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 The Attack Ball's landing caused a small crater in a large empty wasteland. It was bland scene, just large rock formations and dirt as far as the eye could see. I floated over the pod taking in the classic anime battle site. Although, as far as I knew Dragon Ball "Earth" could have hundreds of wastelands.

When a small breeze blew past I decided it was time to go introduce myself to Kami. Hopefully, I could convince him to give me some training.

I clicked the button on the side of my scouter. It took just a few moments for the scan to be complete. I scanned multiple directions looking for my goal. It took around fifteen minutes to find two people near each other with powers over two hundred, plus at the proper elevation. Gotcha, Ki theory here I come.

My knee length spiky hair flapped behind me in the wind as I flew towards Kami's lookout. During the flight I received a transmission over my scouter. The order had finally been given for all Saiyans to return to Planet Vegeta. Good thing my timing was right, Frieza was going to blow up the planet within the month.

The trip to Kami's Lookout was further than I anticipated so I had to take a break, which gave me enough time to hunt a large dinosaur. I rested by a fire created with a Ki blast and roasted the sizable reptile. It had a taste that was anything but stimulating. I wish I had remembered to get Gine's Barbecue Dino-Ribs Special recipe. After a short nap I took to the air again.

Breaking through the clouds I could finally see the Lookout in the distance. It appeared to be a gigantic bisected sphere with the round side facing the ground. On the surface were groups of tall trees lining the perimeter of the circle and a large building reminiscent of a palace. Before I landed I deactivated my scouter and removed it. All of the scouters were bugged with transmitters that would relay information to Frieza's army, making it a huge liability. I would've destroyed it, but I might need it later.

The moment I touched down on the white floor of the Lookout I was greeted by the smiling gaze of Mr. Popo. I glanced around and didn't see Kami. More than likely they were wary of me.

"My name is Mr. Popo why have you come here?" the genie asked.

"My name is Raditz and I came to train with Kami." The statement might have come off more arrogant than intended, but it was starting to be fun being Raditz.

"Ah, I see. Then you must first pass Mr. Popo's test." Popo deadpanned.

I knew where he was going with this, but asked anyway, "What is this test?"

"You must fight and defeat me, Mr. Popo. If you want to meet Kami."

"Is that all?"

"Yes, that is all." he added, "Since you were able to fly up here you must be quite strong. I hope you won't disappoint me. It has been a while since I fought."

My Saiyan blood was boiling. I immediately took the stance I developed from conquering planets. It was a brawler style similar to Bardock's because it was the first type of fighting I learned. Unlike Bardock's style, it was more formless because I unconsciously incorporated pieces from the planets I visited. I remember how badly Goku was beaten when he fought Popo, but I guess that's what I was here for.

I charged at Popo and used a quick burst of speed to vanish from sight. He continued to stand still with his hands behind his back. I know he is tracking me so I keep moving. I decided a sneak attack was the best option and went for his legs.

"You might disappoint me after all." Popo delivered a kick to my face without turning around. I needed to do three backflips before I was able have a stable landing. As soon as my feet touched the ground I charged again.

Normally because of having a small body one would have to jump to deliver effective kicks to a taller opponent, but I could fly. Too bad it didn't help because all of my kicks seemed to be effortlessly blocked. I did manage to make Mr. Popo move to block my barrage of kicks. He wasn't able to keep standing still and block them. If I was lucky I could force him off the edge of the Lookout.

Two strikes from Popo to my face and ribs ended my attack rush and grounded me. I quickly wiped the blood from my lip and stood up. Even though I was losing I was still having a blast. The Saiyan battle hunger really is something.

"To be able to fly at such a young age is impressive. Your style seems self taught and your strength is clear, but Mr. Popo doesn't think you are ready to be here."

"Don't think I'll give up that easy."

I don't know how long we fought, but I looked a mess barely able to stand. I can't tell if Popo was even tired, but I refuse for it to be this easy.

"I think this challenge is over. You can barely stand."

"We'll see, about that." I charge again with my right hand out, " RIOT JAVELIN!"

Mr. Popo opened his mouth to consume the Riot Javelin like I knew he would, which is why I followed after it. When he began eating the blast I used my speed to get behind him. No longer having the energy to fly I had to jump and spin to send a kick to the middle of Popo's back.

He was going to have to turn and block, which he did. If he didn't block he would be pushed full force into the javelin, but if he did he wouldn't be able to consume the full javelin and take damage. I heard the sound of an explosion and saw nothing but darkness.

When I came to I could tell I was laying on something soft. It felt like I was in a bed. I didn't get a chance to look around when I heard a gravelly voice, with the unmistakable hint of age.

"It's good you are wake."

I shot up in the bed.

Turning to the voice I heard I spotted the wizened Kami standing near the doorway. The wrinkled green skinned Namekian entered the room after determining I was awake.

