Chapter 156: Never Trust A Woman

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"Enough, I admit defeat."

In the end, it was Yue Yun who couldn't bear the pressure and choose to retreat.

Walking down the Cloud Platform, Yue Yun had a mixed feeling. Thanks to Wang Lu's trick, his supposed fighting elegy didn't appear, he wasn't defeated like a warrior.

However...frankly speaking, from that round of confrontation, Yue Yun had clearly seen the gap between the two sides. Zhan Ziye didn't come up with his full strength...no, he did use his full strength, it was just that he used it to control the situation rather than to knock down the opponent. The amount of power that he put in his lightning palm was such that it was enough to break Yue Yun's clay shield without doing further damage, which was the result of his exquisite calculation.

If the fight were to continue, it would only be a one-sided slaughter. Perhaps this embarrassing end situation was actually a better result for him?

After he walked out of the stage, Yue Yun vaguely guessed that perhaps this was because of Senior Brother Wang Lu's care for him, however...it was a little bit hard to accept.

In any case, the first match between the two Sects was over. Before the next fight, the Elders of the two Sects would give their assessment of the match, and this was actually the most important part of the fight.

The representatives of the two Sects were the elites of their peers. If put in the Immortal Cultivation World in the Nine Regions, they would be the elites of the elites, and their fights could be called as top showdowns. However, in front of Yuanying and Deity Stage cultivators' eyes, naturally, their flaws were innumerable. Each of those flaws, and how to avoid them and how to improve upon... would be carefully pointed out by the Elders; this casual coaching from the Elders was a highly coveted advice for the common disciples.

However, this time, in the face of such embarrassing situation, the two Sects' Elders had maintained a long period of silence.

"Cough." As the host, Liu Xian had to say something to break this awkward silence. "Just now, the lead disciple of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect Zhan Ziye and our Sect's Yue Yun had brought a wonderful fight for everyone. Zhan Ziye is indeed worthy to be the lead representative of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, not only does he has superb magical power, but his middle-rank Immortal Technique of Five Thunderbolt Sutra also has a considerable heat. The might of his lightning body was obvious to all. I hope the disciples of the two Sects can take Zhan Ziye as an example and strive to improve your own cultivation..."

Liu Xian's speech was clearly somewhat dry compared to the expectation of the onlookers. In many people's opinions, after the fight was over, the Elder ought to do an extensive review of the fight. For example, Liu Xian could point out the cons and pros of this Five Thunderbolts Sutra points by points and applied them through Yue Yun's point of view so that Yue Yun could win over Zhan Ziye, assuming they were to fight again in the future. Although Yue Yun himself was much worse than Zhan Ziye, it wasn't that difficult to win if he had the experience and insight of a Yuanying Stage Elder.

At the same time, Yuan Chaonian would apply his observation through Zhan Ziye's perspective so that he could diffuse Yue Yun's means. The two sides would then argued over this, which was supposed to be not less exciting than the match itself.

However, at this time, how could Liu Xian still have the face to argue over that fight? After saying some empty and tasteless praise, he quickly ended this awkward review.

However, Yuan Chaonian's words were actually unexpected.

"That fight was really wonderful. Especially how the Spirit Sword Sect shows us a simple and profound truth through unexpected means: The outcome of a fight not only depends on the magical power and cultivation level. No one should think that just because they have an advantage in strength their victory is assured. Just now, from the two opposing parties, Zhan Ziye occupied an overwhelming advantage in strength but were it not for the help from Hai Yunfan, I'm afraid he would've lost. Lost because of a single handkerchief!"

From below, Zhan Ziye, with a red face, tried to refute, "Wait a minute, I will not lose!"

Yuan Chaonian coldly humphed. "Really? Why don't you give away that silk handkerchief in your hand then?"

"Em, even if I die, I won't give it away!" In the face of his Master, the lead representative showed an amazing courage.

