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 Chapter 115: Sure Enough, The Awakening Type Is Doomed To Be Short-Lived...

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Wen Bao and Zhu Qin's confrontation didn't last long. Zhu Qin was fuming with anger, but before he opened his mouth to make things worse, Junior Sister Yue promptly interrupted, "Let's continue our talk inside, what do you guys think?"

Zhu Qin froze for a moment before he said with a smile, "Yeah, this is not a good place to talk, let's go inside first."

With that, he turned and started to walk, without asking for Wen Bao's opinion.

Wen Bao stared blankly for a moment before he also said with a smile, "Go inside? Okay, since you've given your approval, then after you, Junior Brother Zhu Qin."

Zhu Qin's footsteps immediately stopped.

"I haven't seen you for a few months, but you've changed a lot, Junior Brother Wen... But, not all changes are good. As your fellow martial brother, let me give you a piece of advice. Our Spirit Sword Sect is one of the Five Unique in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, so compared to the other low-level sects, we are a notch above them. Therefore, when you descend the mountain, you may have had an illusion that you are stronger than when you were still on the mountain, but this strength is only relative to those Loose Immortals, you..."

What a pity before he could finish his words, Wen Bao had impatiently interrupted him, "Just now, I let you go in first, didn't you hear that? If you still want to talk, then make a way, don't just block the entrance like that."

Then he strode forward, trying to enter the room. Zhu Qin looked at him in surprise, somewhat couldn't believe himself. He just stood there, wanting to see how Wen Bao was going to get past him.

After several months of not seeing each other, Zhu Qin naturally could also see that Wen Bao's cultivation had undergone an enormous advancement. However, any Spirit Sword Sect's cultivator knew that cultivation stage and level did not equal to the true strength. Several months ago, the scene where the Spirit Sword Sect's Fifth Elder, who was a Jindan Stage cultivator, easily defeated a Yuanying Stage cultivator from the Shengjing Sect was still fresh in the disciples' memory.

Wen Bao's current cultivation was peak level Qi Cultivating Stage, which was also happened to be the same as Zhu Qin! In these eight months, his experience was even more bizarre than that of Yue Xinyao; his accumulated practice in the sect in the last two years suddenly broke out. Not only his cultivation level surged up, his sword art, spell casting, and Primordial Spirit cultivation has also undergone enormous advancement; compared to eight months ago, his strength had more than doubled! He also hasn't really believed that the same waste dead fatty could surpass him in eight months, even if Wen Bao's spirit root was indeed a grade higher than him.

Therefore, he stood motionless. At the same time, his right hand's little finger and thumb touched each other. A ripple of magical power spread all over him, and his skin became as hard as steel. Simultaneously, his feet was linked to the ground, steady as a rock.

At this point, even if one hit him with a siege hammer that required a dozen of strong men to wield, he was confident that he would not take even half a step back. Nowadays, many people's impression on cultivators was that they could fly on their flying sword, jump walls, and mount roof, but actually, if needed, they definitely could stand more steady than anyone else.

"Senior Brother Zhu Qin, Senior Brother Wen Bao, you guys..." Yue Xinyao wanted to prevent this senseless clash, unfortunately, before she could do something about it, Wen Bao had rushed forward a step and bumped against Zhu Qin in front of him!


After that muffled sound, Zhu Qin, with a look of disbelief, staggered back. His last step stepped on the doorstep. With a crack sound, that thick doorstep was directly trampled.

"You... cough!"

Zhu Qin was going to say something, but who knew he suddenly felt a burst of pain on his chest, which caused him to continue to cough, unable to say anything. That fierce bump just now not only dispersed the bulk of his magical power, but it also let his breath go off and hurt his lungs.

The injury was not heavy, and his magical power would be able to return in one circulation. However, he actually lost one move, and not just to anyone else, but for god's sake, he lost to Wen Bao! Zhu Qin's complexion changed several times in succession; he was extremely embarrassed.

As for Wen Bao, when he was about to take this opportunity to walk through the door, his peripheral vision caught the sight of Junior Sister Yue, whose eyes were filled with surprised; inwardly, his joy uncontrollably surged up.