"You were out for a whole day. Your fight left you quite drained." Kami moved to sit down in a chair that was in the room.

"You impressed me with your fortitude. You were clearly self taught but able to start adapting to Mr. Popo even assimilating some of his technique into your style mid-battle." Kami smiled then adopted a serious expression.

"You seemed to be progressing fine on your own. Why would you seek me out to train?"

I had already assumed Kami and Popo would want to know the reason. If the reason was too selfish they probably would deny my request to train. So I chose to go with a "version" of the truth.

"My home and family was wiped out because we weren't strong enough to protect ourselves. I never want to experience that type of tragedy again." I looked at the bed sheet for added effect.

"I want to be strong enough to protect my friends and family if my strength is ever needed. I found I can only get so far with self training and needed guidance so I came here."

Kami thought over what I said in silence for a moment before coming to a decision.

"I will agree, young man, to train you."

"Thank you, Kami" I stood and gave a bow to the aged Namekian.

"On the condition that should the Earth ever face danger you will help protect it." Kami added.

It wasn't a bad condition.

I agreed.

I would've offered to help defend the Earth anyways, but it was better to let him come up with the idea on his own. I can't just let the planet I'm on get blown up, while I'm on it.

"First, however, you will need to train with Mr. Popo to build up your martial foundations. If Mr. Popo is ever busy you will have to travel below the Lookout to Korin's Tower for training. Once you are ready I will personally take over your instruction."

I was hovering above the Lookout's grounds meditating. It was a couple of months into my training with Mr. Popo. My strength had not increased too much because I had been taking my time to get the basics of controlling my better honed. They really didn't teach this stuff on Planet Vegeta.

The sound of a large explosion caused me to break my meditative state. When I located the source of the noise I saw a burning ball hurtling through the sky. The arrival of a Saiyan Attack Ball could mean only one thing.

Kakarot had arrived.

I took off following in the wake of the ball to find my brother. It was obviously moving extremely fast. There was no way at this moment was I fast enough to catch up to an Attack Ball on crash down approach.

I just had to make sure I didn't lose sight of it.

The ball crashed down in a dense forest. It was easy to locate the ship from the black smoke it was giving off. When I landed the ship's hatch was still closed. I stood to the side and opened the ship causing Kakarot to tumble out wearing his Saiyan armor. The confused child looked around a few times before spotting me.

"Bro-brother Raditz?" he asked.

"So you remember me, eh, Kakarot?"

The boy nodded at me then asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Same as you, surviving." I answer.

"Oh good heavens, what are you two children doing way out here?"

The voice caused us to look over at the source. It was an old man with a slightly hunched posture. He was carrying a strapped straw basket on his back.

"Hey, old man." I waved, "I'm Ra-"

Before I could finish speaking Kakarot lunged towards the old man. I quickly caught his tail while he was in mid-lunge. My brother collapsed in the dirt from the pain of having his tail grabbed. The old man had a look of surprise.

"Sorry about that. Like I was saying I'm Raditz and this is my younger brother Kakarot. Our home was destroyed and we were sent here to escape what happened to our family."

"My name is Gohan, I'm sorry to hear what happened."

We followed Gohan back to his small house. To my surprise he didn't have too many questions other than why we have tails. Kakarot wanted to fight Gohan until I beat him up and told him to obey Gohan. The old man thought I was being too harsh until I explained the Saiyan love for battle. He ultimately accepted the explanation.

I told Gohan that I was going to be traveling alone to train and couldn't bring Kakarot. He volunteered to look after him to which I agreed. Before I returned to Kami's Lookout I explained about the Great Ape transformation during a full moon. I also told Kakarot if he attempted the transformation without my supervision I would cut off his tail. That seemed to put some fear into Kakarot. It was also a common threat of Gine's.

Now that I had Kakarot successfully sorted out he might not obtain his infamous head injury. Either way it was going to be interesting to see how he developed. Things have already changed just from me being Raditz. I wonder how far I can go.

Kami was pleased when I told him my brother younger was able to survive the destruction of our home and make it here safely. He did want to know if I wanted to bring him to the Lookout. I thought it would be best to let him gain some experiences of his own first.

For the next several years I dove head first into my training. Mostly, I learned about advanced Ki manipulation. Much of my time was spent meditating with short breaks of strengthening exercises and combat practice. Besides, I felt that my combat style was something I needed to form on its own and Kami agreed with me.

To help with my body strengthening I did ask Kami if he could increase the weight of my armor. I told him to make them heavy enough to increase my weight by ten. He didn't think it was a good idea to go that far, but I promised him I could adjust quickly because the gravity where I was born was ten times normal Earth gravity.

As I thought the request turned out to be simple for the Namekian. He thought that explained one of the reasons for a Saiyan to have a strong body. Kami wasn't wrong, adapting to live in ten times gravity was an evolutionary boon for the Saiyans.