"..." Yuan Chaonian cast a glance at him and, deciding that he would teach him a lesson later, continued his review, "A lot of people may question whether Zhan Ziye is mentally retarded or not? Or if his disposition toward cultivation has fallen apart? Actually, his wisdom and perception are better than the majority of people present. His cultivation disposition is also without a doubt. From the sixteen layers of red lightning immortal heart point of view, his lightning body has reached a quite high realm. However, cultivating the heart does not mean it won't affect the temperament. On the contrary, more than half of the heart cultivation method in the Immortal Cultivation World would only make the personality of the cultivator to be fierier! The more powerful a cultivator is, the more obvious his flaw would be. The so-called 'a cultivator is unruffled' by sentiment is just a thing of the past. There's no denying that Zhan Ziye's flaw is very obvious, and although the opponent had cleverly and rationally exploited this flaw, many people may feel that this is too despicable. However, if after knowing that one's strength is not as good as the opposite party, and even the chance to win is close to zero, one tries to be brave and fight a direct fight, then one is certainly foolish! Since the rules do not prohibit it, then one should boldly exploit the opponent's flaw and win from a position of weakness! I hope you all can understand this truth."

With that, a thunderous applause burst from below the platform, mostly from the disciples of the Spirit Sword Sect.

Because they really didn't expect that the haughty and powerful Elder of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect would be so incredibly open-minded; his speech was basically giving an excuse for a scumbag! Admirable, truly admirable!

When the review for this round of fight was over, the two sides began to prepare for the next round. Yuan Chaonian, accompanied by the several Elders went to the area where their disciples were.

Sure enough, some of them were deeply dissatisfied with his speech.

"Master, why did you let those scumbags off? What they did was obviously a foul!" Zhao Jiangyuan, who was annoyed the most, loudly asked.

Yuan Chaonian sneered. "Foul? Fouling what rules? You should be able to recite the rules, so why don't you tell me so I can hear it."

Zhao Jiangyuan was suddenly at a loss for words. "...But, that's clearly an unacceptable practice."

"Unacceptable? It seems like my speech just now was all for naught. I thought your Eldest Brother's experience can make you all sober a little bit, but unexpectedly, you're all more stubborn than I expected! Yes, other people are indeed despicable, but if it weren't for Hai Yunfan, who did the same despicable trick to counter that, your adored Eldest Brother might have really lost! Just before we departed our Sect to journey here, the Sect Leader deliberately told me that if Spirit Sword Sect is really just a name without substance, then we can freely trample them. However, if it is otherwise, then we should treat this as a hard-to-come-by experiential learning-regardless of any setbacks that might happen to us! The several of you, except for Hai Yunfan, still lacks in worldly wisdom. Other people who started cultivating from young ages are also lacking in vision. A large part of the reason why the Sect Leader let me be the leader on this trip is so that I have the opportunity to say those few words!"

Being growled at like that by their Master, the disciples were suddenly speechless.

"However, since the opposite party had resorted to this dirty trick, it can be seen that they have run out of ideas on how to counter us openly...In the final analysis, although the strength is not everything, nevertheless, considering all kinds of factors, your strength should overwhelmingly crush the opponent! Therefore, for the next three fights, don't let me down again."

Ye Feifei, Zhao Jiangyuan, and the others said yes in unison.


After a little over an hour, the second round of the fight was about to begin. At this point, the audience enthusiasm was twice as much as the previous fight.

Because Liu Li had finally appeared.

As a disciple with a well-known big accomplishment as well as Spirit Sword Sect's most powerful trump card, Liu Li's popularity was overwhelmingly strong among the disciples; even Wang Lu, as the other Successor couldn't even be compared to her. Holding a lightweight sword, she floated onstage accompanied by cheering screams that looked like they could penetrate the clouds.

"Senior Sister Liu Li, we love you!"

"Em, hehe" Liu Li turned around to smile at them. Her colorful long skirt danced like rosy clouds.