He thought, "Hahaha! Zhu Qin, you retard! You actually didn't clash with me on anything else but brute force! I, your father, have been the head of the infrastructure department for eight months, which required huge physical strength! If we compete on the spell casting or a one on one duel in an arena, perhaps my odds to win are not too high, but you actually wanted to compete with me in brute strength? Even those Foundation Establishment Stage department heads in the sect can't win against me, much less you, a low-level Qi Cultivating Stage; you have just brought about your own doom, hahaha! I'm sorry, although Senior Brother Wang Lu always said that acting like a pretentious prick to put people down is one of the three world's most vulgar scene, your father, I, love it!"


In that front door confrontation, Zhu Qin's momentum suddenly weakened, thus, after the three people entered the room and took their respective seat, the dominant power was completely in the hands of Wen Bao.

Despite Zhu Qin trying to prevent Wen Bao with his eye signal, Wen Bao went straight for the main seat and then took the initiative to open the conversation, "Hahaha, I never thought us, fellow brother and sister to meet again this time, at least not until we go back to the mountain in a few months. The Blue River Region is so vast, but we could actually meet at the Great Ming Country, what a coincidence!"

Zhu Qin grunted and turned to look at the back of the room, not saying anything. Yue Xinyao lightly smiled. "It's indeed a coincidence."

Wen Bao continued, "It's rare for the three of us to get together, why don't we talk about what are all our experiences in the last eight months? Junior Sister Yue, I heard that you explored an Ancient Tomb, is there any danger?"

Yue Xinyao gawked; she wasn't too adapted to this assertive and cheerful Wen Bao. However, since he had asked her a question, Yue Xinyao earnestly replied, "Nothing dangerous... It's more scary than dangerous."

"Junior Sister is too modest. If it's really more scary than dangerous, then it's impossible for your Primordial Spirit to become this strong. Although your cultivation is just middle seventh level, your Primordial Spirit is actually comparable to the common level sixth Qi Cultivating Stage cultivators."

Junior Sister Yue shook her head. "Senior Brother can so accurately judge the strength and limitation of my Primordial Spirit; I still need to mull it over."

Wen Bao said, "Cultivation of Primordial Spirit and Qi Cultivating have to be synchronized in order to have the optimum result. So, Junior Sister doesn't need to wholeheartedly focus on Primordial Spirit cultivation."

"Mm, thank you for reminding me, Senior Brother, I'll definitely pay attention."

During that few exchanges, Wen Bao's complexion was calm and composed. However, inwardly, he was actually so happy that he almost fainted with joy. Over the past two years at the Spirit Sword Mountain, he could never have such a dialogue with Yue Xinyao, but right now, this awesome Senior Brother didn't want to miss this chance-it was too invigorating and immensely satisfying!

Awakening type Wen Bao was really good!

Meanwhile, Zhu Qin, whose arrogance was suppressed, felt extremely puzzled. Inwardly, he questioned whether this experiential learning out of the sect was really that magical, that it could let a waste be reborn? It was really... really odd!

Three people inside the main hall of the Mansion of Light continued to talk. Time quickly slipped away, during which, only Yue Xinyao who was a bit uneasy; she was unsure whether it was good talking about personal matters in other people's official business area. However, Wen Bao just calmly said that Mansion of Light was a place to handle the affairs of Immortal Cultivators, and weren't the three of them talking about Immortal Cultivators' affairs? So, of course, this was the natural place to talk about it!

With the heroic spirit that was completely strange to a Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator, sitting in the main hall, Wen Bao became more and more happy as they continued to talk. As long as he was the one with the dominant position, he could direct the two people's attention to completely irrelevant places. When they forgot to talk about Wisdom Sect, it would mean he was victorious!

A moment later, feeling his mouth has somewhat dry, Wen Bao took a sip of the drink inside a cup beside him. "Although cold, it's really a good tea!"

Turning his face to see Yue Xinyao's embarrassed look, Zhu Qin ridiculed, "It's indeed a good tea, drinking other people's saliva-mixed-tea, Senior... Brother Wen Bao, not only your cultivation has increased, even your degree of shameless has improved."

