothers and Sister, I think there's actually nothing to worry about."

Zhan Ziye, who was circulating his breathing, gently opened his eyes and, like the other people, focused his attention on Hai Yunfan.

Hai Yunfan earnestly said, "In a fight, victory and defeat lie only in the strength of both sides. At present, even if Spirit Sword Sect uses even more external means, like wagering hundreds of millions of spirit stones, so what? Could it weaken Eldest Brother and strengthen Liu Li? Not to mention even the Mysterious Sky Mansion also thinks that Eldest Brother's winning odds are higher! What Wang Lu did is nothing but grandstanding to shake people's heart. The reason why he did this before the match is to give us doubts... He always has only these tricks, so there's nothing to be afraid of."

"Well said!"

After a round of applause, Zhan Ziye was no longer confused. When he rose, invisible magical power rippled out, which slightly shocked Hai Yunfan and the other disciples... This was clearly the peak manifestation of the lightning body. Although there was no lightning arc on his body at all, the eighth layer of lightning body had begun in silent. Although this whole day of 'closed door' training couldn't increase his cultivation base, nor the level, it had let Zhan Ziye fully control his existing magical power, which meant he could use his lightning power at will.

"Incredible... with this kind of control, you're unmatched in the Foundation Establishment Stage." Zhao Jiangyuan was envious but also excited.

Lu Qiancai also said, "I have fought with Liu Li, and I know her skill. She is definitely not Eldest Brother's opponent."

"That's right. Although Liu Li's Brilliant Sword Heart is formidable, how could Eldest Brother be inferior to her?" Ye Feifei's wonderful eyes revealed a hint of infatuation.

Hai Yunfan looked at Zhan Ziye deep in the eyes. "Eldest Brother, I look forward to your victory."

"Rest assured."

When he turned his head, Hai Yunfan actually showed a deeply worried look.

Even if it was just a psychological attack, Wang Lu's fifty million spirit stones was still real money, and it might not have been used solely to frighten people. Although Senior Brother was formidable, Hai Yunfan had also deeply experienced Wang Lu's magical point. Therefore, he must balance the comparison between the two sides...

While Hai Yunfan's mind was filled with this thought, Zhan Ziye had already stood on the stage, quietly waiting for the opponent to show up. Before long, Liu Li also slowly ascended the platform.

The young girl was still dressed in the flowery dress. Her hand was gently holding an energetically blazing sword. Her face still carried the signature smile, a childlike innocence like the spring scene.

However, the moment she stood still on that Cloud Platform, Zhan Ziye's whole body shook as he felt like he was pierced by the astonishing sword intention that collided head on to him! His refined heart sutra of the Five Thunder Sutra and primordial spirit were nearly suppressed!

Was this the Brilliant Sword Heart!?

No wonder the Ten Thousand Arts Sect documented it as the top tier immortal level method. His magical power and primordial spirit were clearly superior, yet nearly unable to resist the sword intention; that unparalleled sharpness and puncturing ability were already far beyond the realm of Foundation Establishment.

This was a genuinely close match.

Moreover, with this pure sword intention, Zhan Ziye believed the opposite party's mind defect would not affect her combat effectiveness. Although they haven't really started fighting yet, from those clear eyes, Zhan Ziye could see the pure and unadulterated fighting intention, just like the reflection of his own eyes in the mirror.

Liu Li's situation was the same as his, with a day's of 'closed door' training to clear the mind from distractions so that once the fight began, any outside noise could not affect her. Therefore, the only way to determine the outcome was through strength. However, in front of her all-conquering sharp sword intention, how much strength was needed in order to win?

While thinking, the referee Elders had announced the start of the fight.

Almost at the same time, Liu Li's fire sword swiftly rushed toward the opponent.

However, simultaneously, Zhan Ziye spread out a dozen of various talismans and ignited them; incorporeal body, sword defense, and flaming body... just like what Lu Qiancai did! They perfectly protected him from the fire and the sword itself.

The next moment, like in her previous match, Liu Li's limpid water sword reappeared again like a quietly flying immortal.

However, this time, it wasn't able to duplicate the previous victory. When the limpid water sword appeared, it was actually blocked by a gloomy long sword; her sword was barely able to pierce his image-Zhan Ziye's figure was like a wind, even faster than Liu Li's sword.

Zhao Jiangyuan's Limitless Sword and Ye Feifei's Instant Flurry were perfectly reproduced by him.

The two swords simultaneously moved but none hit the mark. However, Ye Feifei's sword intention hadn't stopped. Then, a gray mist came right toward her and enveloped her.

Southern Heaven's witchcraft, Petrify!

Liu Li, with his divine method of Brilliant Sword Heart and incorruptible physique, was actually slowed down a bit by this vicious curse.

Thus, the lightning palm of the eighth layer of lightning body swiftly came over.

Liu Li's quick and agile movement was quick and agile no more. Therefore, she had no alternative but to raise her sword to parry. A lightning arc seemed to hit her, and her figure slightly trembled; she had received an internal injury!