"Senior Sister Liu Li, you can do it! Show them what's what!"

"Um!" The girl nodded hard and made a fist.

"Senior Sister Liu Li, we want to see Brilliant Sword Heart!"

"Ok!" The girl made a 'no problem' gesture, smiling like flowers.


Meanwhile, on the other end of the platform, her opponent Lu Qiancai revealed a slightly sneering smile.

'What an arrogant Senior Sister Liu Li ~ yes, your strength is really high. Even Senior Brother could only have seventy percent winning chance against you, while my chance barely reaches thirty percent.'

'But, thirty percent chance of winning is not a low figure. As long as I can plan appropriately, victory is not unusual.'

'The two of us are still in the low-level Foundation Establishment, and there's basically no gap between our magical power. Liu Li relied on nothing but what is known as top rate immortal method comparable to that of ancient immortal sword method, the Brilliant Sword Heart. However, considering the extreme characteristic of the sword method, as long as I prepared well ahead of time...I would not be powerless against it.'

'In order to cope with your Brilliant Sword Heart, I have spent a full day preparing for it. Perhaps Third Senior Brother or even Second Senior Sister don't have the means to prepare for this situation. Thus, I was selected as your opponent, and that's your bad luck.'

Not long after, the two Sects' Elders climbed the platform, and after a quick confirmation and verification, they announced the start of the match.

Almost at the same time, with a chuckle, Liu Li dashed through the platform toward the opposite side. Her colorful long skirt appeared like a gorgeous rainbow as her sharp sword thrust toward the opponent.

Lu Qiancai's Jade Mansion greatly shaken. He instantly felt an impending doom coming right at him. When the young girl's dexterous hand thrust that sword straight forward, on the outside, it was not a significant move at all. However, through his primordial spirit's perception, it was like a burning sky and boiling sea of flames, and it seemed like its sharpness could split the heaven and earth apart.

This was the immortal level fiery sword art. With Brilliant Sword Heart supporting behind it, its power was beyond imagination. The sword and the true fire perfectly blended. This strike seemed impossible to block. Even if it were his Senior Brother, it was also impossible to completely block it.

However, rather than try to dodge nor escape, Lu Qiancai seemed indifferent. No one knew whether it was because he was caught off-guard or confident.

The next moment, when the fire sword had almost reached his forehead, Lu Qiancai circulated his magical power and spread out a dozen of talismans and ignited them, so that his body turn incorporeal. The sword just passed through him while Lu Qiancai was completely unaffected by the sword and the fire!

At the same time, each of Lu Qiancai's hand held a piece of ominous, gloomy talisman, and his smile was ferocious.

That was the moment that he was waiting for! In order to prepare for her fire sword, for the whole day yesterday, he especially prepared the countermeasure. He used the life essence and blood and turned them into a dozen of talismans with various effects like blurring his body, resisting the sword, turning his body into flame, and so on.

Only a master of talisman had the ability to do this; through long term planning and preparation, in exchange for a moment of amazing power!

Although under Liu Li's astonishing sword power Lu Qiancai's talisman's amazing effect could only last for a short time, it was enough for him to make a comeback. As his Senior Brother Zhan Ziye said, although Liu Li's offensive was extremely powerful, her defense was not as good. When she struck her sword against her enemy, her flaws immediately revealed themselves; if he wanted to win, he must seize this opportunity!

'When I activate these two gloomy ghost talismans and throw it at you, the winner will still to be decided!'

However, the next moment, Lu Qiancai was startled.

A dark blue ethereal sword came thrusting at him like a flying immortal. An inexhaustible billow subsequently engulfed him.

As a learned disciple of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, Lu Qiancai immediately recognized that this was the sixteenth layer of the limpid water sword, which was also a type of sword that his prepared talismans couldn't handle.

'Damn, why did no one ever say that this Liu Li has two kinds of swords...?'