Wen Bao was stunned, however, just at this time, a cold female voice came from inside the hall. "Your highness, is my leftover tea really that dirty?"

While speaking, a luxuriously dressed woman walked over to them. The woman was about twenty-four or twenty-five years old, with a tall figure and delicate feature. However, her face seemed to be covered with a layer of frost, which was really intimidating.

When she was near them, the woman began to size Wen Bao up. The awakening type Wen Bao had previously easily dealt with Zhu Qin, however, when stared at by that woman, without any reason, his heart began to tremble, and the awakening type personality also shrank several points.

The woman then shifted her gaze to the teacup next to Wen Bao as her pair of delicate eyebrows slightly furrowed, yet she didn't say anything about it. Finally, she just handed a thick stack of letters to Zhu Qin.

"Your highness, this is what you're looking for, all kinds of letters that the Mansion of Light received recently..."

Before she finished, Crown Prince Zhu Qin had wrinkled his brows. "How could it be this many? Can't your people process these things!? If Junior Sister Yue had to check on this one by one, it would take her more than ten days!?"

That woman sneered. "Crown Prince, please listen to other people's words until they finish, these are the list of the letters, the rest of the letters are stored in the storeroom, there are more than two thousand of them. Does your highness want to take a look?"

Zhu Qin was taken aback. "How could it be so many!?"

"All of the affairs between the Great Ming Country and cultivators are concentrated here, how could they be not many? The Imperial Court are afraid of the Mansion of Light, so they don't allow us to set up branches in other places. All of the sects, from the big shots at the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to small no name sects, have to register their operation and whatnot in this place one by one, so delays are inevitable."

Zhu Qin wrinkled his brows. "Senior Qian Hu, what do you mean by this...?"

"Oh? Your highness doesn't understand? Very well, I'll explain it to you then. The current Mansion of Light can't meet the various demands from Your Highness, and if the Imperial Court let the situation continue to deteriorate, then the capability of Mansion of Light would crumble apart, and it's not strange if this institution would then be replaced by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals' Hall of Mortal Reason."

Zhu Qin was a bit embarrassed. "You don't need to say these things here, do you?"

Senior Qian Hu, without skipping a beat, asked back, "Just now, you three can even talk about things here, why instead I can't talk about matters regarding Mansion of Light?"


Seeing Zhu Qin's face had turned bright red from embarrassment, the woman sighed. "Your Highness, I have no intention to embarrass you, I just thought that through these questions, you would understand this simple fact: the Current Mansion of Light no longer have the capacity to deal with the cultivators domestic issues in the Great Ming Country; at least, it's useless to establish the Mansion of Light here. If you still don't believe me, I can give you a simple example. If I didn't finish my seclusion practice ahead of time, I'm afraid I wouldn't have found an interesting thing."

"A-An interesting thing?"

Zhu Qin subconsciously asked, but he found out that his nervous voice was ridiculous.

This senior Qian Hu of Mansion of Light has a really strong aura; just now when she sat in the main hall, she still held her aura back. But now, she fully released her aura, which completely suppressed the other people into speechlessness.

Qian Hu smiled, stretched out her right hand, and two letters appeared out of nowhere in her hand.

"This is the letter that friend Yue Xinyao handed over thirteen days ago, which included the information about her cultivation stage, origin sect, as well as the reason why she came here to the Great Ming Country... it's for the Wisdom Sect, right?"

Yue Xinyao nodded her head.

Qian Hu smiled. "Thank you for your cooperation. As far as I know, disciples from the top rank upright sects are often unwilling to comply with these burdensome rules... But on another side, three days ago, I received an interesting letter."

While speaking, two of her fingers flicked up together, and a letter stood up. "It's the letter of introduction from the Wisdom Sect. In the letter, it is mentioned that they have sent three diplomatic envoys, which is led by that person..."

With that, that woman rolled her eyes and then locked her gaze at Wen Bao's face, which by now had turned deathly pale.

"You're called Wen Bao, right?"

The fatty used up all of his strength to squeeze out a smile on his face while inwardly calling out:

Senior Brother, help me!